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Yes Mum. tongue.gif
Okay pals, I've hidden the chocolate eggs throughout the house! Happy hunting! And no fighting, there's plenty for everyone. laugh.gif
well the meet will be great if betty2 will be going am not too sure yet if a shall be going as a have things to do and a have been asked to meet my pal a got off friends reunited a have tried to get her too join in gg as she lives in castlemilk so a might pop in and pop oot again like wee all do at bettys 2 room so its not a cert sowey peeps huh.gif
keelie gal
Thanks Tammy i found the first egg yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee and its all mines yum yum..........i can see another wan but i wont nab it i will leave it fer someone else to find but yous better be quick laugh.gif
You cheatit Keelie, ah seen ye spyin through the windae when Tammy wis hidin them laugh.gif

Pourin rain here, guid Catholic Good Friday guilt weather. Ah remember as a wean how it jist always felt a dark sad day, beltin back up the road hame after the Service jist incase anythin happent tae ye between the two hooses!

Goin up tae ma pals this afternoon for our traditional Good Friday Barbie, Easter egg hunt fur the weans an the faithers.
Us wimmen are best sittin doon fae a distance wae a splaash an lettin them get oan wae it, sat nice tae see others runnin aboot, Bless them.

Whits everyone else daen?
Angela Chick
Hi catherine and keelie, well its ma brothers birthday the day so we are off for a meal tonight to the Crooked Lumb in east kilbride aw the family , partners and lauren and wee dylan and ma brothers girlfriends family so looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend everyone biggrin.gif
Whit ye werrin Angela? Jist askin laugh.gif
Angie, hope you enjoyed your night out pal.

I left the boiled eggs in the fridge. Who wants to decorate them? Back to work for me. sad.gif

Catherine, I like your kind of and children do all the running around while the gals put their feet up!
well ah did it again, as some of you might remember my incident wi the train when mah daughter wis here last year, this time it was with my g/daughter and two of her pals who were spending spring break wi me, we were going to New York and we had just got to the station and there was no parking, train is about to pull into station, dont worry says I we will catch it at the next station so I fly through town to next station park the car and was walking across the parking lot when we hear the 'TOOT TOOT" run gram yells Britt, well its a blooming big hill then doon two flights of stairs through a tunnel then up two flights of stairs so ah start tae run meanwhile Britt tells one of her pals run and hold up the train, so ah start tae run gets hauf way up the hill ah cannae make this ahm yelling anyhow finally get up the hill doon the stairs thru the tunnel and gets to the bottom of the stairs to go up and stopped dead in mah tracks couldnae breathe wait fur the next wan ah says meanwhile train starts to pull out "wait yells Britt we have an "old lady" with us conductor yells into mike "hold it Senior coming" and train stops meanwhile Britt gets behind me and one of her pals grabs my arms and between them get me up the stairs and onto train., well everyone in the coach were laughing like crazy and conductor comes for fare an' ah look at him still no being able tae breathe and he says ah'll come back later lady. I really think I should stay away from trains they jist dont like me. What a time it was, methinks ah need tae get back intae shape. tongue.gif
Gemini, I remember all the carry on you had with the train last year.

I think you should train for the New York marathon. With all the running after trains you do, you should be able for it.

Just go to the nearest train station and practise running. One day you may be able to out run the trains. biggrin.gif
Gemini..what a laugh pal! LOL! Enjoy your easter deserve them! laugh.gif
Hi Gemini ,had a good laugh at that one .I can just see the whole train waiting for the senior to arrive .Sometimes it helps to be a senior ,milk it for all it's worth .I take every discount I can get .After all I've worked for it .We seem to have a crop of immigrants who know how to milk the system and get every free item they can .The people in Canada who claim refugee status get more money from the government than seniors who have worked here for forty or fifty years and paid into a pension plan .!!!! Kind of hard to accept .
Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your day! cool.gif
keelie gal
hi gemini wit a laugh i had reading yer wee story hope ye have a great easter pal and stay away fae those trains laugh.gif
Hi Gemini....that wis a rerr an' pits me in mind o' the Andy Stewart joke..

