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wee mags
well awe you folks since bettys no on yet, am jist gonnae make ma tea and wait tae see if any wan is comingover wink.gif
Whit took ye so long registerin Mags ,ah thought you wid have been member # 1. Gee the wee hoose looks nice . biggrin.gif tongue.gif
Hi there Wee Mags and JimmyD. Isn't this a great place?! Dead impressed by the new format. I feel as if we've been through a tornado and ended up on this beautiful island. It is a shame, though, that all the magnificent and heart-warming posts of the old site have disappeared. However, new beginnings mean new growth. And we can all grow together once again.
(This is weewuman, by the way. Changed my name for the new site) Bye the noom.
Daftie me - meant to write "Bye the noo".
biggrin.gif Thanks wee mags for getting this wee room stared nice to see everyone coming in the door . A big welcome to everyone ,I so impressed with what Martin has done. dry.gif but does anyone know all the wee codes at the top?
wee mags
aye a get it going and look whit that jimmys dain hivin a wee beer and leavin the bottle on the drain the wee bugger rolleyes.gif
wee mags
knowin that betty shes aff tae the toon for a couple offf wee things and a look aroon the place she dis that wance in a while rolleyes.gif and teeny yir tea, ott so hurry up wae the stairs cool.gif
big al
hi betty - nice to see you registered - however you're a new starter now and not one of the oldies as before - makes you feel better doesn't it?


Thanks Martin and you too Al glad ma wee room is still goin , and as the sayin goes
somethin old somethin new
look out folks here comes betty2
Ah've arrived an tae prove it am here
wis away huvin dinner wae oor catherine yesterday so didnae fun oot whit wis goin oan tae the noo, wait tae she funs oot she's no a high rankin member ony mair , there'll be hell tae pay. Hud a great day wae her at her sisters hoose where i was made most welcome, didnae get hame tae cinderella time and a bit inebriated(well ah hud tae be sociable ) Thank god we're back on track cheers martin
biggrin.gif Hang on to your hats our wee Betty's back and we've waiting for your poems to start, so break out the wine or cuppa of your choice and let the party begin
Archie Millar
Hi Betty, welome hame!
A thought you'd flitted tae get away frum those bloody sterrs-gie oor Cath ma love the next time ye speak tae her ohmy.gif
Re Catherine, betty2 - "wait tae she funs oot she's no a high rankin member ony mair , there'll be hell tae pay" -

mah money's on her bein' back tae where she was within the month!
"Hello everyone" from Rena ,just had a wee chat with our Rena and she has no time to herself since the big meet with family visiting, last time she was in here she was telling us how she'd wrote for 20 mintues about her trip only to lose it.Well she didn't know all about the failure and had not even had time to read my e-mail. But she is thinking about you all and asked me to let you all know .She's hoping to get on soon. huh.gif
jist wondered whit was happening wi the chat facilities, as i was starting to enjoy them
In the old Board Martin told us where everyone lived. Is it somewhere and I'm missing it. unsure.gif

Betty, it was a shock for most of us and I have to hand it to Mags, aka wee mags, who e-mailed me the problem when I thought my computer was going haywire.

I have a feeling you will present us with a poem soon. I dont think we will forget the old scrapbook. This post will be great for rememberances.
Ah'll second that Ed wance oor cath gets started there's nae haudin her
Jist chat tae yir hearts content in here jannymac
there's aye somebody aboot that'll answer yi, and hi tae you Rena
Buntyq, I miss the part that had our locations too. Had you not seen mine, I never would have learned about Lois and Yoga and Bainbridge Island. biggrin.gif

