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jane b
I'm working on a research project and would love to hear from anyone who lived in Townhead from 1930 to 1940, and anyone who attended St. David's School and Provanside School. I'm also looking for a few people in particular who grew up in that neighbourhood: Violet Curley, Janet Robertson and Archie MacIntyre. Thank you!
My parents lived in Townhead in the 30s. I was born there ( Rottenrow ) in the early 50s and attended St. Davids School until 1965. On the Friends Reunited site there is a photo of the school just before the bulldozers moved in - very sad. Townhead is nothing like the place I lived in. The Martyrs School and the chapel are all that are left of Parson Street where I lived.
jane b
Thanks for your reply. My mother grew up in Townhead and I just returned from a visit there. I was shocked to see that there is virtually nothing left of the old neighbourhood. Even her street, Canning Place, has entirely disappeared! She also lived on Stirling Road and St. James Road, but those tenements are gone - as I'm sure you know! They went to the steamie and public baths on Collins St. (gone) and the Townhead Public Library (also gone.) They shopped at the co-op on Parliamentary Road - also completely gone!
Oor Wullie
Hi sumac :-

I was also born in Townhead [in 1949] in Stanhope Street,right around the corner from Parson Street, and went to Marty'rs Primary School and then to St David's when Martyr's closed down.

We might very well have been at school together.

Do you remember Marian Buchanan's newsagent's , right next to "Charlie's" chip shop ?

I left Townhead in 1963.
Oorwullie I remember the Buchanan's shop I use to walk past it everyday on my way to school, I went to St Mungo's in Stanhope St,. When I first started school my mum use to walk me there everyday and she would buy me a wagon wheel out of Buchanan's.

I can't remember the chip shop at all I seem to remember there a co-op on the corner of Parson's St and Stanhope St I think it was.

Sumac did you know a Margo or a Wilma McDonald who would have been at St David's about the same time as you?
Oor Wullie
Hi weesmasher ;-

There was indeed a co-op at the corner of Stanhope Street and Parson Street. I used to do their deliveries on a Saturday morning.

The chip shop was near the corner of Parson Street and St Mungo Street, which was the next street parallel to Stanhope Street.

I was born and grew up in the nearest "close" you can see in this picture [no. 27] , more or less across the street from your old school. It looks to me as though whoever took this picture was standing outside the co-op you mentioned.

[Thanks to Virtual Mitchell for the picture]

How I miss Toonhied so much. sad.gif
I too miss the Toonheid I have very happy memories of my childhood there shame it's all gone now, but I guess that's progress.

Thanks for the picture Oorwullie, I left the Toonheid in 1970 and most of the houses were gone by then, they had started building those highrises then in Taylor St or was it Ronald St?

Oorwullie you must have live right across from the dinner school then. I remember being in the co-op and getting a packet of crisp and it had a little blue bag of salt in it.

Also in Buchanan's I seem to remember it was run by a mother and daughter, the daughter was very nice can't remember much about the mother.
Oor Wullie
Hi weesmasher.

I lived right across the street from the church you see in this picture [ Martyr's West, I believe it was called]. You can see your dinner school right next to it.

The high rises were built in Taylor Street. My grandmother got a flat in one of them when she moved from Garngad [ Royston Road].

Marion Buchanan's daughter was Isa and was, as you say, a very nice girl.

[Thanks again to Virtual Mitchell]


For any ex member's of the Boy's Brigade, the 23rd Glasgow BB Company was based in this church.
Aye, the flats we flitted to in Feb 71 to from Ally Parade was oan Taylor St, wus 81 Taylor St then, its 2 Taylor Place noo. The other block in Taylor St was 105 Taylor St, this was on Parly Rd / Taylor St. I no idea with is called now.

I had my first troo luv / girlfriend, she was nuts about Marc Bolan of T-Rex, Liz Robertson, she stayed in Lister St. If yer there Lizzie I still lubbers joo. But tell the wife! < ducks>

The flats we wus in wus at the tap of Ronald St. / end of Parson St. Just opposite Collins' Factory in St James Rd. There was still a load of the auld tenements around, wusnea til like 71/72 to they started gettiing cleared oot.

