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oh piease let me get this
lmao here its here
oh noo ave lost it again
a think a sent martin all mt documents only kiddin A HOPE
have a wee drink to celebrate, george yer some guy
I could use a wee drink right now .I think I'll make a bowl of my punch and drown myself in it .I bought some great wallpaper and I'm a dab hand at hinging it so once I get up from the punch bowl I'll paper the kitchen .
Tori G
Hi ya there Jakka wow its been ages since ave been tae Bettys,...ah know am a very naughty little girl, ha ha.
Gosh how colourful it's become, photies left right and centre noo.
Your daen just smashin Marina, nuthing stoapin ye annawe noo, ha ha.

You sound hot and bothered with the heat over there Jakka, well big hugs frae me,.... lots and lots of them.

Ah'll have a wee drink o yer punch wi yea..oh whit the ek lets huv a swim in it,... ha ha..nae snorkles mindya just floaties an long straws ha's tae you and me,...Cheers,.. lol,.... the rest are asleep,... quick maybe a nicky dip tae,...ha ha. Ah'll even help you with the paperin when we get finished finding our way oot oh this you sure make a large wan, lol.
Oh, glug glug,... are you still doon at the cottage, and how's the weather the moment. wub.gif

Am testing
All these wee pictures look great, Betty will just love them when she sees them.

Ye didn't leave much of that punch, you two, I only got one wee glassful!!!! Papering looks good, what happened at the corner?? hahaha laugh.gif

I'm gonna try for one of these wee photies tomorrow.....
annie laurie
annie laurie
Cheers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>??????Hope this works.
annie laurie
Try again fingers crossed ohmy.gif
Ah think ye've got it Annie..... laugh.gif
Here we go , lets see if it comes through.
no it says we cannot upload this type of file wub.gif
a wonder what oor betty things of the wee room been made into an experiment room a think she will love the wee pictures of oor wullie and the highland dancer wink.gif
aye, Stuarty
An dae ye no jist luv they twa monkey bairns? Broat a big smile tae ma face fur sure. GB
Hi Catherine,
Ye notice how ah slipped that post in withoot admittin thut ah didnae dae they dishes? : No nice bit ah wiznae able tae visit. Ah wiz daen the "Kids In Flight" thingy in Cleveland (fur kids wae major health problems, a loat o thum wur fae Ronald McDonald hoose etc.)& then ah hudtae scoot back tae Montreal tae luk fur a place for oor eldest daughter tae kip fur the next while. (McGill) Noo ah'm back fur a while (ah heard that groanin biggrin.gif ) & it's def. ma turn fur the dishes & the stairs, (ah've goat the pipe clay ah ready-an if Mankie Frankie's weans even start messin afore ah get feenished, youse will hear me fae wan end o Glesga tae the ither). Ok, ah will even check the "plank" tae make sure it is full, white & red wine, voddie, rum, etc. An ah wull gie the place a wee dust, the stour is that bad the noo ye could dae it twice a day. GB
i used to love going out to do my mums stairs, i also did my grannies
my wee granny cleaned peoples stairs as she was a wee widow with 4 daughters to bring up my granda was blind and when he died he had a heros funeral as he was blinded in the first world war but he was 30 years older than my granny and my we ma had to dance until the pub shut as he was not nice to my wee granny john mccormack and my granny was helen but everyone called her nelly and she was a worker she would clean for anybody weans in tow 4 lassies what a nightmare oh a better get on with polishing the coal as betty likes the coal polished so it wont cause a mess on the hearth laugh.gif
Ocht Stuarty hen,
Move ower, ah'll help ye polish the coal. I jist didnae ken that Betty liked it polished. Nae bother. Tell me mair aboot yer mammy an granny while wur workin' hen. GB
ma wee granny was only 4foot 10 and she lost a kneecap in an accident and she had to give birth to i boy who died eddie when he was a year old and my mammy and my aunties lived above the pub doon below them a canny remember the name of the pub it was in either ceader place or ceader street so if anybody can remember my ma was born in 27 a dont know the rest of my aunties my aunty betty was the oldest then my ma then ma auntie theresa then ma auntie ellen and when they all got married they all lived up the same close as far as a know but here thats enough gossip about ma we grannies family as my brither will go mental as he likes his own memories
Ah goat that interested in whit ye wur sayin a missed a couple a bits o coal, dae ye think onbudy will notice? Ye know whit-maybe if we make a big bowl of punch & enuf empire biscuites, blue ribband and penguins an a cream sponge, oh, an apple tarts, naebudy will notice we wiz gabbin while we wiz workin?? oh, an did ye clean the sink, coz ah forgoat an it will be dead manky efter ah that cleanin. Cripes, whose turn wiz it tae wash the curtains???? GB
a canny remember mind tammys in a cleanin mood she can scoot roon ad grab the cuirtains a hope and that will sort that oot
Hoi yoos two, yees've missed some coal there.... laugh.gif .....ah've goat the duraglit fur the door brass....see yees when ma fingers ur black....
No worries gals, I rushed home and brought in my washing and the curtains from this wee hoose. That's them all hung back up. Looks great in here and I'll just grab one of those empire biscuits to finish off my lunch ok. Thanks. I'm away back to my cleaning. smile.gif
see a told you gallusbisom tammy would was the curtains but we will need to to the coals all over cause tammys got eyes like a hawk the wummin dont miss a trick but never mind eh
mone a wee cuppa tea and an empire biscut watch the crumbs noo gb put your feet up
keelie gal
Ochhh Tammy take a wee break pal ,com and sit doon i made ye an apple martini so put yer feet up and rest hen ,all the hoosework is done noo the lassies done a great job there eh! i have set the table in the back garden fer the rest of the lassies when they get here so we can sit oot and enjoy all this sunshine we are having and have a good wee garden party hope all the lassies turn up biggrin.gif
Oh Keelie, you're a star pal! I haven't had an apple martini in ages. Hits the spot! Thanks. Feet up relaxing having a chat with you and the rest of the ladies, what more could I ask for! wub.gif
Right Keelie, it.s great oot in the sunshine, while yer mixin' smile.gif ma drink hen will a jist pick the strawberries, oh and will ye pit a bit ice in ma drink please?
OH I've left some lovely vanilla ice cream for everyone to enjoy in the heat. And Stratson, some freshly picked blueberries to go with the strawberries. I think they would be lovely on the ice cream don't you? Any leftovers and we can make margaritas! I've just done a quick job of the hoovering and those stairs! Was it raining out? There were mud prints all over them, I thought Betty would skelp us if she saw the state of them! No worries now pals, she'll never know the difference, they're sparking. smile.gif
oh keelie can a have a virgin pina colada they are so delishous and heres som rasberries to go with te fruit and ave made marungues nests and whiped double fresh cream to go in nests then mixed fruit on top its fantabulous laugh.gif
Sorry, ah've been in an oot like the gas in a peep. Tryin tae get everythin set up fur school etc.
Mind yu Stuarty, my fingers are still black fae polishin the coal, wiz a supposed tae dae the hale bunker??? Java, hen, ye did a right fine joab oan they brasses. Nuthin nicer than a sparklin name plate an door knob. Nice tae see, comin up the stairs, a driven white door step an sparklin brasses (an the clef key in the keyhole-sich a neeborly thing) an a nice bit o pipe clay aroon the ootside o' the stairs.
Martinis? Martinis? Don't tell me ah missed thum???? Jist aboot ma favourite splash. Ur thur onay left??? Jist a wee wan, mind ye, ah've still goat tae dae aboot 8 hoors a wash, (the weans went campin fur a few days) an thir exaughsted unsure.gif
Oh, ah'm fair temtit tae sit oot in the gairden, wae a nice wee Martini bit ah really should get oan wey it.

