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Full Version: Fined For A Bad Review
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A couple who got "fined" £100 by B&B owners had the money returned after it was ponted out that one of the B&Bs terms and conditions, no bad reviews from customers, was illegal. Must say that I thought the customers, in this case, may have got what they deserved. Their review of the B&B seemed gratuitous and completely over the top. I use Trip Advisor often, to check on the experience of others prior to booking restaurants or places to stay. On occasion I have added a review of my own and would like to think that, when I do, it's a fair, responsible and honest appraisal of my experience.

Does anyone else use Trip Advisor (or similar sites)?
ye I use it quite a bit and seen this story yesterday

given the pics they took while in the b&b id say they where fair enough in their review and totally agree that them getting a "fine" is illegal under various laws.

asking your pals on facebook, g+ or whatever if they've stayed in a place is usually a good idea too, even if no one has been to that particular place they usually recommend somewhere in the general area
I thought to use somebody's credit card outwith the initial transaction was illegal. unsure.gif
QUOTE (ashfield @ 21st Nov 2014, 04:34pm) *
A couple who got "fined" £100 by B&B owners had the money returned after it was ponted out that one of the B&Bs terms and conditions, no bad reviews from customers, was illegal. Must say that I thought the customers, in this case, may have got what they deserved. Their review of the B&B seemed gratuitous and completely over the top. I use Trip Advisor often, to check on the experience of others prior to booking restaurants or places to stay. On occasion I have added a review of my own and would like to think that, when I do, it's a fair, responsible and honest appraisal of my experience.

Does anyone else use Trip Advisor (or similar sites)?

Ash, I read about a dozen reviews of this establishment, and they are all in agreement that it is a dump. In general though I would tend to agree with you and take an overall , balanced view. There seems little doubt about this one.
There was a series of Pictures in one of the papers about that Hotel and it was disgusting. Whether or not the rooms cost 35 quid a night has nothing to do with Basic hygene.
I use Trip Advisor a lot, mostly for restaurants. What I find is that I tend to post positive things when I have enjoyed the occasion but can't bring myself to write anything negative if I haven't. Silly really, I should do.

Ha, that place looks like a home from home to me laugh.gif
I saw this story yesterday too, and I use Trip Adviser quite a bit for many things.

I think you should be allowed your say, and not have that say interfered with by owners of the establishment you stayed at. Furthermore, although as we all know, reception take your credit card details just in case you should leave without paying your bill, that gives them access to get the payment, regardless. I don't think it was right that the couple who expressed their opinion on a review site, should have been charged any money, let alone £100 - it is a review site, and they are entitled to their opinions.
I used to share some experiences on here which I termed another of wee Tee's tales. I can't remember if I told this one before, probably did, but I'll tell it here anyway; it's a bit Long so get yourself a coffee and settle down for a read.
Trip Adviser ... if only ...
First of all I have to go back to my time in Saudi Arabia with a London (Heathrow) based Company called Field Aircraft Services. Eight contractors; of which I was one, were sent out by this firm to complete modifications on English Electric Lightning aircraft for the Saudi Airforce. Fields were sub-contracting to Airworks who were sub-contracting to BEa. There was a Saddle Club on the base which I was very interested in but was refused to use because It was for use only by BEa and Airworks personel only; even after buying a halfshare in an Arab stallion stabled there I was still not allowed to come into the stable.
A while later I was informed that the base commander, a General Hashim, needed someone to execise his horses as the Captain who normally did this was on a temporary posting elsewhere and the guy who owned the other half of our horse had put my Name Forward as being available and willing. So after a Brief Meeting with Gen. Hashim I had access to his horses and his stables. tongue.gif
This did not please the BEa Base Manager, Denis Usher, nor his Chief Engineer a guy called French and before Long I found myself being regulary carpeted for various minor misdemeanors None of which were ever technical and one of the main ones being over-familiarising with the Saudis
: part of our Job was to teach the Saudis how to do the work which we were carrying out but socialising with them was forbidden.
Eventually I was being kicked out, by the English management, accused of brewing beer in my Billet. I always brought my saddles back to my airconditioned room where I could clean and polish them without having to be bothered by the blue bottle sized flies in the stable so I guessed the strange beery smells that were noticed in the building's corridor were from the saddles being cleaned: I definitely didn't brew beer; I wouldn't know how.
But that was enough to get me swiftly re-patriated ... and put on the black list of all three companies.
Twelve years later ...
I got wind that Fields were looking for contractors to work in Hannover for Hapag-Lloyd. I had done three big repairs on Hapag-Lloyd aircraft on an airfield in Basingstoke and I knew a lot of the German guys both from Hapag-Lloyd and from when they worked for GermanAir and Aero-Lloyd so I was keen to get out to Hannover to work with them again so I contacted Fields and they gave me an interview.
The normal interview was conducted within 10 or 15 minutes and I watched, and waited, as the other guys went in and out of the Office until I, as last, was called in for my interview ... which lasted almost an hour (rolls eyes)
"I see you've worked for us before Mr. Hee-Hee ..."
"Call me Tomi" biggrin.gif
"... and you caused us considerable Trouble in the middle East and almost cost us our contract over there"
"Well you see it was like this ... "

