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would ony of u lassie want some toast made at the fire on a toastin fork lovley butter from the co-op am havin some as a love the coorie in nights by the coal fire and enjoy all the stories that are going to happen ok catherine and melody the first slice is made oh oh whooooo aah hot hot burny fingerd lol laugh.gif
Ah'll come wae ye if ye watch yer elba, near took ma eye oot the last time hen..ah wis like wink.gif fur ages efter!
Oh ya wee dancer Stuarty, we luv the toast man laugh.gif
See Melody, we aw waant tae be unner the bed sometimes...yer never alone..when ye'v a mirror.....Stuarty you goat a wee mirror we kin take unner the bed wae us?
aye is a wee roon wan a got aff santa its got a mirror and a wee hairbrush just open and tuckout wala hairbrush and otherside mirror dont drap the crumbs or a will get a thick ear aff betty 2 ok they think am nuts talkin to maself as it is shhhhhhsee ----you 2 later mums the word ok unsure.gif
Don't panic lassies it's only me .I'll no let on to anybody that you're under the bed .Stuarty's toast sounded that good I just had to come and get a slice .I brought GODIVA drinking Chocolate .It will go down a treat with the hot buttered toast .
Well refreshment over ,I'm away to do the stairs .Manky Franky's weans were playing shops on them so I chased them to their own stairs .If you two don't stop giggling everyone will know where you are .
Aye but we're werrin wur ghurka hats Jakka, so wur disguised...LOOK ph34r.gif SEE!

Ah wis this close tae smashin a boattle a Olive Oil oan ma kitchen flerr therr, ye shoulda seen me ah wis like an acrobat tryin tae catch it fawin oot ma hauns, ma wee herts still thumpin!

Poor wee Maxiboy fell asleep therr oan the couch ahint me which is so no like him, he's still no hisel after that heavy cauld....but he'll be better the morra cos that's the last day a school afore the March fact he'll be FIGHTIN FIT whether he likes it or no guffawguffawguffaw.
That's the spirit Catherine .I've got a white kitchen and took out a bottle of red wine on Tuesday and dropped it .Well I had splashes all the way up to the ceiling .
Jakka oh no pal! What a mess! Here I'll give you a hand cleaning it. Stuarty I'd love a piece of that toast if you're still making it. I'm starving. Today we went to a self defense class for violence in the workplace. For me that is anywhere. I'm all covered in bruises! When I'm away on my holiday they'll think I was beaten. I found out I'm not as strong as I thought I was too! Scary! Found out, that I can run fast still! LOL! It's coming to the point where some paramedics are wearing bullet proof vests. I haven't gone there yet. I thinkit's awful to have to do that. Oh now what were we doing? Easily lose my train of thought...... Oh that's right ..Catherine, Melody skoosh over and make way for me under that bed. I heard somebody coming and I'm scared noo! Stuarty can you bring me my toast and tea? unsure.gif
wee mags
well betty that lot ur jist no able tae behave themselves for two minutes ,its bliddy cauld here the noo and Iam still cleaning the hoose ,am intae the kitchen the noo ,I jist want it tae be nice when the Clan fae Canada comes the morra ,her majesty wis still daeing the bag thing and wee jake is awe set ,he telt his mom "Iam all packed for my vacation to the United States of America ,you dont have to worry Mom "?catherine worry ? no her rolleyes.gif
Here mags ah wis upsterrs there gettin a wee nightcap an did ah no remember the time Geoff an I were last in New York, that time we met up wae Joanne an John.

We'd jist went through Customs an were sittin in Departure, aw happy an excited.
Next thing ower the tannoy came would a Mzzzzz Catherine B please make herself known to the Check in up ah goes thinkin woowoo, then CRIPES WHITS HAPPENT WE LEFT THE HOOSE TWENTY MINS AGO SOMETHINS here hud ah no left ma bag wae ma Passport an aw wur money at the Security Conveyor belt, cripes wan of the moments wherr ye look doon an it's no there an ye think here yer right enuf it's no there!