Having thought this over, to heck with it, move over girls and I'll have one, no ice though OK? Feet up, in the garden, great company, lovely splash-doesn't get much better. GB
Guess whit Maxiboy lost his first tooth the we've jist wrote oot the note for the Tooth Fairy.

Dear Toothfairy,
Please could ye leave ma tooth
Love Max laugh.gif

Oh shift ower GB, ah'll hae wan annaw pet.
Chookie wis doon for lunch the day, great blether so we had, jist afore she dis the offski for China next!
Ahm jist surrounded wae world travellers so am are.......

Spoke wae betty , all is well, she's keepin fine and askin for everybody and sends her love.
We've aw tae behave but no behave too much.
catherine wait till the lisp starts thix thathges pleath and a bag of thweeties and thugar and a will thay no more laugh.gif
Catherine, how much does the tooth fairy leave these days? laugh.gif
a five pound coin would cover it just aboot eh catheri laugh.gif ne
Hi ya Stuarty, jist like tae say hello tae the wan above, no God jist the post above person!! laugh.gif I was reading the posts from way back when there and some of that stuff is so funny, I've said it before and I'll say it again we have had some great laughs on these boards.
Yer no kiddin Melody.....some folks wid question it but we come oan here fur scary is that? laugh.gif

Cripes everytime ah sit doon tae read here the day aw ah hear is Mum....Mum...MUM.......WHERR ARE YE MUM??????
Dammit they've fun me again!!

Tammy a Toonie pet......two bucks a tooth, a loat better than a sixpence eh?
Ahm off the noo, they've decided tae start a band ahint me, Karens comin over for dinner cripes ah furgoat the potatoes boilin..
Oh that wis close....ah love it when ahm close oan a Seturday night wae ma potatoes laugh.gif

Ye's should hear the noise ahint me here, microphone oan the lot!

