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Well Betty I just had back surgery ,so I won't be doing the stairs hen! But Hubert has kindly offered to do them for me! laugh.gif
Welcome Maggie2 I think I saw your name some other site smile.gif hope you like it here. I've been band here this afternoon hubby has been hogging the computer .So I'm sneaking a quick post while he's having tea . he he
Aw right maggie2 a wee lone fae the doator an yir aff the sterr joab , my but that hubert cin be a real gent at times but ah guess ha jist likes daen sterrs melody mibby run intae yi the morra thinkin aboot gawn tae the barras masel "WHO KNOWS?" rolleyes.gif
Betty we'll keep a look out for ye, hope it's a dry day! Bet this lots aw jealous! See if ye keep yer tastes simple you'll have a happy life! My God I sound like my mother-in-law, her sayings never made any sense to me when I was young, now they make perfect sense, I think I'm getting old right enough. I hate getting old do you? Anybody...........
its not so much the getting old but all the things that come with the it , thats what i dont like ie the senior moments and not being as independant as i used to be, rolleyes.gif
At least you don't loose yer drink and toast people wi Corporation Gin, I don't know who was the daftest!
Is ma turn tae dae the stairs, remember as a wee boy seeing Flash Gordon and the Claymen, ma mother near hud a fit, a hud ma wee four year old pal covered fae heid tae toe in pipe clay he wis wan of the claymen and I was a five year auld Flash Gordon.
Same year a hud a jag at the doctors, hated that, hud a neighbours cat squeeling, a wis jagging it wae a safety pin, geing it an inoculation!
Hubert, all becomes clear now! That explains a lot about you! We're ending ourselves laughing. Still looking for the chocolate bars!
My goodness where is everyone , I know uk is a sleep but what of the rest of us??I come by to put my feet up and have a chat no one about sad.gif George that disclaimer did you in pal better undo it or trade in the mac. at least I could count on you to be ready for a chat (wink wink ) oh and George *choochoo*
Hey Hubert, dae yoo no like moggies,ye must av hid a grate amaginashin when ye wur a wean. That wis a cracker. biggrin.gif
Jean I cant remember the moggies but that guy Ming wis right sneaky, his collar wis even alot higher than Billy Eckstein`s, shirt collars.
Melody I dont drink so aw the other bars in Glesga dont interest me, yes I would still like tae try that chocolate bar, if they still make them?
hubert, ahm loast, the moggie ahm talkin aboot wis yer neighburs cat, the wan ye stuck the pin in. whoos that sneaky guy Ming. wub.gif
Archie Millar
Hi Betty,a see your still gettin' a' the other saft buggers tae dae the sterrs
A thought you moved tae a bungalow efter the Melt -Down or wan o' them places where they put a guard (warden) tae look efter you laugh.gif
anyways am no fit enought yet fur the sterrs but a'll send you 1/1/2d fur the pipe-clay
hi archie how yi daen? the thing aboot the sterrs is hubert likes daen them noo ah know why its the pipe clay he's efter , an as fur jaggin cats wae a safety pin ! disnae sound very safe tae me well no fur the cat eh? rolleyes.gif
There's a post by Barbara in the joke page you all may like I wasn't going to read it thinking a joke but it's lovely her trip to bonnie scotland have a look.Gosh it's nice seeing Archie and Betty back posting but where are some of the other regulars come we like to hear from you. smile.gif
Archie Millar
Hi teeny, a wis the same a couldnae put a wee photo on until a realised its got to be a jpec whit a had wis the other wan, html or something whit a did wis printed it an then put it through the scanner an it came oot as a jpeg (there must be an easier way) I then hud tae re- size it tae less than 100k I put it on that photo re-sizer that Martin mentioned (smashin' bit o' kit) and then you can put it on --you've got tae give it a wee bit o time tae up-load
Hope this makes sense, and helps you mellow.gif
Hi Betty hen I havent been oan much myself glad your back .Hubert might have tae take my turn tae Ive got what they Call Carpel Tunnel and having my hand operated on Tuesday,hope you are doing okay Maggie and yir back gets better soon,Archie hope yir taken good care of Norah and yirself too,hey did Celtic win yesterday.
Marion Dougan
Hoi Teeny, photo's please,
Great Photaes Teeny, thanks it already feels like a hunner years ago when ye werr therr, funny that eh? sad.gif Ah look back on oors an it's like a distant memory awready. Pity ah couldnae say the same fur the visa bill!!...{Incase ony of yous think ma visa bills high ahm jist jokin, ah rarely yase it....oh whit's that song the bands playin noo??} Smashin photae of oor betty an aw, wis that a lumber ye's goat, kiddin oan he's readin the paper? Seriously, ah cannae believe how fast this years gaun in, cripes it's dark noo the back of seven. Spent aw day yesterday movin an armoire fae upsterrs tae doon...geoff disnae like the morra night it's gaun back up the sterrs...ever feel ye go roon in circles? No tae worry, the guid thing is tomorrow's Monday {arggggghhhhhh!!}
First class photies Teeny and am no joking when a say you should be on the stage or movies, yer a wee smasher, am no bad lookin masel but when am telt a should be on the stage, its scrubbin it they say, or first wan oot of town, nae respect! Well am no really goodlookin anyway! LoL
Lovely smile tae, noo that wus before the Gers/Tic gemme you wur smilin right! HeHe
Aw cripes trust you laugh.gif ....Here Teeny did ye send that pic tae Linzeh...oan ye go an cheer him up....he's too quiet!!
Catherine Lindzeh wis probably quiet at the gemme an aw? LoL
Am sure he saw it, he will be back when the Gers beat Man Utd.
Ring ony bells guys???? biggrin.gif
That's ma boy laugh.gif Hoi ahm oan a roll here..don't ask me how ahm daen it....but it's happenin aw the same!!
Gee hubert I wonder why you come back here all you take from these ones,nice to see you though.Teeny the pictures were great ,lovely ones from Jean as well.I just like getting all these photos. cool.gif
Jean I dont remember a cat being called a moggie guess i missed that wan in Clydebank, Ming wis the heid honcho, in some planet in the sky, he wis an adversary of Flash Gordon, did you ever see those serials at the pictures?
Marg I am thick skinned same wae ma heid! Nae bother? biggrin.gif
ok Catherine, now tell us new ones who is who? in the bunch of of lovely ladies.....
Sorry Maggie....Wis in the wrang topic tellin ye who wis we go again...Your left tae right is betty, Marion, masel an Ria {gemini}, this wis the day that Marion arrived in Scotland, she hudnae slept a wink aw night wae flyin, but bless her she did brush her teeth!! laugh.gif
Oh here meant tae mention, that's betty's empty gless oan the table therr.....they wur aw drinkin but ah wisnae {ahm no really a drinker y'no}
ah wis oan stage wance, filled in for Dorothy Paul when she wis sick, wi ma wee duster and polishing cloth, slippers 'n stockins aroon the ankles!!

