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I saw it Jimmy, very good. smile.gif
awe choccy penquins and in my favorite chair way a cuppa char oh bliss shhhooosh you never seen me here as a wooished away from the ss gg cruse ship as it gets tae u a wee bit now and again still refreshed woosh am gone back on board shipsee u all later huggles peeps wub.gif
Sorry I didn't see you coming in Island Girl .Welcome to the GGboards .lots of good fun and friends and the best place to meet us all is right here in Betty's .Mind you'll have to take your turn o' the stairs and bring goodies once in a while . laugh.gif
smile.gif Hello all: The weather is holding and I am just off to my aquasizes in an open air pool - we do wear toques - so Canadian eh! Jakka I will take my turn on the stairs and general tidy up. Hi Melody and Annie Laurie. Well Boots hope all is well with you today - thank you for getting me started. Boots and I have been friends for over forty years. At one time we shared an apartment in Winnipeg. The groundhog did not see his shadow here today so I guess spring is on its way. Snowdrops and crocus are already out and my daffodils are about 8 inches high (not blooming) The dafs are on top of our septic field so I guess there is lots of nourishment for them. All for now.
Hi, Jakka
I am in stitches here. Yup. I did think of the "brassies" particularly the ones that had the family name on outside the door (now, mind you, there would not have been a lot of sense putting it inside the door biggrin.gif ) OK I have just used up my smilie, but it was worth it. All the family had inside toilets until we (Mum & Dad & I) moved to Riccarton (Ayrshire) and then we shared with two other families in the same close. (Gone now sorry to say, as is my home on the Paisley Rd) That toilet sparkled, each women took it as a challenge to make sure it was spotless and fully supplied, mind you in those days it was mainly newspaper etc. (You have to realise that any kids reading this now are totally grossed out). My Mum dried clothes over the stove on a pulley and one time they caught fire (but that's another story, and thank God, my uncle was in for his dinner from the docks). Ocht, the stories are endless.
annie laurie
Hiya Jimmyd.
How are you doing??????????I manged to open the one with the Baby Kangaroo, O>K was so cute,
But I could not get the other one open, wonder How?????????nice to see you back posting again, Jimmyd biggrin.gif
Hi Jimmy, did you post the wee video with the kangaroo on these boards, I can't find it. Did see your wee but n' ben though, looked great, especially the sunshine. Welcome islandgirl, nice to have someone else from Lotusland, sorry about the storm, all we got was three days of continuous snow. Thanaks for the tea and biccies everyone.
Here it is Ems.