So this face like poisin Ivy escorted me tae pick it up, humpin an hawin about the sheer negligence blah blah blah, the how COULD you vibes comin oot her pores, so ah jist stopped dead in the tracks, apologised for the inconvienience but the fact ah wis human an at the end of the day it wid huv hurt me way mare than it wid huv hurt her so if ye don't mind forget the lecture.

She zipped it, ah zipped it, went an goat the bag an thanked them very much, again apologised for the inconvienience.
Wae aw the indignation ah could muster ah turnt roon an walked back tae Geoff who couldnae move fur laughin at me bein telt aff.

So....tae cut a long story short mags ye'll be gled we're drivin this time laugh.gif
wee mags
I got an email fae herself and she said they were leaving at seven? dis anywan believe her ? no me tongue.gif
well ladies catherine and wee mags a hope you are haven a smashin time the kettles on and some co op jam sandwich biscuts and tunnocks tea cakes enjoy oh there is a big box of them for you in the cupboard laugh.gif
Archie Millar
Can anybody tell me! is Betty comin' back? Maybe Gemini can tell us. The hoose is gettin' awfu cauld no being lived in!!
Hi, all:)
Thanks for the biscuits...I brought along some home made shortbread so will leave it next to the tea cakes annat.
Jimmy, didnae like to go off topic where you asked about how things were so came in for a comfie seat and a blether. It's been a while, hasn;t it?
How's things wae you?
Anne, i had an e-mail from Leen the other day...afetr I said about the jokes. A young friend of hers is moving up to Gero so she was asking about rentals for her.
Jimmy..all's well here. John and I are a rght pair...Darby & Joan! AYE!! LOL He sits and watches TV while I tap my way through the message boards.
Work's good, I work with a great crowd now and really enjoy going to work when i do go in (I sortoffa arrange my own hours and appointments..awright for some, eh?)
So, what's happening over the other end?

Coooeee, Betty, Archie's looking for you:)

What's been wrong with Betty? I know she had her op and that she was having PC troubles...hope it's more of the same and not physical that's keeping her oot her wee hoose.

Catherine and Mags..have a great time!

Melody, Hi:)..sorry I havenae said hello for so long
Yo Mary wherr the hell ye been?...Ahv been in America four days an ahm ah rapper noo laugh.gif

Happy Belated Birthday pet, hope ye had a lovely day.

We've had a blast, cannae believe that's it up now and time to drive back.
Weathers been a bit baltic, but we've been so lucky. Done a ton a shoppin, done a ton a eatin annaw.
The boys are playin wae Sarah the now, it's been smashin all the kids playin with one another as if they've known each other for ever, actually very magical to watch.
Ahm away tae pack up now, times awfy short sometimes sure it is.
See ye all when ahm back in the land of by the way Mags husnae zipped it since we goat here.
Catherine did you talk her into the wee meet in Toronto. We had such a good time with her the last time. Waiting to hear how your trip went.
wee mags
Workin on it Isobel, we've had such a laugh.

I cannot believe how much Mags is quite mental laugh.gif

Mike calls her flash, ah faw aboot laughin everytime...she chops an chinjes what she's talkin about/doing so often that it's a constant whits next.
The plan is to have the bags packed etc and sit down to watch the Soprano's...we'll see....the wummin jist hops aboot like a bunny.
The funniest thing is naebudy bats an eyelid!
Sounds like yer having a fantastic time, Catherine. Nae wunner the pair wumman's flashin about fae subject tae subject,....ah bet yer confusin her, goodstyle! LOL
Naw, ah'm really glad to see that you're having such a good time and that the weans are getting on together too.
I loved taking our boys home (the twice we did get to take them) and see the way they interacted with theoir was just like they'd always known one another and they had no problem with the humour. I had thought they may be a bit intimidated but , hmmm, maybe having me as a mum taught them early??

Travel safely!
talk soon:)
wee mags
well betty catherine and her clan are heading back to Canada its 7-10 am and cin yae believe it its snawing,geoff is loading the van as her majesty is taking her shower rolleyes.gif
Glad you all had a good time. She is coming back to a beautiful day here. Cool but bright and sunny. This is the first day of Spring folks ,so it can only get better. rolleyes.gif
HELP catherine is on her way get anything breackable oooooot the way she will be well excited forsure and a whirrlin dervish dont ask cause a dont know lol sorry a hope it was great catherine and wee mags what a journey lol
tea and toast made at the roaren fire yummy laugh.gif
Hoi Stuarty nae tea an toast for me pet.......Ahm oana water diet!

