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theres sombody at the door hahaa..... betty u gettn the door pet? xx
Kin ah intrest ye in a set o incycla..enycal...big books...
Whit colours yer big books Java?
Ahm sittin wae a black t'shurt an combat skirt oan, so ye goat wan that'll match ma claes hen? laugh.gif
Much ur they by the way?
Catherine, ye dae know ah said books and no boots hen, don't ye...or ar ye wan o thae intal...intilleck...brainy folk that likes thur books tae match thur rig oots? As fur kin pey them up at three an fourpence a dis that sound?...
Dae ye still get 10p fur an empty ginger boattle?
Wid ye take them'll get pied quicker that way......Oh here whit aboot empty wine boattles.......cripes ah'll be able tae buy yer hale stock up in wan go laugh.gif
Well in the interests of keepin Betty's wee place nice an tidy ah'll take the ginger bottles and the wine bottles...there's aye a wee drip in the bottom so ah'll hing them upside doon fur a night and huv a wee splash oan you....noo whit aboot the postage....
Oh details details pet........ah jist ignore them an jist kid oan the stamps fell aff.
If onybudy asks that's the story awright, safety in nummers, an therrs nowt safer Java than ma empty wine boattles laugh.gif
annie laurie
Java Catherine,
The tears are still running doon my face as I type this,
Honestly, you are a couple of comedians, going to waste, {How come you have no been discovered } biggrin.gif

Cheers Guys, great banter, luv it keep it going,
Discovert Annie????.....Don't no aboot Java, but the aulder ah get an the pricier things get the mare folks ahm hidin fae laugh.gif

Nice tae see ye pet.
Ahll need tae get ma whilrygig oot an get huntin fur that Melody, mind keep yer eyes oan the grun cos she's aye fawin doon wae her peery heels.
There was a sale on "dusters" so I bought one for everybody! No excuses now for anyone not to take a turn doing the dusting! Catherine your's is the sparkly red one with the flashing lights! Go with your pradas you stole off of Melody. Oops I mean borrowed. tongue.gif
Annie...ah wiz discovert wance...bit the judge threw it oot fur lack of evidence... that's why am sellin door tae Tammy ah've goat some slightly bashed cans o Lemon Pledge tae go wi yer dusters hen...
annie laurie

Funny you should mention Melody, I have missed her on the board, also,
Maybe she is having pooter troubles, eh??
Hope that is all it is,

How is your Mum has she recovered from her trip with Continential or was it Air Canada , {dig dig} another good laugh, but this time was a true story right??????? rolleyes.gif
annie laurie
Even at 7am in the morning you are so quick, our posting just missed one another,

Just 11pm here Wednesday night, {8 hours behind you B>C] Canada }

So I will say nite nite for now,

Have a great Day keep smiling, biggrin.gif

Looks like you and your Sister enjoyed yourselves at the Meet on Saturday, great pictures,
Knock Knock
Nae chance Java, ah goat it the last jist waant me tae get up tae see who's therr so's you kin nab ma cherr!

In an oot here, place is like annichers midden. Jake's been aff aw week wae the malaise, ahv goat ma girls an hauf the ither weans in the street oot ma back playin hockey oan the driveway.
Mums up readin her second book since she goat here, she's daen great.

Five a cloak shift chinje, all weans withoot this surname are gettin chucked oot, an we're headin out tae ma boys 16th Birthday dinner at his hoose.
Tradition bein the weans pick the dinner on their we're huvin Ribs an Lobster.

Cripes ah mind askin fur that when ah wis 16 laugh.gif

Ma boy being Mook, looked after him fur seven years fae he wis a day that's him 16 noo, cannae believe it.
Cripes an ahv no aged a bit neer ah huv! guffawguffawguffaw
Naw naw..Ah jist wantit tae tell ye yer bell's broke.... laugh.gif

Ye know ah've never even met ye an ah could jist tell ye were wanny thay wans that wid hiv everbuddy else's weans at yer hoose...ah know the type cos ah used tae send ma weans oot tae play wi the weans that hud a mammy like that bit it gave me an inferiority complex efter a coupla years so ah let them come back...

