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Full Version: The Man Who Saved The World
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No "Hero of the Soviet Union Gold Star" was awarded to Stanislav Petrov for being instrumental in preventing a nuclear war between the USSR and USA when he suspected a glitch in information being relay by a Russian Early Warning Satellite which mistakingly detected a beaming sunrise for an incoming American missile ...
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... instead he received a reprimand and was later demoted rolleyes.gif

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Petrov died on 19 May 2017 from hypostatic pneumonia, though it was not widely reported until September.
Thanks THH, I read about this man, whom of course we will never meet. He went by his own thoughts instead of indoctrination by a system that was just as bad as any other side. A beautiful, thoughtful and brave human being.

Thank you, Stanislav Petrov.

Yes GG ... Definitely Stan the Man clap.gif

I wonder if he only gave us a bit of breathing space untill these two muppets took the stage? unsure.gif

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