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Full Version: Parkinsons Awareness Week
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as it says trying to make you more aware. then maybe the tea total drunk wont be hassled again cause he might not be drunk. "get info" get to know the problems we face everyday. cheers.

Watch the you tube video above.
wee mags
I watched it Ken a job well done thumbup.gif
Well done Ken ,and all your flashmob
Good job, Ken, congratulations. This kind of thing certainly makes people more aware.
wee mags
a relative of Mike has its so sad to see her ,she is in her 60s, sad.gif it is one terrible illness

Parkinson's UK said that 41 per cent of sufferers say they have been discriminated against because they suffer from the disease.

And 8 per cent said they have experienced hostility or have been verbally abused in public because of symptoms of the neurological condition , according to a new poll conducted by Parkinson's UK on 2,900 sufferers.

Steve Ford, chief executive at Parkinson's UK, said: "Our research confirms that far too many people with Parkinson's are having to battle against intolerable levels of prejudice.

"Life with Parkinson's can be challenging enough, but when that is coupled with feeling scared to even go out in public for fear of freezing in a busy queue and being tutted or stared at - as over half the people we spoke to do - life can feel incredibly cruel.

Sufferer Ruth Martin, a mother of two from Holmfirth, west Yorkshire, said that since her diagnosis in 2008 she has struggled to deal with how people react to her condition.

The 41-year-old said: "I've experienced all sorts of discrimination since I've had Parkinson's, but one incident really stands out. I was having a bad day and was waiting in a queue in a pharmacy. The man standing behind me with his wife said really loudly to her "just stand back a bit love, the woman in front has been drinking".

Sufferer Ruth Martin, a mother of two from Holmfirth, west Yorkshire, said that since her diagnosis in 2008 she has struggled to deal with how people react to her condition.

People have been very confrontational towards me, and I have even been followed round a supermarket by a security guard who obviously thought I was acting suspiciously. I just wish that if people saw others staggering or struggling that it would cross their minds to wonder if they've got Parkinson's." . sad.gif sad.gif

thanks every one but who is the drunk
Congratulations Ken. My brother in law is being tested right now. God willing this is not his problem.

wee mags
the drunk ? could it be Kenb thumbup.gif

thanks every one but who is the drunk
There is no drunk Ken , I see only yourself
sitting on stage ,
A grey haired man who is'nt very old but
suffers from Parkinsons .
God bless you and others who suffer from this
awful affliction . thumbup.gif thumbup.gif

I do hope that the public will take heed and donate
to help with the research , although there has been progress
it still has quite a bit to go before there will be a cure,

A Family member has had Parkinsons for 12 years and a close friend for 18 months.

I must admit that before she ,family member,was diagnosed I knew practically nothing about it..

"Awareness" can only be a major benefit and hopefully more people will be more understanding.!!

cheers dylan it is terrible thung but it affects everyone differently,so look after your family member and keep trying too understand her problem she might not see it for herself

cheers eveyone that posted
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