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World Cup 2006

I was talking to my Dad this afternoon in Berlin and he was telling me how the excitement is building up for the World Cup….a solid month of great football. Germany is confident it will put on a great show and I think they will. He says they have faith in the German Team even though they are not expected to win but their support will be awesome….my Dad is going to a couple of games in Berlin…The mighty Brazil v Croatia on June 13th and Germany v Ecuador on the 20 th and am guessing here but I think he will be supporting Brazil and Germany.
Am looking forward to it, should be a great month but my loyalties are all over the globe.
I know I should support England but I can’t…I have supported them in Rugby…my favourite sport, when they won the world cup in Sydney in 2003 I was ecstatic And in this years “nations” I thought they were awesome sportsmen when the Irish rubbed them Dublin….I will always support England in Rugby when its not against the Scots.
I don’t really like cricket much but when they won the ashes last year I was over the moon for them….English football is different though I just don’t like the hype that comes with it….Beckham just does my head in and as for Sven well lets not go there….
I was planning to be on Berlin on final day but now am gonna be in Spain….So I think am supporting Spain… see them win when am in Spain would be awesome…and am packing my Partick Thistle top just in case…some of you might not understand why but am sure someone will ! Viva Espana!
Just for fun as it were, so to speak, to coin a phrase, I expect like a lot of people to see Brazil win the World Cup, however I also think that Germany will go further than England, not that I hope thats the case, just the way I see it?
Now having said this I would like to see the best team over the whole tournament win the World Cup! cool.gif
I know it probably won't happen, but I would love to see the Aussies win I would say there are certainly the underdogs in this event.
Weesmasher Australia certainly are longshots, hope they do well, and they are playing not too bad in the warm up games.

Brazil 11/5
Argentina 9/1
Germany 7/1
England 15/2
Netherlands 14/1
Italy 10/1
France 14/1
Spain 14/1
Portugal 22/1
Czech Republic 20/1
Sweden 36/1
Ukraine 50/1
Mexico 40/1
Croatia 62/1
Serbia & Montenegro 80/1
Ivory Coast 78/1
USA 40/1
Turkey (Suspended) 75/1
Poland 80/1
Paraguay 150/1
Japan 200/1
Uruguay (Suspended) 120/1
Ecuador 195/1
Ghana 190/1
Switzerland 100/1
Norway (Suspended) 170/1
South Korea 190/1
Tunisia 240/1
Slovakia (Suspended) 200/1
Australia 130/1
Togo 400/1
Angola 450/1
Costa Rica 450/1
Iran 450/1
Saudi Arabia 600/1
Bahrajn (Suspended) 800/1
Trinidad & Tobago 800/1
France look like a good each-way bet, They have some great players and if they are 100% fit, they will make their presence felt!
I saw the Germany 4 Costa rica 2 game, no bad, the better team won!
Also saw the Ecuador 2 Poland 0 game, Poland dont have any bite upfront, and I expect then to go home early, they will find it tough their next two games, against Germany and Costa Rica, again Ecuador the better team won!
Was stunned at Ecuadors game against Poland Hubert,I never really gave them much attention but they played well and it will be amazing to see what happens when they meet Germany on the 20 th..this is gonna be a great month and today England kick off and I cannae wait…am up early cos I need new trainers and t’s and stuff and I plan to be back in loads of time …..Sven G E is saying this morning he does’nt want a Sir title like Alf Ramsey and they wonder why people get annoyed at them…they have not even played a game yet and they think they have won it…..if they play well I will be pleased for them but there is loads of great talent out there and I can’t see England win this……am gonna go have breakfast outside and enjoy the sun and then it won’t seem so bad being indoors for the games today..

