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Oh my god ,the English press are going into raptures,they have beat the Aussie's twice, a one dayer and 20/20 game.Its almost like the euphoria at the end of WW2.Now they have decided that the ashes are as good as back in Englands hands.This at the start of a series ,where you have an Aussie team , who have not had much cricket lately. What is in the English Psyche that makes them this way, how silly they will look if the Aussie team hit form and take them to the cleaners . Aussie ! Aussie ! Aussie ! Oi! Oi! Oi! biggrin.gif
Well Jimmyd I bet you were glued to your seat yesterday, what a game it certainly was one of the most exciting cricket games I have seen for awhile.
Sure was Weesmasher,unfotunately I am only visiting here in Darwin ,and have a son in Law who hates cricket. So never go to see much of it he would rather watch wee motors going round in round in circles, and he reckons cricket is boring. lol. Guess both teams have to be commended for a great display,never mind we will get them in the next one.Flintoff was awesome ,has really put some backbone into the England team.Nice to see a fellow devotee on the boards ,cricket fans are as scarce as hens teeth aroon here. BTW see you went to Williamstown High ,you still living in that area . I lived in Osbourne St for a while back in the early 60s. Great place Williamstown.,best pubs in Melbourne then lol.
I have always enjoyed watching the cricket although I much prefer the one dayer's rather than the test's, but yesterday has certainly made it very interesting, roll on Thursday.

I lived in Williamstown for a number of years just off Champion Road, I now live in Point Cook.

Did you ever drink in the Rose of Australia? We had many a great night there, a couple I use to babysit for use to sing there on a Saturday night and they use to get a great crowd in.

There were some great pubs in Williamstown some have now gone, Williamstown has probably changed a lot since you were last here.
Well Weesmasher we are in trouble now ,McGrath,out Lee now doubtful,for next Test.Though talk of using another spinner, and brininging in McGill so might not be too bad.Yes I love the one day games also,though not sure on this 20/20 game.I used to drink in the Bristol and Steam packet way back when it was 6 o'clock closing time . biggrin.gif
Well Jimmyd I see that McGrath and Lee are back in the side should make it very interesting if the poms have brushed up on their fielding skills.

The Bristol is still there but there is a sign out the front of it I haven't really read the sign properly, but it looks like they are building about 30 apartments behind it and they are leaving the outside of the Bristol intact.

Haven't been to the Steam Packet for a while, but it's always been a great pub I use to get in there every Friday night and have a ball.

Most of the pubs are still there, but a lot have gone now.

Hope you get to watch the cricket last score I saw was England 1/97.
Oh my .143 for 1 at moment,am not going to watch it tonight bed is calling me . :

5 th Test
Have to do this in edit, hard to find a cricket fan on here. This crucial test match at moment is England 134 for 4 ,Shane Warne has taken 4 for 34. Go Aussie Go, 10 46 pm Aussie time
Where are you Weesmasher LOL
Well done to the West Indies in their win over Sri Lanka in the T20.
Some massive 6s by Sammy and Gayle, great to watch.
Does the fact that this topic was dead and buried for seven years suggest that Glaswegians have little or no interest in the game ?

Tombro huh.gif huh.gif
Used to be a regular at the West of Scotland cricket ground in Partick in the 60s.Hamilton Drive I think.
Due to the climate change in this world, you would have to be wearing flippers and a snorkel now days in the summer weather in Glasgow to watch the game. wink.gif
QUOTE (tombro @ 8th Oct 2012, 09:16am) *
Does the fact that this topic was dead and buried for seven years suggest that Glaswegians have little or no interest in the game ?

Tombro huh.gif huh.gif

Glasgow has never been a cricket loving city but that doesn't mean no one likes the game. I'm sure the West of Scotland Cricket Club has been going for a very long time so they must have a following of supporters who watch their games. My younger brother was educated at the High School of Glasgow in the late 50's to early 60's and I know they had a strong cricketing tradition. Cricket audiences in England have been falling for many years now in the County game but the new shorter game has brought new fans, with many grounds now installing floodlights to enable limited over games to be played and I'm sure I read of some grounds pulling in full houses with the fans enjoying the very fast pace of the LO game, so it's not all doom and glom
Good reply, Doug !

