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Hi All Former-Pupils,

I thought I would start a wee thread to list the schools we went to when we were growing up. All you need to do is tell us which school you attended, in which area, and if you want to add anything else ... like stories about teachers and former pupils ... then please feel free!

wee mags
the first School I went to was St Mary,s Annex,it was on the Maryhill Road across from the Maryhill Barraks,then to St Marys in Duncruin St ,and last but not least to St Columbusthat was in the fifties ,the most pleasant memmories I have are when in st Marys Annex I had a teacher I cant remember his name, but it was an Italian name ,well he had been in Japan and he brought back some things from there ,including shoes that he allowed us to try on and he had a lovely Kimono ,boy was that the most beautiful thing I had ever seen ,glad you brought this up Martin you made me think of some happy times wink.gif
Angela Chick
St Dominic's Primary Castlemilk, 1970-1977

St Margaret Mary's Secondary School Castlemilk 1977-1981

I loved my primary school, had some good teachers, liked my high school too.
George Muir
School days are the happiest days right enough tongue.gif

Markinch Primary
Wallace Grove Place Primary
Rutland Crescent Primary
Annette Street Primary
Strathbungo SS School
Stow College of Printing
St Machans Primary...totally excelled.
St Ninians High went tae hell .

Up therr wae the best teacher ah had in St Ninians wis Jimmy Hart, an Art teacher but for me wis ma R.E. teacher plus ma mornin attendance....maest mornins the phone wid go an maest times he'd look at me an say Office ye better make it good cos yer innit big time laugh.gif
As an R.E. teacher he opened me up waaay beyond outside the box, and for this I will be eternally grateful to him.

I was shocked to find out he'd died sudenly a few years after I'd left .
One of the kindest, most humourous and understanding men I have ever met. Swore like a trooper annaw but whit an imagination an pusher for realisin the good things to be seen in the world.
R.I.P. thanks fur hidin the smokes that day ah hud in ma desk fae Pope Boyle cos ye knew a calamity in the makin when ye seen wan.
Started oot in Rosevale St Primary.A Miss Bacon taught me to knit.God Bless her .At seven it was deemed I was old enough to cross Dumbarton Rd and go to Church St School.Took my qually at 11 and wanted to go Hamilton Crescent where all my pals went .They took shorthand and typing etc. I had to go to Hyland SS and take Latin and Greek and started German.Big mistake.I hated every minute I spent in that school.I had been on the radio representing my school so I was quite bright but once in the big school didn't learn too much.
Church St School was the school my Mother went to and then me and then my son and as far as I know it is still in operation this day
My man went to Wolsely St primary & then John st ss 1949-1952
annie laurie
Lorna Strret School,
Drumoyne Primary School.
Govan Senior Secondary,

Loved School, had some happy times in Govan High, the teachers were a scream, and like a lot of us, once I had left wished I had studied harder,
Wanted to be a nurse, but at the same time wanted to earn money, so i could save to emigrate to Canada always[ since I was about 14 years of age ] wanted to travel, before settling down, and that i did,
St. Charles primary Maryhill/Kelvinside
St. Mungo's Academy Townhead
University of Nebraska, Omaha USA
Hi All
Keppochhill Rd School
St Teresa's [Possil]
St Rochs [Garngad]
St Cuthberts [Possil]
Hated R.I. and English Quite liked Maths and Arts
Robslee Primary School - Thornliebank (1985 - 1992)
Woodfarm HIgh School - Thornliebank (1992 - 1998)
Got 8 Standard Grades and 3 Highers - no bad considering i've never studied in my life

I have great memories of school - good and bad
Sr Thomas's primary Riddrie 1944 1951
Our Lady & St Francis ss (charlotte st) 1951 1954