Why dizzat no surprise me? ah bet ye did great annaw laugh.gif
Teeny hope you got to talk on stage cause yer patter is great, like Catherine of Canada very talented, you guys could be a duet and kill an audience, in fact you two kill us on the GG alot! LoL
A dont know who Dorothy Paul wus but it sounds good?
Thank you Teeny for the great pics. As usuall, my man of 30 years spent way way to much time gawking at them. I think he fancies the little gals after living with the Amazon Woman for so long. dry.gif He only has an inch or so on me. When I put on those little red high heels he comments on my nose hairs........rofl
A Friend That's Always There
If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you

And share with you it's beauty on the days you're feeling blue

If I could build a mountain you could call your very own

A place to find serenity A place to be alone...........

If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea

But all these things I'm finding are impossible for me

I cannot build a mountain or catch a rainbow fair

But let me be what I know best A friend that's always there.

I found this wee poem and thought it would be nice to share it with all my friends on GG wink.gif
That's really nice, Marg biggrin.gif
Lookin forward to seein the photies, teeny:)
Ah dunno if you're pu'in ma chain or no but, as ah said afore...ah'm sure you'd be great!! LOL
ah agre wae everything Hubert said about youse two:)

I crack up everytime I see DP...she's so funny:)
Fine photo's here but dae yi notice its the wimmen that are oan show , so come oan guys lets be seein yi's biggrin.gif
I was just wondering here who is looking after the big meet in 2004 in Glasgow??I know the date July 9th was mentioned is that still the date? smile.gif
Jist hud a chat oan the phone wae Leen fae doon under seems there wis a mini meet there earlier the day , Mary, Anne & Leen aw met up at leen;s hoose and a great time wis had by all . Mair freens meetin up , jist goes tae show whit this site is aw aboot. Martin once more i applaud you for making this possible. rolleyes.gif Leen you'll huv tae come oan an fill the members wae the goss . efter aw thats whit this rooms fur old .& new friends gettin the gither .

