ohmy.gif My whole football career as a goalkeeper can be crammed into two weeks. I played for St Peter's Youth Club. There was nothing sectarian about the name or any religious connection with the team name. It just so happened the Youth Club was situated in St Peter's Street and was entirely non-denominational .

One week we were due to play at Glasgow Green against I can't quite remember who. The point is, we could only muster 6 men to play the match. We picked up another two on the way to Glasgow Green. So we started with just 8 men, and one of the opposing team who was a reserve said he wouldn't mind playing for us. That was our team!! 9 men .

After about 20 minutes we were losing 7 goals to nil when the opposing team were awarded a penalty . Our goalkeeper refused to stay in goal for the kick so, brave old me offered to go into goal. Can you imagine it? I was 5' 2'' and had been since I was 14 . Still I was game enough and sure enough, I SAVED THE PENALTY!!!! . Then I couldn't get out of goal and managed to hold out until half-time.

Come the second half . They hammered us!! and I was to lose another 14 goals in the second half. The final score against us was 21-1 (I forgot to say we managed to score one goal). Strangely enough , nobody blamed me and I DID make a couple of saves.

The following week we were due to play the team at the top of the league, this time at the 50 Pitches in Cardonald. We were shivering in our shoes.

That week we managed to find a complete compliment of 11 players and I was forced once more into goal. The game was a brilliant one and we actually won 3-2.

The one incident which stands out is when the opposition centre forward ran for a ball which was obviously mine as it was gently rolling into my hands. The centre forward kept on running, charging forward as I picked up the ball and raked his studs down my leg, bundling me and the ball into the net .

My leg was pouring blood, the referee gave the goal and our left back went mental. His name was Bill Syvester, better know to us as Square Bill and he ran after the centre forward and punched him on the chin. Needless to say he was ordered off. "OK," said Bill, "If that is the case, I will take a few with me," and with that he went after their left back and their centre half, laying them flat out and simply ran off.

So we had beaten the team at he top of the league 3-2 and I was carried of a hero. The goal they had scored made no difference, we were already 3-1 ahead, but that was me finished in goal. No more would I have to try and out jump guys at 6' or more. Still, it was great while it lasted.