by the way this big guy is commonly known as Freddie Krueger around the park,frightens the bejaysus out of you when you come accross him in the dark !!! biggrin.gif
Thanks Jimmy, got it. We have deer that wander around town and always want to cross the road just as you are driving past. The black bears are visitors too just before hibernating in the fall.
So whits happenin ?? where is everybody.ah came in tae wash the windies,an it's freezin in here.Better get the fire gaun,afore ye aw drap in. Am away tae put a line oan,3 x tanner doubles a tanner up the side ,oan Scotias Three ,he is due a win . The bookie will be skint if this comes up. biggrin.gif
Hello, hello, nobody home? Well I guess I better go and put the kettle on before everyone arrives. Oh someone's been here thank heaven, I'm frozen stiff but the fire's lit and the place is toasty so I'll warm up soon. I should run doon tae the baker and see if ah kin git some hot mornin' rolls. Wish they delivered them hot, tae the door like they yased tae in the auld days. Ah weel, if wishuz wuz horses beggers wid ride. Is thurr ony milk, ah wonder. Hm no verra much. That settles it. Ah'll pit oan a wee bit mair coal, gie the fire a poke, write a wee note tae say whaur ah've gawn jist in case sumun comes afore ah get back then ah'll pop oot and get ra rolls, milk, an let's see, whit else dae we need. Och, we've nae burra, thurrs marjarine but ah hate it, so ah'll jist get a wee pun a' burra. Naebiddy has tae eat it thet disnae like it but it makes aw ra difference tae a hoat roll. Ah'll jist put this note up on the mantlepiece tae say ah'm comin back. Right, whaurs m'coat. Ah'm aff.
Here, did ye aw see ma Tommy? Ah don't actually think he's ma Tommy anymore because he disnae bother wi me noo. Anyhow it's jist his brain ah'm after ..........ah think! laugh.gif Sorry Luceo ah know ye don't like the wee dots. Ah better get ma work done here, that'll be a relief tae ye aw, it's Saturday Yippee! Have a lovely day all.
Hi Melody and Boots, The tea is lovely and the warm rolls are wonderful with the fresh butter. I've taken my turn on the
stairs and stoked the fire before I've left.
How wher are ye gaun Tammy? See when ye go oot ye might still be hungry because somebody said they gingersnaps are no really gingersnaps.
Oh Sorry Melody, I just returned back quick with some warm fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins for anyone who would like one later. wub.gif
Yer a star Tammy. Watch yer feet that dug's takin' up a lot o room at the fireside. How ye doin' pal?
Cripes glad ye wurnae bakin them in Jakka's grannie bella's hoose Tammy cos they'd nae oven door laugh.gif
Hey Ah got the treble 35 quid for hauf a croon wisnae fish n chips are oan me .Am hivin puddin supper .so leave yer orders here !!! biggrin.gif
O.K Jimmy ,seein' as your buying can I have a special fish supper?
What is your non de-plume?don't know how to spell it but you sknow what I mean . My Dad's was Mutt and Jeff.
That fish supper was great, loved the big onions. I'll wash up before I go if I can find the washing up liquid. Who left an empty bottle under the sink?
Ooops !!! Ems a thought it was Ginger an drank it, jist flake some of that carbolic soap wi a knife .Jakka mine is naeboorrer,ma maws wis GRETTA 2 ,cannae mind the auld mans ,he wis a secret punter dead scared in case ma Maw found out how much he had won.Typical auld Glesga man !! biggrin.gif
Aw Jimmy ye made me smile there saying typical auld Glesga man, nice. They are the best kind ye know. Do you know a funny thing when ah was a wee lassie if a man stood beside ye at the bus stop he always used to smell of soap and tobacco. Ah the 'scent of a man' to me. Strange what memories stay with us. What are we talking about again? laugh.gif
Fish Suppers hen, talkin aboot scents.... laugh.gif

Ahm aw fur the big onions annaw ems, ye jist cannae get them here that taste the same can ye?

Jimmy ah jist checked ma lottery numbers for last night, two tickets an no one number came up. Ahv decided that 649 lottery isnae lucky for me, so ahm changin tactics here an daen anither wan fae noo oan.

Snaw glidin past ma windaes here, place like a pit an we're aw still in the jammies. Geoff thinks he's Tiger Woods the noo playin in St Andrews {xbox} an the boys wae the wee dressin gowns oan playin fae wan game tae the ither. Ye jist love their wee imaginations don't ye.
Remember 'Scent of a Woman' ah liked that, whit we talkin' aboot noo the lottery? wink.gif
Oh mind the Tango scene, couldnae buy the soundtrack quick enuf Melody an goat hame an the tune wisnae oan it laugh.gif

Ahv the machine oan the noo cos ma pal spillt red wine oan ma good tablecloth so fingers croassed cos it says dry clean only oan it...whit's life withoot a wee risk eh! guffawguffawguffaw

Whit ye up tae?
Ah cannae move fur laughin here, the red wine stain is noo black, therrs mare rid dye through it cos the border of the cloth wis burgundy embroidery, the wee shimmery tags that werr oan each end are aw frayed, an the pilla case ah pit it in is aw dyed rid so ahv ruined that annaw!

When they said Dry Clean Only ah guess they knew whit they wur talkin aboot laugh.gif
Ocht well, back tae the shoaps tra la la la la...
How did ye no try. ah don't know, cold water and somethin' like salt. Ach well it'll aw come oot in the wash except in this case, it'll aw come oot in the shoap. See ah hate they dry clean only labels as well. Never mind jist think ye can buy a different best tablecloth. smile.gif Dae ye fancy a whirly?
Aye, lets dae the Nike dance an JIST DAE IT! laugh.gif