Am glad yer Mums hivin a good time...tell her sharesys wi the books...unless they're they romantic wans - ah aye greet at they say ye never miss whit ye huvny hud...liars..

Enjoy yer ribs an surely deserve it...
Hoi Java ah wish tae hell ah could find a mammy like me annaw...TRUST ME! laugh.gif

Jist aboot ready tae jive here......mum's marinated chicken in the bowl an we'll bbq it therr..........heaven forbid she wid hae onythin ither than chicken or fish y'no!

Jist been reminded as ahm typin here ah need tae get the cherr oot ma van that's been in it since Monday, dammit wis jist in the mood fur a blether annaw.
Ocht well, catch ye soon pet.....ah'll jist go noo an pit oan anither ten pun, here mibbe it's fat free Lobster HA HA HA!
Hi All,
Just thought I'd drop by and give the stairs a quick go with the pipe clay .I put some Empire biscuits in the press .I don't have time to have a wee cup but I'll catch up with all the news in a day or two .Cheers Jakka
oh Jakka, you're a good woman! I'll steal one of your biscuits while I'm here. Just a wee break while i'm at work. smile.gif
Gemini, or oor own Ria, is doon here for a spell. We try to get together but its no that easy. Anyhow, she was telling me about posting Marion's experience with wash day. Aye, Marion, you were a wee bit spoiled in the States. You could have shoved the wash in the machine and then the dryer and Bob's yer uncle everything is done. And I got a laugh at Bob's experience with making ice. I just go over to the frig door and there's the ice. Sure the ice machine makes a noise and you think something is breaking doon but its rare handy. I am glad everything else is good, Marion. This time last year I was getting real excited about being back in Scotland, if only for two weeks. Its getting really hot and humid here in Georgia. Been a while since we sat doon for a cuppa in yur But'n'ben so get that door open and let us know how you are doing. wub.gif Bunty
Who ate aw the biscuits? mad.gif
keelie gal
wasnae me honest tongue.gif
hey y'll doon here in georgia graduation was fabulous broke doon an' gret like a wean didnae think ah wid dae that, but ah wis so proud, trying tae get the gither wi bunty need tae call her again an' try an work something oot here going back home tuesday weather is biling hoat here, talk tae ye awe later cool.gif
Ria, so glad you enjoyed the graduation. Your Kathy has done a grand job with her family. We have a family friend visiting and "the parents" as the kids call their mother and father took a day off and we went to Chattanooga, TN to visit Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain. Ruby Falls is 260 ft. underground. Winding through the passageways was an experience, especially wearing trifocals. This waterfall inside the mountain was discovered by accident but it has proved to be a great attraction - and a money maker for the state. The highway between Georgia and Tennessee is a truck route and very busy. Even with escalated gas prices there are a lot of cars on the roads. Ria, we will try and get together before you head north. And, Marion, hope all is well with you back in dear Scotland. wub.gif Bunty
Hello guys just dropped in to say I wont be on the board for a couple of weeks. Going to England to visit my father in law. He has been ill for a few months . Thought we were going over to find him a nice nursing home. However this week all that changed. He is in hospital and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Not looking good at all. Talk to you all soon ,
sorry to read your sad news and if you can let me know where in england as am in surrey if not too far a will try and meet you if you want to
Sorry to hear the news of your father-in-law, Isobel. I'll put him on my prayers list. God bless you and Jim and his Dad. wub.gif
Ocht Isobel sorry to read sure have had one year pet.
Jist try and stay positive.
Lots of love xxxxxx
Have a safe journey Isobel. My thoughts are with you. wub.gif
A sad trip for you and yours.
Safe journey.
Thanks guys I wont be posting after today,I dont think I will have much spare time on my hands.If I can I will try and get to the library when I am there. Stuarty I will be in Exmouth in Devon, dont think I would have time this trip to meet you.Just to much going on.It was kind of you to offer. Dont know if I will be able to be away from these boards for two weeks I normally check in here once or twice a day. Remember now behave yourselves,dont get up to any nonsense in Betty's wee hoose. Love you all .Isobel
Ah could write ma name oan the dust in here...yeez've had it when she gets back....

