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Marion Dougan
Gled you enjoyed the soup Mary 48. See Maggie 2 is leavin us hingin Catherine, pit her back oan track, ma heeds clear the day. That bloody rid wine Betty, kin ye know git ony better than ELDORADO ( IS ELDORADO WINE LOL ) me no bein a drinker, a dinna know!!!!!! Well am away tae hoover fur Betty. Catherine gie's a wee hawn hen, ah'll dae doonsterrs, you dae upsterrs!!!!
Thanks mary fur the website passed it oan tae ma g/daughter who found it very helpful, but ah hud been tae the PP an whit a rerr day ah hud met a wummin fae bridgeton an we goat talkin and then went fur oor tea the gither lovely wummin jist like masel oot passin the time o day . The place wis busy wae school weans , great thing this fur the weans tae get tae know how and whit being a glesweigan is aw aboot. Never you mind the sterrs the noo we'll soart summit oot but yi need a doactors line An ladies the big clean is comin up (xmas) we need everthing spit spot an shinin afore the deck's go up an naw marion you're no dressin the tree , its no you're turn. Ah think we'll let mary48 dae it this year an did onybody pit hur in thr picter aboot the wee swally we huv noo'n'again rolleyes.gif
well ah jist goat back frae gettin' mah messages an' mah bliddy feet ur sore wan person here and it cost me $78.00 dont know whit the he** ah bought but ah wis hungry when ah went tae the store shud've known better, oh thanks luv a wee cuppsa wid be smashin' the noo, whits that yir saying Marion, och ah dont know hen when betty'll be back her hoose an' she's never here , haw Maggie if yer no using the pilla hen cin a borrow it, smashing day oot therr isnt it, catherine did yoo tell Mary she hud tae dae the dishes, oh guid oan ye hen aboot time somebody else wis daen them, och ah need tae go the noo an' pit mah messages away, ta ta the noo.
In the middle a the big waash doon the sterrs here betty...bannisters gleamin hen, gies anither seventywan hoors an ahll be feenisht here an ower ahll come an dae the big sweep therr an aw pet....Somebody get that kettle oan eh....thanks china's...betty great ye met a wee wummin, ah like tae hear that...takes ye back....Ria, bet ye'v nuthin in that 78 dollars fur yer dinner the night hen if ye shoap anythin like me...Hoi we balieve ye Marion, not a drop ower yer lips huv we seen....this last hoor laugh.gif
Well so this is whit ye's get up to when I'm away tae ma work, havin' lovely bowls o soup and rid biddy as well!! I'm no able tae turn ma back for a minute, did ye's keep me some soup? I'm frozen, tired and I'm Salsa'd oot. Oh and it's only Tuesday!!
Ho hum! Somebody come and cheer me up! wacko.gif Move up and let me in tae the fire, oh here's the fern cakes, I stopped at the bakers on my way home!
Move ower nearer the fire melody the kettles jist biled ur dae yi want tae go intae the chat
Ok Betty, but I keep getting chucked out of this thing, here goes!
Aw here somebudy pit the kettle oan....Ye'll never guess whit ah done....Jakes goat a wee trip the day, Max is in his yer wummin puts the appointment oan fur the routine Mammogram.
Gets the weans tae school, hauf an hoor tae zip through the traffic, gets a great parkin spot aw chuffed wae masel!!
Whilst waitin tae pay fur the prepaid parkin, this wummin in fronts tellin me oh gie yersel at least an hoor's worth, so ahm jist puttin in the dollar coins jist incase =7. Gets tae the reception, tells the guy hauf nine appointment blah blah....He says aw here ye are, yer in the wrang hospital...yer appointments fur downtown.
Ah mean WHIT IS IT aboot me????? laugh.gif
Hi guys can a join you for a wee cuppa. Two sugars and milk please
hahahahahaahah, oh, Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here, hen, sit yersel doon, ah'll get the tea annat fur ye...ah'll even dae the sterrs fur ye