The shoaps opposite the flats I think at the time whurr the Park Dairy? and Cafolas, who was a Tallie newsagent next to it. I think they survived to aboot summer / spring 73. If I pit ma heid to it, could prolly be mair accurate.

I was 6 up on the south /west end of flats and remember spending a lot of time watching the herries at knocking off time in Collins. That place that place wus buzzing wi life in the early 70's, before they moved shop oot tae the Briggs. Place wus like a morgue after that. I think the move to Briggs was completed by late 73. Another part of the heart of Glasgow ripped oot.

Ah meah whit eegit could come up with a plan to push a motorway through the heart of a City. Buts thats a different subject.

Ah worked in Fyfe and McGrouthers in Kennedy St 74 ~75. Goat me jotters cause I couldnea keep ma mind off the lassies. Will I wus only young haha! Piy wus keech oanywi'!

Wullie whit was yer Grannies name, if she stayed in 81 flats, chances are I prolly knew her or been chased by hur, I was a wee scunner *lol*

Ah the best!

Oor Wullie
Hi Rabbie,

I can't remember which of the tower blocks my grandparents moved to. Only that it was in Taylor Street. I had already moved away from Townhead and I was only in their new flat a couple of times.

My grandparents' name was Thomas and I suppose quite a few of the catholics that lived in Townhead would have known my grandfather pretty well as he was the caretaker at St Mungo's Church in Parson Street for decades, more or less up to the time of his death in the late 70's.
Oor wullie it's a small world my Granda also work in St Mungo's for many years my Granny use to clean, but I am not sure when she gave that away. They probably knew your Granda well.

Mu Granda was there until he died in 1968 his name was Jock McFarlane I can remember the other man who worked there, but can't think of his name. He was certainly much younger than my Granda.

He had a daughter Anne who was in my class and I think he may have had 2 other daughters and maybe a son I know they lived at the bottom of Stanhope St in St James Road as I was in their house once or twice.
Hi, weesmasher! I did indeed know Wilma McDonald. She was in my class at St. David's!

And the Co-op in Parson Street? My mum used it all the time because the man in charge let her have tick, so I was in there every day. I heard that he was fired for having too many customers with tick, and not actually taking in much money! I don't know what we would have done without him! Poor kind soul.
It great to hear all these stories from all o ye. We are but ships in the night...

I cannea really remember a Co-op in Parson St, but I vaguely recall a place that was all closed up near Taylor St, just past Stanhope St, no sure with that wus in its day. It may huv been a Builders Merchants or something, it eludes me for now.

Ah was frea Ally Parade and never ventured far up that way much in me earlies days until we flitted to the flats in Taylor St in 71, by that time most of Parson St was ghost toon and the bulldozers where closing in fur the kill.

I dae remember the big Co-op in Parly road. Wus a bit posh for me. It hud clean, shiny windeas! Can you remember the pride and skill that went intae windea dressing then, and the lovely, fancy handwriting in whitewaash showing the price of the goods, AH wonder if that is a loast art noo.

Ma Grannie Teirneys favourite shoap was John Curleys. Ah dreaded getting sent there oan messages, used to spend ages queueing, then even longer while the wifies blethered awa to themselves.

She telt me I nearly got run down wi a tram when I was a wean when I run out of the shoap oantae the road, only some passerby goat a hauld of me. Scarey, but I have no recollection of this. Makes ye think, ah must huv been bored silly to dae that. Ah prolly scart the life oot hur. God rest her precious wee sowel.

But back tae Parson St:~

Ah remembers; Felix the Cobbers, Wullie Britons the grocer and I think there was a Chemist Napiers and The Broons Bar.

At the Castle St end and there was also a big fruit and veg shop jist up frea Sammy Beards the barber, Peacocks the bakers and Tonies Chippie.