(Isobel I hope all goes well.)
Aye good try Java, we aw no it's your turn so get the Pledge oot yer back poaket hen an dae the business....we'll make sure ye dae it right laugh.gif

betty should be back fae Bulgaria, hope they didnae keep her!
Wunner whit she's broat us woowooooo!

Jist back fae the boys football game, ahm no biased but ma boys a he's gorgeous annaw.
Future pin up, future big money fur his mammy, ahv it aw hoose is gaunni be like humungous an ahm gaunni huv a Hummer!! guffawguffawguffaw

Mums sittin watchin some British mystery here, droppin her off in Hamilton the morra till Friday. It's aw go in lalaland y'no.
Oi Java! Enough of your cheek girl! Whoever comes in takes their turn doing the cleaning. So instead of practising how to write your name, practice your cleaning skills! Catherine will be doing the white glove check when you're done. I left a duster for everyone with their name on it, so nae excuses! That's me just finished putting the curtains back up, I washed them and hung them out on the line today and opened the windows to get some fresh air in the place. Filled the vase with beautiful flowers too, looks pretty and cheery and smells good too. And it wouldn't be complet without leaving some chocolate biscuits for tea. wub.gif

Catherine when you get your Hummer drive down to the coast and pick me up and take me for a spin pal!

Hope Betty returns home safe and sound.
Yer on Tammy, nae probs pet.......he's eight the noo, so say ah'll pick ye up in aboot ..say....twelve years time?
Mind be ready when ah puul up pet cos ah don't dae waitin well laugh.gif
Glad to hear you're doing the dusting Javamol .I just picked up a tin of Brasso so I'll make a start on the brasses when I come in .I've got some fruit scones in the oven right now so I'll bring some in with some Lurpac.Good job on the curtains Tammy .
Hi Catherine ,don't forget to pick me up when you get your Hummer .Mind you if it's gonny be twelve years you might just need to dig me up laugh.gif
Jakka, your scones sound delicious. I can taste them now. And No more of your talk about being dug up! You're not that old pal and we're not ready for you to go anywhere. Catherine 12 yrs will be her before you know it pal! I keep thinking Brittany was just my wee baby a few years ago and she jsut went to her graduation prom last weekend! Where did the time seems like yesterday. Well, I'm keeping her! She's not allowed to move out. laugh.gif
Catherine it took me a minit or two tae realise ye meant yer mammy wis watchin the telly an no you hen....

okay, okay, ah'm gettin oan wi it....haw Catherine...dis that mean ye still want these 1975 copies o Big Hooses in Toronto brochures or should a jist sling them?....

Tammy ah accidentally knocked yer vase ower, but ah've stood it up might jist want tae check the arrangement but hen, cos ah'm no sure if that big creamy things a flower or it wis jist lyin oan the might be an auld empire biscuit...