ah'm no daft, ah know she did a rer joab oan thum yesterday!
Whit wid ye like wae yer tea? a wee hauf ?
Shhh, ah know it's early but ah reckon ye need something fae that tranquil corner:)
Sorry, Isobel, How dae ye take yer tea?
Ah couldnae see ye there fur the tears o' laughter running doon ma cheeks:)
Oh thats ok, ma neighbour just came in so im going to have a wee chat with her ,but in case your still here when I get back a like it sweet two sugars and a wee bit milk.
Care to join me I've got a wee cake here looking for some takers.I'm not suppose to know about it yet but in-laws and mom are coming so I've to wait. cool.gif It looks like a strawberry cream ..yummy!
and who disnae get surprises??
Isobel'll be back in aminute, ah'm sure!
Neighbour or nae neighbour, the smell of cake'll draw them aw in.
Ah wunner where Betty keeps her candles.
It is a surprise !! but then the parents are coming invited themselves so he rushed out and bought a cake and a card ....ha ha !Mary no candles i might burn the house down if I have to many.Where's betty today anyway cleaning the stairs again poor lass always cleaning. rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday to you! Marg!! and many more!!! well at least they got the day right and the right place! not like some folk we knoe? rofl!! Catherine you must feel a right stuumer hen? but that is ok we are laughing with you not at you!!! did you ask for a refund on your parking??? lol
It's gaun fae bad tae worse!!!!....Ahv been runnin aboot aw day, jist tryin tae catch up wae things y'no. So ahm doon at ma computer tae finally clean an clear it up cos ma servers tellin me ahm fullaw ah hears next doors bell gettin dingdingeddingdongeddingsongeddingdonged....goes oot tae see whit the camotion is. UPS guys therr wae two big boaxes fur next door....Aw here ahll take them in postie nae worries....therrs a 79 dollar charge for one mam an 42 dollar charge for the other...Oh haud oan ahn ahll phone them at work then ah says....Yo Winnie it's me pet, delivery wae charges dae ye waant me tae pay an ahll see ye the night? Och naw she says, ahll jist pay ower the phone wae ma credit kerd pet....whit is it dae ye no? ah ask...Turns oot it's her surprise birthday gift fae her hubby......Ah mean ah ALWAYS pick up therr deliveries fur them through the day.....How wis ah tae no???? he's in noo an ahm feart tae tell him laugh.gif ....thanks Mary, wee bit mare ae that hauf hen!!!!
Marg yir birthday an naebody telt me , happy birthday, nae tea get the bar open . Dont know if you wans ur huvin the same boather as me but this is gawn dead slow an am losin the heid wae it, you lot cairry oan the noo ah've summit tae dae rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Marg, I'm the same this machine is so slow and then chips me out at random!! I've got a horrible feeling it's going to completely go on the blink!! Happy Birthday have a great day!
Thank you girls , Catherine how can you be so confused with all the running around your doing sounds to me like its a normal day in my house.Time to sit back and relax and take five mintues to your self.
och Marg ah missed yer birthday well Happy Belated Birthday, whitjaget whitjaget hope yi hud great day. laugh.gif
Dont be rushin of there, Gemini!
Ah've just made a brew...ah'm no long in masel.
Coupla wee choc chip bikkies wae that?

Catherine, take Marg's advice.....have a, ah've a wee kit kat left:)
WELL GIRLS, why don't yea all taek a break? settle doon as mary wud say!! calm doon & relax!! & lets hav a guid all get tegether fur oor Marg? Lordy knows, ah dinnae nae aboot yers lot but ahm stressed oot & need tae relax! so lets aal have a wee wummans sing song!! put the kettle oan Catherine, who needs bevvy?
Kettle's bylt Leen....Ahll hae a double an aw pet. Jist gettin the deck stuff oot the way noo, last ah wis in therr, oor garage wis a's been overtaken wae the toy troops!! Snow wis in the air here this mornin, wee hat went oan ahn ahv noo goat hat herr....sparky rules ya bas laugh.gif
It's still 100 degrees here in the desert~We'll be wearing our bathing suits trick or treating!
We had our first taste of summer a coupla weeks ago but it's back down to sensible spring weather for now:)