As an ex-pat living on Oz for over fifty years, I am a cricket fan ! I even had a bet that Scotland would out-perform Ireland in the recent T20 World Cup, although it's a form of the game that I think belittles cricket !

I remember passing through Anniesland on a number 20 bus bound for Drumchapel in the late 1950s and seeing some 'flannelled-fools' playing on the gorounds there !

Tombro rolleyes.gif
Trouble is cricket was not played in the majority of Glasgow schools. Our school had football or cross country running ie football you played on the field and the latter you ran round the field. I have been in S.A. for 42 years and now love cricket, especially the atmosphere at the grounds.
Duns Stoshious
QUOTE (zascot @ 9th Oct 2012, 11:48am) *
Trouble is cricket was not played in the majority of Glasgow schools. Our school had football or cross country running ie football you played on the field and the latter you ran round the field. I have been in S.A. for 42 years and now love cricket, especially the atmosphere at the grounds.

Like yourself I had no interest in cricket until I came to Australia. My wife from North America also became a fan. In Glasgow it was considered a "girls game". When I first went to St. Gerards They had a rugby and a cricket team. As the school was in the throes of becoming a "secondary modern" comprehensive school, and no qualifications were subsequently needed to enter, any and every sport was dismissed in the name of "fitba". The schools academic record died along with the sports as the influx could not get their mind around the rules let alone spell the words.
I was on the out field on one of the last cricket games at the school when responding to "catch it!"

I did right on the forehead and was rendered unconscious.
Dave Grieve
Oh dear got our backs against the wall in the last day of the test against the Aussies, dont think we can even manage a draw sad.gif
One of the best drawn games in a long time, well done S.A.
And if they get it right by leaving out that Tahir in Perth, they have a good chance of beating the World's number 1 slegers.
The man of the match was brilliant, considering doctored Aussie wickets.

Congratulations, it was a Titanic battle and your boys did manage a draw.

I just can't wait to read tomorrow morning's papers to see who they are going to blame for Australia's failure.

It's a pity the journalists aren't sent out to play in the field. I'm sure they'd quickly change their 'we know best' attitudes !

Well done to South Africa !

Tombro smile.gif smile.gif

Your last sentence doesn't even deserve a comment !

Good game, no winner but lots of guts shown by both sides !

Tombro rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Tombro it has always been doctored wickets in Australia, made to suit their pace attack, especially Perth and Brisbane.
Then when Warne was playing. they did the same to Sydney and Melbourne.
The only ground that is difficult to do is Hobart.
Kevin Mitchell senior even admitted that he used to doctor the Gabba pitch a few years ago.
South Africa stand a good chance of winning starting Friday, that's if Styn can manage to fire, as his figures at the moment are not that good.
Please leave out Tahir. ohmy.gif
Good result for England in India, a ten wicket win.
Dave Grieve
Only caught the highlights last night but it was an excellent performance.

Now 1-1 and all to play for should be like a home game for us in Perth tongue.gif
I will for sure agree with you on that on! wink.gif
Dave Grieve
As you say lets hope Steyns on his game, problem is often with him it depends on his mood
Scots Kiwi Lass
There are many international cricket matches that are lost by the visitors because, let's face it, the home team is used to playing on their own wickets and has an advantage.

When will someone come up with a reliable "drop-in" wicket, which would be neutral for either team? I've heard of these wickets being used but not internationally.

I have been a follower of cricket for 30 years but the current state of NZ cricket puts me right off! Have to say though, NZ going a bit better in Sri Lanka. They scored 412 and have Sri Lanka 120/5 ......... but can they keep it up?
The whole of SA were hoping we could keep them at bay for the last 2 hours. What a debut for Faf Du Plessis who was sent over as a replacement 78 and 110 not out to get us a draw, brilliant.
Yes it sure was.
But Wait ohmy.gif
AS I said earlier, the wicket has been made for the quickies.
Australia believe it or not is talking about 6 fast men, dumping Lyon.
Fancy bringing back Mitchell Johnston, that is a joke and an insult to a lot of up and coming Aussie bowlers.
I do hope that he plays, as the guy is a complete jerk.

Not sure you've really noticed !

I think any cricket fan throughout the world would have to admit that the South African fast bowling attack that started out this test had a superior record to Australia's fast bowling attack.

