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Successful Rock Climbing - by Hawden Owen Tite
Inferior Goods - by Cheep N. Astie
Joy Riding - by Carson Fyre
Carry on Regardless - by Yawee Trooper
A Life of Solitude - by Lisa Lane
No holding Back - by Gawn N. Dunnit
Giving In To Your Fears - by Akhann A. Daeit
Shower Etiquette - by Philfee Skumb AG
Decisions Decisions - by Akanee Fink
Caught in the Act - by Justin Thyme
Too Long in the Saddle - by Ivor Sorass
Noisy Neighbours - by Kolla Polees
Can't Have Everything - by Chuck A. Wobb Lee
Living On Your Nerves - by Hy Lee Strung
The Trouble with Incontinence - by Sprunga Leik
Can't find the Plank - by Heidi Hole
Calling The Shots - by Amrab Oss
Winning Streak - by Ashoor Bett
Horsing Around In The Paddock - by Hooflung Dung
Big Night Out At The Barrowland - by Deedonya Feit
A Day At The Seaside - by Carlotta Sand

Any more ......

Teeny tongue.gif
Love thum, Teeny:)smile.gif
Laughed fae the haudin oan tight...good wan teeny laugh.gif
Great stuffm, Teeny!!!
Great stuff, Teeny!!!
wee mags
awfae funny teeny !!!! biggrin.gif
Great wee laugh Teeny !! smile.gif

Pure dead brilliant biggrin.gif
Hey thanks guys, bit yer supposed tae add tae the list laugh.gif

Here's some mair tae keep ye's gauin ...

Crafty Policing - by Dawn Rayde
Foreign Objects - by Whadda L. Sat
Hiding The Stash - by Aidan Abetin
Risky Business - by Don Chancit
Boys Night Out - by Khanna Kee Pamin
Taking Liberties - by Adam Shame
The Art of Listening - by Lenora Weebit Klosa
Never Again - by Vance S. Enuff
Going Nowhere Fast - by Aaron N. Sirkles
Keeping Mum- by N.O. Nuffin Abootit
Better Luck Next Time - by Amos Tryarder
How To Spot A Fake - by Con R. Teest
Say What You Mean - by Abbott Abbott
The Non-Believer - by Fidel Styx
Washing Line Thief - by Nick A. Noka
Great Cake Selection - by Alva N. Itherwan

where the heck do u come up w/these ideas lassie? very cute~ sorry i've got no ideas..only smiles
Teeny hen ah wid luv tae add tae them but ah jist cannae think o oany fur laffing, excellent hen ye always cheer me up. wub.gif
Teeny, how could onybuddy better these?
Ye've got tae have done them yersel...thur jist a crack up, so they ur:)
Some just thought up ......

'A Visit to the Dentist' - Gloria Steeth.
'A Guide for the Homeless' - Whitney Hooses.
'My Life as a Teacher' - Eddie Kayshun.
'The Cloakroom Attendant' - Mahatma Koat.
'Teach Your Dog Not To Bark'- Ralph Ralph.
'Archers of the Medieval Navy' - Bosun Arrows.
'My New Big Thigh Diet' - Hugh Jarse.
'My daughter fought at the front' - Sally Forth.
'A big nail in the bannister' - R. Stornaway.
'Glasgow - Its Unique Dialect' - C. Yewpal.
'How We Lost the War' - General Kokupp.
'Living in a cold country' - I. Slander.
'Make Your Own Chinese Cat-Litter Tray' - Poo See Doo.
'The Big Orchestra' - Phil Harmonic.
'Basketball Made Easy' - Dee Fender.
'Towns of Sunny Lanark' - Les Mahagow.

Maybe more later ............ Rab. unsure.gif
oh my! very good rab. u've got it! i like the cat litter one & the icelander one. come on keep them coming
Haw Rabbie boy, ye've cracked it ... 'n yer noo puttin' the rest tae shame ... they're great pal!!

Let's see if onybiddy kin get in some mair afore ah dae ....

