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mmmmmmmm that punch wis really good jakka, well thats halloween awe ower an dun wi the costumes were good this year hud quite a few weans and bigger weans also they awe jist looked so good but with it being a school night it wis ower an dun wi by 8pm, so whits next, fur us oan this side o' the big puddle Thanksgiving then Xmas where the heck did the year go, ah'll be leaving in 2 weeks again fur Georgia Bunty the grand opening is oan the 14th but ah'll get in touch wi you if no before ah go, will call when ah get there, awright who's fur a wee cuppa
Hi Gemini,

I'll have a cuppa with you. I've brought all my leftover chocolates and candies too so everyone help themselves! We had many trick or treater's last night more than last year, so lucky I bought as much as I did. My Brittany dressed up in a scary skelton costume and she posed alongside the garage door and she wouldn't move a muscle and kids were looking at her and were sure she was fake, then after I gave the candies she would jump out or scare them! Sometimes she would drape herself in the back of her Dad's big truck, she really looked good. But, the highlight of the night was one little princess about 5 years gave her a tongue lashing like you wouldn't believe about scaring people, even told her she should be ashamed of herself the little madam! It was priceless! We almost wet ourselves laughing! And all the parents laughed whenever she scared the kids and some even took her photo. She got some of the parents too! That was the best..seh slowly creeped up behind one man and put her arm on his shoulder and he jumped, but then he shook her hand and had a laugh! I guess all her years in drama have paid off. laugh.gif
Tammy, your halloween night sounded great, with many laughs.

I was out last night and did not get home until after 9'o'clock, by that time all the children would be in bed. There are not a lot of children where I live.

My 7yrs old g'daughter went to her school halloween disco on Friday night dressed as a witch. She had a long black dress and cape and her witch hat had long green hair hanging from it. Her mum made up her face, so she looked really good, but by the time she got home her broomstick was fallen apart. laugh.gif
heather a bet she enjoyed every minuite of the night my grandwean lydia thought it was magical and couldnot understand why she was given sweets and things and she said to people im not allowed to have nuts as im allergic to them she will be four on the 20th of this month and Icannot wait smile.gif
Heather and Stuarty,

i bet the 2 kids had a great time. Staurty, how cute of your little grandaughter to be so matter of fact! We had one in costume that was so tiny, we couldn't believe she was walking and carrying a bag! Honest to god! Phil said he looked out the window and thought a little pile of leaves was looked like a baby walking and talking! She was darling. Brittany took off her mask when she saw her coming, so as not to scare her. Heather by the state of your grandaughter's broom that is a good indication what kind of fun night and day she had too! wub.gif
Y' know Stuarty...when a read yur posts Ah think o' " Taking over the Asylum "....ramble, ramble, rant, rant,rave...nae spellin'...nae grammar nae punctuation...y' know whit really bothers me? ...Ah cin unnerstaun' really, tae embudy who's met ye, that's jist the wey ye ur....whit ye see is whit ye get

Ah enjoyed listenin' tae ye as much as Ah enjoy readin' yur posts

ROCK ON STUARTY.....yur certainly yur ain wumman!!! biggrin.gif
u add class stupot love yer shpeeling lol wub.gif
We all know our Stuarty is a one off . They broke the mold after they made her . Her x didn't know when he had a gem ,oh well his loss . Don't ever change Stuarty your a diamond. I canny spell very well either .Who cares?
Angela Chick
A agree stuarty is a rare diamond and am so glad a met her biggrin.gif
See Stuarty, I told ya you had your own wee fan club! wub.gif
annie laurie
Just be yourself Stuarty, tongue.gif there is enough phoney in this world,
I believe in calling a Spade a Spade myself, if you get my message, :-))
keelie gal
aye stuarty i agree yer a wee smasher and ye always bring a smile to my keep up the good work wink.gif
Lovely tae come intae betty's an read lovely things aboot someone...there ye go Stuarty, you enjoy pet and ah hope tae meet ye the next time....everyone here's said it all afore me. biggrin.gif

betty's obviously no hooked up yet, ah no she wis fightin wae them last week, 26 days after they had promised her hookup on the 15th day....widnae like tae be oan the ither end a that phone call.
so, I'm not saying any names here, but...I have been finding candy wrappers stuffed down the cushion of the chairs in here! I emptied the trash anc I've washed the floors and wiped up all the sticky finger prints. We can't have Betty surprising us and finding her wee house in such a state! I've got the curtains in the wash now too, can someone hang them back up for me when they're done? smile.gif
keelie gal
Tammy I'll hang out the curtains ,I'm nice and tall . The place just isn't the same without Betty . I think I'll away and make some shortbread and put it in her tin for her when she gets in .
oi Keelie, whit you laughing at? Let's see your fingers...are they sticky? I think it's your turn to do the stairs. Thanks Jakka for the curtains, I was tired after all the shopping and cleaning. I would love a nice piece of shortbread with a cup of tea. Yum. tongue.gif
keelie gal
wasnt me with the sticky fingers honest tammy laugh.gif i will help you with youre housework pal no bother...jakka the homemade shortbread sounds fab so it does yummmmyyyy save me a piece.where is betty? is she on holiday?
betty's still waitin for her Internet hookup tae happen Keelie...she'd changed companies an ah think this new one's given her the runaround...that shortbread in the tin an the place spic an span will put her right back intae the party swing when she gets back oan biggrin.gif