So, if the pitch was doctored for the Australian attack, surely that had to be to the advantage of the South Africans !

As for Perth, I'm sure both teams will be relying on a full pace attack so what way should the curator go to satisfy your claims of doctoring pitches to the advantage of the Australians ?

Tombro rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Ruthless England wrap up victory
England complete a memorable 10-wicket win over India in the second Test in Mumbai to level the four-match series.

Well done to the England squad for leveling the series. Now we look forward to the 3rd test in Calcutta. Test cricket at it's best
Scots Kiwi Lass
I still can't believe it - New Zealand has just beaten Sri Lanka in the second test. Most unexpected but to give credit where it is due, NZ did play well. Don't quite know what motivated them - maybe the new coach - but well done anyway. Maybe they can go on and win the series.

I've just heard about Ricky Ponting's impending retirement. He has been an amazing player and captain, a tremendous role model for kids and a terrific ambassador for Australia. Good luck for the future, Ricky.
Dave Grieve
By all accounts SKL a good effort by the Kiwis, Sri Lanka are not the easiest team to beat especially on their own patch.

Its sad to hear Ricky Pointing call it a day but its been obvious for a couple of years now he was not the same player.

Well part three started in Perth and I am quietly confident even with Ricky Pointings retirement announcment to spur on the Aussies thumbup.gif
Helped along by pathetic decisions by G Smith to bat first again, ( the Gabba being the first one)
Perth have had a fair bit of rain and the pitch would have suited the quickies bowling first. (just like the Gabba)
S.A going in with 7 batsmen and batting first on this wicket is committing suicide.
Well done for one of the best overseas player seen here in years making a great score, DU Plessis.
G.Smith I am afraid has lost the plot in this series.
Kiwi Lass, New Zealand are a very good side side.
At least they do not bowl under arm. ohmy.gif
Dave Grieve
Have to agree with you about Smith sometimes you cant follow his reasoning.

At least we look to be slightly ahead at the close of play today
Yes you are , Aussies out for 163, well done.
Graham Smith does not look stupid this morning does he?
Dave Grieve
Touch wood , its looking good for the win
Just finished, Aussies thrashed !

So much for doctored pitches !

Tombro laugh.gif laugh.gif
Tombro your knowledge of Australian cricket is very limited by the way you suggest in your posts.
All those who applauded Ponting need to live in the real world.
He was not a bad player, ( mind you he played enough games).
If those people who run Australian cricket ( NSW) dumped him 2 years ago they would not have been in the position the game is here in Australia at the moment.
Now back to the Game, RSA did well and fully deserved their win.
If they (SA) have a decent leg spinner in their side, they will be hard to beat.
But wait ohmy.gif the three games were suited for the the quickies, Just look at the Australian side.
Strange how SA went in with 7 batsmen don't you think.
RSA even without the medium pace of Kallis did fantastic to beat this lot.
Now I do feel sorry for Sri Lanka when they play.BUT they have good spinners in their side to cause an upset.
WELL DONE SA, a breath of fresh air here in Australia.
Tombro , did you ever play the game or even go to them?
Your last sentence is rather weak to say the least, do some research into the game here before you post bulldust!
Also do the research into the great sporting Australian side of past BEFORE the underarm fiasco, and the Lillie, Marsh Thomson exploits here in OZ.
then the betting scandal the Ashes at Leeds, also the Waughs in India.
What happened in those games.
Bugger all, the ICC was mostly run by Australians.
Sorry pal, but you are way out with your one liners! wink.gif
QUOTE (zascot @ 3rd Dec 2012, 06:33am) *
Graham Smith does not look stupid this morning does he?

He took the gamble twice and it paid off, good on him, as the press here were quite amazed at the decisions he made.

Dave Grieve
Onward and upward, the next home series is against the Kiwis I believe, should be good. thumbup.gif
Thank you, Mitchell, for your succinct appraisal of my comments.

My initial reply to your opinions was based on your assertion that the Aussies had doctored the pitches.

I found it hard to believe that you would even dream that a country with, at a pinch, the third best fast bowling attack in the world would ever dream to doctor pitches to suit their third rate bowlers when they were playing against the recognised best fast bowling attack in the world.