Did somebody mention a bevvy?
Oh surely no in here Mary...... laugh.gif ......Yer root tootin hen, get the brandy oot an intae ma coffee, it's baltic that's wae nae snaw!! Definitely headin intae winter here guys, though some of the trees are still gorgeous wae colour. Therrs wan in Max's playground that the leaves turn ruby red every year, jist beautiful.
Ah better get this place in order, ahm huvin a visitor soon ye'll need tae get somebudy else oan the curtain duty pet {woowoo..kin ye's guess who??????}
wee mags
sorry to use yir wee room betty, but I was wondering if anyone on the board was recievingreturn to sender undeliverable I have recieved five so far I have delated them all!!I could not remember where the virus post was maybe martin could put this in that post thanks wink.gif
Wee mags I've been getting them for a week now and have heard from others they carry viruses so delete is best.
Anybudy therr tae pit the tea oan? Guess whit ah done noo....
So ahm oan the landin in between the basement an the kitchen, an decided tae put up the shelf wae the hooks oan it fur the winter jackets {cos the ither wan fell doon last week an husnae been fixed yet , naturally!!}
So there ah am like yer contorshinist, quite cheery cos things wur lookin good. SHOULD A BLOODY KNEW!!...Jist as a hing up the last coat an go up a sterr tae admire ma handy work, the whole bloody lot came crashin aff the wa' laugh.gif Mind you at least hauf the wa' didnae come doon cos that hus been known tae happen y'no!
Aw well, back tae the drawin board...ony biscuits left betty?
Oh Thank God, I thought they things only happened tae me!!
Poor Cath! Never mind! A Whirly day!
laugh.gif There's a packet of Jaffa Cakes, two Blue Ribands or there's the good Markies wans... but we better wait till Betty comes in before we open them... dae ye think?
Stuff that Melody, jist blame jimmy laugh.gif Ah'll hae the guid auld Jaffa's hen, you hae the blue Ribband crap!!....
Ah think that betty's lyin upsterrs givin it the Garbo mood...Moan we'll pit the sounds oan an get her intae her dancin shoes....Oh here's wan here...A well hallo chichichichichichi dolly.....{turn it up therr...abit mare...perfect...
The tea's on and I'm in for a cuppa , the weather is a balmy 18c unbelieveable for the end of October does this mean we're in for a stormy winter .I'll wait for you to get the cakes out .
Marg, kettles boiling, I'll nip oot fur cakes, whit dae ye fancy? Who's fur a wee dance? Turn that music up a wee bit louder, I think I can hear stirrin' upstairs, maybe Betty will make an appearance.... Hoi Betty, hoi Betty.... Kaz might come roon the night.... Oh a hear her noo!!
Night Night pals, over the water, round the corner and wherever you are! ? From Dear Auld Glesga Toon.
I missed out on tea been to the out door clinic as I couldn't get a doctor appointment for three weeks I'm no futher ahead this doc was just out of med school ......... so will now see if he can have my own doctor see me in the next few days sad.gif Glad I'm not to ill.
well I go to the DRs tomorrow! the Neurologist who did my back surgery...Hubby is coming along too, he wants to talk to him also, I hope he has some ideas to releive the pain in my back? I feel worse now than I did before surgery, so discouraging! will pop in later in the week and let you all know what he had to say....
I'm on the phone with our Rena and she's says Hello to all her friends , computer still needing fixed ,my hubby is now chatting with her .......poor woman !!! Hi to Betty hope your keeping the stairs cleaned ..........Catherine she heard from mom.I can't remember what else I was to pass on my memory is going .....ha ha........thanks betty for us using this wee room to pass on the message.
Where is Betty? I'm startin' tae fret here! I don't like it when I don't know where she is. dry.gif Dae ye think she's a t the dancin'?
I wonder!!!!
Maggie2 I hope & pray the dr has some relief for your pain. Good Luck- we'll all be thinking of you! Sorry to hear about Rena's pc, hopefully she'll be up & running soon. Marg, Thanks for keeping us up to date. You are the goodwill ambassador fot he gg's! How are you Marg? What did ur doc say? Hope you are all well & happy~tea & jaffa cakes sound good right about now
Hi de hi thought ah telt yis ah wis gawn tae the caravan fur the weekend, since ah came hame stertit tae dae the windaes chinge the curtains (a big joab fur me) but ah get fed up waitin oan the help an ma back's been killin me ever since canny see the dr till the 12 nov huvnae even been ower the door mellow.gif Markies biscuits melody good on yi like a wummin who knows hur biscuits an where tae get them. Mags whit yi apoligisin fur your part o the furniture in here efter aw it wis you that revived this efter the crash o 2003

Oor wee room is fur one,n,all
There's a cuppa waitin if yi care tae call
we're a friendly lot who come in here
This is the place to find good cheer
Fern cakes an blue ribands you'll find
Come help yirsel we dont mind
But wance in a while you'll be asked tae help
So when its yir turn fur the sterrs "mind nae yelp"
A coal fire wae slippers there
come oan in an pull up a cherr
Hi there! Ah hope yer back gets better soon.
Ahve brought some wee pies and sausage rolls - oot the City Bakeries. An some meringues tae.
Right tumchie you stick they pies an sausage rolls in the oven ah'll see tae the kettle whit wid yi prefer "tea" or "bovril" Dont know whit the weather 's like in pittsburgh but its dammed cauld here in glesca cheers
Right. They're in the oven. Jings. Ah jist burnt ma wrist. Ah always dae that.
Ah widnae mind a wee cup of Bovril. Huvnae hud that in years.
It's a sunny day here. Apparently the temperatures are going to go up to around 70 on Sat. Unusual.
Talk aboot "wish you were here" ah wish ah wis therr wan bovril oan the wey rolleyes.gif
Ta. No bad at a'.
Whit happened tae yer back?
Och ahm daft. Ah jist re-read yer post. Ye hurt it puttin' up the curtains. Ony time ah put up curtains they fall doon. An then anybody walkin' by ootside has a guid laugh tae themselves.
I suffer fae osteoathritis 2wear an tear" they tell me , but i overdid things (housework) this week so i'm paying the price .Old age disnae come itsel biggrin.gif
Noo ah think its time
that ah gied oot anither rhyme
an this wan ah will tae you tell
its aw aboot the wummin inhersel

My time is over as a wife
I had two go's at this in life
My kids they numbered five
And all but one are still alive
Now I see another generation
Five g/kids who fill me with elation
And looking back I can recall
The tears and laughter I had it all
Now as I sit here in my prime
I look around at the change of time
My life's been made easier by all mod/cons.
To me they're like magic wands
Yes still I try to kepp in the social whirl
I always was that kind of girl
Older and wiser this i learned well
And thats how i cope with being "INMASEL"
Hi, Betty:)
sorry tae hear aboot yer back but it's guid tae see yer in good form!
It's been pretty cauld roon here the day annaw so ah'll have a wee go at that bovril tae. Ah've broat alang a boattul cos ah goat some for the cup final party in May and we havenae feenisht it yet...if ah dont get rid o' it noo it'll still be here for the next cup fur aw ower the tap!
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