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Full Version: Bragging Soldiers
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A US Marine, a French Foreign Legionaire, a British Army SAS Sergeant and an Argyll and Sutherland Highlander are sitting around a camp fire.
The US Marine, bragging about his exploits says "You guys aren't so tough, I once parachuted down in a blizzard, marched fifty miles, and killed everyone in sight."
The French Legionaire is unimpressed, and says, "That's nothing, I once made a beach landing, marched 60 miles through crocodile-infested swamps, and then killed 93 armed guerillas with my bare hands."
The SAS Sergeant is unimpressed, he says "That's nothing, I once parachuted from 3 miles up and landed in the sea, swam 10 miles to shore, marched 70 miles over mountains and rivers, ate live snakes and despite malaria, killed everyone in sight with one hand tied behind my back."
Thoroughly impressed, they all look over at the Argyll and he's dead silent, just sitting quietly, stirring the coals of the fire with his Jimmy.
thumbup.gif laugh.gif that's just terrific !!
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