rolleyes.gif In 1946, Britain was toured by the famous Moscow Dynamo football team, at that time the most feared team in the world. I couldn't even begin to pronounce the names of the stars except for the legendary goalkeeper Tiger Khomic. They had beaten Arsenal 1-0, went on to Wales and beaten Cardiff City by 10 to 1. Now they were coming to Glasgow to take on Rangers, a really "must-see" game for any sports mad supporter, but not my father.

I stayed out all night in Hope Street to get two tickets from the sports shop called Lumley's in Sauchiehall Street. Everybody was restricted to two tickets. When I got home in the morning my father belted me around the ears and left them ringing. Said he, "It's not so much for staying out all night you are being punished, but it is staying out all night to get tickets to go and watch those b******ds."

Nevertheless, I DID go to the match and the thing which stands out in the game was when the teams came out at half time. Rangers player Torry Gillick stood in the centre circle and with a finger counted out the number of Dynamo Players and shook his head. He went up to the referee and pointed out in no uncertain terms that the Moscow Dynamo team now had twelve players on the park. It caused quite an uproar and some amusement when the referee sent off the extra player.

It was a terrific match with Rangers goalkeeper Jerry Dawson having the game of his life and Rangers centre forward Smith scoring the equalising goal to make the match a draw at 2-2 .

But I never queued all night ever again.