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Full Version: Maryhill Area Picture
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This section of Maryhill is due for demolition the houses are empty.But they seem to be in good condition.Does anyone know what will replace them,will it be high rises.
A great picture Tom I guess it will be high rises that's what they are building now like the Gorbals.
Dexter St. Clair
Given that they have just demolished Ruchill and failed to build a high rise it is more likely that detached housing for owner occupiers will be buit.

It should be noted that Glasgow will be demolishing high rise property over the next few years.
The demolition is already underway,there is a recent picture posted in the Maryhill section.No plans for hi rises here at all.They may follow the successful Queens Cross development but the papers tonight have published the first details of the redevelopment.The old Burgh Halls will form the core of a new leisure centre around which this area will gradually be redeveloped.I saw the plans for this last September and they were pretty impressive with an atrium going into the courtyard .Its excellent if they manage to retain this old building as part of the new valley.

Link Expired.
wee mags
Hi Scotslad thanks for the info its nice of you to keep us up to date wink.gif
Jan Williams
Correct me if I am wrong, but Maryhill Burgh halls look sturdy to me, where have all these building gone to. They are not built to last these days.
Jan...Doors open day has been an event in my kids upbringing...they have been out and about on this day....carried on my back/toddled through whatever they could manage/till they came to love it..and they have seen some awsome places.These days they buck it mostly but I know for sure they will eventually appreciate what this city means because they have learned so much more about the city than I ever knew.
2 years ago on doors open day..the Burgh Halls was opened and me .the kids my brother and his kids planned to include it and we failed cos we got involved in a long lunch in the city centre.

Last Sept Ross and I went in and met the architects responsible for the new plans and it was fascinating.The building was stinking,possibly dry rot but the framework was still in place and it was visually stunning.Because we knew a bit about the building the guys were brilliant with Ross and he got a conducted tour...a lot of what we know about it stems from Wee Mags and we are grateful for all her local knowledge.To see it converted into a modern building providing local services would be awsome.
wee mags
Hi Scotslad .I was looking through a bunch of old stuff, and what was there but an advertisement of the Old Maryhill Book being released it was going to be shown at the burgh hall noo am awe chuffed wae maself a cannae help it, it has a photo of the front of the Old Maryhill on it the one of the old butney brae,
my son gave me the book one time "jist because your you Ma" ,nice wee boy,even if he is heid an shooders taller than me or as the yank wid say Mags everyone,s taller than you ohmy.gif
The point Mags is that you might be vertically challenged.....join the club at 5.9 am vertically challenged now as well all three match me or surpass me... how do you threaten a kid who is taller than you..outsmart him with your knowledge or keep a stool handy.... think I need to be a bit smarter.Keep the info coming Mags
Hi Ian,

just wondered when I looked at the photo of the Maryhill Burgh Hall, was the architect Alexander "Greek" Thomson.

Here's a 3d Google Maps view towards Collina Street from above Lock 21 in 2018 - It's a shame the buildings were demolished before Street View was available; just a wee bit too late!
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