Hated my primary not nice memories there but at OLSF great teachers and great classmates lots of happy times spent there biggrin.gif

would love to go back in time for just one of those days

still here in glesca
i went to st dominics primary 1962first teacher was mrs kelly left1969 last teacher mr chalmers the best teacher i ever had >>>then st margretmary;s secondary 1969 until1972 first form teacher mrs ventisi and last form teacher was mrs duffy and the head master was mr merrick then mr mullin happy days laugh.gif
big al
Went to Gilshochhill Primary school in Maryhill and then North Kelvinside school - both great schools.. Glasgow University, Caledonian University and then University of Central England
(some time later)

Great days - why did I have such a bad time ?????
a menzies
hi gang very good subject this way you dont forget. my wee brother and i went to dobbies loan for a while then we flitted and went to grove st and the last couple of years finished at st.georges rd ,we were evacuated from grove st to crieff and i know one our teachers went with usshe was a great teacher her name was mrs kinloch she kept us glesga keelies from getting in more trouble than usual.archie.
maggie wilkie
saracen primary 1957 to 1964 ,then possilpark junior secondary ,1964 to 1967.
Like Flim I went to St. Theresa's in Possilpark but in those days it was called Hamiltonhill R.C. School. Then it was on to Garnethill Convent which was run by the good Sisters of Mercy. Unfortunately, WWII brought that schooling to a stop and my life headed in another direction. When we were in Scotland this July I looked for the convent but it had been torn down; only the gates remained. P.S. for Flim. I did get up to Possil and visited Ardoch Street and Auckland Street - described under my post on nostalgic memories.
batson st primary,
mitchelhill primary,
cuthbertson st primary,
braeside primary,
glenwood secondary,
queens park secondary.

quite a lot i know, but i went to the school nearest my mums work
Sacred Heart Primary Bridgeton 1945 1947
St Robert Bellarmines Primary Househillwood 1947 1951
ST Mary's Secondary (West st ) Calton 1951 1954

Hated school was always "plunkin it " best day of my life was walking out the gate at the end of my sentence.Was told by many teachers ,that I had "IT" but refused to use ' IT " No one special teacher ,to me they were all sadists,with but one mission in life,and that was to make my life miserable.
Finally woke up to education at Adelaide Uni,in my early 30s. biggrin.gif
St Savior's and St Gerard's in Govan late 40's and 50's

Tori G
In Glasgow......Burnbrae Primary 1965-69(Priesthill),...Then Craigbank Secondary 1969-70.....In Newzealand,...Belmont Intermediate,..then,..Takapuna Grammar. ...In Australia,..Kwinana High school(for six months)
Camden Street School Gorbals 1935 age 4 1/2 yrs.= demolished
1938 Househillwood School till 11yrs = demolished
1942 Strathbungo S S School
Coalsnaughton primary
John Thompsons (Alloa)
Thompson St Dennistoun
Bells Secondary (London.)
Finnieston secondary. I don`t think any of them are still standing.The London one has been rebuilt and upgraded to a college,I believe.Did I get any certificates from these places.NO.however I did win prizes down in London for English and geography.Winning the prizes for English rather upset the locals a bit. tongue.gif Years after I left school,I did get 3 highers and 4 0-grades as an adult,independent student.
Joan 7
Sir John Stirling Maxwell in Pollokshaws 1957 to 1961

St Margaret's (Stanley St), St Gerard's 49 -55.
The only thing I remember about my schools was that they were all 'Approved'. I suppose they must have been good ones then!.
Doura...........Irvine ..1949
Golfhill Primary....Glasgow..1950-1956
Whitehill Sen. Sec. " 1956
Govan High " 1956-1957
Onslow Drive " 1957-1958
Sir John Maxwell Jr. Sec. " 1958-1959
St Thomas's Riddrie
Our Lady & St. Francis Sen. Sec. Charlotte St.Glasgow
Left in 1960
Loved both schools . Lots of great momories.
Gowanbank Primary then Sir John Maxwell, have met a lot of my old chums on another website, but never found my mate Morag Mackintosh, who lived right across the street from Gowanbank
Catherine I noticed you went to St Ninians.Do you remember a teacher Mrs McConnell? She taught science and math.
Sir John Stirling Maxwell & Pollok 1951 - 1961.
Jim Beckett
shakespeare st., north kelvinside sen. sec. stow college of engineering.
Archie Millar
Househillwood primary-1940-1946