Teeny tongue.gif
Mair fae Rab.................

'How to complain' by Mal Kontent.
'Male Reproductive Disorders' by Dr. Tess Tickel.
'Monsters of Prehistoric Times' by Dinah Soar.
'Seeking Your Ancestors' by Izzy Inn.
'My Intended Exploration of Greenland' by Willy B. Lost.
'Yuletide Songs' by Carol Singer.
'I Bid You Farewell' by Val E.Dickshun.
'Boudoir Memories' by Hank E. Pankie.
'Small Room Design' by Kit Chenette.
'Pocket Antiques For The Beginner'. by Nick Nack.
'Things To Do With Lycra' by Leo Tard.
'Dressing Up' by Lou Kymagirl.
'How I Invented Pedestrian Transport' by Rick Shaw.
'Mists' by Eva Porate.
'Modern Formal Wear for Ladies' by Eve Ningdress.

Want more.......?
Rab must of been up all night thinking of those funny books! Well done again. Yes I want more!
Heres more ................

'Jeez Its Cauld' by Kelvin Scale.
'A Lump In My Throat' by Adam Sappel.
'Me And My Hubby' by Bett Erhaff.
'Italian Architecture' by Basil Icca.
'Urban Advertising' by Bill Bored.
'LSD' by Hal U. Sinogen.
'Innovative Bicycle Design' by Penny Farthing.
'Forms Of Greetin' by Sal U. Tayshun.
'A Good Deed Every Day' by Sam Arytan.
'Native American Artefacts' by Tom E. Hokk.
'Easy Salad Dressings' by May O'Nays.
'Tame Your Beard!' by Ray Zorblaid.
'Wee Wee Things' by Mo Lekular.
'How To Bet on Horses' by Ray Smeeting.
'Easy Woodwork' by Chip Bored.
'Understanding Metals' by Al U. Minyum.
'Jeez that wis hot!' by Tab Asco.
'Salvationist Tunes' by Tam Burrine.

That enough?
ROFL...yez are jist too clever!

ah could say that seeing aw these is ticklin ideas in ma mind for some but then ah could also say that there cannae be mony merr yez could come up wae...izzat challenge enough fur ye tae gae us merr?
Haw Rab, ye sneaked some mair in when ah wisnae lukin!!

Mary48, the brain's still tickin o'er 'n ah'm takin' up yer challenge ... here ye go hen ....

Deep River Rising - by Wilma Luk Hawdoot
The Last Biscuit - by Haun Saff
Shotgun Wedding - by Seamus Merrium
Men And Housework - by Ugott A.C. This
Money Doesnít Grow On Trees - by Ageed U. Oaffgott
Itís A Hard Life - by T.A.E. Helen Bak
Avoid Concussion - by Ina Daze
Exam Success - by Hope Lykell
Batten Down The Hatches - by Gayle Cummin
Self Mutilation - by Pierce M.A. Tung
Dilated Pupils - by E. Sondrugs
No Assistance Required - by A.M.Abel Bodeed
Fun At The Fair - by Winona Ryde
Stormy Waters - by Olhan Sondeck
Pimples And Boils - by Lance Alott
Jeely Pieces Oot Ra Windae - by Haudya Haunoot

Teeny tongue.gif
"First Time Basket Weavers" by Cutsum Twigs

"Recognizing Dehydration" by Glassa Wata

"Hints and Tips for the Numerically Challenged" by Cal Culator

"Help for the Small Breasted Woman" by Putta Sockinit

"Learn to Dance in Five Easy Lessons" by Cutta Rugg

"How to Build a House" by Hammer N. Nails

"I'm OK, Your OK" by I. M. Crazy

"Harvesting and Packing Instructions for Our Valued Employees at Smoke House Almonds" by U. R. Nuts