Thanks Tammy, ahd a very bizzarre day, startin aff wae the car accident which ah wis jist sick aboot the whole's bad enough huvin tae claim insurance etc...but then it's the whole disruption ahv now caused ma neighbour.
They cannae be nicer an we aw know accidents happen, but noo they need tae take time oot tae get it fixed etc an she's jist wae her second wean an her first is only three...ah jist feel dead guilty.
Ah spent the whole mornin there up at the Police Accident Report Centre so's the Insurance can get started.

Then ahm ah no up at school collectin them aw at the end of the day, and dae ah no get told a parent is now goin tae be changin sexes which means that the weans 6, 3 an 18months will soon huv two MOTHERS!
How dae ye get yer heid around THAT wan?
Ahm no judgin..ah think God love them what a dilemma and how dae ye even start tae go aboot somethin like that...we're aw God's children and some jist seem tae be born in the wrong body..or somethin.....they're dead nice people as well.

Ahm jist goin aboot a bit shellshocked aw ower the place the noo.
Angela Chick
Catherine, wit a day you have had no wonder you feel shellshocked,

A really feel for that family you are speaking about, as you say people cant help whats in their heart and how they feel, a mean they must be so unhappy in the 1st place to want a sex change,

as you say we cant judge as we dont know what they are going through, god bless them
if I was perfect my life would be boring and iv got somany defects of charecter that im thankful for and the person who is in turmoil about their sexuality they must have gone through hell and the wife is in bits but hopefully they can work through it am hoping that the woman doesnt think it was her fault and it is not it is just somthing that happens in london they have shops that the male gender can go and get dressed up as a woman and see if they feel comfortable it is very open and years ago it was all kept in the closet atleast they can be honest insted of a sham relationship my heart goes out to all who shall be affected by this am rambling again but my friend who i have knowen for years that she was gay and i knew but others did not came out because somone else did and i was so please she had the courage to do it and i was privlaged to be there when she said it life is wonderful weird colourful mystical magical and it brings somthing new into my life every new day wub.gif
It really is amazin how one's reality is bizzarre to another isn't it guys....and it's true Angela ...who are we tae judge jist because we don't understand.
It really puts a lot of your own 'problems' into perspective.

As for the couple themselves ye don't know do ye...but as far as the view fae here goes they seem to be very accepting of the whole situation and extremely supportive of each other.

I guess they have to switch off from outside influence and do what they feel they have to, but I don't imagine they could be immune to outside reaction entirely, so I'm a bit nervy about sayin the right thing and hope I do it in a way that kin only be positive and helpful to them.

You certainly sound a good support to yer pal Stuarty, it's the way it should be regardless sure it is. Friendships a wonderful thing.

Cripes kin ye imagine betty's face when she gets back oan an see's this discussion goin oan in her hoose laugh.gif
no comment a want to see my lawyer ohmy.gif
Catherine...what a day! Sit yourself down and I'll pour you a wee spash! Never mind the tea and shortbread! That'll never do. Are you alright pal? You didn't get hurt did you. If you start feeling stiff and sore, run a hot bath, and take some ibuprofen for your sore muscles.

As for the other couple, I myself can't wrap my brain around stuff like that. It must be very hard for both involved, never mind the kids. 2 years ago my best friend from forever not only split up with her husband, but now lives with a woman! This is a lassie who was always boy cray and now she's gay. I have a hard time dealing with her new lifestyle, but I try for her sake to understand. I don't want to lose her since we've been friends since babies. She also has a wee daughter. huh.gif
Angela Chick
Tammy a worked with a girl that was gay and she told me that she knew from as early as age 9 or 10 she was different that was here exact words to me,