Ma Maw always telt me when she sent me tae Tonies for fish suppers, *Nea reheats, and tell him tae save them fur the drunks and when yer Faither cums hame*

Ah. those wur the days. Rake the miggie bins for a few ginger / beer boattles clean them up a wee bittie in a puddle, there wus a tanner or 2 in yer mitts and Bingo there wus yer dinner with extras in the Tallies Caf. Icedrinks, coke, aye the real thing then! an a pennie or 2 to spare fur the dukeboax! Ah remember Speedy Guns Alice < sp> *winks*, Apache wus the rage then.

This wus just across Castle St / Ally Parade from Clydesdale Bank / Howies the Dentist. < shudders >. Right friggin butcher he wus tae. Nearly 40 years oan, I still goat a few of his fillings and bad dreams, wussnea laffin gas he used.

Wid be great if oanyone hud photies of the area as it was in the good old days, was a happy lively place with loads of nice people. I been aw thro the Mitchell Online resources, and there aint too much of that locale or of the old end of Ally Parade, now sadly under that Monolith called a Hospital.

Well Ah suppose, at least, its better being that than that under that sad excuse of a motorway that wrecked other parts of oor toon.

My faither had loads o photies taken in during 50's, 60's of these areas before the transformation that started in mid 60's, but they have goat lost over the years.

All I have is the memories of lots of wonderful people, colourful characters and really the most carefree days of my life.

Best wishes and be well!

Oor Wullie
"I cannea really remember a Co-op in Parson St, but I vaguely recall a place that was all closed up near Taylor St, just past Stanhope St, no sure with that wus in its day. It may huv been a Builders Merchants or something, it eludes me for now."

If I'm not mistaken, Rabbie, it was a storage depot for either Collins the printers or Blackies the publisher, both of which companies were just around the corner.One in St James' Road, the other in Stanhope Street.

In any event , it was a great place to play because it contained huge bales of paper which we climbed on and hid in for adventure.

It also "doubled up" as part of our street football pitch because when it was closed it had a roller shutter door that was perfect for a goal. We used to play "three and in " until it was too dark to see or till the police chased us, whichever came first.
Ahh, many thanks fur that Wullie, ah remember the roller door thing now. Used tae kick it and run away, never goat chased by anyone, wus prolly empty by then *lol*

Bits of the auld Blackies and Collins Factory on Taylor St survived until Summer 76. Jings! thats thurty years under the bridge, scary how fast time move.

The auld factory I was a great place to explore at night, creepy as hell and was loads of books left aroon.

Ahm nea to sure when the old bit on the sooth side of St James Rd came doon, the bit ye could wall thro to get to Cathedral St, the building with the big chimney. At a quess maybe late 70's or early 80's.

Last time I was up there in 2002, the other bits look pretty much the same. I seem to remember the new Collins building being put up, wus is aroond 62/63?
Oor Wullie

I haven't been in Townhead for more than 30 years so I'm not sure what you mean by the "new" Collins' building. I do seem to remember that the factory that existed in the 50's was extended not long before I left, in 63.

My mother worked in this factory.
jane b
Hello all,

I've enjoyed your entries and photos. Can anyone tell me more about the co-op on Parliamentary Road and the shops that were there? Thank you!
Oor Wullie
Hi jane b

Here's a picture of the co-op in 1963. I believe it's in the same location as it was in the 30's [ 194 -210 Parliamentary Road].

I was a couple of decades after the the 30's but there were dozens of shops in Parly Road in my day, including Lindsay's and Curley's. This particular co-op was huge and occupied a number of floors as I recall. It seemed to me to sell everything.

At Virtual Mitchell you'll find several pictures of shops in Parliamentary Road in the 30's , which I believe is the era you are most interested in.
Here is a aerial photie of part of Toonheid around 1972.

Wullie, I have marked the wut ah called the *New Collins Factory* Its no really that new, ah think it went up in aroond the early 60's, but is new relative to the rest of the complex. I believe the building is currently in use as some sort of Museum for Strathclyde Uni.

In this image, can still make out the line of Parly Rd, the wee tollbooth at the corner of St James Rd is still in evidence, just opposite Dobbies Loan flats.