Can’t help singing Englands world cup song-World at our feet by Embrace…I really like it but am getting some odd looks…haha!
I dont know that song, will try to find it on the net, what do you think of the song by Tony Christie, "Is This The Road To The World Cup" its good, its from his original song.
Check it out?
think Tony Christie is brill Hubert and this just makes me laugh!
So what did you make of Englands cringing here lol!
I thought they were mega diabolical.....Paraguay and they only won because of an own goal...that wee Carlos guy must be weepin was amazing here...we were in town this morning...fantastically hot and sunny day and on the radio all they went on about was Engerland,Engerland!!!!Today the road to victory starts....this afternoon nobody is even mentioning about havin a big reddie!!
Now they are saying its a typical English slow will get into gear as the week goes....bring on Sweden....I think Sven might swing both ways that day!!!!!
3 goals in last 8 minutes for the Aussies "you bloody beauty " !!!!
Go Aussies Go !!!!!!!
aaron king
ON YER AUSSIES smile.gif is that wit ye say jimmyd
Ross I just watched the USA get gubbed by the Czechs, I can assure that England are way better than the USA!
England didnt play great but good enough, they need to improve, the USA I think are on their way home.
About the Ozzie game, I thought Japan were on their way to a victory until their goalie whom I thought was playing great screwed up on that cross ball resulting in the Roos first goal, well done the Roos, still a long wat to go, but it sure is a great start!
I felt the USA lacked passion Hubert ,were beat before the game started I think . When you look at the coach , the man is an emotional desert ,this must rub off on the players.Johnson looks like a good prospect. Aussies win is really good for the game here,this is the first time we have ever had the media back the w**s ,Girls and Poofters { that,s what it was known as by many here } game . Had they been gubbed, I can assure you there would have been a feeding frenzy in some sections of the media. Don't forget the Aussie have beaten Brazil in Confederations cup in the past,so it can be done !!!

Aussie , Aussie, Aussie , Oi ! Oi ! Oi ! biggrin.gif
Got this in an email this morning and felt this was the most appropriate place to post it ..biggrin.gif
Loved this...go Trinidad & Tobago.... biggrin.gif
big al
As someone who lives in England and whose children were born here and,an avoid follower of the premiership during the season, I default to support them in the absence of Scotland. Was not surprised by the result (or lack of it) on Saturday but know that they will play better tomorrow although T&T will give them a good go - great to see the energy T&T expend but I don't think that will be enough - but who knows??. Was impressed ( as always) by Argentina - some team - less than impressed by Brazil last night but that often happens and then they come good - I just have a feeling they are there to be beaten but maybe not in their group - Liked Ecuador who should maybe cause the odd surprise - was very impressed by the football of the Czechs and Croatia who deserved to get more out of their game last night. Will wait and see about Germany - they may have been very lucky in their first game with the shots on goal - tonight will tell perhaps.

I can still see some pairing from England, Argentina, Italy and Brazil being at or about the semis or final and I guess you can't ignore the Erics - I'll take Argentina to win
I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying the World Cup as I always do, so far haven't missed a game which has been televised.

Good luck to the England squad I hope they do well, and I'm thinking similarly at the end of the games to yourself Big Al but I'm betting on Brazil to win.
Urr we no' the daftest folk on the face o' the earth? another wee giggle.....It jist disnae stop....
I never saw the Trinidad link Lizeeloo but I love it...thanx for posting it...its winging its way around the world this morning...even though its a bit late to support them ....cheers

Great story from todays papers...all the big department stores are praying for an early England exit aparently last weekend when England kicked off its hopes the stores all experienced their worst weekends shopping in history.....BUT THERE WAS ONE EXCEPTION AND IT WAS GLASGOW....THE STORES WERE PACKED... a wonder why!
Thought both the Aussies and USA were brilliant, would be good to see both go through. Interview with Brazilian coach,he admitted he was afraid of Aussies. .
I'll second that Jimmy. I thought the Aussie's played well. Appears they need a draw with Croatia to get through to the last sixteen with Brasil.

