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Full Version: Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Before
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But I enjoyed watching it.

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Yes, very uplifting, glad you enjoyed it too. What an amazing job these people do and the children make me feel humble.
Hello Gardenqueen: I watched and listened to the contents of your posting and thoroughly enjoyed it! I know the Yorkhill Hospital quite well having had my tonsils removed there a long long time ago. Indeed, I can still recall being told I'd get a lollipop if I could blow into this big balloon and burst it. Well, I never did burst it of course, this balloon thing being simply the means back then of sedating children, and I knew nothing about it until I was given a dish of ice-cream. (Never did find out if I got a lollipop!). A good hospital, and the "I'm on my way" does a very good job of showing what it is they do at that hospital: the photographer(s) did a good job and seem to have covered all aspects of what they do in that hospital. Enjoyable post Gardenqueen!
Thanks, Dugald, I am glad you enjoyed watching it and am glad your experience was a good one too.

I have worked with a lot of sick children and young adults in my career as a special needs teacher and never failed to be touched by their ability to get on with it. Hospitals for sick children do a great job, for sure, and I am sure the staff must be very special indeed under the circumstances, providing a positive and cheerful atmosphere for both children and their parents.

It is also a very motivational song and it is good to be able to share in their video.

Thanks for introducing me to the theme for the next item for my Class at our School Assembly.

That performance just proves that, even in the darkest of moments, kids with medical problems can be ever so resilient and so full of life. It also shows that those wonderful people entrusted with their care can be equally so !

An absolutely brilliant offering !

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Glad it will be of help to you, Tombro. I remember well having to be resourceful when thinking of assembly themes.

Once I was given the theme "biodiversity" by the Head Teacher and left to get on with it. This was in a special school for a wide range of special needs.

In the end I managed to cobble something together with my own class dressed as butterflies, bees and flowers who then gave out a selection of packets of seeds for attracting insects etc.

It went down very well and I introduced it by playing the old track, "In an English Country Garden" which you can find on YouTube.

A real "feel good" video which sure lifts you. thanks for posting thumbup.gif yes.gif
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