all you can do as you say is still be a good friend to your mate as you go back a long way biggrin.gif
I think you have to accept friends for what lies within their heart and not their sexual orientation,colour or creed. They say god created us all equal and I make my friends from lots of different backgrounds.Ihope I get treated the same way .I try not to judge and keep an open mind .Life is short , grab happiness in any way you can .Why be miserable because of convention.
Catherine , hope you feel a wee bit better tonight . The last thing you needed today was to face this news. I'm sure you'll know the right thing to say when the situation happens .I didn't have the splash last night ,just incase I had to make an emergency run . I didn't .Things have been a bit easier today so we're just taking things one day at a time till we see the specialist . unsure.gif
Angela, I do try, but some days I can't wrap my head around it. I'm serious she was boy crazy..never without a boyfriend. She said you never know what could happen in the future either, so I don't really get it. Sadly she lost a lot of friends and has now adopted the attitude if you don't like it then get lost which hasn't helped. Because to be honest a lot of her long time friends are confused and you can't just expect them to say oh alright now you like girls. It's very strange. But, I try my best. It hasn't been easy, I'm always worried about what I might say, or if I'll say it the wrong way now. Before I never had that worry.

Anyways, like Catherine said if Betty comes strolling into her house and see where we've all gone with our discussions she might be needing a wee splash herself! laugh.gif I've checked the tin for the shortbread too, are you hiding it Jean?
Hi Tammy ,I never got round to makin'any so I went into town and picked up some millionairs shortbread.I'll bring it the next time I'm in
hello all cant sleep I droped off for about 2 hours then somthing woke me up dont know what caused it I hat that jaccka13 are you ok as I was wondering if somthing is wrong as we have not had a wee chat for a couple of days wub.gif
keelie gal
welcome back then stu....... laugh.gif
Thanks for all the concern ,lassies .I'll get things sorted out in a couple of days .I hope .Don't worry about me I'll be fine .I;m like the unsinkable MOLLY BROWN. Talk to you all later Cheers jakka
It's amazin here when ye think of it...therrs you Tammy wae no such a different scenario happenin....though ah have tae point out this is NOT close friends this is happening to.

Ours is jist such a wee community within the City...everyone kinda knows everyone in the playground so tae speak, and I guess after the initial shock it's going to be the ramifications that many will have to deal with.
We will be one of many, and ye jist hope ye come over supportive.

Your pal Tammy sounds scared, defiant and dealing with her own changes, doesn't sound as if she's being very tolerant of others right now but give her time I'd say.
It's a hard call...we often or I do anyway, try an put maself in others shoes before ah make a judgment call....and she sounds as if she's still blown away with her own decision, albeit it seems right for her, and she's trying to justify it to herself still.

I jist cannae imagine no likin me for bein me.....imagine no likin yerself for being you?
Ah mean this is whit makes us whole for US as individuals.
The pain no having this security must cause folk must be horrendous, God help them.

Who's makin the tea by the way, kettles oan tongue.gif Jaaka you better haun oot the millionaires afore a riot brekks oot pet. Wherr did ye leave the bag an ah'll get jist sit therr an get yer feet up hen
Ah need tae gie ye's a laugh
The boys are oot the front wae Geoff an the dad across the street an his weans playin road hockey.
Ahm upsterrs an Max crashes in the front door an flees up the sterrs shoutin MUM! MUM!
Ahm like ahm here stoap shoutin
He said, Doug took a slapshot an hit dad's peeni
Ah said aw did he kiss it better darlin?
Well Max an masel went intae hysterics laughin, so ah said go ask Doug tae kiss it better darlin oan ye go..

He turnt roon, missed the first sterr an rolled the whole flight doon.....landed oan his FEET an ran oot the door laughin an aw ah heard wis DOUG...MA MUM SAYS YE'V TAE KISS MA DAD'S PEENIE BETTER ! Ah swear hauf the neighbourhood musta heard him, ah cannae move fur laughin here laugh.gif
oh catherine you are the tonic a need it must be sum great laughs in your hoose thanks fuf makin me laugh laugh.gif
Weans are mental sure they ur Stuarty
Livin wae Jake's like livin wae Captain Cautious...he'll no go roon a coarner jist incase it's no the RIGHT coarner, a debate kin go oan fur three hoors at the front door aboot whit step he should staun oan goin doon them.
Then ye'v Max who wid rether hurl doon a banister than take a bloody sterr cos he might jist run oota time fur ANYTHIN!! laugh.gif
Hi Catherine, your two sound not unlike my youngest two grand sons .I know they are a bit older but one is very serious and the youngest doesn't have a care in the world. My son in law smashed up his knee racing dirt bikes and had a metal brace and crutches , the oldest of the two boys broke his arm falling off a snow board .The break was so high they couldnt cast it . They put a cap on his shoulder and strapped the arm across his chest . They have their own business and my daughter does all the accounting ,ordering payroll etc. She was having a very bad day when the youngest boy comes up from the basement and his backside is wet . His answer on being asked how come your wet was that his brother had been tossing water balloons at him . A couple of hours later my daughter remembers the wet backside and goes down to check things and as she steps off the last step she's in water over her feet . The sump pump had stopped . My son in law can't get down the stairs so he's yelling instructions to her ,she has to push a hose outside and the boy with the broken arm is out in the snow trying to catch the end of the hose and it's bedlam, when she turns around here's James standing with a big bowl of pop corn watching the show laugh.gif
tell me aboot it the dogs hivin a breakedoon and son comes in am just gonny let aff fireworks so bang boom whistl the dugs nearly under the seetee poor thing she has quietined doon with her calmer fae the vet so now she is zonked thank goodness jakka was that my friend and yours wantin the attention on the boards the numpty needs a good kick up the bahooky for sure laugh.gif
Oh goes fae the sublime tae the ridiculous wae them sure it dis...that wis funny laugh.gif
Stuarty ah wis forgettin it wis Bonfire night the night, we've no got a dog or cat but neighbours do an the fireworks upset them too.
It's the high pitch noise that frightens them is that right?
its the wans that bang that sends her nuts a cant wait till the morra when it finishes thank goodness unsure.gif
Catherine you are a wise and fair woman. My friend has been this way for a few years now. But, I still care for her as I always will ,just hard to understand some days.