He runs intae the Central station an' says tae the man oan the platform " If a run hard, will a catch that train?" The man says " If ye run'll pass it"

Anither wan....He says tae the wee man " Dis this train stoap at Stranraer?"........The wee man says "If it disnae, thur's gonny be a hell o' a splash"

Hope these help ye get yur breath back...................Davy wink.gif
laugh.gif Davy they were funny.
Gemini jist read this, whit a vision ye'v painted. Bet once ye calmed doon ye wur ragin he called ye Senior..aye ye wur, ye wur so....nothin Senior aboot ye other than yer attitude hen.
Must admit ah cannae move for laughin.
Hurry up an let me know if yer comin pet, Karen asked me last night an wants tae no if she hus tae tidy yer room fur ye.
Amazin how ah 'v goat organised pals sure it is, sometimes ah cannae quite believe it masel.
biggrin.gif loved they jokes Davey and yer right Heather mibbee if ah train hard enough ah'll ootrun the train but ahm no finished wi the train , going to the Canadian meet wi wee mags and guess what ah'm taking the train tae wee mags hoose, she says she's gonnae tell them at the station tae watch oot fur the "wee wummin" runnin'
Gemini maybe you could wear a special t-shirt so everyone will see you coming! HA!HA!

Right it doesn't look like anyone has done any cleaning in here for a while now. I don't want anyone telling Betty at the Glasgow Meet, that we've let her wee hoose fall apart. I'll just give those stairs a scrub and run the hoover over the floors in here. Can anyone get to the bathroom and the dustin? Replaced the tea in the cupboard too and left you some empire biscuits to enjoy after you're finished. Left the kettle out it's ready to go too.

Gotta run and clean this messy house now. smile.gif
keelie gal
eh no bother tammy i will scrub the bathroom pal ,just gonna have a wee cup o tea and pinch an empire biccy afore i start laugh.gif
a hope betty does come shes a great wee wummin with a great sence of houmour a was wonderin if a can have a cuppa am gagging for a cuppa honest a will keep it clean oh a good heat from the fire wont be long now tammy and keelie hope the iced creamed buns are ok a put them in the larder oky doky woosh lots to doo ttfn ohmy.gif
keelie gal
hello there thats me just done all the laundry as i know oor tammy hates doing it so i have got it all done and put away , and the rugs have had a good tankin out in the garden so they are dust free i got so carried away beating the rugs i forgot about my cheese scones in the oven so they are burnt to a crisp no even the wee burds will want to peck at them mind you a canny blame them maself ,good job one of the lassies will be round soon with a fresh batch of cakes and save the day laugh.gif
Hiya Keelie,

You're a star you are. Sorry your scones were burned though. I've left some banana oatmeal muffins..still warm out of the oven. Put your feet up pal and rest. Betty will be that proud of your hard work. Cheers on the laundry job! wub.gif
wee mags
I spoke to Betty earlier on tonight and she is still not feeling well ,but she said she will make it to the meet ,and she said I hope you all are keeping up ma wee hoose .I told her no tae worry that every one is doing awe the wee chores that have to be done ,she is going on holiday she is going at the end of May,and after that she is going to get a new computer and she will be back then she said a bet am no missed and I said wait till you get a new computer and see all the posts that are on your wee In maself room wink.gif
Oh yes your missed Betty. Hurry back . Is it Spain for you again? Looking forward to having you back, miss your posts. How are the eyes.?
ok whoever is talking to Betty..tell her we definitley miss her!!! And someone has to have a talk with they men not taking a turn cleaning. tongue.gif
Sorry guys ahv been remiss here in keepin ye's up to date.
Betty's doin great, doesn't have the computer just now but a few others an masel have been keepin her up to date with what's been happenin on the Board.
Angela's accompanyin her to the Meet so she's aw set up and lookin forward to it and catchin up with all the newer Members.

Her holidays aw booked an she's off to Bulgaria around the end of May, so once that's passed she'll review the list of a million things tae dae an see wherr she kin sqweeze in a new computer tae the list laugh.gif

Betty always sends her love and loves to hear how we're aw doin.
She'll be back!
biggrin.gif The hoose isnae the same withoot her !!!
Mibe at their meet Archie can pass his tinny roon and see if they can get enough to buy her a wee computer. ohmy.gif
Angela Chick
Betty called me yesterday she is looking forward to the meet and as catherine already pointed out she is of on her hols soon,

She said hello to you all and her wee room better be spick and span biggrin.gif

She is missing the gg and aw the banter.
Well here we are......A day before the Glasgow Meet.....A day before ma mum flies in for the month.......The day ahv got aw planned,
Geoffs takin the boys up tae the Cottage for the weekend, I've peace the night masel, and stayin home tae pick mum up the morra...maybe her and I will go for dinner the morra night, see how she feels.
Geoff and the boys come back on Monday so nice wee quiet time for mum to settle in.

Ahv ma list aw ready for ma chores this mornin.
Cut the grass
Gie the joint a runower wae the hoover
Clear oot armoire in mums room fur her claes.
Go tae bank
Get nice bottle of wine for ma night tonight
Get nice wee cheese an crackers fur ma night tonight
Everythin lookin rosy!