Funnily enough, Mitchell, I am a Scot who has lived in Oz for over fifty years, so I do have a little bit of knowledge about the game and, yes, i actually played the game for thirty plus years.

No, I don't consider myself to be an expert on the vagaries of the game but, like you, I have my opinions and GG is a forum where I am usually allowed to express those opinions freely.

I have also noted that, where most other posters on this forum are able to admit to their locations; thus possibly indicating where their loyalties lie; you have chosen not to.

As a result, I do not know whether I am conversing with a Scot with an unusual interest in World Cricket, a South African who is looking for excuse to explain two seeming failures before an absolutely outstanding win, a Sri Lankan hoping for a win in the next series the Aussies face, or with an Australian with an absolutely twisted sense of humour who just can't stand to see his own country win anything !

Simple fact Mitchell, Tombro is a Sports Enthusiast who, at sixty-two, enjoys watching all sports. Like most Sports Fans, he enjoys a two-sided and fair challenge but, like all Sports Fans, he would also like those people who would like to find an excuse for their one-sided attitudes to actually provide pertinent evidence, rather than just ignorant ramblings.

I think I have stated all of my opinions fairly.

Tombro rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Scots Kiwi Lass
Mitchell, I was very surprised to hear Ricky Ponting described as "not a bad player". How I wish the Kiwis had a batsman half as good as Ponting. The man has the second highest rate of batting worldwide, second only to Tendulkar. Not bad, eh? Sure, he could have retired a year or two ago but chose to go on a bit longer.

As a captain, he could be a bit arrogant and got under my skin at times but you can't fault the man's amazing skills and natural talent as a batsman. I am told that the best sportspeople need a certain amount of arrogance to be succcessul.

Best wishes for your retirement, Ricky, from a Scots Kiwi!

P.S. I can't agree with you that New Zealand has a good cricket side and despite beating Sri Lanka recently, I don't have much faith in the team but there's always hope for the future. I believe that 2 or 3 of their top batsman need a big change in attitude before the team can become more successful.
Dave Grieve
Great game last night and what a finish by New Zealand to take the second Twenty 20 game

Martin Guptil was superb for the Kiwis at 101 not out, and to score a boundry with the last ball of the game to win the game was a great finish.

Well done to the Kiwi's
Scots Kiwi Lass

I had forgotten about this game being played this morning. I had put on my computer and saw that the Kiwis were in with a chance, so I switched on the TV and saw the last few overs.

I suppose I am a bit pessimistic but up till the the last ball, I kind of felt they would blow it but was very pleased Martin Guptill pulled it off. There have been big problems in NZ cricket lately and this will do their confidence a lot of good. The final game should be a cracker too (I hope!).

Tony Greig passed away today after suffering a heart attack in Sydney.
As we all know he was fighting throat cancer.
He will be sadly missed at channel 9.
Loved it when he put the key in the pitch and the square took off.
R.I.P. Tony you will be missed.
Dave Grieve
QUOTE (mitchell @ 29th Dec 2012, 08:33am) *
Tony Greig passed away today Loved it when he put the key in the pitch and the square took off.

Another great player lost to SA cricket because of Apartheid.

Whats the story about the key and square?
So sad. Tony Greig RIP
QUOTE (Dave Grieve @ 29th Dec 2012, 08:57am) *
Another great player lost to SA cricket because of Apartheid.

Whats the story about the key and square?

Paul Hogan a few years ago did a Tony Greig lookalike on one of his shows. Tony used to do the pitch reports before the game, and he used a key to test the moisture in the ground.
Paul Hogan did it and the pitch took off.
While T,G was dong his pitch report at the Waca in Perth a few years ago, his key fell into one of the cracks in the notorious wicket over there.
Listening to cricket will never be the same again R.I.P. CMJ
Dave Grieve
Congratulations due to South African skipper Graeme Smith, captain today for the 100th test, a world record and still only 32 years old.
Spare a thought for the English cricket team over there in Perth.
Going up to over 42F or 104C
Wrong way around, Mitchell !

Forty two fahrenheit would be pleasant but I don't think too many would be surviving 104 Celsius.

Not even the Global Warning devotees would survive the impact of that kind of temperature !

Tombro tongue.gif tongue.gif
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