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Full Version: Celtic ...autographs
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I came across this old 'Celtic Football and Athletic Company Ltd' headed paper full of well known names
They were all collected by Danny McGrain and given to my uncle who could not make his wedding.
Thought some of you might enjoy a wee peek
Celtic Autographs
That is something my favourite is in there with many other great Celtic players, Willie Fernie!
Over here in the States they call me Scotty, and a friend of mine, Bill George was in Cork Ireland he is a yank but once lived in Cork awhile, anyhoo he knows a few guys there older men who know Roy Keane, I got a big poster which is framed on my wall in my PC room, signed best wishes to Scotty from Roy Keane, and the only book that was in Keanes house that day at Easter there, and signed to Scotty best wishes Roy Keane. The guy was with the Keane family in Glasgow at Easter, or Manchester canny mind?
I have Ronnie Simpson, thats the only other one!
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