Ronald and McAuslin St, look like car parks sad.gif

Can make oot the Steamie / Baths in Collins St and Mossmans in Cathedral St.

Wit a shame, as maist o the place just resembles bomb site.
jane b
Thanks very much Oor Wullie and Rabbie - those photos are great! I will check out more on Virtual Mitchell (I found the only photo I've ever seen of Canning Place there).

The aerial photo is very interesting - and sad! I'm trying to figure it out, using an old map of Glasgow from the 70s. If possible, can you please point out the locations of the Steamie, St. David's school and City Public - formerly Provanside school. (Which, happily, is still there -- at least it was there two weeks ago when I was in Glasgow!)

Thank you!
Aye Jane,

It is a sweet / sour image, especially when we can remember how Toonhied looked and was before it was redeveloped.

So many of us will remember a buzzing, vibrant place full of so many characters. A place where folks respected and looked out fur each other. There wusnea oany need to loack yer door or padlock yer coal bunkers either.

Wus just a big extended family who took turns of sweeping the stairs, cleaning the cluddgie and looking after each other weans. Noo whurr dae ye see that these days?!
An if you stepped outta line, the wifie across the landing wid gie ye such a skelping, and say "Noo go tell yer Maw I gied you that rid erse" Aye, like hell ah wid, I wussnaw a glutton for double helpins, well free school dinners pit me aff double helpings fur a start.

Faye, as my Grannie Tierney was known to her friends, passed to heaven after a long battle with the big C, in 1975, when she was only 66. She was a devout RC and hardly missed a mass in St Mungos in Parson St, but she did like a wee drammie with the preists. "helped the preist to confess to her", she said.

I remember some of her tales of when she was younger. How she lived up in 5 Abington St, with her Maw and Da, MaMaw and MaDaz as I called them, they both lived well into the 80's Then she stayed in Earlston Ave during 30/40's where gave raised her 6 children until she moved to Ally Parade in 50's with a new hubbie.

She was a wonderful person, typical of so many of her generation and dispute her illness, she had an indomitable spirit and never complained aboot oanything.

To me, she was yer typical stout, wee cheery Gleasga Granny, the kind we know and treasures.


Have a wee doddle at the photies linked here.

The images are cleaner here and I have marked the areas of interest you mention. Well, as close as my dodgy specs let me *haha* Bring back corporation portholes, all is forgiven.


Toonheid, Glasgow c1972

jane b
Thanks so much, Rabbie - those photos are great! Is that St. David's School near Provanside? I'm not really sure.
Thank you!!!
QUOTE (jane b @ 26th Aug 2006, 03:14 PM)
Is that St. David's School near Provanside? I'm not really sure.
Thank you!!!

My pleasure Jane,

The building at 10 o'clock from Provanside School is St David's Primary.

The building at 8/9 o'clock < is / was > Allan Glens School, built in early 60's.
Thank you Rabbie for all the information on Townhead. My family were all from Earlston Avenue and we went to St. Mungo's school and church. My mother's parents Reilly lived at 84 from 1914 until their deaths in the in 1973. My mother Nancy and her sister Kathleen were born at 84, and myself and my two brothers and one sister were all born there too. We moved to Greenfield in 1956 but still attended St.Mungo's. I would love to hear more of your stories and who you knew, thanks again. Kate
jane b
Thanks again, Rabbie, I really appreciate it!
Oor Wullie

I was interested to hear you left Townhead and moved to Greenfield. So did I . We moved to Cockenzie Street in '63.
Many of the houses in built in Greenfield in the Forties and Fifties were semi-detached four apartments dwellings. Known locally as "steel houses", they were of unconventional design and construction which proved to be a fire hazard and I believe that due to this they were demolished about twenty-five years after their original construction. I recall that many of the houses in Cockenzie Street were of this type.

There is more information on this type of construction and a picture on this link:

Greenfield Houses

Oor Wullie
Thanks to Luceo for the Greenfield link.

