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Full Version: Bankers!
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Would any of you like to sign this petition?

HSBC bank has just been caught red-handed helping some of the world's mega-rich dodge taxes! We'd go to prison for this, but governments are treating these powerful people like they're too big to jail. Let's show them they're not.

Our governments are losing $3 trillion a year to tax dodging -- enough to end extreme world poverty many times over! This leak is the biggest in banking history -- if we don't seize it now to get prosecutions, we may never get a chance like this again.

UK finance minister Osborne faces an imminent election, while US Attorney General Lynch is yet to be confirmed in her new job. They're both very sensitive to the public right now, so our million-strong call, delivered via ads and with legislators, could get them to investigate, prosecute, and send the tax-dodging elite a powerful signal: no one is too big to jail!

Here's the link:
Betsy 2009,

You mis-spelt your topic title ! It should have begun with a 'W' instead of a 'B' !

Tombro laugh.gif laugh.gif
What I wrote and what I thought were two different things, Tombro. happy.gif

Please sign the petition - it's a worldwide organisation who do lots of good.
I signed. Mary yes.gif
Many thanks, Mary
Just to let you know that they have so far got 381,680 signatures on the petition. No bad, eh?
Thank you to all who signed it.
signed and shared.
Well done, Iceland.
Pity they couldn't be stripped of their assets to try to recoup some of their ill gotten gains.
QUOTE (serabash @ 15th Feb 2015, 11:37am) *
signed and shared.

Many thanks, Serabash, for doing that.
no bother we all should be doing it.
A great comment article by Ian Bell today in the Sunday Herald on this very issue. Just shows you who really run the country and who are the victims ongoing class hatred.

Here come the bankers to prove there is something morally rotten at the heart of all things British

[...] It is almost that simple. We lost 1.2 billion to benefits cheats? That's deplorable. But the government riding to hounds to hunt down anti-social crooks is less quick to mention that in 2013/14, Britain also lost an estimated 22.3 billion to tax evasion. That's just the official figure. In research for the PCS union, Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK concluded that the real total was 73.4 billion.

Such a number makes for a certain sense of proportion. Clearly, not all the tax losses were due to the kind of offshore evasion that was a house speciality at HSBC in Switzerland. The plumber with his undeclared cash-in-hand does not jet off to the Alps. But the sheer scale of criminal tax-dodging causes questions to come tumbling one upon the other.

In what sort of country do scroungers costing 1.2 billion enter popular mythology while 22.3 billion goes astray? What's the nature of the country that locks up its benefits cheats - 403 in England in 2012 - while only a single prosecution follows the great HSBC leak? What does it say about that country when Stephen Green, the man who chaired the dodgy bank when it was enabling evasion, is ennobled and welcomed into government, no questions asked?

The banks; always the banks. However good, bad, or morally indifferent people are, whether they are on the dodge or singing in the choir, here come the bankers, time and again, to prove there is something morally rotten at the heart of all things British. Just listing the scandals that have piled up since the great crash of 2007/2008 takes more time than is worth the bother. One truth unites all: neither the welfare of citizens, the law, or the good of the economy has detained the banking class. Rigging the game has been their only interest. [...]

Full article here:

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