I wasn't too impressed with Croatia against Japan so we're hoping to advance. smile.gif
Yes Australia have already exceeded expectations. What a great game against Brazil! Can they get into the knokout round? Whats happened to the game in Scotland?
I just finished watching the England and Sweden game it was a great game it was 2-2 tie ,i thought that Sweden came out in the second halve trying to get the body rather than the ball . So England has won the division and Sweden are second and they play Germany and England play Ecuador
Australian television have just shown an interview with three of Croatia's players - all were born in Australia and I think they said they were taught at our Australian institute of sport. They thought, according to the interviewer it would be easier to get a game for Croatia than Australia. Looking forward to the match between them Friday morning our time. Go Socceroos!
aaron king
i think maradonnas appearance among the crowd is a great inspiration to the argies,i would love to see john grieg doing that at ibrox,my mate Patrick chipped in an said ,the players would not know who he was,besides he would get lonely ohmy.gif
yer mate obviously knows mair aboot football than you aaron.. laugh.gif
As many of you know Jim and I were in Exmouth. We watched both English games down in one of the pubs. It was fantastic,the group of people next to us were from Stirling all nine of them. Yes they were in there to support England. Must say the English fans were surprised ,we had great fun. Jim was decked out in his new English shirt which he had just bought . We were all wearing english hats the pub gave them out . Just a fantastic time. One of the more enjoyable moments of our trip. Come on England. unsure.gif
big al
Just a couple of games away from the end of the first part of this extravaganza - hasn't there been a complete load of dross served up by some of the top teams? And there have been some marvellous moments - I had hoped we would see some of the really great goals - goals scored from distance and hit as hard as hell - we've had a few but I think the tinkering with the ball has made a difference to many who would normally use it better - beckham and lampard for england are not getting the effects or results that they normally do - I am sure it will come if they remain in the tournament - The contrast between the last time the Cup was held in germany is incredible - remember Rivelino and the shots he used to rain in on goals - there is a lot of skilful play put a lot of it is power play which detracts from the real skills - but it is exciting in many ways.

Was disappointed last night in the Holland - Argentina game but should not have been surprised - there was nothing really at stake other than pride but the result counted more for both sides than pride - leave that for another day.

Big question for me really is - When will Sven keep Beckham on the bench - I have not rated him above 4 out of 10 in any of the matches so far - I would love to see gerard getting the armband and beckham on the sidelines - will it happen? I guess not but
we can only hope..........

Still like argentina and would love to see Spain do the business but can't quite see that yet

Roll on the next round
normally I look forward to watching all or most of the World Cup games, but I have to say so far I've been very let down.

The England side is awful, Sven has left himself wide open, and if I was English I would not be pleased at his recent decisions.

I'm still going with Brazil or Agentina to go to the end.

I normally don't like to miss any of the famous sides play, but right now if I missed a game I doubt I would be too bothered.

I also don't think the atmospheres at any of the game so far, seems as the same as days gone by.
Nail biting stuff here at moment, 6 am , 1 - 1 Australia and Croatia ,keep your big teams , I have been getting all my excitement watching the Aussies . Am away tae watch the 2nd half ,back in 45 mins hopefully to say Aussies got up !!!! biggrin.gif
YA DANCER JIMMY !!!!!!! laugh.gif
You Bloody Bewdy , Aussies are through . What a game it had everything excitement , drama , good fitba ,and the usual crap refereeing ,which Aussies are used to at this tournament
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!! biggrin.gif
Rated 42nd in the world and we're now into the last 16. We take on Italy Tuesday morning Aussie time. Don't write the Aussie's off cool.gif
Cripes Hewmac...ITALY???.....nae sweat annaw that laugh.gif
Just for you Jimmy and Hewmac, I'm an Aussie supporter now... ohmy.gif

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Oi..............
Good on yer Ems ,here have a coldie you are now a fair dinkum Aussie shiela !!!!!

I was on the train going to work this morning all was quiet like every other morning at 6.30 not too many are really awake, a couple of people were listening to radio's. Then all of a sudden phones started ringing people were yelling and laughing some actually were jumping up and down hugging each other.

It was amazing I travel with these same people everyday, but until today never got more than a smile or a nod out of them it was a great start to the day.

Bring on the Italians.

Aussie Aussie Aussie.
Italy are a good team, however the Aussies can win, they have gumption and good fitba, Viduca is due a goal, and Harry Kewell is on form!
Italy have to be favourites, however may the better team win, as long as its Australia! LoL
I hear the Aussie's are doing great, but today is Englands day.
Come on England. biggrin.gif
England 1 Ecuador 0, great freekick goal by captain Beckham!
Sadly Hubert that was about the only exciting thing in a rather boring game. What about the shocking game the referee had in the Portugal v Holland game?.
One guy is knocked to the ground and he sends him off for no apparent reason, as shown on the replays. He was ten times worse than the English referee who refereed the Australia v Croatia game.
Anyhow Argentina are playing some nice football at the moment!
Makes for two interesting quarter-finals to look forward to:
England Vs Portugal and Germany Vs Argentina

