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Scotlands team left for Queensland this open in 2 weeks time....Scotlands aim is 15 medals and a break for Glasgow as host in 2014...our competition is Halifax, offence to Canadians but 2014 are our get over it and come join us so looking foreward to these games am not into empire and stuff like that but countries like Canada and South Africa,Nigeria and Aus-India and Malaysia all joining toigether for a few days of sports is fantastic....Support the Games
Ross good to hear that you are so excited about these games most people in Melbourne are not really excited yet, but I am sure once they start everyone will have a great time.

At present everyone is more concerned with how they are going to get to and from work etc, our public transport system is pretty awful.

The weather has been great up until now so fingers crossed it will continue.

My husband has been allocated to take care of the Scottish mens basketball team along with the English and a few other nations as well.

These teams are playing in the region he works in. He has been told that the Queen and Prince Edward may also attend games there.

He was very excited as at first as he was told he had the Scottish womens basketball team and he wanted to invite them home for a bar-b-que. I got him a badge with the Scottish flag on it so he could wear it on his uniform to show his support for them.

Now things have changed and he has got the men instead so now I am very excited and want him to invite them home for a bar-b-que.

Less than two weeks to go now, let the games begin.
Been visiting our son at Albert Park next to the lake and Commonwealth Games swimming centre. The place is looking really good. It's been very busy down there, not only because of the Commonwealth Games activity but they're also in the process of erecting the stands for the Melbourne Grand Prix which follows the games - pity their apartment is on the wrong side of the building. hmm there's a thought, be nice to the people in the penthouse. wub.gif

There's a nice aerial view of our lovely city on this site:
Melbourne looks beautiful and am sure we will see loads of it on the telly when the games start....can hardly wait.Scotland has a great games team and we should do well....look out for the guy who has the saltire shaved on his head...I think he is a wrestler and says hes coming home with a gold.

Melbourne 2006....awsome games are about to start
Travelled to Melbourne today with the wife for her breast cancer check-up - five years down the track and all is well. smile.gif

Onyway travelling that far we made a day of it and took some photo's of the fish they have on the River Yarra for the Commonwealth Games. Should be spectacular in the evenings with the lighting and water efects. I've put some photo's up at:

The brown trout represents Scotland - 2nd photo down on the left.
Thanks Ross, good Topic to read here.
I'm killin masel laughin at yerself weesmasher, is that no a turn up for the hubby's books, much to your advantage laugh.gif

Hewmac great news about your wife, God Bless you both.
Great photo's too.
Great to see the interest in the present games, but don't forget the future ones in 2014 - for which Glesga is a candidate ... have a peek at ... ... and maybe offer them some support too... cool.gif
Consider support offered laugh.gif
Great site Geezabrek.
Glasgow has got a good team together to try and win the games.
I think we deserve a chance to host the games but I will still love the games no matter where they are held.
Catherine our main oppostion is Halifax and I know that Canada would put on a great games if they won.
Can I ask u something daft,if you had a vote would u vote Halifax (as a Canadian) or Glasgow(as a Scot) cool about however u vote....may the best bid win.Reason I ask is I have loads of Canadian cousins and some of then say Glasgow ..well 2 support Glasgow and the rest say Halifax.....but the 2 that support Glasgow would vote against us if the games were in Ontario.
Does it make a big difference in Canada depending on the province....I asked all my rellies if it was Quebec and Scotland but the answer was way different.I don't understand why they feel so different cos i've been in Quebec and I liked it.
Glasgow 2014
Quebec's a fantastic place Ross, I'd imagine your relatives think the way they think because of the Politics surrounding Quebec and the Separatist Issue along with other Political agendas.

I actually voted for Glasgow last night on that Poll laugh.gif purely for selfish reasons.
It would cost us more to fly to Halifax and pay for food/accomodation etc than it would to fly home and be with my Family and take in the Games too.

Let's just say I'd be happy for Halifax if they won the Bid, I don't think it would affect me persoanlly in any way as it is a different Province.

Having said that I'm sure it would be great exposure for Halifax along with Canada as a Country, it is beautiful and worth seeing.

