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Full Version: Does Your Granny Come From Scotland!
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If your Granny comes from Scotland …are you a Scot!.

Am a big rugby fan and this month Scotland heads to South Africa for its “winter tour” What a summer of sport we have to look forward to and South Africa is one of my dream countries. Frank Hadden has included Warrior player, Kiwi Sam Pinder.
I like Sam but he joins a really big list of “Kiwi’s” who have worn the Scotland jersey but are not really Scottish. Some have been great for Scotland like Sean Lineen who has given everything to Scottish Rugby to others who simply come here because they fail to make the grade at home.
Sam discovered that his Granny came from Musselburgh so he qualifies to play for Scotland….does the fact your Granny comes from here really make you a Scot…I have cousins who have never been to Scotland and yet according to this their yet unborn children have the right to represent Scotland….am not sure I agree with this!
Ross, as far as I know it is true that you can play football for what ever Country your grandparents come from.

A neighbours son played football for an English team, he also played football for Eire, because his maternal grandparents were Irish.

That makes me eligible to play for Scotland, Ireland & India. wub.gif
You have me wondering now can play for India!!!
Having a curry on Saturday night...does that qualify me for India as well no it was Chinese last night or it might have been not you have an Indian Granny Heather!
If a grandparent is Scottish born that would mean my grandson's children (as yet unborn) would be eligible to play for Scotland. My own children were all born in Scotland and came to Canada with us as youngsters. They married Canadians and had their own sons here, none of whom have ever set foot in Scotland.

I think that is taking the eligibility a bit too far...... ohmy.gif
Ross, my paternal gran and great'gran were born in Calcutta.

We always knew that gran was born in Calcutta, because her dad was in the British Army and stationed in Calcutta when she was born.
When my sister was doing our Ancestor search and got the Birth Certificate's she discovered that our greatgran was also born in Calcutta. They both married Irish men.

My paternal grandad and great grandad were Irish.

My mums side of the family are all Scottish and I was born in Scotland.

Just think what that does for my sister who married an American and her children were all born in the USA. One of my brother's married an Irish girl and their daughter was born in Australia.

Another sister married an English man who was also in the Army for 22 yrs, their first daughetr was born in Wales. The birth Certificate is in the Welsh language with the English translation on the other side.

I have always said we are a multi-national family, with a mixture of religions. We have Catholic, Church of Scotland, Salvation Army, Church of England and God knows what else in the family.
I was just kiddin Heather I know your Scottish.....its pretty cool that your family were born in Calcutta..I think its great when you find out stuff about your family...I can trace some of mine back to about 1860 on the west coast but my mums are more interesting.....east coast and a wee bit viking way back..its cool we can trace all this stuff...its just amazing to think that maybe if I finish Uni and go abroad and have sprogs...2 generations down they could play rugby for Scotland...that would be about 2060 or something.....haha I would be nearly I would be dead proud...either that or just dead.....I hope wherever I live and if I have kids they love Scotland with a a passion... I will tell them stories about Scotland that will make them mega proud to be a Scot.
my mums mum and dad came from ardrossan, my biological dads parents came from isle of skye but my adoptive grandmother is from mansefield and her husband was from the gorbals then castlemilk
My family history took me back to Cookstown Co-tyrone. So, until you start to actually look, you think you are pure Scot. Gets confusing who you might be able to represent in sport dont it. cool.gif
funnily enough when i take part in sport ive never been asked where i come from, they just say to you "make sure you keep your egg on the spoon"

makes me proud to be scottish so it diz
oh my grand daughter could play for ierland scotland england and possably france and if it was royalty generations well the world sports oyster for lydia wink.gif oh marina am weeing myself egg and spoon pure magic
Marina! HA!HA! laugh.gif
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