Great .. I managed to log in... hello forum .. I'm interested in Glasgow history , particularly the secret radical history, my grandads brother has left behind a list of all or most of the events and people involved in the revolution of Scotland/England/Ireland against conscription from 1910-1950.

A man years ago logged in here and called himself Kesslor or Kessilor ..from THISTLE St .. I tried to reach him and had no response.. if he is around please contact my assistant on

I have many photographs and letters from many from all over Scotland in my gt uncles collection, his archive is a great gift to glasgow and it's truer history. A deeper insight than previously available.

I have already, by simply looking up a name in my great uncles papers , found a grandson today who's father never knew what happened to his dad who "disappeared " in 1923. He was deported illegally by the British state , gained compensation in the following law case and fled to USA.

Please help me connect the dots in this way and find families today who are connected with these past struggles- Perhaps I have details or photos of your relatives.

Thanks in advance xxx

Eddi Reader
Sept 2017