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Don C.
I can remember my mother's recipe for STOVIES I know every body had their own variation of how to make them But my mum's was with Square slice Sausages, Onions and Potatoes, Superb Can still taste them to this day, ( COME ON AND GIVE TOUR RECIPE FOR THEM ) Don.
I made what I remembered as Stovies last week, I fried some onions and carrot in butter added that to mashed potato and some leftover boiled ham shredded, my sister said it should have been corned beef, I suppose any leftover meat would do. It was qjite nice, my husband had seconds, but not what I remember
I think the stovies thread was done to death a year or two ago. Everyone has their own variation, but in the North East of Scotland, it is always left-over roast beef, onions and sliced potatoes that are used. In my childhood days in Shettleston, it was often as not only tatties and onions, as meat was so scarce.
Dont like stovies but love Dustin Hoffmans take on stovies on YouTube.
After 38 years in NE, I prefer theirs , with oatcakes and pickled beetroot. It's a close run thing with mince'n'totties!
Can still savour the taste of my Dads' stovies, he made them every Monday, remember running home from work knowing was day for Stovies. Have no idea the ingredients he used, just know they were to die for. Delicious. tongue.gif
QUOTE (Jupiter @ 19th Nov 2013, 01:01pm) *
Dont like stovies but love Dustin Hoffmans take on stovies on YouTube.

laugh.gif I've just looked that up. Cheers
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