"Attending the Feet and other Vital Organs" by Toe Jam

"Spending to Much Time on the Puter"? by Getta Life

"Spending to Much Time on the Puter"? Book 2 by U. Neadhelp

"Creative Sandwich Making" by Muss Tard and his half brother Katz Supp

"Letter's in the Snow" by I. P. Freelie

"Northwest Fishing" by Rippin Sumlips

"Potty Training Made Easy" by Toy Lette

"Backyard Car Maintenance" by Mack Anick

"Cut Your Hair at Home" by Ceri L. Bowl

"BBQ Ribs" by Mycatts R. Missen

"Trails in the Sand" by Peter Dragon
Teeny, I hope you know I stayed up WAY past my bedtime to play this game. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. You kids are great. Very funny stuff.
More from my mad library ............

'Do-It-Yourself Funerals' by Doug Yeraingrave.
'Walking the Great Wall' by May C.U. Soon.
'Hints For Housewarmers' by Colin Summtime.
'Murder Mysteries' by June O. Hoodunnit.
'Tips from the Drill Book' by Mark Ingtime.
'I Dug Up a Skull' by Miss Inglink
And now - my favourite which has taken hours to think up.... ! 'Modern Fairy Tales' by Juan Suponathyme.

Hi guys

Glad to see I'm helping to keep your brains cells active LOL.

Barbara, I see you've joined the mad hatters club, those were really funny titles, now don't be letting me keep you up too late, we all need our beauty sleep.

Rab 'n Robbie, the terribul twins, are giving me a guid laff here.

Ah'm away tae get ma thinkin cap oan 'n wull submit mair soon ... watch this space ...

Teeny tongue.gif
Very good brains at work here..keep it going! Good work Barbara, Rab, Teeny & Robbie- you've got me laughing & talking out loud!
Hows about .................

'Working in Plastics' by Polly Propylene.
'Prophesies Up To Date' by Mark Mywurds.
'Stage Fright' by Di Adeath.
'Supersonic Flight Explained' by Con Corde.
'Tales of Highwaymen' by Stan Dandeliver.
'Handy Hospital Gadgets' by Cath Eater.
'House Training Your Pet' by Dom Estication.
'Burn Your Bra' by Libby Rated.
'Try Reasoning' by Phil Ossofizer.
'Social Systems' by Reg Eem.
'Medical Sample Taking' by Yuri Nation.
'Teach Yourself Preaching' by Eve Angelism.
'Atomic Particles' by Minnie Scule.
'Plain Cooking' by Chick N. Soop.
'Make Mine Rare' by T. Boanstake.
'Cold Desserts in a Haunted House' by I. Screem.
'Tricks With Your Camera' by Telly Foto.

Mair tae come HeHe!
Yer never bored when am aroon.
Ah cannae believe you guys are makin these up...very very clever, ya buncha big brains!! biggrin.gif
tongue.gif 'My Friend Catherine' by Sue Percity -Keeholder.
[SIZE=1][SIZE=1][SIZE=1]Mair ..........

'Prehistoric Flying Things' by Terry Dactil.
'Have a Day Off Work' by Colin Sik.
'My Carefree Life' by Deb Onayre.
'Decorative Hedging' by Flora Bundy.
'Head Surgery' by Con Cushun.
'The Roof Jumper' by Willie Woody Woanty.
'Marching With Flags' by Stan Dardbearer.
'More Uses For Plastic Cups' by Polly Styrene.
'Choices' by Sue Chureself.
'O.D. Hygeine' by Sir Gycal-Spirit.
'High Carat Diamonds' by Ray Ritty.
'Life in The Submarine Service' by Perry Scoap.
'Problems With Thick Skin?' by Ella Fantiasis.
'Off Came The Blindfold' by Willy C. Mee.
'Spotting Fakes' by Jen Yooine.

