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thumbup.gif Reading about the amount of money being proposed to spend on Trident, it gave me a thought of a way we can all help the economy of the country, I will write to the P.M and propose that the chancellor gives everyone in Britain one million pounds each , even him and his cronies , I mean it will only cost about 75 million , a drop in the ocean of the chancellors budget, then we all invest and spend our cash in the shops , therefore no more closing of factories, more shops opening up , more jobs created, more cars being sold , we might be able even to bring in some people from other countries, come on what do you think , I cant see any hole in this idea , some families will get more than others , but who cares we will all benefit
75 million? i think you need a new
Works for me. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Dykejumper @ 27th Oct 2015, 12:59pm) *
75 million? i think you need a new


If everyone were millionaires then who would work in the shops to sell food, who would be nurses, teachers, brickies, sparks or chippies. Businesses would have to increase costs to pay higher wages to attract people to work for them thus we would be no better off. having more or less money is not 'the' problem, it's the cost of living. looking at London, wages are higher there but so is the cost of living, people who live outside of London travel to work there but it costs a fortune so generally they're only slightly better off than the people who pay a fortune in rents.
You are right in that people will spend more if they have more money, you do that by lowering personal taxes. previously governments used to play about with interest rates to hammer mortgage payers if they spent their wages, now that we have 'professionals' in charge of the rates we see them more stable (and low), no gain for me as i have a bloody long term fixed rate.

How about giving the 1m to pensioners?
Dave Grieve
What about abolishing income tax and setting VAT at 100 per cent? That way you will still have workers and the workers will have an incentive to work.
theres only 75 people in the uk?

time we had some migrants laugh.gif
QUOTE (ktv @ 27th Oct 2015, 03:06pm) *
theres only 75 people in the uk?

time we had some migrants laugh.gif

tongue.gif on their way
QUOTE (ktv @ 27th Oct 2015, 02:06pm) *
theres only 75 people in the uk?

time we had some migrants laugh.gif

They are on the way. If you don`t get enough let us know and we can help out. thumbup.gif
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