Washington State, USA
For the past week my heart was sad
But now today it has turned to glad
We are all posting once again
And taking our trips down memory lane
The glasgow that you all once knew
Into a city of culture it has grew
But many of you will remember its past
And those memories of childhood I'm sure will last
Those happy times I'm sure most of you spent
In a room'n'kitchen in a tenement
Glasgow the city of culture it became
But to all of you it will always be hame
No matter how far away you may roam
Glasgow's the place you will always call home
Re - "Ah'll second that Ed wance oor cath gets started there's nae haudin her", betty2, she better make it real soon, I'm only "holding the fort" until she gets back in here where she should be - cos ah can't keep this up much longer!
Great ta hear from you Betty , how about the big meet. When are you going to give us all the details.ALL OF THEM,DONT BE MISSING OUT ANYTHING. laugh.gif
Barbara, maybe Martin can squeeze in our location in the new web. Haven't heard from Lois so I'm not sure if they found a house.
You wearin the wee fingers tae the bone there Bard?? Yer playin blinder.I can just hear Catherine noo. "Right get wi the tour you lot !!,an gies yer patter.".
Hey Mags I took ma empties oot,there must be sleekit drinker gettin in here.
wink.gif wink.gif
Ach ! ye hiv done it again Betty, that was lovely. Goad bliss ye hen. blink.gif unsure.gif
Welcome back, Betty. It wouldn't be the same without you.
Och Betty that was lovely. It brought a wee tear to my eye. Good wan hen.
Lovely wee poem Betty and so right we all belang to glesga
smile.gif Thanks Betty now I know your back with a wee poem it feels like home . cool.gif
big al
Betty - once again a real cracker - Davy had better watch out or you'll be the one giving readings next year at the Winter Palace at Glasgow Green - keep it up...
Noo the ferr wance again is comin tae an end
These wee tit bits tae you'se ah'll send
The waverly is still trippin doon the clyde
Wae loats o folk fae far an wide
But also oan this steamer you'll find
Glesca folk o every kind
Maw 's will take their weans away fur the day
Tae Dunoon an Millport and Rothesay bay
Senior citizens wae tears in their eyes
See the empty docks where wance great ships did rise
Many teenagers on this ship do go
Ower tae Rothesay where theres a good disco
Oan the bottom deck a trio play
Music that suits nae matter where you're fae
And if yi want yi cin get up an dance
But wae the rollin o the ship yir takin a chance
There's nowt better than a trip doon the clyde
And this is seconded by all from far and wide
Whilst takin this trip doon memory lane
Ah remember the good days when ah wis a wean
Ed you're oan standby tae the start o next week she disnae fly hame tae sunday midday, nae doot you'll be hearin fae her as soon as !!!Ah've hud a few nice times wae her durin her visit. you take care betty2
Hello Folks!
Just trying things out, and popping in to say "hello"!
~lisaann rolleyes.gif
Hello Betty & Troops!
Lovely new place you have here! Just popping in to say "hiya"!
Enjoy your day!
wee izzy
biggrin.gif hi everyone i am back i missed you all so much its great to be hame again i hope everyone will be on board soon and guys i enjoyed your pictures it look like you all had a ball and i hope you are all enjoying your holiday i am still trying to figure out who who but i think i have archie alright my wee grandaughter is doing great getting big and jimmy has your new one arrived yet well i looking falward to hearing all your patter again so hang in martain the new board looks great maybe it will be better if thats pissible cheerio for now biggrin.gif
wee mags
jist aff the phone wae oor catherine she is missing everyone "tell them I said hello" and will catch up when I get back ,we had our usual laugh at all the daft things we laugh at so folks get ready shes coming soon tae a place near us biggrin.gif
sad.gif hey yoo lot didnae anybody miss me, did yoo aw know I died went tae the auld board and couldnae fun mah way back ah huv a loat o' catchin' up tae dae, hey wee Mags goat sumpin fur ye hen need tae git ur address(home) ah think yoo'll like it hello all still getting confused here but will catch up sooner or later wink.gif
wink.gif jist thought ah'd drap in fur a wee cuppa but naebody hame ah gess betty's still recuperating frae her visitors oh well sad.gif
Och Aye Betty, Lang may all your lums reek..
In the wee sma’ hours wi betty2.

Can we synchronise our watches, ‘cos oor time is no’ the same,
I’ll be yer virtual visitor when all the mob’s gone hame,
Mind they clean up after themselves - & we’ll hiv oorsels a ba’
Jist in time fur breakfast - & ah’ll be bringing it a’.

So put awa’ thon teapot, we’ll no’ get in that rut,
Cos tannin’s no that good for us, it tends tae rot yer gut,
Breakfast of champions, oor hearts will be singin
Wi’ health in the sma' hours, cos here’s whit ah'm bringin.

[unpacks, several thuds – vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, coupla limes – where’s yer pepper & Worcesterhire sauce, betty?]

Ah yes, Bloody Mary, all the necessary vitamins, minerals & essential nutrients to sustain life!

Here’s tae us, wha’s like us, here’s tae oor health,
Long life, happiness, & aye enough wealth,
Glasgow’s no’ changed – does that rain EVER stop?
Here, let me pour again, jist anither wee drop,
Here’s mud in yer eye, lang may yer lum reek,
Ah’ve kept ye up, hen, ah’ll awa’, go to sleep.
laugh.gif Ahm wae you Bard !!

Nice tae see wur aw up an runnin, two days tae go here, too many things tae buy an no enuf money.......sometimes disnae matter whaur the hell ye live eh, saw the same laugh.gif ..

So ah cannae register till ah get back hame guys, but ah do bulieve ah'll be member nummer a thoosant afore ah work it oot, cannae wait fur aw the gossip, must be hunners.
Toodlepip tallyho an up yer kilt!!
wink.gif hi you lot had to re register again who drop the bomb on the bulltin board its all new i did get your e_mail a few days ago

so just to let you all know still hail and harty

wink.gif wink.gif welcome back Bernie we sure did miss you hope everything is A OK with you

I just wondered? why do we not use the chat room?? seems we could all talk to each other in there just great??
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