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It's amazin' whit a bit o' chocolate and a wee drink of juice will do sure it is?
Ah don't know whether it's better for you if the wee fella wins or gets beat noo. laugh.gif Ach they'll be a fight whitever happens.
Hey HEY Melody......Wee Maxi scoart two goals, he wis like a wee whippet !
Final score 2.1.

Ye'd a killed yersel laughin, hauf the team oot tae lunch an hauf the team runnin the wrang way........then they clock the baw an everywan of them shoves the ither oot the road tae get it laugh.gif

Doon here, changin the waashin ower then beltin back up fur the two o'clock game.
Reminds me of one day when my two were young playing football during the holidays and I was shouting to one of them " Up the wing " Up the wing" and the wee soul stopped dead looked at us and shouted back " What's the wing Mum" laugh.gif
Bet he was chuffed Catherine.
Melody ma boy's been up every wing an ower every the wan game laugh.gif

Final score...5.1 tae oor team, they aw look like wee tomatoe faces God love them!
Maxi scoart 4 goals, he'll no get in the door the night wae the size of his heid!!

Next gemmes at hauf four, last wan.

Ahm off again, ah think if they win this wan they get somethin like a bagga sweeties, easy pleased wee sowels.
Ahm jist about tae get the wee teddy berrs up for school here, wish me luck !
Ahv a feelin it's no gaunni be pretty.

Quite baltic in the mornins noo, anybudy else noticed this?
Ah jist realised last week ahv still tae paint the middle of ma hallway goin up the stairs.
Ahd finished the top part and the bottom in the Spring an wis gaunni dae the middle in the summer holidays....cripes completely forgot and didnae notice.
Quite scary when ye consider the middles still pale blue and the top and bottoms a tan colour.
Ah jist didnae see it. laugh.gif

Y'all have a good day y'hear!
Ah wis wisnae pretty laugh.gif
Didnae help that runnin oot the door wae two minutes tae the bell went that Jake handed me the plastic bag an said mum ah need dirt for ma science project!

Away furra coffee here afore ah collapse.
Ok all time for a wee celabration get your glasses ready. Ma wee daughter got engaged at the weekend
biggrin.gif Am just so happy I could burst.
Congratulations Isobel.......Burst awa pet laugh.gif

That's lovely, was it a surprise ?
Yes it was , but we had been hoping for it since they moved in together.
Well that's great news Isobel, I thought it was yer other daughter ye were meaning there.
Are ye's going to have a party....or are ye still havin wan laugh.gif
iTS Joanne the oldest 26, However she has been living with her partner for a couple of years. They kept saying they would get married but you do worry .At least I did .The family all got together on Sunday. I have just hasd some sad news by phone .Just mins ago a good friend of ours passed away. She walked last year with the walk for breast cancer . The one you did.She has been sick for seven years .Three kids one just started high school one in grade seven and her little girl is grade five. Not fair , such a lovely woman
Och Isobel, such sad news for you and you just starting to get over the death of your father-in-law. My condolences to you and to the family she left behind.

Thank goodness you have had some good news too. Congratulations to you all. Will the wedding be soon, you'll have to get a fancy hat for such a special occasion......... biggrin.gif
im so happy for you and your daughter isobel, but also sad for your loss, take care pet x
Ocht Isobel jist read this, I was off the Board last night by the time ye replied here.
I'm so sorry for your loss, that is so sad.
God Bless pet.
Sad to hear of your friend passing away Isobel . We will beat this disease very soon I am confident of that.
oh isobel am so sorry to hear the news abou your friend with cancer it is the scurge of lots of peoples lives and brings so much sad ness this is the 21st centuary and still cant find a cure oh please find a cure fast little ones left without a mumand fingers crossed somthing will come soon to late for your friend but let us have hope for her family that she is at peace now
Wis talkin to betty yesterday guys, she's askin after everyone an told me tae shout hi and thanks for keepin the hoose gaun!
The computer is oan the back burner due to her heavy travel schedules this year...but she's keepin her ears open fur any good buys.

The woman is off tae Rome the beginnin of October furra week, aw excited.
Hus the fanchydanchy apt wae the balcony overlookin the sqwerr, aw geart up wae the tourist parafaneelia.....the wummins ready tae hottrot, tango an whitever the hell else they dae ower therr laugh.gif

Ye miss her here sure ye do? Wee mags annaw....
Still.....we're aw still here sure we are.
oh a hope our bettyhas a meet with the pope as she cold say she was the ambassador for meeting people that are over fir a visit and enjoy her company a hope she gets a puter fast the board need betty as she is missed by a lot of people good to hear she still in contact oh betty watch oot they italians are veryhot blooded and might take a fancy to you so enjoy
laugh.gif Ah'll tell her ye said that Stuarty, in fact she did ask...
Is that Linda still aff her heid?
Ah said 'Aye....still as strong'
She said 'Good oan her!'