The houses in the Cockenzie Street that I moved to in the 60’s were different in a number of respects from the ones described in the link, but were still “steel houses”.

Like an oven in the summer and a fridge in the winter.

They did, however, have substantial front and rear gardens and a bathroom [with a bath, no less]. A great improvement on the living conditions provided by a lot of the tenements which still stood in Townhead [and elsewhere] at that time.

I had never thought of them as being a particular fire hazard and I can't say if this was the reason for their demolition. I do recall that the planners had got something wrong because Cockenzie Street was susceptible to flooding on those extremely rare occasions when it rained in Shettleston. rolleyes.gif

It seems that this was still the case into the new millenium

"The flooding in the Cockenzie Street area is due to the impact of surface water run-off rather than a lack of capacity in the sewer network "
my grandparents lived in the townhead area {Earlston ave and stirling rd from the 20 right up until the late 1950. I didnt live in the area { too young lol } but Im trying to find out anything about Earlston ave, Im also trying to trace an uncle bord in 1933 in 13 Earlston ave {william Reidford} so any help please smile.gif
My husband came from Townhead, Townsend Street. Another St. Aloysius/ St Mungo boy.
It was great to see the photos of Townhead before the Wreckers' Ball ran amok! To be able to see St. David's School, albeit teeny, is wonderful to me as, you know only too well, there IS no Townhead left.
Gaun yersel', Rabbie! Keep them comin'! biggrin.gif
Allan D.Sim
Another Townhead boy here. Cunningham Street was where we stayed. The odd thing about this is two people have asked me about Parliamentary Road in recent weeks. With thanks to my books, and a visit to Mitchell combined with memories, I managed to answer the questions. In fact Jane, if you are here, I sent email regarding the co-op which I was asked to look out before. Townhead may be desolate compared to 30/40 years ago, but I still found a Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR worth £330k and a Maybach limo at £267k, albeit in the car showroom!
The pics were excellent, thanks for memories. I lived at 76 St. James' Rd till 1972. Moved to Charles St then. Went to The Wee Mungo and The Rock. Got heaps of memories of the dray horses from Blackies leaving in the morning during the 60's and the 'rag and bone' man coming. Going to the shop near the baths for a bag of broken biscuits after swimming, not to mention the hot chicken broth from the machine at the baths.
Guest LindaB *
QUOTE(jane b @ 23rd Jul 2006, 02:56 PM) *
I'm working on a research project and would love to hear from anyone who lived in Townhead from 1930 to 1940, and anyone who attended St. David's School and Provanside School. I'm also looking for a few people in particular who grew up in that neighbourhood: Violet Curley, Janet Robertson and Archie MacIntyre. Thank you![/quote]
Did the Archie Macintyre you are looking for have three sisters, Marion, Cathy and Jenny?
Donald Leitch
I am part of a team Developing new college facilities on Cathedral Street. The St David's School site, which is adjacent to the college site, is now clear but I would love to see photographs of how it looked?
can anyone oblige??

Donald Leitch
jane b
Hello -
I'm not sure if this Archie McIntyre had sisters. I only know that he would have been born around 1925 to 1927 and attended City Public (Provanside) school. Thanks.
QUOTE (buggie01 @ 20th Nov 2006, 08:12 AM) *
The pics were excellent, thanks for memories. I lived at 76 St. James' Rd till 1972. Moved to Charles St then. Went to The Wee Mungo and The Rock. Got heaps of memories of the dray horses from Blackies leaving in the morning during the 60's and the 'rag and bone' man coming. Going to the shop near the baths for a bag of broken biscuits after swimming, not to mention the hot chicken broth from the machine at the baths.

I will never forget that hot soup at the Toonhied Baths, it wis the best meal o the week.

An then down the road tae the Rid Rooster in Cathedral St, fur a hamburger. Never tasted better than came oot there til this day.

Then I discovered wimen and there is always cheek at Agnew's, an took up the swallie sessions.

