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Full Version: The 'barras'
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Hiya Melody
See, a told ye he wiz fickle, yir better aff withoot him, kick him tae the kerb, he's jist playin us ane aff against the other. And to you Tommy Kennedy, there plenty mair posters on the board, so don't be thinkin jist cos yir a hang glidin expert that ahll throw maself it yir feet, and if Melody hiz goat the sense, and its obvious she hiz, she'll no be hivin her heid turned wi yir false charm. Anyway I've goat my eye oan somebody else, but ahm no saying who.
Best Wishes
Is it true that the Barra's is shutting down or is this just Hear Say to me the Barras is the Symbol of the East End (apart from Celtic Park) ohmy.gif
It seems that some of the stall holders are moving to an old warehouse down by the Broomielaw, so it seeems that Ra Barras aint closing just moving on- hopefully indoors. I've been going to the barras for a long time now & the thought of all those stalls indoors rather than out in freezing cold sleety Saturday mornings is great.
Dexter St. Clair
The Antique /Bric a brac dealers whose home was on the Broomielaw are moving to the old Quickprint premises in South Street. Whilst some of the dealers also have stalls at the Barras , The Barras itself is not closing.
Alex Saville
My pretty lady and I were at 'The Barras' this morning, glad to say it is alive and well! The police were there keeping the folks selling their illegal products on the move. Whether they will keep it up is another matter. They would need a cop on every corner, as soon as the police's back is turned, out of the woodwork they crawl again! However the boys and girls in blue do their best.
I was in Glasgow two years ago and wanted to visit the Barras,just like Joan I was told oh Isobel you really dont want to go there. Glad this topic came up . I am planing a trip back sometime this year and I will for sure pay a visit. What would be the best day Saturday or Sunday?
Only 6 more sleeps and we will be in "dear old Glesca toon" so will be visitin the Barras (a flea pit my mother-in-law calls it!!!) Isabel will let you know if Saturdays are a good day to go!!! Last time we were home, at the customs on the way back the guy says to us, anything to declare, no says we ,awe innocent, any food he says, we both went dumb!! just looked at each other then he says I mean meat etc... chockie biscuits are ok!!! (his mother was from Scotland) whew!!!!
oh a love the barras and will visit and eat the hot mussels and a could spend all day inthere yummy and a saw an indian stall as a love native indians and have dream sheilds and catchers all over my home and a also have an indian chief that sits at my back for protection silly a hear some of you saying bit if it works dont knock it and a got 2 fantastic shields at the barras when up last octobet shall be hame again in october for a week and a hope the barras will be on my agenda once more laugh.gif
Toerag,I really hope you have a great ime. During my visit to England we had to cancel all plans for Glasgow. Jims dad had to be moved into a nursing home , We had to put his house on the market ,just getting it ready was a big chore. We are booked to go back in October . I have booked bed and breakfast close to the nursing home. If things go ok I may just take a wee flying visit up to Glasgow.Anyway you have a great trip .
Hi toerag, lucky you, have a wonderful holiday back home, have a wee drink for me!!!! Please tell us how you found the barras now. I was only there once in the '60s and I was most uncomfortable and couldn't get out quickly enough and vowed never to return. I'm sure it has changed a lot since then, so please let me know why everyone loves them. Maybe I'll venture there again next time I am back in Glasgow.
Anyway, enjoy your holiday and breath in all the good Glasgow air..... biggrin.gif
Am sure I'll be corrected here by those in the know, but I think the main reason for enjoyin the barras is simply the patter...yes, ye can buy the same things pretty much anywhere.. but where else would ye get it described like a true barras boy... biggrin.gif
i like the atmosphere at the barras around xmas time
the "barras" will always have fond memories for me, thats where we always got oor fancy stockings wi the designs going up the side, but jist walking aboot and listening tae the patter wis fabulous, then nipping in tae the wee oyster bar next door and buying a bag of whelks, they even gave you a straight pin tae get them oot wis great, aye the barras that wis an institution on its own and a very big part of glasgow, dont know how is it today but way back when it wis the place tae go oan a seturday/sunday when there wis nothing else tae dae. wink.gif
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