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Angela mind we'll need tae get the last bus back fur work in the mornin' you make sure ah get on the last bus ok?
ok melody will you tell them when they come in as a dont want ony argy bargy ok a will wear a dress like the one in the king and I is that ok ohmy.gif
Melody, since Stuarty cannie fly, how about a cruise. I can jist see you standing at the helm singing "My Heart Will Go On".
Bunty am I gorgeous in that green dress standing at the helm? See ah knew you would just picture the scene. Ok me hearties (sp) all aboard the SS Glasgow or is it HMS? We'll sail away to foreign shores and see exotic things and eat the exotic fruits of life. Sounds good eh? Where's Rab he's the sailor we'll need him tae keep us right.
aha me hearties rab will be great as he does the games also quizmaster and captain of the ship what a man am getting my things ready and its like gone on hollidays that excitment of going and whats it going to be like a hope whoopee and mind and salute the dek as it is gook luck a think is that right rab a was always told to salute the deck answers on a post card am only kidding sorry rolleyes.gif
Melody, I have never been on a cruise. I dont think you would call a wee sail doon the Clyde a cruise. Where are we off to? What cruise line are we sailing on? This is getting exciting. Definitely the green dress, Melody. Let's sail on one of those ships with a staircase to make your grand entrance. wub.gif Bunty
O.K lassies ,can I come with you all .I want to wear a white and green dress like the one Scarlet O'Hara wore . I'll only bring one bag but I'll put all my high heels in it and a wee parasol so ma nose disnae get burnt . Oh! a life on the ocean wave ,la la la
hello buntyg please to have you join us a hope you enjoy the cruse wee whwre going to on a banana ride boat but with gg big is better so it is now called the ss magic cruse ship rab hello rab officer in command ahoy rodger over and out ra
the sailor oe captain ddd---ddd---help laugh.gif
Haw Stuarty....cin ah come....cinna, cinna, cinna???.......ah'll werr wan o' thae outfits fae ra 1800's...ra kin' ye see in the foggy streets o'' en' ra music goes aw funny an' sum bugger jumps oot fae ra shaddas, an' ye huv tae go tae ra lavvy.

The whistle and flute I had in mind was worn by my maternal grandfather whose name was Mr. Hyde ( This is quite true ).

......Oh, what name should you put on my invitation....Dr. Jekyll

Thank you....I'll be leaving you now modom !!!
Here now Davy ,you can only bring one thing with you ,and with flutes and stuff it sounds like you might be bringing a band ,no that I would mind but it's Stuarty's call the noo . Welcome aboard ,we'll leave the band decision to Stuarty .
Angela Chick
Jakka a whistle and flute is rhymne and slang for a suit biggrin.gif
sure davy that is a must and the band will play on jakka13 bring the cross stich we need people with talent also and a might bring my mouth organ ok a cant play it properly and am hoping sombody will help me ok if rab does a runner wa will have to get the magic bag and woosh out a capitan also a could get melody as she can fly am sure she can steer the ship oh thousands of things to do not enough time to do them in
Awright Stuarty...ah'll bring ma moothie tae, an if ye doant think ah'v goat wan....check ma profile unner "interests"....ah always say..2 moothies ur better'n wan laugh.gif
Stuarty ,if you think I'm bringin' my stitching you must be joking .I'm coming aboard to have fun ,If anybody wants something stitched let me know efter this cruise I'm here for some fun .Stuarty ,your in charge of this adventure but should we no take it out of Betty 2's and let it run on it's own so members who don't want to join us can still go into Betty's ?
Just a thought ! You name the new Trip ,come oan hen we're all waiting .
how do a do that in chit chat under new topic
Stuarty, please book a cabin for me cause I'd love to come along too. I've never been on a cruise and it sounds like just the thing to chase those January blues. Great idea Stuarty. It's easy to move your cruise out of Betty's, Just start a thread and give it a name, maybe the name of your ship... or Southampton anything you want then leave a note in Bettys room telling everyone where to go.

Angela, Think you could rustle up a dress for me too? I'm also partial to purple but please not green. I'm off to pack my bag.
Angela Chick
Boots will this one do? biggrin.gif

Angela it's absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly too. It's simply amazing what you can do with a needle and so quickly too. Like magic! Now I just have to find shoes and I'm set so thank you Angela.

