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Full Version: More Wacky Definitions
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Tomcat A ballbearing mousetrap.

Mistress Something between a master and a mattress.


Man in deep water best keep mouth shut.
Is this supposed to be funny or amusing in any way?
a dont think its wacky a think it is crude and demoralising woman and rape is not funny it is a serious crime and it is sick
Angela Chick
mad.gif boards no place for sick stuff like that.
Quester,go get a life .No room for this on these boards .
annie laurie
Get going get on your Bike, Man mad.gif

I think a wee bit of mis-judegment there my friend. Rape jokes, if they really MUST be told, should be done orally in a group of people that you know well enough to accept the humour.

However, as distateful as we may view some of the jokes on any of these pages - we do surely have to accept that not everyone's humour is akin to ours?

Perhaps a wee edit on the page and taking out the reference to the rape - would be a prudent step and not alienate people. I am sure, however that you didn't set out to offend and perhaps we could take a wee step back before we lose the nut over an ill thought mistake?
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