What actually happened to start the ball rolling; in the direction of my head, was that when I started to ride the General's horses, which had to be done very early in the morning before I started work because of the heat out there, I came out of the stable one morning and was met by a furious Denis Usher who screamed into my face, "WHO SAID YOU COULD RIDE ONE OF THE GENERAL'S HORSES?"
"The General!"
"This is your saddle? Oh! I'm sorry Denis I just thought since they were all the Generals horses ... " he had 12, "... then they were all his saddles".
"Well I'm really sorry about that Denis but I haven't got the time to Change it now; sun'll be up soon, but I'll have it cleaned up as soon asI get back".
And with that I disappeared into the desert.
It was obvious from then on that Usher would find a ground to blow me out but what the hell; I didn't take any shit in the Royal Air Force and I sure as hell wasn't taking any in Usher's airforce either.
After explaining during my interview that I was just a Young man straight out of the Military back then and was now older and wiser (etc.) the Boss at Fields decided, probably against his better judgement he felt, to take me on as part of his team on the Hapag-Lloyd Job: My experience on Airbus and in Germany couldn't be simply ignored.

Rules and regulations to be strictly adhered to Mr. Hee-Hee ...
Call me Tomi biggrin.gif
... are as follows:
Wages and conditions are not to be discussed with the Germans ... this is in your contract.
Private vehicles are not to be brought onto the Airport ... Transport is provided by the Hotel into which you will be booked ... this is in your contract.
You must not Change Hotel accomodation during your stay. If you choose to do so the cost of the room supplied will continue to be deducted from your remuneration and the cost of your new accomodation will remain your responsibilty ...this is in your contract.