So the ship is the SS GG cruise liner. Well thanks for that iinformation Stuarty. I'll just head over that way now.
can someone tell me where Betty is. ????Not seen her around for a while.Hope she is not having any trouble with her eyes
annie laurie
I was just trhinking the same thing, hopefully it i her computer cool.gif
wee mags
yer right annie I had a wee blether wae her yesterday and she is having trouble with her computer her son is getting a new one so he will give her his ,she is well and still her old self oh naw noo am in fur it !!! I should have said herself ,she has GG withdrawel but is managing tae hing on as Catherine and I give her a wee call to make sure shes okay wub.gif
Thanks Mags, a just thought it kinda funny that she had not been in posting. Next time you talk say hello from me.
wee mags
will do Isobel wink.gif
annie laurie
Thanks Mags, how you daeing? have you survived the Christmas holidays ????????????? laugh.gif Hi to Betty next time you are speaking to her Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hud a really bad week, mah sisters son-in-law 43yrs of age went into hospital last tuesday with what they thought wis a double hernia, thursday they did cat scan and informed us only 2-3 days left and was gone by saturday, talk about shock couldnae believe it what a start to the new year. Very sad.
Oh my god thats just awful. I guess she had cancer.Perhaps its a god send that she went so fast ,it is always difficult to see someone you love suffer. I will be thinking of you and your family ,god bless
So sorry to hear your news Gemini .Please pass on my condolances to your family . It always seems such a hard thing to accept when one is taken so young but the one gentle thought to carry with you is that he didn't suffer .
A terrible thing Gemini, my thoughts are with you and yours,was that Betty's son in law?
So sad Ria I'm so sorry. You take care.
Ria, can understand how sad you all must feel.
Ria...just so ye know hen..thinkin' o' you an' yours at this time

Luv Davy
im thinking of you all gemini, so sad
keelie gal
sorry to hear of you're loss gemini thoughts and prayers to you all
Thank you all so very much for the thoughts and prayers no Jimmy it wasnt Betty it is the sister that is here in the US and yes cancer was the cause I tell you folks live each day to the fullest you never know.
annie laurie
My condolences to you and your Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, what a tragedy, such a young man.
You are right,just live every day ,we just don't know what is around the corner.
My beloved niece went suddenly Dec, 27th,still can't get my head round it,
God Bless and Watch over you.

my thoughts are with you gemini and betty please come back betty we miss you
George Muir
So sorry to hear of the death of such a young man. Life is never the same for those left behind either, it's a tragedy for the whole family. Please accept my condolences.
once again I want to thank all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers.
Gemini I guess lots of us are at that stage in life , where we are losing loved ones on a regular basis,ah mean thats life OK,but it just shows how sincere the messages of sympathy are , cause we have been there. My sister lost a son in 2004 ,40 years old for some reason it seems worse at that age . God rest the lads soul !!
I haven't been in the last few days and jist read this Ria, many condolences for yourself and family pet. It's true Jimmy, somehow a younger death just doesn't seem right either, jist seems to add more sadness in a way.
God Bless xxxx
Angela Chick
Gemini, what a terrible shock for all of you, god rest his soul and strength to all of you, so sorry for your loss.
It is sad to read of someone so young dying.
At my age I am losing family and friends regularly, but it is worse when it is unexpected.
And I find it so hard to talk to bereaved families at funerals.
what can you say when it is not one of your own?
We had the worst news ever last year.
My niece and partner were playing with some friends in Cairns in Australia.
The big fella went to chase a ball, fell over his mate and his 18 month old child.
The wean crushed his skull on a rock and died.
How do you cope with that?
Tori G
Gemini sorry to hear of your familys loss, my heart goes out to you all, and Davey sorry to hear of your loss too, both these incidents are quite tragic. I lost a friend of mine to cancer five years ago and she was only 40 and very much loved by all who met her. Take care all.
Do not grieve my loss
Do not cry for me NO !.
I came into this world, and will leave thus so.

The Earth is but a passing place, where we all must play our part
Good or bad, it will be written on our Lord's chart!

So, do not mourn me, my time is done.
Yet for all my sins, my life has just begun.

I have sinned of course, I must admit.
But when temptation was forebearing I didn't quit..
Yes, The Lord took me before my time on earth was so called completed,
And in light of things it was prematurely depleted.

Until you know what lies ahead,
Think of me only as dead!
BUT, I will wait for you in Paradise my family and Friends
When, like me, your life on Earth prematurely ends!
Lovely words Leen. wub.gif
It is very sad Gemini, my heart goes out to families who go through this.

It is a very painful and helpless feeling to watch someone you love die in this way.

My sincere sympathies to you and the rest of the family.
I'm terribly sorry to read of your loss Gemini,my condolences to you and your family.

Davie, my condolences to you and your family too. What a horrible accident, it must be leaving terrible emotional scars. I do hope there is some professional counselling help available should the parents feel the need.
well folks jist thought ah'd drap in fur a wee cuppa, hoose looks nice whose been daen the cleaning, is the kettle oan brought sum nice delicacies wi me my my is that no a nice roaring fire bleeding cauld here furnace no working but ah jist knew there wid be a big roaring fire here oh sumbody at the door who is it, cin sumbody get the door, looks like a couple o' lassies an' there's a man wi' them, och its you cum on in sit doon the kettle's oan dae ye waant a wee cuppa.
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