Jakka can ah huv a scone? Please??? Please????
keelie gal
haw java yer for it noo pal that was betty's best vase pal .just put the fowers back in and turn it roon hope oor tammy dont spy the chip in the vase lol,well thats me just finished weeding the garden and giving the rugs a good tankin on the line noo i canny stop sneezing aww jakka thats a rerr job ye are making of those brasses there pal oor betty will be dead chuffed when she gets back fae her hols,right lassies kettles boiled noo who's fer a cuppa and one of jakka's famous scones wink.gif
Mornign ladies, I see everyone has been chipping in. keelie the garden looks great and the rugs are nice and clean. Java a little less cheek in Betty's house pal. And don't think pretending to be clumsy will get you out of your share of the work. This wee hoose of Betty's is a place where friends can sit and relax and have a good chat. We all take turns cleaning and bringing in the snacks. It's almost time for another party though don't you think girl's? Has anyone checked Archie's stash under the sink? Catherine I left some lovely Splash chilling in the fridge pal. Any requests? Who's gonna play the music? laugh.gif
Is cindy rella here allowed tae come tae the party? Ah've scrubbed an scrubbed ma fingers tae the bone...ah didny know the tiles wur ment tae huv a pattern...d'ye want me tae draw it back oan?
keelie gal
naw java thats okay pal just get yer party frock on and yer dancing shoes as the sun is shinning makes you wanna move yer dancing feet at betty,s am away to make up the punch and sort oot some wee nibbles fer the lassies laugh.gif
Aw thanks keelie...yer a star...can ah huv a blue lagoon and sum cheddars wi cheese ana wee Tammy huv ye goat anythin by Jim Reeves?
aaahm baack, Isobel so sorry to hear about your father-in-law my prayers are with you.
Bunty I was in Tennesee also went with Brittney to the college as she had a test and passed by Ruby Falls. Trip was great but I of course came down with sun poison happens every time when I get too much sun, I also discovered a pina colada wine cooler boy wis that good saved awe that mixing laugh.gif back hame noo an' it husnae stoapped raining since I goat here, grass is so high an' ah cannae cut it as the ground is so wet ah'd sink. Ah thoat a duster wis sumthin you pit oan when yoor still in yit jammies, nae wunder it didnae fit hahaha, need tae go noo goat sum laundry tae catch up oan toodles the noo.
Hiya Gemini, ah don't think we've met...ah'm just in here generally makin' a nuisance of maself...ah've got an awfy lot tae make up for ...are ye needin a wee hand wi that laundry? Can ah get ye a cup of tea?..wee empire biskit mibbees? ..jist let me fix these antimaccassars an ye can have a wee sit doon....can ah plump yer cushions for ye there?
Easy therr Java....Gemini will be askin ye tae pour her baileys fur her afore ye no it {that's the type she is y'no}
Don't no if ye no Java but Gemini {Ria} is betty's sister....I REST MY CASE!! laugh.gif

Wis talkin tae betty yesterday, eleven hour delay comin home fae Bulgaria!
We kin aw sigh collectively wae ralief cos we wurnae therr tae hear her....though trust me ye shoulda heard her yesterday oan the phone....AH WAANT A MEDAL ANNA WAANT IT NOO!!!

Has anyone heard fae boots yet? She must be hame by now is she no?

Wee scorcher here the day, how's everyone doin?
Ah didny know Catherine so thanks fur the heads up..duly noted ...(awfy glad a wis sookin up tae her noo)....
nice tae meet ye java aye an' a wee cuppa wid dae jist fine hen, didnae get onything dun yesterday as I had company, so here ah um starting nice an' early thos morning, gled tae hear betty's hame safe and sound oc h mibbee ah will huv wan o' they empire bikkies jave goes well wi a wee cuppa thanks hen.
Oh ahm aw happy here, Geoff an the boys are away doon tae pick up Nana, an auld grumpy jist phoned, so hopefully hisel an Anne will manage doon here whilst they're in Toronto.

They're drivin up fae Nevada an leave there next week, so hopefully if their time allows we'll aw get the gither after aw these years a argybargyin back an forth tae each ither.
Jist jokin, Hubert's ma guid pal, an auld grump mind you tongue.gif ...{aye ye ur} but ah guid pal.

As for the weather, sturnt baltic here, cripes ahv went fae shorts this mornin tae a fleece the night, here's hopin it chinjes afore ma sister an Toriboabby get here oan Sunday!
oh a found my duster slippers a knew that they would come in handy as bettys on the new wooden floor just sprey and silde all day walla nice shiny floor and a wee giggle inty the bargain oh cludgies done and bleached and mind and clean up after you as a hate it when the toilet roll holder is empty and a new roll left on the floor a could kill who ever it is a think a will do a big brother and catch the culperet oh a got some nice synthetic cream buns with the icing on the top so enjoy and watch you dont slip on the shiny floor oh peeps am ofski to the new gadget shop next to see what else a can pick up byeeeeeeeeeeeee for now laugh.gif
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