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Tori G
Hi Martin, I'm still unable to activate the Shout tab after writing my comment,... (I type my comment, press shout, nothing happens) are you able to help me with this dilemma?? Please
I was wondering why no-one was shouting recently, so I tried it again just now - and it works for me. Don't know what's happening, I hope Martin can help.
Tori G
Hi Elma, I dont think many others have the problem, this is the main reason why I personally havent posted, because I cant, its been way too long since my last shout,... could be coming up for over a year now or longer, yep, that amount of time has lapsed, and I become dispondent then go away in a huff, huh.gif I havent stopped trying though, I realise Martin can be busy so what can I do sad.gif
Tori G
Hi Martin,
I still cant use the shout/reply button in Shoutbox, I write my comment then press shout, and the shout button will not depress for me, pardon the pun, its a bit depressing. sad.gif
Is there any way you maybe able to fix it for me pretty please. yes.gif
Tori, the Shoutbox does not work for me either. I gave up trying to access it a while ago.
I tried after reading your Post and still no luck.
Tori G
Oh Heather im so glad im not the only one unable to make comment on shoutbox,...

I've been wondering if I said something wrong and been banned, not that I say anything to be banned about.
Lets hope Martin gets to see and read this.

Hopefully others who cant comment will pop in here to say so too, (fingers crossed)
I don't know anything about Shoutbox, but it seems strange that some members can use it while others can't. That may suggest it's an issue with your computer settings rather than an issue with Shoutbox. Is it possible that you have javascript disabled, or some other add on/plug in enabled which might be blocking Shoutbox ?
Tori G
Hi d.c. thanks for that info, now all i have to do, is work out where to start looking, and how to fix the problem??? Any ideas??
Before you change anything, give me a few minutes to try Shoutbox with javascript enabled and then disabled, to test what happens.
Well, that didn't help. Shoutbox worked for me with javascript enabled and disabled.

What browser are you using ?

Update: My previous tests were when using Firefox, which is my usual browser. Just tested Shoutbox using Internet Explorer and it didn't work.
Hi Tori,

I'll look into this further and get back to you.

What internet browser are you using?

Tori G
Thanks d.c. for your help, its much appreciated.

Hi Martin, I normally use Internet Explorer, however,

had been prompted to use Google Chrome,(some time back) which I downloaded, though I kept on using IE.

Right now I'm using Google Chrome and because I have, was prompted to sign in here or register,

so now I will try and use the shout button and see what happens...?


Well I'll be!! (dont answer)

Martin and d.c, it was because of downloading Google Chrome but kept on using IE (duh). Obviously the configurations (Java Script) got changed from IE, thats what I think anyways lol.
Tori G
Ps.... Martin and d.c...

Hi Martin,I'm having the same problem that Tori had..everytime I try and leave a message in shoutbox it just won't add it.
I'm using Internet Explorer, is that a problem for posting in the ''Box''??
I've seen others being able to post and just wondering what's going on.
penny dainty
I tried to shout today and no luck , sorry Annie I did try and shout to you. ohmy.gif
annie laurie
Hello Martin,

The SHOUTBOX is still not working for some of the posters,
Or else it is another dept, that is slowly dieing,

Annie laurie unsure.gif
Tori G
If I use Google Chrome browser instead of Internet Explorer browser with my vista operating system on my laptop I can get to use/reply on Shoutbox, so therefore I personally believe the fact that I downloaded Chrome it somehow has stopped IE (which I originally used) from integrating with the Shoutbox functioning of replying.
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