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Full Version: Parly Road - Townhead
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New book out on Kindle called Parly Road, by new Toonheid-born author Ian Todd.

It is the summer of 1965 in the Townhead district of Glasgow. Happy-go-lucky ten year old Johnboy Taylor and his pals dream of owning their own pigeon loft or ‘dookit’ and competing with the city’s grown-up ‘doo-men’ in the sport they love. To make their dream come true, they embark on a journey of entrepreneurial escapades, have great fun and with very few rules to constrain them, leave chaos in their wake. They are soon embroiled in an adult world of gangsters, police corruption, violence and crime.

Set against the back-drop of a condemned tenement slum area, the fate of which has already been decided upon as it stands in the way of the city’s new Inner Ring Road motorway development, the boys soon realise that to survive on the streets, they have to stay one step ahead of those in authority.

Ian has put together a collection of photographs from the Townhead during the 1960s relating to the story. Check it out on Facebook and if you're interested in the book there's a link on the Facebook page that will take you to the book on Amazon where you can read the first few chapters without having to download the book.
Hi Onyir, are you still there?

I only started reading Ian Todd's "Parly Road" a short time ago. I quickly got carried away wi' The Mankies and only yesterday finished book #10 in the seies of Todd's tale of The Glasgow Chronicles which is called Kingston Bridge.
I kept in touch with him via facebook to know when the next in the series became available on Kindle; which is a great help when the old eyes fall victim to AMD.

I've ad folks ask if each book can stand alone but I'm afraid not: unless you start from the beginning you'll lose the thread.
It's a great walk down memory lane in the sense that the story is formed around the old Toonheid tenements up untill the excavaters rip it all down.
Book #10, Kingston Bridge, brings it to an end ...
but then again unsure.gif wink.gif
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