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Full Version: Greatst Ever Football Game In Glasgow
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big tommy
In 1960 I was privileged to be a part of the audience to watch the greatest football game ever played anywhere in the world and one which has never been bettered.

It was a balmy evening in May when the match was played at Hampden Park in Glasgow. It was the Final of the European Cup.

The teams were the famous Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt, the team which had taken twelve goals off Glasgow Rangers in the semi-final - a feat everyone in Glasgow believed would have been impossible.

The score was 7 goals to 3 for Real Madrid, with the world's two greatest players Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas scoring all seven goals between them but not without the help of another wonder winger Gento.

I have never seen it since and I doubt if I ever will, the sight of 126,000 neutral spectators cheering both teams off the park. For although Eintracht lost seven goals, they were never outclassed but no doubt they were outplayed. But no one in the world that night would have stood half a chance against the Mighty Real Madrid.

I was to see them later at Celtic Park against Celtic where they outplayed Celtic without ever going out of first gear yet finishing up 3-1 winners.

It was a joy to watch them in both games.

I remember that game Tommy. Youre spot on it was a gem. Puskas was a left footer and talk about bending the ball. I think he could show Beckham a thing or two!
Jimmy Lee
I was not born when this match took place but my father and my brothers were there and said it was magnificent.

I have since watched the whole ninety minutes a few times on video and have serious doubts whether Puskas, Di stefano etc would have the same impact today.

Back then the game was played at snails pace and the opposition seemed to let you play (ie there wasn't as much spoiling tactics)

However the skill these guys had was world class and the entertainment second to none. They would survive in the modern game but would not be as devastating in my opinion.

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