Wherr'll we go?
Catherine, I've left you a new bottle of red wine pal for your next dinner soiree. It's tucked under the sink by Archie's bottles. I've left a new bottle of dish washing soap an all. Tidied up the wee house a little and I'm back out..gonna go look for grad dresses today with Brittany. If she ever gets out of her bed! Teenagers eh! laugh.gif
Tammy wid ye no be safer comin oan a whirly wae us hen? Teenagers intae shoappin don't go laugh.gif
Hi Tammy ye canny go, ye never left me anythin' under the sink.
Where dae ye fancy? The world's your whelk hen laugh.gif
Wuv jist missed the whelky bus, so moan we'll go tae Jamaica man.
Ah'll fit right in wae the Rasta's cos ahv serious bedhed the noo laugh.gif
Jamaica? Naw, she did it hersel laugh.gif
Oh sorry Meldoy pal,

Would a nice bottle of Carolan's cream do for you ?

Catherine I know what it's like shopping with teeenager's! I've got 2 teenage girls..should prove to be an interesting afternoon! HA!HA! I'm preparing myself now while they're still asleep! HA!HA! Little early here for liquid courage though. HA!HA! I'm imagining all the pretty "princess" dresses and picturing a serene afternoon! Go with me on that thought! HA!HA! I can dream can't I? laugh.gif
Oh good idea so have ah badly needin' a wee visit tae the hairdressers. Huv ye got a Rasta hat? That'll hide a multitude of sins, Oh we're going to Jamaica. Sand. sea, rum, fabulous music. Hurry up grab the Rasta hats. should we take the straightjaikets this time? Whit dae ye think? Naw we should be awright eh?
Best of Luck Tammy, in my experience mostly nighmare senarios, but ah wish you all a nice day. Chin up pal. Still think ye'd be better oan oor whirly.
Tammy ah think you've been intae the Jamaica man rum awready hen......PRINCESS DRESSES?????
Cripes brace yersel hen, ahm bettin curves aw the way the day, teenage years are the only wans when yer curves are aw in the right places laugh.gif
We jammin laugh.gif
Ooh, yeah! all right!
We’re jammin’:
I wanna jam it wid you.
We’re jammin’, jammin’,
And I hope you like jammin’, too.

Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow:
I’n’i will see you through,
’cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice,
Jammin’ till the jam is through.

We’re jammin’ -
To think that jammin’ was a thing of the past;
We’re jammin’,
And I hope this jam is gonna last.
Catherine, an Oxy stain remover might work. When my daughter got back from the jungle, her favourite white U of T sweater had mildew stains (things don't actually get dry there because of the humidity and little direct sunlight) and NOTHING would get them out, bleach, hanging outside in the direct sunshine etc. Since it was a special sweater and there wasn't much to lose, I tried the Oxy stuff. Low and behold, it worked. (Boy did I get brownie points on that one!). Good Luck. GB smile.gif
Oh thanks pet, ahv got that under the sink somewherr {better get ma ghurka hat oan cos it kin be dodgy doon therr laugh.gif }

Anither thought ah had wis ahm gaunni take it the morra tae ma Dry Cleaner Susan an ask her if she could make it intae a Roman Blind fur ma bedroom, it's the perfect length an width of ma windae anna don't think ye'd notice the 'tingges'. Jist a thoat y'no....ah'll see whit she says the morra.

How ye doin anyway? Nice tae see ye pet.
hingin in, kid, hingin in. Bin a wee bit o a wild ride the last wee while (kinda like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disney---actually it has been more like Space Mountain). Bit ah'm rinnin aroon singin "I have surived-and if you had EVER heard me sing, you would know that ain't good-I can knock the entire choir off key- even my Mum would ask me not to sing at services-oh crap, I think I just went off topic etc, etc, etc., AGAIN) wait a minut we dinna hufta be on topic in Betty's, dae we???). Bit aw the weans are daen pretty well OK noo.
Ah'm gonnie dae a wee bit of hoovering an dustin bit ah'm no touchin they curtains, they are smashin, an ah dinna want Bettty tae think a fankled them up. GB