We worked two 12 hour shifts, initially, to maintain a 24/7 continuation of work on the aircraft. Sometimes the work entailed that some of us had to carry on into the following shift so 16 hours or more was not unusual and even an occassional ghoster stretching out to 24 hours and lending us the appearance of ghosts.
The Hotel fed us an evening meal but not from the menu as we got, more or less, what was left over from the day; generally warm and edible at least but Saturday there was no kitchen staff so our meal was a cold plate of what was available.
It was on a day when I'd worked a long and tiring shift when I came back to the Hotel, with nothing more in mind than simply crashing out on my bed, to find that one of the Girls hadn't changed my bed sheet and insisted on going that before I went upstairs to my room. I told her I'd do it myself and took the sheet with me.
When I took the sheet of the mattress I saw that instead of a single mattress on the bed, there were three smaller sections. The middle section had a blood stain about the diameter of a ping-pong ball in the Center but not being phased I decided to quickly flip the mattress over.
The other side was completely covered on blood!
I turned the other two mattresses over and both had blood where the met the middle mattress and covering about half the area of each.
To me, it looked like someone had been butchered on that bed.
(Funny Thing was that a few weeks before, a corpse was found in a room at the end of our corridor where two guys and a Girl had been booked in. They hadn't payed their bill in the ten days which they'd had the room. One guy had died of a heroin overdose on the 5th day and the other two had high-tailed it leaving the other to rot for 5 days before anyone of the Hotel staff decided to see if they were going to pay their bill)
OK, no Problem; I'll go downstairs and get a new mattress ... I really just Need to sleep.
I was informed by the Manager that he was sorry but they didn't have any spare mattresses right now and if I just turned the mattresses back over and put the fresh sheet on he see what he could do.
After he'd gone, Roswita, the Girl on reception, pointed to the Key-case and said, "Tomi, I have not told you that this key is the key to the Celler, OK?"
Now, Roswita owed me one ... and I'll tell you why. One night just as I was leaving the bar as the last Person there and going off to bed, I heard Roswita cry out "Tomi, hilf mir" (help me). A guy had been hiding under a table in the breakfast room with the Intention of Shooting the hotel Boss after the Hotel had closed up for the night. Unfortuinately the Boss was not there that night and Roswita found the guy beneath the table as she was doing her rounds before locking up.
I helped her ... but that's another Story.
Anyway, I took the key which Roswita had not told me was the one for the Celler and went down there to find 5 (Five) brand new mattress sections in un-opened polythene casings.
That did it for me.
I took my camera and placed each of the blood-soaked mattresses upright on the bed and leaning against the wall, put my Brief case; easily recognisable as mine, on the bed and Standing in the corridor with the room door (bearing the No.2) open, I photographed the mattresses then went back into the room for Close ups. Included in the photos was a beer case supporting one Corner of the bed.
Next Thing was to go through all the rooms which the contractors occupied and photograph them too.
I took the 35mm film in to be developed and had to wait a day.
Benny Beck, the Chief Engineer at Hapag-Lloyd, Hannover, called me up to his Office the following day.
"Tomi. what's the matter with the engländer? this is not normal." Normal was that regardless how Long the shifts or how difficult the Jobs could sometimes be, the engländer could always be heard to be either whistling away or laughing and joking amongst themselves, as opposed to the more serious attitude of the Germans at work.
I reached into my pocket and took out the envelope containing the photos and negatives and; placing it down onto Benny's desk, keeping my Hand on it, I said, "Benny, according to the Terms of our contracts, we are not permitted to discuss wages or conditions with our German colleagues. I would be in breach of my contract if I were to discuss These conditions with you so this is not a discussion". Then I pushed the envelope containing the photos across the desk to him and left his Office to return to the Hangar.
Within minutes Benny was down to the aircraft, almost breathless, asking "What is this?"
"This, Benny, is our home away from home: Courtesy of Field Aircraft Services.
"This is not Germany!" he exclaimed.
"This is nowhere else, Benny: Hotel Sonnenecke (Sunny Corner) in Garbsen to be exact."
One room had a bucket under the light bulb to collect the water that ran down it when it rained. Most rooms had either house bricks or beer crates supporting one or more Corners of the beds. When, after shaving, one guy pulled out the plug in his sink, the water drained away and appeared in the sink of the room behind his wall.The VW van which I and the guy on the other shift drove the others to work in, along 20 minutes of Autobahn between Hotel and Airport, had a thick Piece of string fixed to the steering column with, on the other end, a thick rubber babd attatched to the accelerator pedal to allow the pedal to return when you took your foot off the gas. I was the one who made a Smoking ban in the wagon because it stank of benzin the whole time ... and I always smoke when driving!
Benny got in touch with the health authority and together with two officials went to the Hotel Sunny Corner on the pretence of a future booking for foreign contract workers, had a look at all the rooms.
The Hotel was subsequently closed down for Business with Peter, the Boss, and his wife given 9 months to bring it back up to Standard condition after which they'd be banned from owning or Managing any Hotels ion Germany for the following ten years.
I was, of course, marked down again by Fields as a Trouble-maker and returned to their Blacked list.
This was just before we returned to the UK for Christmas.
Early January I received a phone call from Benny Beck.
"I have here a list of the personel who are coming back after the break, Tomi. Your Name is not on the list."
"Are you surprised, Benny?"
"Do you want to come back?"
"I sure do Benny"
"Then I will tell Fields that if you are not on the list then I will find another sub-contractor"
"MPI would love that contract"
"First we see what fields do"
"OK, Benny ... but first I want to make them sweat a bit. You OK on that?"
So Fields rang me and said they'd decided to give me one-last-chance but I'd better be on my best behaviour this time or I'll never work for them ever again.
I told them they could Forget it and that I'd lost interest anyway. Within a few days of that I'd got my Money bumped up; Benny said his phone was hot while he insisted I come back or they lose the contract, and I went back out to complete the contract. tongue.gif