Then again, for the selfish reasons not to mention the great exposure it would give to Glasgow and Scotland, I'd be thrilled if Glasgow won the Bid.
Quite agree with Catharine there. As long as you enjoy the 'sport' and not be bothered by the politics (which will always try to encroach), then it disn'a matter where they are held. I have been to Quebec (2005) had a great time and found it and the people - fantastic / great - what a country ... but - being a born + bred glaswegian, there will always be the big magnet to that place, hence why I posted the website info for the 2014 games (pass it on) .... What i think is more important is for the young'uns to be able to do well for 'themselves' and get a chance to do well by their abilities - and to keep away from the politics and commercialism as best as possible. I have a few medals from the track in the 60's and am WELL proud of that, as were my folks and neighbours. Too much money in it now as far as i see it. cool.gif
I have voted for Glasgow in that poll too. Like Catherine it would cost me more to go to Halifax for the games than it would to Glasgow. I am in the West and it costs an arm and a leg to cross the country and I also have family in the Glasgow area so it would make a great wee holiday at the same time.
I have been to Quebec and have to admit that I think my favourite place in Canada is Quebec City. The old streets and buildings make you feel at home. I wondered why until I realized it was what I was used to at home. The west is great too, I live in the Rocky Mountains and the views are fabulous.
Brill answers from Catherine and Geez and I appreciate them replying.If we lose the games to Halifax then I accept they had a better deal on the table and will still enjoy the Games of 2014.
I love the Commonwealth Games because Scotland is its own country in these games and that makes it more excitng for us.I know some guys who are brilliant at sport who try really hard to make the UK Olympic Team but get crowded out...but have a chance for the Scottish Team.
Its all sport and thats good but we are still gonna rubbish you Canada.

Glasgow 2014

Sory Ems ur reply came in as I was posting so I updated.Its weird it costs u guys more to go 2 places in Canada than come to Scotland but thats good for Scotland.
Oh dear topic hijacked! Subject heading is ... wub.gif

Hughie ~ without malice in lovely Melbourne
rossmckenzie no .The games don't start till Friday and just now there is zero news about Melbourne and its preparations...the only times the games have been mentioned here in Scotland since the team departed was a little item on the news saying that the Queen had arrived in Aus to open the games....
So till the competition starts next Friday we are keeping the topic alive by talking about future games.....unless some Aussie's want to tell us whats happening in the fair city of Melbourne...I would think its buzzing as the athletes all arrive but nobody is posting about that.
Melbourne 2006-Glasgow 2014
Ross the games start on Wednesday 15th. I believe the Scottish team has now arrived in Melbourne and I hope they like the heat as today it is 36 degrees.

Last week the Canadian Team was complaining about the heat as the accomodation they have here was not airconditioned they had to order in a whole lot of fans for them.

Yesterday in the paper I saw a picture of a Scottish boxer Stephen Simmons with the Scottish flag cut into his hair he looked like someone I wouldn't like to meet up a dark alley.

There really is not much news to tell at the moment everything is rather hush hush.

I am sure when it begins we will be able to tell you more.
Well ok I dont talk like Stephen but he don't scare me in any way.....this is what I was looking for just some local reaction as the teams arrive.....great games for eveyone......
Wee claim to fame here .My brother-in-laws brother won a silver medal in running the last time the games were held in Austrailia .His name was Andrew Forbes .Yes he and the family are first cousins to the very rich late Malcome Forbes .Malcom's Dad and my brother-in -laws Dad were brothers .One went to the U.S and made it rich .They never kept in touch .When they decided to bring Malcom's body home to be buried in Scotland they contacted the family and asked if they would be part of the ceremony .Well the rich side flew every and anybody in .My brother-in-law and his brothers had to hire a car to drive to Aberdeen to attend the service and didn't get as much as a handshake .
Oh ya dancer Jakka, wee bitta goss fur the Highlights.
Gaun yersel, an gaun yer brother in law for showin some unasumin cannae buy that wink.gif
Great Show Melbourne,it looked fantastic on the opening night ....the colours were great.
Odd thing about the opening....they ran the Queens torch thing down the Yarra River and all these Aussie athletes were really being careful I think the barges were slippy or moving around a lot.Then they handed the batton to some old Aussie athletes who were dressed in their PJ's to carry it up to the Queen and the last two athletes were rteally inportant politicians.I think one was a mayor and the other a Gov was a good show though and the city looked fantastic. I heard it cost A$26M, but it was great publicity for the city.
Yes Ross 2 of them were state governors John Landy and Marjorie Jackson ,but they are appointed to the post ,and have no political affiliations , they are the Queens representatives . All 4 are Icons of sport here in Aust , revered by most. So it was fitting that 4 great Olympians , should be honored in such a manner.
Just watched the young Scots girl Caitlin Mc Clatchy qualify in first place and will be in final tonight surrounded by Aussie girls .
For what it's worth here are the top ten countries by medal tally from the Manchester games in 2002:

Australia - population 19,338,000 - 207 medals
England - population 49,495,000 - 166 medals
Canada - population 31,330,255 - 118 medals
India - population 986,611,000 - 69 medals
Sth Africa - population 42,579,000 - 46 medals
New Zealand - population 3,817,000 - 45 medals
Malaysia - population 21,820,143 - 34 medals
Wales - population 2,921,000 - 31 medals
Scotland - population 5,120,000 - 30 medals
Nigeria population 113,829,000 - 19 medals
Good to hear that you enjoyed the opening ceremony, on the train today and at work everyone was talking about how boring it was.

Most people felt it was terribly disjointed and didn't make any sense, Ross I printed off your comments and everyone at work thought you were right in what you said. It also made us laugh.

The guys on the barges are the 16 Captains of the Australian Rules football clubs, but the commentators kept getting their names wrong and didn't really explain who they were or what they were doing.

The Scots looked great in their kilts everyone commented on how good they looked, the Aussie uniform made them look like school kids no-one liked it.

I loved the ballerina's, but couldn't work out what the motorbikes had to do with anything.

The Scottish Basketball team have had a few practice matches with a couple of the local sides, and the Scots will need to lift their game if they are going to win a medal, as they had been thrashed each time.

My husband has got tickets to the boxing for us so I am hoping that I will get to see the Scottish guy box.

I'm off to watch the swimming trials now.
I agree with you and your friends Wee Smasher,I felt the ceremony was very confusing Ray Martin was lost in his commentary. biggrin.gif
[COLOR=purple]Hello everyone, I too watched the opening ceremony and had a little trouble understanding what certain things were supposed to the ballerinas, the boy and his pet duck...what was that. and also the commentators were messing up quite a bit but I think they were all from sydney...Most of the teams uniforms were very nice, loved the kilts on the scotts and your right the aussie team did look like school kids..
The four olympians who ran the batton into the MCG were actually wearing tracksuits not pyjamas although they did look like them tongue.gif
Anyway good to see scotland on the medal tally board already in the swimming.
Keep watching and supporting our athletes
Just got home from school and Scotland have 2 gold medals(Swimming) and a bronze(Cycling).That is so fantastic on the first day.Our team aim was 20 medals and I think we will do that no problem now.
I liked the opening.OK I did not understand a lot of the symbols but I just assumed they were things Aussie's would know about.
I thought the fireworks coming from all over the city looked like magic and I loved the sail boats on the river.
I did not go a bomb on the Scots uniform much,the kilts were good but there was something wrong about the rest of it and we only saw them for a few moments.
I did not want to say anything but the Aussies looked odd in the school blazers.
All through the opening all I could think about was ...if Glasgow win 2014 what will we do that makes the city and the games look great.
Still a good show and Melbourne should be proud,the city looks beautiful.Even all our commentators are saying what a great European feel there is to the city and mixed with Aussie charm then the games are on to a winner.
Didn't see too much of the opening on the telly, but saw some 'clips' and from what others were saying, they all enjoyed it. I read in our local paper (News+Star / Cumbria) that our local lad Matt Bowe finished sixth this morning in the 200m butterfly (exhausting), so MY wee spot is doing well (Cumbria - UK).. His family are well chuffed - as they should be. >>> Sorry, but off to pop the telly on for some highlights now... cool.gif
Scotland's team took 2 more bronzes today.....awsome...I said our aim was 20,it was 15 and we will do that no problem...I wish the games were better timed though,cos its Aus they are on in the morning when am at school,bit of a bummer but we got the weekend to look forward to...and what a weekend....the C/Wealth games and more medals,Scotland and Italy in the RBS last game and I got a hot and heavy date with a 4 th yr on Saturday....can life get any better!
Well yea but am not gonna tell u why. My mum might win the lottery as well, lol!
Scotland had a great day yesterday picking up more medals in the pool, cycling and pistol shooting they now have 4 Gold 4 Silver and 3 Bronze so with they way they are going they will certainly beat their target (fingers crossed).