Thanks Catherine!
Well ladies, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that my Brittany did indeed get a "princess" dress! I knew she would and she looked beautiful in all of the ones she tried on. She never went for any of the sexy ones, just the big puffy ones with all the sparkles and crinolines. She even picked one out after only a few hours out. She tried on all kinds of pretty pink and blue princess dresses. She chose a lovely blue one covered in sparkles and layers of material and it looks lovely on her! Definitley looks like a princess! She just needs a wee tiara. Catherine maybe you could give her a loan of yours eh? laugh.gif Now, we just need shoes and then book her hair appointment and we'll be set. Am I lucky or what? HA!HA! I think I'll go make myself a nice cup of tea now.
lWell done Tammy .you sure deserve a wee cup of tea .I remember when my grand-daughter went shopping for her dress .She's built like a rail and five foot eleven. The princess look just wasn't right .She found a great black and white sort of sheath and looked like a million dollars .I wish I could take Brittany shoe shopping ,that's my favorite thing to do.I'llput the kettle on and make you an Irish coffee .Sound nice ?
wee mags
wink.gif Betty I jist stopped in to say hello and yaell never believe the shenanigans going on here ,Melodys away jammin,Tammys buying princess dresses wae her lassies
ans Jakka wis remebering when she went wae her grandaughter shoppin for a dress ,and Mrs Canada got red wine oan her white table cloth , Catherine try the stuff you use in your dish washer I use cascade ,put some in hot water let the cloth soak for about an hour I used it on old curtains I got from a friend ,they were all stained I thought I would try it as my son whose friend sally who sells antique linens and she cleans her linens that are stained with it .
noo me I wis at ma grandsons Christening ,he wore the dress my mammy sent to me for my oldest son all my boys wore it ,a;so the shawl Mrs Reid made for it and the fancy shawl with the fringes that my oldest sister gave me
the priest thought it was wondeful that Sarah wanted to use them , his daddy wis no too happy but all in all it was a good day
Mazeltov Mags, ahm sure ye's had a great day and ah look forward to the pictures pet.
Both the boys got Christened in the same dress an shawl we did. Last wan tae use it keeps it fur the next generation so preshurs oan me, which ah totally furgoat tae the noo laugh.gif
Cannae wait tae cuddle aw yer tiny weans.

There's silk oan the wan side of the cloth mags an some kinda suede/silk oan the ither, wae embroidered border aw the way roon.....naturally three different colours in all but it seems tae have dried in awright if ye don't look too closely an keep the light doon an the curtains shut....but ah'll remember that wee tip too.
wee mags
jist put a plate over it nae buddy will notice it biggrin.gif yae know wan o them chargers a real big yin
Catherine ,I don't know if it will work now that you've washed it ,but they say if you flood the stain with white wine it will take the red wine stain out.Wee Mags .do you rember Christening Peices ?Two digestive buisciuts with jam and a half crown in between ?If the baby was a girl then the first male you met outside your house got the piece .Same with boy babies,many's the timeI waited outside a close for the Christening Piece .
Hi pals, Jakka the Christening Piece do you know I don't know if it's still done or not ah'll find out today. It was such a lucky thing to receive. Mags where have you been ah miss ye. Tammy you are the luckiest woman on the planet, I wish my girls had gone for one of those, just once. No chance, not sexy ones though just as simple and plain as could be. I'm sure she'll be just lovely, sounds great. How did you manage to get them to like those fancy dresses? Was it thumbscrews? laugh.gif Catherine ah'd give up on that tablecloth.
Whit??? an waste MARE WINE Jakka? laugh.gif
Actually it disnae look too bad attaw guys, jury's still oot oan the conversion tae blinds.

Cauld here the day, Melody jist you wait an see whit VAVOOM weddin dresses yer girls pick, move ower Jordan!!

Always a relief once the dresses are picked Tammy eh, mind show us a wee photo.
Ah mind gaun wae oor Lauren last year tae get hers when ah wis home, nightmerr disnae come close an ahm her favourite auntie so she says!
We went intae a shop in the Broomielaw, ah spied this dress an said therr ye go look no further...she loved it, tried it oan..waanted it...but waanted to go intae the town to see more jist incase.

Seventy three fights later wae her mum, ahm killin masel laughin an waantin tae strangle her at the same time, ma sisters fit tae be tied afore she murders her, then we aw end up huvin the mellee in Frasers an slump back tae the car to go home wae nae dress, everywan growlin.
Passin through the Broomielaw guessed she went tae jist see an walked oot wae the dress aw smiles!
Gorgeous innit so she wis.

Mags we had the Christening pieces for both boys, people thought it was a great tradition.
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