So come tell us leen about the time you spent
Wae mary and anne an how things went
When you spoke tae me you wur aw excited
And tae get yir call ah wis highly delighted
Dont worry aboot printin in the glesca patter
If its no yir style then that disnae matter
We want tae hear fae you , let us know how you ur
Efter aw thats whit this room wis started up fur

your friend in glasgow betty2
Jist Lovely betty, and yours too Marg....don't think ah posted up therr.....It's really what it's all about, friendships!! Ah think we aw appreciate each ither an aw the different things we bring tae the table....Poems, laughs, photaes, laughs, tears, laughs, grumps, laughs....the list is endless but it aw makes the soup an whit ah good soup it is. wink.gif
OMG Betty ye we bu--er ! BUT, how in the heck did yae write that rhmye sae quick?
OK, so here is my side of it !
Not in the Glasgae twang, So Be It ! ( I am a Sassanach )
But, today I met a lovely lady,
A Scot ( tho not from Glasgae)
But, a Scot, none the less, a true, true lady !
I looked upon her when first our meeting.

And as yea all say.. I was almost greetin !

I saw those smiling & bright blue eyes!
I was mesmerisesd, and prepared to compromise, as I am not oft prepared to do !!

But, here was a CELT, as my Papa had forewarned !
When yae meet them,
Night will turn into dawn!!
When yea eyes meet, Yae'll naer forget !
And naer a day will yae ever regret !

I think I met that person today !
MaryR, a nurse, YES!
But a great psychologist, I'd want to bet!!
Because, never before apart from my Dad,
had someone got to me & I knew I'd been had !!
She took me aside, & said calm down !! looked on my wrinkles ( had been borne from a frown)
She massaged my shoulders,my temples, and all that was stressed..
& Since losing my Mother, I felt truly carressed!!
Relaxed also, since God knows when !

& Then, I thought.. My God !
What is it that brings certain people together?
People talk of their families, the time & the weather!
We all have something in common I'm sure
BUT, call it clicques,culture, colour or race !
We do not even have a photo to face,
BUT ! there are some of us here whether on the GG, or any website that brought us together what may be !

I, for one will be eternally grateful !
For within the net,I have found a handfull
Of beautiful friends, I need not to name
For they know who they are, & they seek not fame
They are here for me, no matter what
And I for them, For that is what.. friendship is about.. is it not ?

The GG site for me has lost it's pace, no disrespect to you Martin, you have still kept space, for everyone that has surfed & found GG
It will sure go on forever as long as you have Betty !
I just want to thank you, for all that you've done
over the years & begun, to help people like me!
I, have found friendship, too numerous to mention
To name a few BETTY ! Catherine, Rena, OK GUYS ! liberation keeps you in retention !
But, thank you all from the bottom of my heart !
Because it wasn't for you guys the last 2 years I would certainly have fell apart !!!
welcome back leeinaus long time hen since we heard frae ye loved yir wee ode tae the GG and fer sure was so glad fur ye that yi met some mair frae the board, its unreal how we can relate to each other here in betty's hoose. Well gange time fur a wee talk an awe hey betty is the kettle biling yet, how do you awe like mah new hair-do Halle Berry its called smashing int it, ahm gonnae be gon fur a couple o' days be back oan Friday, whits that yer saying wee Mags naw its no wi a man jist gonna dae sum frollicking, listen ye awe an awfy loat o' photies being sent in whit dae ye say we start a new thread jist fur pictures we could caw it the Photy Gallery if onybody wants tae start it, naw no me Catherine ah dont take pictures any mair dont know how tae pit them in here anyhow, hey Betty nae tea fur me ah huv tae get gawn noo and Leeinaus dont yoo be a stranger here this where we awe cum tae relax and gossip aboot this an' that so cherrio the noo. tongue.gif
Leen , well done my friend and try to spend more time here with us you need to relax I've told you before ,it helps having friends on GG and I speak with knowing they are they when you need them most. :)weather they know it or not.sometimes reading their posts is enough.
Well done leen ah liked yir rhyme
A poet we'll make o you in time
An dinny fret aboot bein a sassenach
we're aw jist gled tae see yi back rolleyes.gif
Excellent Leen....Ah take it the wine wis good!! Wait tae ye see aw the men linin up noo fur wan a Mary's massages laugh.gif Here Ria wherr ye gaun? {frollickin????}....oot wae it...hurry up we're aw waitin.... Did Martin no say he wis gaunni open up a wee photae gallery at wan time?
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