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Many glaswegians were arrested in glasgow during the orangemen marching season from the 1870s through to the early 1900s and charged with fighting and causing a breach of the peace with the intent to disrupt the marches .I have heard from historians that as many as 2,000 were charged over a ten year period. and placed in barlinnie and other glasgow prisons where in glasgow would records exist other than making a 1,000 mile round journey to the mitchell library to determine the names of those charged and imprisoned .any assistance in this research would be greatly appreciated smith800
You should give the Mitchell a phone maybe they would look for you, don't know if they would charge you for doing it .good luck.
The only place I can think of other than newspaper reports at the Mitchell Library, is the Nation Archive for Scotland in Edinburgh which holds the records you may be looking for. As far as I'm aware they don't do individual searches but they might have some info online that will help. Good luck.
I agree with the others. I have researched many times at the Mitchell, it is a wonderful source.

If you can go in person it is better, if not write and explain or ask for photo copies from the Glasgow Herald Index, (an invaluable source) they also have an Archive section with readers. The Record Office in Edinburgh is another source, but if it's to do with Glasgow you'll more or less find what you need under one roof, and the staff are helpful.

Level 5, The Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN
0141 287 2910
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