What a blast we had, I don't think we stopped eating and drinkin for five days {well ah did the drinkin, wis the only wan drinkin the wine annaw so couldnae even blame anybudy else for the empty bottles laugh.gif }
Italian fresh Pastries, GREEN bagels, God love Mags she went and got in the Canadian Rye bread, beautiful meats, you name it her fridge wis hoachin wae it, and every mornin Mike went and got me ma special coffee.
Friday we'd went to a St Patricks Parade in Bridgport {Bridgetown?} that wis anither laugh, plus aw the schools and their marchin bands, it really was fabulous jist to see.
Here meant to say Mags see that couple who were standin behind us...well they were undercover cops cos they took off in the unmarked Police car in a cordoned off area as we were headin back to our cars.

We went out Friday night to Mag's an Mikes local restaurant, potatoes, Corn Beef and cabbage.....wis delicious.
Saturday we went to the Maritime Aquariam, the boys loved it, great place filled wae sharks an other real ugly things that float, Geoff took some great pictures.
Then we'd a lovely lunch in O'Neils which trust me ah REALLY needed y'no!
Hung oot Saturday night, the guys watched the Hockey on the telly and New York slaughtered the Leafs.

The boys thought their bedroom wis a Sports arena, they went fae torpedo inaff wan bed oanta the ither, played Basketball, watched sports on the telly which they were absolutely thrilled about.
Ah wis jist thrilled nothin wis broken an couldnae believe the noise they made at times up the stairs and Mags would go for a nap in the bedroom underneath an didnae bat an eyelid!

Sunday Geoff zippydood hisel to the fanchysmanchy food emporium, came back wae Clam this an Oyster that, fat free didnae come intae it...then the men took the boys tae the beach an they flew the kite, we the women shopped, Mags took me round the shoreline where one house wis bigger than the ither, we laughed cos it wis Oh look at that wan...OH NAW...LOOK AT THAT WAN....we were like weans in a sweetie shoap.
What a laugh Mags eh!

We got back, nae car there an thought hey hey bit a pice an quiet y'no....hdnae goat the coat aff an the kettle hudnae boiled but they were aw in ahint us, peace shattered again.
Wis a great cuppa tea though mags eh, we both agreed it wis a hit the spot kinda cup.
On the way up today Geoff and I werr feart tae mention a food Mags didnae have cos afore ye could say winkie it wis in front of ye.
We ordert Chinese last night, the family popped in and it wis they were leavin did ah no realise ahd eaten the wrang order an poor Sarah and Richard left wae hauf a meal.
Then last night late Mags and I went up and made a wee tape for Jimmy, her speakers didnae work which is jist as well cos Jimmy when ye see it ye'll no move for laughin cos neither could we.