Ma heids hurtin noo!.
Aye Rab ... so's mine laugh.gif

Religiously on a Sunday - by Donna Roon A. Barras
Bric a Brac - by Paddy S. Market
Whatís your poison - by Ryan Dry
Logging in the Forest - by Tim Berr
Bum Patches - by Barb E.D. Wyre
Ample Bosom - by Debra Schnapped
Busy Bee Hives - by Bess Avoidem
The Art of Understanding - by Crystal Kleer
Trouble Brewing - by C.U. Jimmy
Condiments - by Sault N. Peppa
Over-used Credit Card- by Aletta Loos Wiwan
Hidden Goods in the Wardrobe - by Nae Tag Soan
Falling Overboard - by Eileen D. Toofar
Avoiding the Law - by Scott Free
Skating on Thin Ice - Yuren Trubble
Small Talk - by Laura N. Onsense

How dae yez dae it?
D'ye start wae the title or the author...or either?
Ah've racked and racked...can get naewhere....sorry:(
Keep thum comin though cos ah'm havin a vball reading them!

Every good artist needs a good audience..ah'm resigned rtae bein an audience...thanks:)
My Favourite Burgh by Annie Sland.
D.I.Y. Dentistry by Philip McAvitty.
Old Nursery Rhymes by Paul E. Pootketlon.
Begging For Profit by Phil McCann.
Goodbye Tae Bonnie Scotland by Will Yenokumbakagin. (!)
Come Chant With Me by Harry Krishna.
Weather Forecasting by Wyn Deedaze.
Cartoons by Ann E. Mayshun.
The Bahookie Look by Iva Bigyin.
The Reluctant Witness by Luke Thitherwey.
Fly Like A Bird by Hank Lider.
The Breakdown by Peter Oot.
The Rescue by Wendy Gonnygethere.
Popes I Have Known by Cath Likk.
Cage Birds by Bud Gee.
Cage Birds 2 by Con Airey.
Famous Lager Beers by Carl Sberg. (One in front of me here!)(Inspiration!)
I Sunk The Titanic by I. Sberg.
How To Tie Shoe- Laces by Ben Doon.
My Knighthood Investiture by Neil Doon.
Chinese Bowling Made Easy by Chuck Wann Doon.
A Sailors Life by Bobby Nupandoon.
Approaching Death by Neily Dunn.

Rab needs a swally!. rolleyes.gif
Hi Mary48

It's a wee bit o' baith ah'd hiv tae say. Wan ur tuther comes intae yer heid 'n ye go fur it.

A wee wurd o' warnin here hen ... don't go tae bed straight eftur comin aff the computer, cos yer coontin sheep and nearly in la la land 'n anither idea pops intae yer heid then its wan, two, three, four, five ...... then eventually zzzzzzz s'no a guid luk in the moarnin ... also it drives ye tae drink - jist read Rab's posts laugh.gif

Has the Penny Dropped - by June O. Menoo
Lost Wean - by Fran Tik
Inebriated Again - by Ina Gutta
Menís Favourite Position - by R.E. Kline
Traversing - by Kris Kross
Following Orders- by Uday Wit Yertelt
Sweets - by Cher N. Sheralike
Great Result - by I.M. Stoked
Bedside Companions - by A.Perateef
Elimate Cobwebs - by Dustin Korners
Another Lottery Win - by Hoa Chee Wee Get
Transparency - by I.C. Threwit

Hey Rab ... wherr ur ye son unsure.gif ... ur ye lyin in a darkened room tryin tae get rid o' yer sair heid LOL

And some mair ...

The Catís In the Cradle - by Dope E. Dina
Kids are Never Satisfied - by Yusaf Gotenuff
The Great Escape - by Colin Allcars
Familiarity Breeds Contempt - by Al Skepya Heid
A Wife Wronged - by Asfarr Asa Kinthroam
Asking the Impossible- by Wayne Don B. Stoopid
Scorned Woman - by Ella F.N.O. Fury Lykewan
Unreasonable Request - by Ina Pigseye
All in Good Time - by Jess Aminit
Make a Run For It - by Skee D. Addle

Killin masel laughin!