Wifies still oan tap. thankfully *grins*
My neighbour's mother is the woman hanging clothes out the window in Shuttle street ."Through The Lens 1955 "photograohs at museum smile.gif
Hello All,

I've read all comments, from the start of this topic, finding it fascinating beginning to end. Also was surprised to see a posting from my 1C 'AndyR1', several messages back. Our uncle, William REIDFORD (aka Reidford LINDSAY) was actually born at the Maternity Hosp. in St. Rollox area (Glasgow Maternity?). William had to have been born prior to mid-May 1933, as our grandmother died at that time. Cannot put my hand right on the death cert at the moment .. think it was around the 24th May she died.

According to a copy of my Mum's b.cert, the hosp. was at 88 M'Aslin St. Anyway, William didn't grow up with his siblings (5 older), so barely knows them (4 have passed away now). My Mum thinks William is the son of their first step-mother, Jessie TAYLOR. He is not. Family rumour has it that over the years .. to the recent past ... William has been involved (working? part ownership?) with a shop on Parliamentary Rd. Gosh I might be wrong and it's Alex. Parade!

William's maternal g-gran died at 94 Alex. Alex. Parade in 1907. [She was Thomasina CLARK nee JAMIESON, born Unst Shetland). She had lived, with her husband and family at 266 Castle St from c1870 until c1896 when she was widowed, moving in with her adopted daughter Jessie URQHART (aka CLARK), married c1896 to John MILLER. Another family rumour [??] they were the parents of a 'famous' footballer, Billy MILLER. On my "TO DO" list, check with SP to see if they ever had any children!

According to Andy's father and our Uncle John ~ both took my sister & I on separate 'tours', a day apart to the area ~ my (& AndyR1) REIDFORD great-grandparents resided on St. James St and just around the corner, our grandparents had lived at 57 Stirling Rd. I do know our grandparents were living at No. 57 from c.Sept 1920 up until c1929 or so. Our REIDFORD great-gran died that year at No.13 Earlston Ave; our gf / her son was the informant, giving his address as 57 Stirling Rd.

More Townhead connection to come. biggrin.gif

Hello again ...

As mentioned previously, I have more connections to Townhead. Our dates actually cover from c1863 or so, to ? .. (2008 I think!!)

Our 2 x g-grandparents were residing at 266 Castle St for many years, where their daughter/our g-grannie Martha Jamieson CLARK had her first child (illeg). Also at 266 was Martha's future husband (m.1882) Andrew BROWN, with his first wife Margaret MCDONALD. They wed 1871; she died 1881; no children born to them. By 1891 Andrew & Martha were at 282 Castle St. & at 18 Cobden in 1901, with 7 of their 9 children. Martha's adopted sister Jessie URQUHART & John MILLER .. they were at 17 Garngad Rd in 1901, but at 94 Alex. Parade by 1907. The MILLERs may have moved to Edinburgh some time later (no proof).

Connected to Martha & Andrew:

Eldest daughter, Frances Kennedy BROWN & her husband Joseph FINNIE were residing at 39 Cobden with their two sons.

Third daughter Thomasina & husband David BAIN, a fruit dealer operated a shop on Glebe St. One daughter, Martha/Matty born at 26 Glebe and one son John at 44 Glebe. Have no idea of where the eldest son William was born (1908) nor the youngest daughter Janet/Jean (c1915). David was killed at Arras c1917; Thomasina re-wed in 1919 to Robert STRANG. Her address at the time was 40 McIntosh St. Two of her children were born there, Thomas 1919 & Thomasina in 1922, with mother dying at No. 40 the next day. Robert STRANG died at 244 Parliamentary Rd in 1945.

Janet/Jean who died in June 2000, had attended Glasgow Cathedral all her life and was married there. From what my uncles said, she was given the honour of being carried into and out of Cathedral through the main (front) doors. Apparently this was not normal for ordinary folk, particularly females.

John Brown BAIN, b.21 Nov 1914 at 44 Glebe, married Josephine Elizabeth GIBB at Barony North Church in 1934. Both gave their address as No. 6 Stanhope St. He was a Butcher's Assistant .. his paternal grandfather had been a Butcher. She was a Dairy Shop Assistant. Other BROWN family members 'supposedly' owned Ice Cream/Confectionary shop(s) in several locations within the Townhead area.