Everyone is talking about how well they have done in the pool they have been a real surprise package and they can only get better in the future.

The atmosphere in Melbourne is great the weather couldn't be better everyone is excited and there are so many things going on in the city you would be hard not to get caught up in it.

Scotland play India in the Basketball today and my husband is wearing his Scottish badge and will be cheering for them.

My husband has just rang and Scotland beat India he said the atmosphere was fantastic the Scots were well supported with a great crowd. Quite a few commented on his Scottish badge and one gentleman given him a couple of Scotland 2014 badges to bring home.

Ross hope you had a great date.
QUOTE (weesmasher @ 19th Mar 2006, 08:24 AM)
The atmosphere in Melbourne is great the weather couldn't be better everyone is excited and there are so many things going on in the city you would be hard not to get caught up in it.

Your right weesmasher The place was jumping I was in and around the city from 7am as our son lives there I was trying to get some good photo's.

I was walking along the river bank and bumped into our Prime Minister out for his morning walk striding a few steps ahead of his minders as usual - nobody else around except the Commonwealth Games volunteers waiting for the deluge of visitors - and boy did they come. So I shook hands with the PM and said G'day as we Aussies do. cool.gif
Congratulations to Scotland!!

The commentators were saying today that Scotland has only ever won a total of 9 gold medals up until these games. They have 6 already and the games are only 4 days old.

I haven't checked on the other team members but am willing to bet that Loughborough has a lot to do with it.
Our medal tally stands at 15 this afternoon Mary and that includes 6 golds and its stunning.The original hope was 15 medals in total and we will sail past that now.
The swimming team are celebrating fantastic success.
This is David Carry and Euan Dale jumping for joy along with Andrew Hunter as Rob Renwick took silver....David and Euan then went on to take Gold and Silver in the 400M Individual medlay and it was David's 2nd gold this week.
You are right about Loughborough Mary a lot of the team are studying there but The Scottish Institute for Sport at Stirling Uni where the Scottish team trains deserves equal credit..It is based on Australia's sporting academy.
Scotlands success in the pool has even been applauded by Aussie swimmer,Susie O'Neill and thats class considering we have taken medals that Aus considered to be theirs.
Everytime they play Scotland the brave at the medal ceremonies and I see all the Aussies clapping along with us I just feel total awe!
I knew these games were going to be good but never did I expect this amount of success.
And to top it yesterday Chris Paterson carried us to victory in Rome over the Italians and brought a great 6 nations to an end.
What a weekend.

but The Scottish Institute for Sport at Stirling Uni where the Scottish team trains deserves equal credit

LOL, Ross, I haven't heard of it till now but agree that it probably does:)
I think the main difference is that money and expertise has been put into training these elite athletes instead of it being a willy nilly approach to training.

I said to a friend here about how happy I was that the Scots were doing so well and was asked "yes, but how many ppl are there in Scotland?" - my usual reply to Victorians complaining of WA in the footy! LOL. So, while I agreed with his sentiments, I set him straight on the money that was being spent on individual athletes in each country (guessing game going on then! LOL)

Now I've to see if I can find out just how much money each country has spent to receive their medals.

Eric Bogle (one of my favourite song writers) wrote a song a few years ago saying that is cost something like $15,000,000.00 to get gold at the olympics.