Anyway guys, jist thought ye's might enjoy the wee blether here, ahv no mentioned everythin but that wis the best five days Mags, thankyou xxxxxxxxxx
Glad you had a good time Catherine,I got it all wrong had not read this thread for a while .Thought it was this week you were going also very seldom go on messenger now.Saw your wee message last night.Caught up wi Mags earlier today ,had a wee blether, look forward to that video. Glad you got home safe and sound biggrin.gif
thanks catherine a was talking too wee mags on the gg chat she must have though what an ignorant wee wummin honesty goodness the road men are resurfacing my road and a had a power cut for aboot an hour maybe more and a was going too fall asleep then the big bloomin road churner was rumbling awe night a was livid a havent slept yet and a feel yukky still am glad a popped on as a was just lying their for 4 hours saying in my head a will sleep aye sleep my bum the trip sounded fantastic a would love too be at the meet but a canny fly my arms would kill me no am kiddin on am not allowed too fly boo hoo oche a wee miricle might work that would be nice am off to scotland after a see the lung professor on the 15 so a will be up jockland on the 16th all being ok my bother and his wife fly down on the day of my appointment and go back up the next day am going too see my family the sister tn law with the stroke since last july is so poorly and not getting better a think they shall put her in a care home that is if they can find a good one so thats me the boards and I have missed the stories and it was great talking too wee mags as it was not for long a hope to talk to her again here is a wee cup of peppermint tea as that settles the tummy and a few other bits an pieces a got them from tescos laugh.gif
Sounds like you two had a great time.Wish a could have been with you . Mind you will see you soon, you to Mags ,hope you are going to make it . Isobel
well it sounds like you had a great visit you two. It's almost normal again excpet Betty hasn't popped in to give inspection. Everyone better stay ontop of things for her surprise visit. I did the dusting and the stairs and have put the kettle on. smile.gif
Now here's a call to all you folk still in Glasgow .I just got off the phone with Boots .She is coming to Toronto for our meet on May 6th .She has never been on a plane before and has decided to travel on from Toronto to Glasgow .She hasn't been home in 58 years .While she is home she will get in company with our Betty .
How about some of you pals in Glasgow getting a meet together and giving our Boots a welcome she'll never forget ?Since Betty still can't get on line maybe someone else will do the honours .
I hope someone will turn up trumps .Cheers Jakka .
Well done Boots! You will love your trip! wub.gif
keelie gal
hello ladies ,just popped in fer a wee blether i see oor tammy has been busy doing the housework again well i will stick the kettle on just incase theres a wee knock at the door wink.gif
Oh Jings, Crivvens an Help ma Boab.....if oor Boots is peyin' a visit ah bettur gie thae windaes a good dicht. Aye hink oor Betty's been pullin' the curtains efter eatin' a greasy pie or mibbe it wis a wean she hud visitin'. Onywey a bettur get weavin', haw Tammy, huv ye seen the pail an' cloots onywherr hen? wink.gif
davy clean wans on the cleaning cupboard ok and a new mop head and a big bar of carbolic soap and izal loo paper and no newspaper in bettys 2s hoose oh and brasso for the fire rims ok but a shall be checking it ok davy noo that a dont trust ya but betty is so clean the spiders wear slippers in her hoose lol
Catherine only guid lookin spiders need apply Stuarty laugh.gif
Cauld night here but beautiful day the day...weans were out playin aw afternoon, hud floor hockey after school then swimmin fingers crossed they faw intae bed for me cos geoffs away doon tae help Karen on her computer.

How we aw doin?
Any further oan furra a Meet for Bob and Boot's? Ah'll phone betty this week an see whit's happenin...y'all stay posted y'hear!
wee mags
I spoke to Betty the other day and she still doesnt have her computer fixed yet, and she is no feeling well she is getting those dizzy spells again
she was asking for all of you wink.gif
I could not get on the board for the last week it kept saing am forbidden from the site ,so catherine called me she thought a hid taken aff ,well since she left we have had a power outage and some one set off a bomb in our old school just up the road
awe wee mags we all had that and aknow when a come in this wee room a know am loved wanted and needed and my head is telling me wee porky pies still catherine you see anynspiders can you pm me as a got a load of shoes for them a millipide gave me them as thay are too small so put the spiders my way ok davy did u find the mop and cleaning stuff a hope so still cath 3 people interested already for bobs do and a hope we get a lot more am sure peeps will enjoy it as a was at one last year it was the bees nees and only 4peeps but what a good time a had too go early and see my brothers wife inhospital she is still in so a will see her a hope in may see a gabbbband changed thesubject at the drap of a hat thats me laugh.gif
stuarty...whit ra hell ur ye talkin' aboot a mop heid fur...ah jist stepped in tae waash ra bliddy windaes......ah doant need ony carbolic soap fur windaes, jist tae waash oot a few mooths aroon here.