Ah shout John through tae see these every noo and again.
The night ah wis talking aboot thum at dinner and ah said how clever yez were,....he says it's quite easy really...jist think o' a glesga expression then fun a title fur it..
Nae borra hinks ah!
so ah comes oot wae a couple........he telt me tae leave it tae youse lot!!
Ahm wae you Mary, this is way beyond ma intelligence laugh.gif
Absolutely brilliant the lot of them you guys, well done!
'Making Up Daft Book Titles' by Rabbie Sneeze.

From Intensive Care Ward, Kent&Sussex Hospital.
[SIZE=1][SIZE=1][SIZE=1]Ah'm oot again!

'Funerals Made Easy' by Paul Bayrer
'Cage Birds' by Mina Burrd.
'Fancy Hair Design' by Mo Heekan.
'Car Park Design' by Max Headroom.
'Frozen Lollypops' by I. Scauld.
'Build a Solid Cludgie' by Con Crete.
'Canoe Design' by Kay Akk.
'Necktie Knots' by Wyn Zorr.
'Waiting for Beginners' by May Tredee.
'Astronomy' by Declan Ayshun.
'My Circus Life' by Kelvin Hall.
'A History of Barrack Life' by Mary Hill
'Whats That Smell?' by Kirk Aldy.
'Clyde Views' by Helen Sburra..
'A Meeting on The Mountain' by Ben Venue.
'Life In Bearsden' by Maxwell Avenue.
'Working With Singers' by Clyde Bank.
'A Guide to Glasgow Parks' by Bella Houston.

.............................Ah'm away back in again!. laugh.gif
Awe Rab, ye gied me a skerr therr. A wisnae shoor if ye wur pullin ma leg ur no, bit dinna think so, hope yer okay pal. Take care o' yersel noo. Yer wee book titles ur great ... keep em' cumin.

Teeny wub.gif
ROFL Mary48 ... ye shood huv posted yer wee titles fur me tae see ... at least yer tryin hen laugh.gif

Cheers - Teeny
Something Stupid - by Dick Waud
Get a Grip - by Oop S.A.D. Asey
Ongoing Cull - by Al Kilmer
Stranded on a Desert Island - by Diana Thurst
Spreading Rumours - by Tom Taletit
Love Songs - by Sara Nade
German Flirt - by Herr Flick
Granpas Table Manners - by Rudol F. Art
Conservationists by - Teresa Green
In a Right Mess - by Kaw Kup
Stair Heid Lavvys- by Elle Uffa Ponginerr
Kids Favourite - by San Tac Laus

Teeny tongue.gif
laugh.gif Too many tae name here ya buncha big brains, ahm in hysterics laughin.
Here's wan chist fur you Catherine ...

Laffin Too Hard - by P. Enya Pantees laugh.gif

Cheers - Teeny
Ma heids a wee bit better noo............

'Summit Talks' by Frank Speech.
'The Transexual' by Norman Norwumman.
'Northward Bound' by Nan Ook.
'The Internet' by W.W.W. Eb.
'Snakes of North America' by R. Attler.
'Butter Substitutes' by Marg R. Een.
'Embarrasment Cured' by Mort E. Fide.
'Hen-Pecked' by Herman Zamoose.
'Lizards of The World' by Sal A. Mander.
'Unusual Woodwork Themes' by Lew Pann.
'Conjuring Tricks' by Myra Sagoodwan.
'The Indian Rope Trick' by Myra Saneevenbetawan.
'Anger Management' by Ty Rade.
'Droopy Knickers' by Lucy Lastik.
'Lack Self-Confidence?' by B. D. Sysive.
'Hen-Pecked 2' by B.A. Mann.
'Revived!' by Vi Agra.
'***IGNORED WORDS*** - Does It Really Work?' by D. Flated.
Help ma Bob Teeney -347 views!. Is anybody else out there can think of any. C'mon - its daft but fun.
Aye, its fun Rab, bit a lorra heid scratchin here cos naebiddy's gien us a rest LOL

Och a think thur awe dunderheids Rab ... mebbe that'll stir thum awe up 'n get them posting laugh.gif
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