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Full Version: Harvey Weinstein
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One of the greatest movie moguls, and co-founder of Miramax with his younger brother today sentenced to 23 years for rape and sexual assault. How the mighty fall.

This is a very lengthy sentence, and I wonder how many more will be unearthed. Must be a few men shaking in their boots.

Not being in the position therefore probably not qualified to comment, but I often wonder why it takes women so many years to make these accusations. I have discussed with my friends what I and they would do, we all agreed we would report it right away, but perhaps they were intimidated or put their careers first.

Before all this his net worth was over $300 million, it is now thought to be around $50 million, no idea what his legal fees will be, however.
Dave Grieve
Never know Carmella he may come out favouring a different kind of sexual abuse.
We had one here a White supremacist who was ready to fight to the last bullet to maintain the status quo.
He ended up in jail for a couple of years and eventually after release was murdered by his Black boyfriend.
Oh Dave that’s extreme. Well, time will tell. I wonder if he will cope though. I don’t think Weinstein will do well in the clink, even if in isolation.

Imagine going from a life of comfort and luxury to a prison cell. Wow!

He still has another trial in LA for the same charges.
QUOTE (Dave Grieve @ 11th Mar 2020, 06:08pm) *
Never know Carmella he may come out favouring a different kind of sexual abuse.

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