Noo you get tae yer bed Stuarty, ye'll be shattert in the mornin dae ye hear me!
We're watchin SuperNova here, the boys love it an this is the Finale.
Hi Pals ,
Just trying to catch up on things here .Where did the summer go ???
Isobel so sorry to hear about your loses but great news about the engagement .
Many thanks to all the pals who took the time to wish me Happy Birthday .Sorry I haven't been on before to thank you but it's been non stop since my B.D.Family arrived from Scotland on my day and all the family gathered here at the lake .We did the grand tour Niagara etc .Haven't laughed so much in a very long time .Rotten stuff happening around me but there's light at the end of the tunnel so keep fingers crossed that the worst is behind me .I'll be here at the lake till Thanksgiving and then pack up and go back to city life .I just dropped in to give the brasses a good shine and stock up the press with treats .I made a batch of shortbread and I bought extra tea .I've set the fire so whoever is next can put a match to it and have a nice we cup of tea .
Catherine I'll bring you up to date soon pet .Ta ra Jakka
Hey hey Jean lovely to see ye.....and I totally get what you mean about where did the summer go, it's been bloody baltic here the last few days so ah kin imagine how cauld it must be up North laugh.gif
Glad you had a great time with the family, good memories and good times eh.

Lookin forward to catchin up....Lucas the Canadian jist won the lead singer position wae Super Nova by the way...woowoo....
a hope you will get through what you have to and a remember my time a was in dispair u came to help me and am for ever in debted to you jakka 13 god of your own understanding wub.gif will be watching over you and a hope you see a light at the end of your turmoil hugs and kisses from wee stuarty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for the news on Betty , I'm so glad you are in contact with so many Catherine. This past months have just been hectic for my family.Hoping after this weekend we can get things back to some normality. Jakka I am a little worried after reading your post . Hope all is well with you and your husband. Look forward to catching up with you when you get back from the cottage. Isobel
hey catherine next time you talk to betty say it takes wan to know wan but hurry back as we miss her wink.gif
keelie gal
Hello lassies just popping in to say a big hello wink.gif
First off, late me say Isobel..sorry for the loss of your friend. Know that your extended family here at gg has their arms wrapped around you in a big hug. wub.gif

Catherine you tell Betty to enjoy herself in Rome and to hurry back with all her details of her travelling adventures. I've went out and bought everyone their own special mug for tea or whatever hot beverage you want for the cold months approaching and had their names put on so no fighting. Now, everyone can just poop in and relax and grab their special mug and have a good chat.

Jakka you know how to reach me. And to everyone else, it's great being able to chat and unwind with you alll and get a few laughs in on days when we might not feel like laughing. Thanks for that.
Got a few packs of Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers, so am leaving a couple in cupboard, the cauld days are no far off, so, will be good tae get back tae oor wee piece of heaven, canny wait till we are awe sittin' wae wir new mugs, oor names oan them, Tammy, that wis a really thoughtful gesture. Jakka, no be long noo!
Anybuddy seen ma wellies?
Aye, me ahm werrin them hen cos ahm off an up tae family fun night at the school...welcome back barbie.......GREAT! Ahv only been up an doon the same bloody road six times the day, lets dae anither two laugh.gif

Geoffy's jist took the swarm up, ahm sittin here furra minute..... the thoat a bein aboot eight hunner up there's no exactly givin me the feel good feelin!

Ocht well, anither day in dodge...see ye's soon
aye java they are on the hearth drying oot doll as the were wet through thsts what happens when you jump in ra big puddles and they are deeper than they look welcome back to the numpty club java and get tore inti they yon cornflake chocolate cakes and coconut fancies enjoy thr weigh must be gone somewhere a asked santa if he wanted mine he said"oh yes please the more the merryier lassies and guys and noo we can get stuck in ther as much as we all like without the weight going in

I was gonna suggest you ask Catherine, because she likes to paint them and make them all fancy. wink.gif
An she did a grand job sure pink's ma colour tho...
Oh Java, can I get a loan of them? It's just pourin gout here and I think they would look lovely with my uniform. Maybe Catherine could paint me a pair with little flashing ambulances on them all sparkly? unsure.gif Oh I'' just hide in a here a few minutes and put my feet up and have a nice cup of tea.
Here thems the business therr Java, smashin perra wellies pet, dead comfy annaw.
Hope ah didnae sit them too close tae the fireplace.
Ah'll get ye sparklies the day Tammy, ye still waantin pink wans?