As for your little that was funny! What was Geoff's reaction? HA!HA! I agree, your house must be laughs all day long! And Jakka your daughter's house doesn't sound much different! HA!HA!
Stuarty, I hope your wee dug is better soon, my little dog doesn't get affected by the noise.
she is zonked that will be her to the moora and she snores heavens above jings ma bob cripes gone yourself wub.gif
Hi folks at Betty's wee hoose. See as always, there is somebody polishin,and boiling the tea kettle. Am kinda no up tae date with whit's been goin oan,but see that folks will be meeting up at the horseshoe bar on the 13th. May I ask, if it is something like that last Big Meet,of which I was a part? Been having continuous problems with my computer,therefore cannot keep up with chatting.....Rena wink.gif
Hi Rena ,you're right somebody is always waiting in Betty's . She's been away for a while ,Computer problems . but we're all takin 'care of hur wee hoose till she get's back . I just did the stairs , and dusted .I've go Millionairs Shortbread in a tin waiting for her return.
Tori G
Oh gosh I havent been in here for awhile Im sure Bettys gonna be really happy seeing everyone has been popping in.

Hi Rena good to see ya, just go through some of the older posts and you'll get back in the swing of it all.

Its so good to see the place gets cleaned on a regular basis and the kettle is usally hot enough for your tea or coffee, n theres always some biscuits in the cupboard if your lucky there might be a wee dram left in the drinks cabinet.

I've brought the carpet cleaners with me today to give them a good clean for Betty when she gets back, right guys dont break anything or you'll be for it. I'll just pop in the bathroom and toilet and give it a clean, got to haaaaave gotta haaave frieeeends doo doo do do do, la la.

Right yar guys everyone will be happy with that...good job!!! ah'll make you a cuppa...dont worry Jakka ive brot some chocolate digestive bikkys for them to have.
hi am in to clean the lavvy ok get the germs oot and is the kettle on rena a got a couple of gatuex black forrest and strawberry thck in this is the only place you can eat all you want and no put weight on tori ar you ok there whos turn tae day the stairs we shold put a rosta up so everybody gets a turn cleaning eh laugh.gif
Archie Millar
Hullo Rena! hivvnae heard frum you fur a lang time. Av'e no been up the sters tae the hoose fur a wee while---but a still look in the windae when am passin'
They used tae keep a bottle o' the "good stuff behind the curtain under the sink,is it still there? - a doubt it! those greedy buggers wull hiv swaaled it by noo. A'll hiv a wee peek in the morra --as long as yi dont ask me tae go doon on ma hunkers an' pipe-clay the step ohmy.gif
ta-ra fur the no
Archie we won't ask you to do the stairs as long as you bring us some chocolate biscuits in. I've left you a wee bottle behind the curtain in the usual spot. Sit yourself down and relax and enjoy the company. smile.gif
keelie gal
thats ok lassies i'll do the stairs and i'll wash the windows while am at it dont wont betty comming hame to any cob webs now do we lassies,i think i'll jist nip in the kitchen fer a wee cuppa and a blether and see if jakka's shortbread is still in the tin wink.gif
Angela Chick
Hi girls,

poor betty she must be demented with no internet, hope she is on soon, just back from my weekly shopping at asda,

keelie pass over a wee bit of shortbread will ye biggrin.gif

freezing in glasgow today brrrrr
Archie Millar
Awright then, a'll go oot an' get some "tunnock's wafers,some blue riband an' some penguins(the choclate kind)" laugh.gif --but make sure the bottle's under the sink!!!
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