Sir John Stirling Maxwell -1946-1950
St Thomas's Riddrie (still standing)
St Thomas's Riddrie (still standing)

St Mark's Shettleston (all gone)
Dunard st., Maryhill...most memorable teacher Mrs Francis

North kelvinside(NKS) most memorable teacher Harry Forshawe

Was pretty good at primary school but discovered a wicked sense of humour when i went to NK and that got me in a lot of trouble with the
Keppochill Primary
Braeside Primary
Glenwood Secondary

Excellent teacher, Mr Hutton at Braeside. A bit of a disciplinarian, and one of those teachers who insisted you write "not joined up" and all short letters had to be same height etc. At least I'm now a neat writer (though you'll never know) lol
big woman
i wen to golfhill primary and my last one out of 5 then i went to whitehill secondary in white hill street my form teacher was the domestic science teacher mrs paterson i left in 1970 it was a good school then u did not get in unless u worea uniform not like now adays were u can waer anything now ohmy.gif
I went to Springfield rd School 1957 and then to Riverside Springfield rd Dalmarnock left in 1962, Lived in Nuneaton st Bridgeton. wink.gif
St Mungo's Primary
Our Lady & St Francis Secondary (Charlotte St)

Williamstown High School - in Melbourne

Favourite teacher at St Mungo's was Miss Sweeney and at Charlotte St Miss Hughes.

At Williamstown High School Mr Forecast excellent teacher.
St Luke's Primary Ballater Street 1955-1958. Teachers were Miss McClelland and then Miss Rogers. Headmaster was Mr McGoldrick?

St Margaret Mary's Primary Downcraig Road Castlemilk 1958-1961. Teachers were Mr McLaughlin and then Mr Bonnyman. Headmaster was Mr Mullin? Deputy was Mr Darroch.

St Margaret Mary's Secondary Dougrie Road Castlemilk 1961-1966. Form Teacher was Miss Curry and Miss McKee. Headmaster was Mr Fatori and Deputy Head was Mr O'Carroll.

Enjoyed school a lot and have many happy memories of all 3 schools.
Wee Albert Primary in Springburn
Gairbraid Primary Maryhill
Barmulloch Primary
North Kelvinside Secondary
"The Big Albert" Springburn

As you can see moved about a bit, favourite school was the big Albert.
Sir John Maxwell's primary (pollokshaws)1949-51
Pollok Acadamy "" 1951-56
Sir John Maxwell secondary " 1956-59

Castleton Primary school,Castlemilk 1970-1977
Glenwood secondary High School,Castlemilk 1977-1980
Royal George (canada) 1980-1982
Centennial High School (canada) 1982-1983.
rose d
st francis gorbals 1946-1949
st roberts househillwood 1949-1952
st bernards nitshill 1952-1956
wee sammy
St roberts dont ask any questions
bellarmine secondary 1970 that was when Rover was PUP laugh.gif
O.H.R primary. (Clydebank)
St Mary`s (Duntocher)
St Stephens ( Dalmuir)
O.H.R secondary (Clydebank)
Sheena blue
Burbrae 1961-1967 Then Craigbank 1967-1971. Loved them both , althought not at the time........ biggrin.gif
my first school i can remember was lorne st primary next was scotland st prmry next lambhill st secondary craigbank sec loved theme all when i was there moved around a lot when i was a kid from tradeston to kinning park to nitshill to preisthill to annieslad to mosspark now?
Sheena blue
You must have went to Craigbank same time as me John as I was born in 1956 , My maths teacher was Davy Blair, geog, was miss oliphant..........let me know who was in your class, look forward to hearing from you.
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