As no children have ever been found for John & Josephine, we wonder if they may have immigrated?

Another 1C of my Mum's (surname ELVIN) was born at 90 Parliamentary Rd in 1913. Both she and her daughter would later marry in Glasgow Cathedral.

Five REIDFORD half-aunts and uncles grew up in Earlston Ave through the 1950s into the '60s.
Other related REIDFORDs lived/were born in the Garngad/hill between 1914 & 1921 .. a couple were still in the area into the late 1940s.

Ellen REIDFORD b.1920 at 14 Caledonia St, married at Townhead (exact address ?) in 1938 to a fellow with the surname of O'BRIEN

To be cont'd .. (another Townhead connection)

Another ... this time my Canadian Dad's side ...

His grandfather John WHYATT b.1849 Stockport Ches. married Margaret MCCLUSKY at Dennistoun in July 1875. In 1881, they were residing with their two (surviving) children and Margaret's father John at 193 Castle St.

On the marriage cert, her name is MCLUSKY; her father's is MCCLUSKY. On the birth certs of 4 children and the death of one, her name is MCCLUSKY. In each case, Margaret registered the events. On the death of the second wee boy, father John gave the details; Margaret's nee down as MCCLUSKIE. Margaret always insisted her m/s was MCCLUSKY .. with no 'E'.

Margaret's sister Mary MCLUSKY (per m.cert) born c1852, who in 1877 wed James MCKENZIE a blacksmith. Married at 5 Abbotsford Place Glasgow, both gave their addresses as 62 South St. Son Robert born 1877; Sarah born c1880. Mary McLusky MCKENZIE died 21 Jan 1881. Think I found James with the two children in the 1881 census - ages & occupation all fit - with a housekeeper Mary HUGHES. They are at 128 Naburn St. (Townhead area?) In 1891 I may have found him again, with Sarah, plus a wife Mary and a couple of more children. Not entirely certain if it is him or not.

Robert came to Canada with Margaret and family in 1887, raised with WYATT surname. Sarah of course stayed with her father. I've been trying to track her down via the Mailing Lists, Message Boards and GR for now. Unsuccessful so far. Must go to SP to see if I can find a marriage for her. Hopefully, she will have stayed in the area, married and raised a large family.

Margaret and Mary's mother was Jane/t STEVENSON born c1824 unknown where (possibly Lochwinnoch Renfrew), died 7 Kennedy St, 1880; daughter of John STEVENSON "school master" (death cert) and Mary WYLIE.

I'm fairly certain we have other connections to Townhead, though I've tried to stick to the my direct lines, and to those I know were definately there through the "Dirty Thirties" and beyond.

mad for trad
hello jane read youre post with interset but dont know if im much help my parents lived in townhead area james and cathie mcneill they had five of a family while there billy james maud danny john that was in townsend street but as far as im aware they lived in slum conditions and move to a village in called crianlarich prior to my birth : dry.gif
Both my parents lived in Town head before they were married my maiden name is Mc Closkey Dad had nine brothers and one sister. They had a hairdresser shop for many years in the same area.
My mothers name was Margaret (Meg ) Green ,She had six sisters and four brothers . They lived on MaCauslin Street then Black street.
Does anyone remember the Crawfords from 9 Dobbies Loan. The father worked with the railway, the mother with Bell's Laundry. They had two daughters Marion and Ann, they lived there until the late 50's then moved to Maryhill. They had an uncle the owned McNellis coal merchants. Wondering what happened to them?