That's lovely tae see Ladykate on again eh?
Some of ye's don't know her yet but she's such a great laugh guys.
We all met on the Board..then some of us met her the First Meet in Glasgow.

Herself and Doremi {Rena/Catarina......poor wummin kept gettin stuck gettin oan the board an she's hud mare names than hoat dinners oan here} anyway....the laugh wis both of them arranged tae meet up at Buchanan Bus Station then come doon tae the Horseshoe.

Seven days later Rena appeart....nae Ladykate, she'd no turnt up.
Next thing the barman comes ower askin fur Rena, an it's Ladykate oan the phone.......she'd been staunin at the other wee shoap!

Ye'v goat tae love them....both decided tae meet at 'the wee shoap'.
Sadly no one of them thoat there might be mare than 'their' wee shoap!

Aye...this boards a great joint fur the sanity!
all right you lot who the heck has been partying in here? Oh my god, the state o the place! Betty is gonna skelp ya! Lampshades over turned, crumbs all over the floor. Bathroom's a tip. Empty's tucked under the sink. And dust with names written in, I won't mention any names here, but you know who you are. I've given the place a quick going over, dusted all the evidence, hoovered the floors, washed and bleached the bathroom. Opened up the windows to air the place out and have washed and hung the curtains back up. I'll just take the empties away with me now. If one of you would be so kind to close the windows a wee bit later and possibly do the stairs? I'm shattered now. I came in for a wee chat and a cup of tea and almost had a heart attack. Good thing it was me and not Betty herself.
Just poppin in with some fresh scones and cream for morning tea. smile.gif
...pass the baa brew ower wid ye while yer at it Tammy, thanks pet !

This is the boys football tournament this weekend, first game wis 2.2.draw.....we were up two nuthin then Jake went intae goal ....poor wee things aw woe is me noo.
It's rainin off an on too, ahv a hat oan.

Next games at twelve, so mind bow yer heids at the Angelus an send us a wee prayer ower laugh.gif
Here you go Catherine, enjoy. Get yourself warm while you can. Don't envy you standing around all day in the rain at the field. The things we do for our kids eh. rolleyes.gif
Thanks Tammy....suns tryin to get out so here's hopin for brighter hours ahead!

So ahv Jake givin it the chin up an soldier on it's no easy bein eight scenario, and then ahv Maxiboy who disnae play until tomorrow and is meanwhile away to a wee Birthday party.

He was making his card this morning, drawin the love hearts and balloons aw ower it and signed it Happy Birthday Bobby, love an kisses Maxitaxiboy laugh.gif
Oh the innocence, ye couldnae buy it could ye!
C'mon we'll have a party again who's for a sing song c'mon, c'mon.

Come on a-long, come on a-long, let me take you by the hand
Up to the man, the funny man, who's the lead-er of the band
And if you care to hear the Swa-nee Riv-er played in rag-time
Come on and hear, come on and hear,
Al-ex-an-der's Rag-Time Band.

Next....... smile.gif Noo don't make get the spinny bottle oot again.
when a was young and went to school
they taught me how to write
to take the chalk and make a mark and
hope it turned out................................''''''''''''''''''help melody am rubbish singer laugh.gif
Good for you Stuarty, although I think I'm flogging a dead horse here trying to get them to have a party. sad.gif
Cripes Melody ah goat flogged aw day at the Tournament yesterday, nae mare nae mare ahm beggin ye pet !

We're intae Day 2, boys fitba quarter finals, tensions are high, Max flippydood cos he couldnae find his other sock, Jake flippydood fur nae other reason than jist tae keep him company .......

Geoffs awa wae the both of them tae the park an hus jist realised they've both got a game at the same time if Jake's team qualifies..... an he's the Coach fur the two Teams.......OOPSAWEEDAISY laugh.gif

Ah'll try an get back in the afternoon and hopefully we'll aw be sing sing SINGIN the victory song!!

Oh ahm no awa tae bide awa
Naw ahm no awa tae leave ye
Ahm no awa tae bide awa
Cos ah'll be back tae see ye xxxxxxxx
Oh the best of luck to the both of them ...ah think!! unsure.gif
Second thoughts best of luck pal.. tae you. Who'd be a Mammy?
Dillema solved Melody....Jake's team goat slaughtert 6.1 !!

No tae worry, therr werr aw the wee sad faces comin aff the pitch, somebudy said who waants a chocolate rice krispie sqwerr an juice? BOOM the wee faces aw lit up an they aw scramblt in fur wan aw happy again laugh.gif

Wee Jinky the Maxiboys oan at twelve, preshurs oan!
Ah'll be back.
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