So whit dis Jacob wake up wae? CHICKENPOX!!
Wee sowels up in ma bed watchin a movie, aw ma plans oot the windae.....cripes if ye didnae laugh ye'd greet! laugh.gif
Lucky White Heather or whit?
Well Catherine what can I say . Best laid plans and aw that . He will be up and running in no time flat. However me thinks you should stick the other one by his side and get it all over with all at the one time. I remember I used to put both my girls in the same bed when eitheir of them came down with any of these annoying things. Anyway it wont bother your mother. Remember she has been there and done that. So have a great time. ENJOY A wish a wis waiting on my mother coming
Thanks Isobel......Both boys we had innoculated against the Chickenpox when they were younger, NATURALLY the year before the Government provided it for free...only cost me 80 dollars each for them but HEY.....WUR TALKIN ME HERE ...SEEN ME BLOODY COMIN AGAIN! laugh.gif
Seems it's pretty common, the good thing being this dose should be very mild.
If Max gets it he gets it, better now than later.
I'll speak with ma sister later, jist a wee bit concerned wae mum as she had the heart trouble last year.....widnae want to jeopardize her health.
This said, ahm jist off the phone to ma sister in law an she's no bothert in the slightest about Jacob bein up there with her it might be gettin sunny in ma camp again y'no.

I feel for ye wishin you had yer mum comin to visit, I feel the same way Isobel when people talk about their dads. Never goes away sure it doesn't pet.
Oh Catherine, only you pal! HA!HA! laugh.gif But, like Isobel said hope both of them get it at once! Enjoy your Mum's visit. You must be looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy your weekend and it's relaxing for you.
Mornin Tammy....Jist near finished doin the tidyin ah wis gaunni do last night before ma splash an the BeeGees entert the picture....need I say mare? laugh.gif

Mum flies in at twenty to three this afternoon, so ah'll run a few messages before I go get her.
It better brighten up here or she'll be ragin, loves the sun does mum!
Have a great time with your Mum, Catherine. The boys will be fine, just don't let them scratch!!!!
Well Catherine ,hope your mum got in on time and had a good flight over. Looks like it could be Monday before it starts to warm up again. Oh well she will see plenty of sun if she is here for the full month. Enjoy .Like Ems says dont let the boys scratch. rolleyes.gif
Catherine's ready fur THIS wan?

So ahm burlin aboot in here the day, y'no me ah get that distracted so easily, but ma heid wis doon an other than a few wee pick ups the hoose wis ready.

Phone goes, it's Joanne........Catherine jist have a big splash when ye get hame fae the airport, everythin's fine now but......
Seems mum got into Glasgow Airport, first in line before check in taken aside, and told she is NOT on the flight, due to overbookin.
Ma brothers with her, says YER JOKIN...mum says YER JOKIN ah booked over two months ago....but NO....the flights overbooked an yer no gettin on.
We will however fly ye doon tae Birmingham, and SEE if we kin get ye oan the flight that leaves for Toronto at three this afternoon, which will get you in there at midnight their time.

NO WAY says Gerard, NOT ON......mums 73, had major heart surgery, travellin on her own an if you get yer way she'll have been on the go for eighteen hours, UNACCEPTABLE!

Sorry, ahm jist the messenger said the woman behind the desk who wis very sympathetic but her hands were tied.

Ma brothers furious, no management available, mum meanwhile is keepin calm and says to Gerard on ye go ah'll be fine...he'd tae get to an appointment an wis late awready.
So he leaves her, phones the Head Office in London oan his mobile and gives them laldy about obviously the single, elderly and infirm are targets when overbooking occurs, stating they'll be hearing from our lawyer soon.
So he then phones Joanne who's waiting and explains whit's happened so far.
Within half an hour of her pacin the hoose thinkin whit's happenin now in the airport, mum phones to say they're now letting me on the flight.

So her phone call to me is giving me all these facts.
Ahm on the ball and bloody FURIOUS now.
Whit flight's she oan again? Continental says Joanne...

Ah came doon here, fired into their website, sent a FURIOUS letter, finishin with the LEAST I will expect is a written apology for this atrocious service given to MY mother, along with a writtten confirmation that she will NOT have ANY hassles in three weeks time flying home from Pearson International of the same nature...and THAT is jist for starters.
I look forward to this reply PROMPTLY.
As I submitted the letter I noticed a telephone duly fired oan tae the phone for that too.

