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Full Version: Disaster In Fort Mcmurray
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It must be so awful for all the people who have had to flee their homes of many years, workplaces and both small and large businesses, in such utter devastation. At least they managed to leave in time with families and pets. I believe one man died which is such a tragedy.

It's sad to realize too that with the hot weather, and summer still to come, how vulnerable parts of Canada and the States are.

My heart really goes out to them, I have no idea how I would cope with such as this, I think the same thing every time we hear of wild fires and also floods, just how awful.
Carmella it was horrifying at its peak. the size of the fire was unbelievable. I live in Ottawa and the fir would have covered the whole of our city it was so huge. Ft mcmurray in some ways was very lucky the whole city wasnt destroyed. 25,ooo homes lost out of a total of 250,000 .85,000 people eveacuated and still not allowed to return to their homes. they dont even know if their homes were burned to the ground or one of the lucky ones to survive.The reponse here in canada has been fantastic with help coming from everywhere. Not much internationally despite what Canada contributes to other overseas disasters.
they dont even know if their homes were burned to the ground or one of the lucky ones to survive.

...Yes they do.
The Alberta Government has released satellite photographs of the affected areas.
These photographs are detailed enough for owners to determine if their property was affected.
Overall, the damage is reckoned to be far less than previously estimated.

Go here for a looksee....CBC Website

Oilsands workers are on their bikes as of today and 8,000 are already out. The fire has destroyed
property camp and is threatening other camps;
From CBC News:
Camps evacuated on Monday include:

Syncrude Facilities South of Fort MacKay
Suncor Facilities South of Fort MacKay
Ruth Lake
Mildred Lake
West Ells
MacKay River
Black Sands Lodge
Brion Energy – MacKay
Grizzly Oilsands – Thickwood
MacKay River Lodge on Aostra
Marathon Oil – Birchwood
Poplar Creek – also called Birch
Southern Pacific – STP MacKay
Sunshine Oil Sands - West Ells

The evacuation order does not include Fort MacKay, Athabasca Camp and the Beaver River Camp. All other camps south of this area were to evacuate immediately.

Bear in mind that we use wood products to build homes and many small businesses.
We pack the houses together in tight parcels and our town planners are oblivious to commonsense items like firebreaks and escape routes.


Simple really.....
real estate costs.... and it's all about the money.
The anatomy of wildfires or fire storms , now this I find interesting .

Its not such a simple job fighting these fires and what would we do if we didn't have the wisdom of hindsight .
I know that a lot of American and Canadian homes are wood built, so they would go up in flames quicker. I'm sad that there has not been more input internationally as there would normally be for disasters which this surely is for the Canadian people.

It's such a terrible thing to contemplate how awful this has been.
To be fair to the international community , Canada was offered help by the U.S. also Russia ,and probably other countries , but our Prime Minister said , Thank you for your kind and considerate offers ! but we will manage because all of our provinces are helping .
The help was to fight the fires but not any cash sums for the evacuees
QUOTE (andypisces @ 17th May 2016, 11:22pm) *
The help was to fight the fires but not any cash sums for the evacuees

That is correct Andy , I never gave it any thought that the U.S.A
or Russia had offered money . I don't know were you got that idea from .

all of the provinces are helping with these wildfires ,
with firefighters and equipment , the military and
extra policing with all the different government agencies
working together helping with the fires in whatever capacity.
Although I'm not sure about B.C. as they have enough on their
plate dealing with their own wildfires in that province .

There are 58 wildfires over 10 hectares buring in BC right now and there are fires in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario as well as the really bad one in Fort McMurray and other places in Alberta. My grandson who is a firefighter in one of the oil fields south of Fort McMurray has been helping in Fort Mac and his partner who is an RN and he helped to evacuate the hospital. She is now in Kimberley but her parents, also evacuated from their home are in Edmonton. Kyle said he went by their house and it is still standing. I have quite a few friends with families in Fort Mac. The whole town was evacuated last week as the fire ravaged through but now it is spreading towards the oil fields and has hit some of the camps there. Help has come from most of the Provinces already. We have been seeing photographs taken from space on our television news which shows the flames and smoke. It is always the lead item from all the TV stations. Although I live in BC close to the Alberta border I am 14 hours away from Fort Mac. There was more information previously posted in the Changes in Canada thread.
Contrary to popular belief, the Canadian Military have been thanked for their limited participation and were returned to barracks early last week. Meanwhile the situation has worsened to the point the fire has grown to three times the size of Edmonton and is now about the size of St John's Newfoundland.

The stupidity continues.....

With the loss of the Blacksands Lodge Camp, destroyed yesterday, some of the evacuees of the oil plants were moved north away from the fire. Guess which way the prevailing winds are blowing right now? Yup, NORTH then a bit from the west later.
Those people were moved further up and still the path of the fire trail.

Can any of those "strategic planners" think straight?

The town of Ft McMurray sustained 10% damage and is 90% intact.

During a premature reconnection of natural gas services, a residence in McMurray blew up today damaging 6 to 10 more adjacent properties.

More Duh!
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