As fur ra arse wipe, ra Herald'll dae..if it wis guid enough fur ma's guid enough fur you lot......huvnae yased Brasso since ma army days

An' if Oor Betty's hoose is sae clean, how come it's goat bliddy spiders in it eh? mad.gif
Right you lot, there are no spiders in this wee house of Betty's! Behave yourself. Now' I've mopped the floor and cleaned the bathroom too. Davy I've left a large case of the toiletpaper in the hall closet. Must have been you then with the black ink fingerprints on the lightswitch eh? That's why we have evolved to the nice white 2 ply toilet paper. Nair mair sufferin pal! The newspapers are for reading! Keelie I've brought us in some chocolate squares to have with our tea pal. Squish over on the couch there pal and we'll sit and relax together! Tell me what's new.... laugh.gif
hey davy they spiders are scottish and dont kill them as robert the bruce said if at first you dont succeed try try and try again so spiders with tartan shoes are welcome spider in the hoose brings money send a friend a spider and you will have good luck all the time laugh.gif and keelie tell tammy nothing she will let the cat oot the bag in 39 days lol oh a carmel log yummy
That's it Stuarty, you have to scrub they stairs! Next time you are all in on something with John D, you might want to let me know instead of John just telling me to look in shoutbox. How was I to know Keelie and all of you were in it together. I'm no sharing my tea and toast with you. Keelie did you hear the latest news...... laugh.gif
well bammy tammy a kin make my ain toast but a will do you a slice so it is there fir you see live and let live and a hope u will enjoy it ?and think think think when j d sends summit read it again heares a nice wee chocolate finger oh infact dear tammy have two ok peeps a have just blackened the hearth and it looks like a new penny and polished the fire tidy thats me done and the kettle is in for a cuppa ok wink.gif
keelie gal
hi ya peeps ,sorry i havent been on much latley but i have been a busy little bunny latley,still i always make time to pop in fer a wee cuppa n a blether wi ma pals ,so bump up lassies n make room fer a wee one two sugars please stuarty laugh.gif xxxx
Keelie have you been sitting there all by yourself? I brought some chocolate eclairs .I'll put the kettle on and we'll have a wee cuppa and a blether then I'll wash the stairs .
ive got some chocolate limes, morrisons were selling them buy one get one free and im a pure sucker for that biggrin.gif
Oh Marina ahv no thought of those for years laugh.gif
Place is lookin shiny penny new troops, hopefully I'll catch betty at some point today and pass on yer excellence...she'll be thrilled.

Time to get the two monkeys back up the road fur school again, talk aboot a zip in zip oot day!
HI Catherine, make sure Betty knows about the Glasgow meet, I'm sure she widnae like ta miss it
a see marinas catching in to the bogofs a buy loads of them infact one day a will ask howmany bogofs are in the store and see tf a can buy them all and a bet a will save or spend a packet what ever way you look at it pessimissed optomistic oh a got bogof veneeesss sandwich biscuts oh a canny spell nout new there then still the bics are fantastico enjoy girls and guys oh cleand the loo and bleached it so flush afore u go and then flush again after u have been oh am off bye bye wub.gif
Toerag, don't worry, I've already told Betty and we plan on being there. I'm sure looking forward to meeting everyone and so is Betty. So do I have this right, Stuarty, Keelie Girl and Archie,all three of you are coming up from England? I almost forgot, Kenny's comin aw the wye fae Riddrie tongue.gif
Hello all. I've just nipped in with some warm hot cross buns and fresh butter for everyone to enjoy with their tea. Before I go I will give those stairs a scrub and do a quick dusting of the place. smile.gif
Sook laugh.gif

Guess whit ahm havin fur dinner Tammy.....Rolls an square sausage wae egg an HP sauce....TA DA!
Geoff picked them up fur me the day when he wis waitin fur new brakes tae be put on his car....nuthin quite like bein in Toronto traffic an yer brakes fail. {ahm gaunni be hearin this story aw night, he's been in three minutes an made four phone calls tellin folk...blah blah blahblah blah}
Catherine aren't you the cheeky one today! laugh.gif Maybe I should ring Geoff and tell him you missed a few of the details of the story and he shoudl re-tell it to you again until you can repeat it back! HA!HA! Awww go and enjoy your nice dinner pal. You've been working hard on the Canada meet so you have. And enjoy a glass of your splash or two.
keelie gal
right lassies betty says enough of yer keech laugh.gif get the sideboard dusted or ya corus n verse is gettin it ...end of..
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