More to come ... Go Aussies
[B] biggrin.gif well done beckham that man is worth his weight in gold and then some , where is scotland we should be ashamed of not having even qualified i think ascotland is getting ,like america fat and blaoted and producing no athletes
The American team was formed by a coach that I feel didnt do good in his buildup for the World Cup.
Claudia Reyna the captain struggles at best to stay fit for even two games in a row, he is slow, was good years ago, but he did give away the first goal, then a poor clearance at the leftback position and the ball ends up in the penalty box, guess what a clumsy defender Oneyawe or something, causes a penalty resulting in a give away goal, that guy played like that from the first game, another liability, just like Celtics Booboo Balde! mad.gif
big al
have sat through most of the football up till now - Germany are looking good but have not yet had to met really stiff opposition but they will next Friday - must be Argentina.

England used Carrick and Hargreaves well yesterday - stars for me were carrick, ferdinand, gerrard, rooney and lennon when he came on - Beckham's goal was magnificent - and if he could only be used like a kicker in US football and brought on and off for that purpose he would be brilliant but he doesn't have the legs now -

Having watched the farce with Holland and Portugal ( and it was quite a good game when it was moving) I can't see England not beating Portugal on Saturday - it may be close but they can do it

Italy should beat Australia today - I'd love to see it happen the other way but I never rule out italy in this type of game - Can see Switzerland beating Ukraine - but this is the hardest one to call.

Brazil will be without Robinho tomorrow but should take out Ghana and I can't see France beating Spain unless there is a huge upturn in form from Henry and others.

Germany v Argentina for me is the game of the tournament - roll on Friday

Still take Argentina to win the Cup though
My goodness where would England be without Beckham ,they have been jammy up till now.I think Germany are now starting to play like a unit, and I fancy them to go all the way now. Aussies can beat Italy , with a bit of luck and sheer determination, they can play some good fitba as well .1 am kick off here tonight you would not believe how the Australian public are getting right behind them,even in this little community I live in ,people who know nothing about the game ,are getting up at all hours to watch.My wee place will be chocca the night , bliddy problem is I have to explain the rules as we go along ,you try that with a crowd of 60 somethings ,its no easy ye know
Go Aussies , BTW should it ever transpire that England and Aussies meet up ,I can say Aussie's would gub them , have done in the past. Idea being mooted again here that there should be an England v Aussie game every year, just like in the other sports.Would be great for the game here , hell !! Aussies will support a team playing against England even if it was tiddlywinks lol !!!
Go you Aussie battlers !!!
Can't post twice so am including an update here .

Ach !! am ferr skunnert , once again Aussies lose out to some dodgey refereeing. seconds to go and the Italians get a penalty. 3 20 am here an am aff tae ma kip !! . Well done to the Socceroos !!!!

See ye all in the final in four years time biggrin.gif
Aw Jimmy...ah'm speechless....ah don't know much about the technicalities of football but I do watch a lot of games wi ma fitba daft didn't look like a penalty to me....and the fact that his team mates congratulated him on gettin the pen makes it suss tae me..what a way tae go.....the game is poorer for this increase in 'fallin over'.....take comfort in the fact that cheats never win...(and ah hope that isny gonny come back tae bite me!) sad.gif
Don't know Java, ah mean miny a time ah'll chance the back door haunle cos ahv nae key, but ah widnae cry masel a cheat...ah jist waant in the door y'no! laugh.gif

Australia are comin home wae high heads Jimmy, they played a great game but jist couldnae get it into the net.
I ended up missin the penalty due to school times, wis ragin it wis over by the time I got back.
Fitba is a funny gemme, it was debatable when the Italian got red carded, and it was not a penalty, yet why didnt Neil stay on his feet, Australia had the chance and it wasnt to be, they played verygood, and I believe they will go higher in their FIFA standings, still it was sad to see, wonder how Kewell would have done.
England are doing no bad, and chances are this is as far as they will go, yet if Rooney can hit form, one never knows?
At the beginning I picked like most, Brazil to go all the way, with Germany doing better than England, and I still see it that way?
Well things don't get any better in the light of day ,was sad to see the Aussies go out. However the positive is that this Cup has awakened a sleeping giant in Aust . We now compete in Asian confederation ,and have 3 Asian cup qualifiers in August .So lets hope the enthusiasm of the converts to the game continues . My gut feeling is for Argentina and Germany in the final.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!!
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