Here ah jist goat an email fae CHINA!!
Chookie's there the noo, flew fae Beijing the day .... she says it hauds 18 million people and 18 million traffic jams an hoor!

She met a wummin fae Coatbridge oan the plane that's doin the Tour wae anither company.
The wummin turnt tae Chookie as their plane wis landin an said this place reminds me a Glesga.
Chookie looked oot the plane windae an thoat aye ah see whit she means...cos sure enough, wis rainin..the two of them couldnae move for laughin laugh.gif

Kunming is where she is noo......she's havin a blast an shouts hi tae everyone.
Ahm awa tae get ma herr done, woowoo.....
Hi Catherine,

Pink, blue, purple I don't mind pal. I leave the artistic expression up to you, but I was thinking sparkles and wee ambulances would go with my uniform. That way nobody can complain that I'm out of uniform. HA!HA!

Lucky Chookie flying around to China. Tell her to enjoy!

How's your hair look? Did you relax at all while you were there? I could do with a relaxing day someplace with no phones, or teenagers! Or sirens! huh.gif
Tammy by the time ahm feenished wae yer wellies yer patients willnae need medicine! laugh.gif

Wasn't that so cool gettin that pm fae Chookie.....bloody hell CHINA!!!!! Ah think that's amazin!

Mind you fifteen years ago ah used tae talk tae ma cousin in Japan nightly, God rest him.
We used tae hauf the calls tae make them cheaper......cripes the two of us werr up tae wur eyes in phone bills!
Ah miss ma Paul.

The herr wis NOT noticed, which means BIG SUCCESS!! Didnae waant it noticed, subtle works y'no!
Wis up in the Maxiboys class this afternoon Tammy, managed tae create ma usual mayhem in the photocopier room, ahd papers flyin aw ower the joint.
Cripes ahm jist no mechanically minded y'no!
No tae worry, Madame loves me, Max ignores me, an ah wis hame for three for a quick cuppa tea then belt back up tae pick them up.

Auld freezer, puult up the basement an oot oan the front lawn for pickup the day.
Phones when ah get home at three....why's it no away.....oh mistake been made...
anither two weeks....
ah said NO...NO CAN DO...cant be there for another two weeks an husband gone for a week {ah lied}
Okay...Tuesday then....
So auld freezer to sit oan ma front lawn aw weekend noo.
{Vivien, awfy nice wummin so she wis, wisnae her fault.}

But.......Geoff away wae the boys to the cottage for two days, so.....ah'll try tae manage....... guffawguffawguffaw
Ah hunted an hunted Tammy but ah canny find any wi ambulances, Catherine's gonna huv tae paint can wear these in the meantime.... laugh.gif
Ye kin jist stick yer feet oot the Ambulance windae an ye'll no need tae pit the lights oan laugh.gif
Oh those are brilliant all flashy like our light bar. But, they might cause seizures. Maybe sparkly would be better. unsure.gif But could you not imagine yourself at the cowboy bars strutting yourself with those on? LOL!
No really Tammy.....but gaun you dae it laugh.gif
I think Java should do it..I'm not really the bar type myself. laugh.gif
Ye tryin tae say ah'm Coyote Ugly Tammy? laugh.gif
That lot don't come close Java, yer a star pet...a star laugh.gif
Not at all're just more adventurous! tongue.gif
A star is it....ah've got wan of they mirrors wi the lights roon it in the bathroom, ah think ah'll go an practice....oh here, if ah stand on the side of the bath that makes it tap there nae end tae ma talents.....if ah'm no back in an hour or so ye'll know ah've broke a leg and a coupla ribs.....feel free tae practice in yer ain bathrooms an we'll aw have a wee dance on the bar at the next meet....
Jist furra chinje laugh.gif
here you go Catherine since I know how you like to get all dressed up fancy when you go out, I found these for ya.
Java I didn'[t forget you pal, but only thought of Catherine for the fur trimmed wellies. Here's some lovely everyday ones for you to go get yer messages in.
Aw Tammy they're'll be kinda hard tae tell where the wellies end an ma tartan legs begin (ma mammy warned me but ah jist widny listen) - ah'm gonna knock em dead at Tescos wearin them.....yer a wee pal...noo go an get some rest, ye've been workin way too hard... biggrin.gif
I guess ye awe remember the song "If it wisnae fur yer welies " Well ladies it's time to toss them .The snow hasn't arrived here yet so lets enjoy some nice high heel shoes .I've got a coup,e of pair I wouldn't mind showing off .!!
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