Years later a German mate rang me to go to Airbus in Donauwurth (on the German Danube). He'd booked me into the Schwarze Adler (Black Eagle) Hotel there. The Hotel was run by a Turkish Family and I was asked to wait while they prepared the bed in a room I'd be sharing with another engländer. After about 20 minutes I was led to the room. Two mattresses were lying on the floor, one to each Corner, and the other guy's clothes had all been piled up near his mattress.
"Are you kiddin'?"
"What is wrong?"
"Woulod you sleep herte?"
"Then you can sleep here, I'm off."
I found an apple farm where the guy makes Most; an apple cider, and stayed there.
I rang Norbert, my Bayern mate and Agent, who explained that knew the Turkish Family were a bit hard up and had advanced them 5000 Deutchmarks to install beds and cupboards for the guys he'd be sending there.
They all come to the apple farm. LOL.
Note: There are a few "typos" in that post above but for some reason I'm not being permitted to Edit ... who? ... me? tongue.gif
... tzhe item attatched between that "thick Piece of string" and the accelerator pedal was a "Thick rubber band" the rest you'll have to figure out rolleyes.gif
Dave Grieve
Cracking tale Tommi, as usual thumbup.gif
Guest wellfield
Ha' Ha'...I could write a book on British B & B's and hotels in my trips to Britain over the past 50 years!....but we took it all in stride and it became a comedy routine at parties....

PS: great story TeeHeeHee!!
Thanks guys ... as a famopus comedian used to say, "C'mere, there's more". tongue.gif
I read your story Tommi, and thoroughly enjoyed it--- great night's entertainment! I've stayed in countless B&B's but I haven't had the experiences you've had... blood-stained Mattresses yet! ( Gewiß, mußt du ein guter Mechaniker sein... siehst du z.B., die Deutschen wollten wieder Sie zurück zu haben!). Thanks again Tommi!
Cheers, Dugald.
Brilliant story Tee.

I have great memories of Air Works mess on Thursday nights in Salalah in the mid sixties.

Rugby songs were completely new to me, but I'm a quick learner!!

wacko.gif I use trip adviser , both for my wanting to know about places , and also to review, i have to say though in my early reviews i used to write what i thought warts an all, but one review i had done changed my attitude towards reviewing , i gave one place what i thought was a fair review only to be bombarded with friends of the owner ,lambasting me for questioning there friends restaurant, the owners who to there credit answered my questions truthfully , i then realzed i was playing with someones livelyhood, and now i only review if i have a good experience, this at least lets people know of what would be in my opinion a good hotel , restaurant , bar ect. after all we all have different tastes so what might be good for me might not be good for someone else, if i have a bad experience then i just dont go back
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