Speakin with Beverly, awfy nice woman in Texas, I explained the circumstances, she sympathised accordingly if it was her mother she would be furious too etc....asked for the flight details but other than time of arrival ah didnae have anythin {cos ah wrote it doon somewherr but canne mind wherr ah pit it y'no}.
Okay lets go with her name....gave mums name.
Cannae find it Catherine
That's because you guys took her off the flight I raged.
No it would still be on here.
Lets see if I can locate her in Newark says Beverly.
NEWARK ah screamed.....she's no gaun tae Newark an if she arrives there heads will be rollin ah screamed!
No no that's our flightpath, it's jist a computer check says Bev {by this time she's Bev}
Still cannae find her name.
So we end the conversation hauf an hoor later with as soon as ah pick up mum ah'll recontact her at this number.

Twenty minutes noo tae get tae the airport, nae shower yet, upsterrs still like a bombsight, so hurriedly phone ma sister.

Gie her the update, then say yer sure it's Continental cos the wummin cannae find her name.

Oh did ah says Continental say's Joanne......see ah wis talkin tae Pat the day an it's her that's flyin Continetal next month, mums oan Canadian Affair..ooopsaweedaisy laugh.gif

Mums bran new, jist let it go an we both laughed aw night here about whit's happent.
Sometimes ah think ahv ah sign oan ma back! guffawguffawguffaw.
Oh Catherine, what a story. Glad your Mum has arrived safely, you are both owed a BIG SPLASH. I hope she has a wonderful holiday, it doesn't really matter what the weather is like, she's with family.

Before she goes home, you should get to the airport first, get on the plane and write on the seat - Catherine's Mum sits here... ohmy.gif
see catherine its no jist me an' the trains, hahaha but what a story like you ah would huv be yelling frae here tae h*** an' back. Was talking tae Marion by landline asking her how things were going, well let me tell you Ria she says ah didnae realize how spoiled ah wis in the States, she hud done a waash last Sunday and hung it oot never hung oot a waash before she says, well it rained fur four days thats how long mah waash wis oan the line and ah jist knew ah hud hung it wrang noo its in the hoose oan awe the radiators drying, and bob wis fighting wi the fridge wee fridge wi wee plastic things you pit waater in tae freeze fur ice cubes, so that meant he hud tae wait longer fur his wee swalleybut she says we're daen fine say hello tae everyone and thanks you all for the good wishes. laugh.gif
laugh.gif Catherine i agree, with EMS, take your boys black marker and claim the seat! LOL! Has your Mum arrived yet? You'll be relieved to see her after all this. Let us know if ou get your "apology" letter from Continental! LOL! Everything is ready now, house clean, BeeGees and chilled splash ready? Everythign will fall into place. Enjoy!
laugh.gif Catherine i agree, with EMS, take your boys black marker and claim the seat! LOL! Has your Mum arrived yet? You'll be relieved to see her after all this. Let us know if ou get your "apology" letter from Continental! LOL! Everything is ready now, house clean, BeeGees and chilled splash ready? Everythign will fall into place. Enjoy!
Well wae the strength of god and his angels I may be back on line in a few months. Off to Bulgaria next week for a break , really looking forward to it .
Nice to see you all keeping the wee hoos neat and tidy but on my return I,ll be doing a thorough check tongue.gif Missing you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

still here in glesca

ps I,m using my sons computer
Hiya Betty,

Glad to see you are well. Look forward to your return soon. Enjoy your holiday. Right there will be a duty roster for all that come in for a wee break in Betty's house. She has given a brief inspection and we've just passed I think. So, we better have it spotless for her return. I've done the stairs and left the kettle on and ready to go with some chocolate biscuits in the tin. See everyone soon. wub.gif
Hi Tammy biggrin.gif

still here in glesca
laugh.gif Oh Catherine some story - but I feel sorry for your Mum being messed around like that at her age, and after having major heart surgery.

Travelling is stressful enough at any age, but this is terrible.

But, hing aboot - there's mibbe a wee bit o compen here - hawd yur horses hen and see what happens.

Now, get the mother all settled in nicely and ease her mind about the return leg and have a great time while she's there with you.

Whit a story and awfie well telt haha
God you take the biscuit Catherine , haha .Listen hammer them for an upgrade ,get Mum in Business class oan the home flight. Must have wee video session with you an Mum .Gies a shout if you see me online OK
Jist settled it this mornin after a few emails back and forth guys.

The Airline Management were excellent.

Kin ye baalieve ah made such a whoppin mistake in the first place an blasted the wrang Airline laugh.gif

Cripes a walkin disaster or whit?

Absolutely Jimmy, we'll look out for ye pet. xxxxxx
Catherine and everybody oan the board, its time we telt bloody canadian affair that the honeymoon is ower. Rab flew with them and the messedhim aboot tae. I think if we all send the buggers a note telling them we have heard some horror stories and will travel by zoom from now on they might waken up their ideas. Lets get tae it.....Andra
Ding Dong...
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