This is my 'twice in a row' posting which I am not allowed to do
*slaps wrist!*
Coudn't come across any way of finding out how much each individual gold medal costs the countries involved but thought you might be interested in this:

Should Britain spend 540m to get 35 medals in 2012, or 660m to get 65 - or should we spend it all on something else?

*edit 2*

ANOTHER 2!!!!!!!!!!
I'm saying nothing so you can watch if you want to:)
I agree with you Mary that an enormous amount of money is spent in training athletes for Super Games....the papers here yesterday were just talking about the UK's medal chances when we host 2012.
One source of cash for sport however comes from Lottery takings and the 2012 games already have their own special lottery ticket and I think thats a great way to raise money.People spend if they want to.
In Scotland FM McConnell is claiming credit for Scotlands medal total for these games already by saying its due to the way they have invested in sport and facilities...I don't know if it applies throughout Scotland or not but here in Glasgow the council run sports centres like Scotstoun and Bellahouston and dozens more are terrific centres which provide great facilties for the general public at reasonable prices. For 14 a month I can use nearly all the facilties at any of these centres anytime I my gym time/swimming time and and any classes like circuit training are all included in the price and thats pretty good !
These centres are packed all the time and for oldies they get their swimming free as well.This is good for Glasgow which has a bad health reputation....more people should be exercising then their health would be better.
So I think money spent on sport is not just to win medals but to make people healtier as well.
Scotland's tally till now:
6th place on the medals tallyGold 11
Silver 7
Total 29
I'm stoked!!!!

I know by now I should be supporting the Aussies but they have all tthe commentators supporting them. They dont need me! laugh.gif
Your stoked Mary!am over the moon.These games have been brilliant and Aus should be proud of them.Scotland have just achieved way more than we anticipated and am so proud of our team but I have seen some great sporting moments from all the countries and the Aussie's have been great hosts.
I will be sad when it ends tomorrow!
We went to a party last night and everyone was talking about how wonderful the games have been and how everyone will be sad when they finish.

I believe Melbourne has done it's self proud with these games, I know people were worried about the public transport system holding up during the games, but there have been no major problems at all.

Next weekend we have the Grand Prix in Melbourne and I have heard a lot of people are staying on for that so I guess the tourists will be around for a while longer.

Looking forward to the closing ceremony tonight.

Scotland have competed well in these games and everyone should be proud of what the have achieved.
No matter who you supported in the looking at Mary and wee Smasher here....I loved these games beyond belief.I thought Melbourne and the Aussies put on a great games and I know these are not Olympics but is it not great that we share a quality games ...ok not Olympic standard but it makes our commonwealth athletes think about what is achievable.
I loved the closing ceremony and I loved India's contribution for Dehli 2010...I think they will go all out for a great games.
Scares me for my home city,can we put on this kinda show that will dazzle the world....I have girl cousins who were at the last Edinburgh games as fairies or something......dat is so not what Glasgow needs to show in 2014...we have to be the best ever.
I could be an old man of 25 when these games are held....I could probably qualify as a shooter or something..we had a 40 yr old who won gold this games.
I have loved the games,fell in love with Melbourne,loved the Aussie attitude,took pride in the Aussies doing so well but never gave an inch when it came to Scotland doing better..and we did in the pool.
We go on to Dehli in 2010 and hopefully Glasgow in 2014 and I think my city will pull out the stops for a magic games.
I have just received by e-mail the Newsletter of the Glasgow 2014 bid. I'm sure some of you who have also registered support will have it too. It is a very interesting read, I can feel my nationalism rising up again. Making a bid for something so important is a very big affair, ask the people who are now in process of putting on the Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler. They are running over budget and the Games are not until 2010.

In our little corner of the Province Kimberley/Cranbrook are hosting the 2008 B.C. Winter Games which will be huge for us as the total population for the two cities is only 26,000. I was at the B.C. Summer Games this year, there were 2300 athletes and 3400 volunteers so we will be hard pressed to find enough people.

Anyway, good luck to Glasgow for the 2014 Games. I'm looking forward to receiving these Newsletters and keeping up-to-date with all the happenings.
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