George Harkness
I have been reading all the comment's on Townhead & i noticed that we all miss it, i thought i was
alone untill i came across this site looking for websites with anything to do with my past,pictures,people i thought they had all disapeared.
I too lived in townhead at 76 st james's road from 1958 till 1979,my father drove the BRS lorry that
parked in stanhope st that we all played on, to this day it was the worst thing that happend when we moved away,the people in the new area were not the same & the area for all its new ameanities was dead. I look back at toonheed & st davids,raceing round the block the BB & tons of other things
we got up to with fond fond memories( including midgy raking).
Hello George, I remember you well, also remember being on the old motorbike and having a ride. Do you remember Alex Wallace? He was the huge man who used to lean on the electric box at the bottom of his close.
I hadn't thought about that for many years. I moved to Charles Street in '72, just before they knocked the street down. Had many happy memories from back then.
george peachey
QUOTE (buggie01 @ 20th Nov 2006, 07:04am) *
The pics were excellent, thanks for memories. I lived at 76 St. James' Rd till 1972. Moved to Charles St then. Went to The Wee Mungo and The Rock. Got heaps of memories of the dray horses from Blackies leaving in the morning during the 60's and the 'rag and bone' man coming. Going to the shop near the baths for a bag of broken biscuits after swimming, not to mention the hot chicken broth from the machine at the baths.

well well well wit a small world!!
wan guy mentioned buying sweets fae the shop next tae the toonheid swimmin ...??
that wiz ma dads till the buildin like all the rest got condemed his name was alex peachey and the shop wiz known as peacheys.. next tae mossmans the stone masons,,on cathedral st..
i was born in the rootonrow 1964 for the first few years lived in paul st behind the baths next tae the tellybank yes the wee office that collected the money fae behind yer telly.well wit next?
collins building the big big fan that blew oot fast air that kept ye cool in the summer ay ye remember that..
around 4yr i moved to parson st above the wee papershop and i think a bakers or somthing
i remember the first day of decimilisation i went in with a few half pennys??across the road was the first of the high flats that had a wee mini supermarket ..that wee slid down on bread boards from the road and the care taler used to make us all wooden swords//
i played alover toonhead way a great mate i had called richard pratt he had a few sisters and wit a laff
playin in the back courts or greenies as we called them..there wiz mays fruit shop and many more shops i recall playing in the swingpark which stood across from were they built the big new bank at castle st and cathedral st.. there was a row of trees round the swings with a old guys club situated in a big green wooden daz shop hosted all the police men on the beat who we all new very well ,there radios would be put up in the shelf and they would get a great heat fae ma daz fire in the back shop were i was brought up untill i was around 13 the church in the fottie that was at the corner of parlie rd was a great playing haunt for many kids there was a kind of wee footie park built by the council on one of the old roads and the tar wiz realy smooth.
kick the can and wits the time mr wolf could be heard fur miles..i had a great time playing in all the derelict tennaments all around the st mungos school .i went to st davids pr1 .2 .3 etc
and hated it but liked the play times as my big brothers and sisters went to the high school next door and some of them went to city public and allan glens thats all i remember of the shools.
my dad sold sweets in penny trays and 2 penny trays the weins thought that wiz great and he made big jubilees out of orange juice ..i remember the undertakers at castle street getting into trouble over dodgy burials?? and i was never oot of the nacropolis cemetry there was abig tarzy just under the bridge next to john knox st were i attended the sunday school in the barony north church,, the realy weird thing is my wife marie who is 1 year older than me stayed round the corner from my dads shop played in the same swing park and her step dad worked as agrave digger in the cemetry at the side of the royal on high st and got TICK fae ma dads shop she said she thinks she remembers me from that area ??i remember there was travelers joined our school at st davids and i was the only one that played with them and my dad even got his hilan minx and ford cars fixed by them..they lived at an old pulled down garage on parlie rd near black st grass bowling were the five asides are now located..i now live in the out scirts of glasgow now and never ever forget the great childhood i had in toonheid and i am discusted every time i cut through there =what a waste of solid wife is marie fulton and went to st mungos were im sure there is a rebuilt primary in its place next to the chapel in parson st.
does anyone remember the wee home made kind of buggy car that sat at parson st .i stayed in the last tennament that got pulled down on the corner top floor right above the wee rats that ran about everytime they pulled down anouther tennament.from 64 - 85 i remember the lot and what wonderfull thoughts..
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