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HI Heather and Angela,

Phil's one Auntie had a pully in her bathrooma nd I was amazed at the amount of things she could get on it! The other Aunt had a dryer, but she got rid of it too. And don't worry Angela my laundry room looks like a chinese laundry most days too because I have to hang everyone's shirts etc. in case I 'ruin' them don't you know! Phil's weight bench makes a good clothes dryer! laugh.gif Now if I could get someone else to figure out the iron!
hi all, i have a pulley and its really handy i keep going to get rid of it and then change my mind, i use my dryer quite a lot more than i should but in the summer i put all my washing on through the night and hang it all out before i go to work
Thanks, Tammy and Angela for the welcome back,and congrats., I wish I had a pulley in my washroom, to hang cardigans and stuff one can't put in the dryer. The one thing I use a lot of here is my outside clothesline. It is just at my back door,and I use it mostly year round. Bed sheets smell like heaven when freshly laundered on the clothesline. But the old dryer gets used when jack frost is really bitter. tongue.gif
Yo Rena ah keep missin ye!
Lovely tae see ye back, ah widnae bother tryin tae read through posts ye'v missed, cripes ah miss three days and cannae catch up so you've nae chance laugh.gif

As fur dryers, ahd be loast withoot mine...throw in the Mountain scented Bounce sheet everytime an viola...claes smell as if ye'v been up wae Heidi an her grampa oan their skieslope an ye don't need tae iron.....faarrrresher than fresh!!
Cripes ah mind ma mums auld pulley, wis oan the kitchen ceilin an God help us aw if she wis cookin, ye went aboot smellin onions aff yer claes aw week.
The only wans that didnae need tae duck walkin aboot the kitchen wis the wummin, ahm the tallest at five fit two.

Jakka ahv never hud tae deal wae Bell {like British telecom}, we jist reconnect the phones an sattelite for the summer then disconnect them aw for the winter at the cottage every year.
We're no winterized so electricity and water get shut aff for the winter too.

Nae baby showins yit in the Amato hoose...moan we'll bet.

Ah say the Sunday the 16th of October. {help me oot here Sarah}
wee mags
nae wean yet jist a tired we mammy tae be ,and she is still working I dont know how she does it,but then she has ma Scottish blood in her so that helps biggrin.gif I will call and let you know when it happens,I will even post it here awe right?
Marion Dougan
Mags post as soon as Sarah has the baby. Like tae git a wee something in the mail. Nice lassie, great man, who jist let me n Betty dae wit we wanted tae biggrin.gif
wee mags
here you Marion jist a minute, yer makin ma son in law seem like hes a flirt,you two buggers were efter awe the men that day .and poor Boaby wis jist shakin his heid at you and bettys antics.but it was a great time jist ask Andra,yeas took the poor man shirt aff.and Catherine Sarah called the day and I told her about your bet on her delivery date and she said shes lost if the wants to induce am all for it ,you should see her she cannae see her feet and she like you awe worried that her Guccis willnae fit her efter she delivers,as for the epiderm she said not to worry shes all set biggrin.gif nice to see you posting Marion and hows yer wee bobbly hat?
Wee Mags, this one is definitely a male, they are always lagging behind when there is work to be done. laugh.gif
Mags tell Sarah ah wis GLAD ah couldnae see ma feet, they wur the size a Geoffreys laugh.gif
They don't induce here unless baby's two weeks overdue, or they need tae....or like it's Yom Kippur the day an yer doacters gaunni be aff duty.

Mind wae Jake we werr that happy Channukka wis past an ma doctor wid be back oan, turnt oot Jake wis born twenty minutes afore he started his shift an the nurse didnae phone him !
Tori G
Hi everyone hope all is well your side of the world.....

Betty2 and everyone who went to the Horseshoe Bar,.....I Bet you all had a great time,...cant wait for the photo's.....Looking forward to them.

Wee mags and Catherine......I recon Tomorrow,....the baby will be born....and a Boy too.

I went into labour with Julian at 7:30 in the morning and told his dad to take me to the hospital,.....well,... when we finally got The doctor told me "nuh..not ready yet"...your not dialated properly,....

I was so annoyed,.....I told him you better keep me in he's actually due tomorrow,...but I feel right now like he'll be here soon. The doctor recons he'd be born the following week,......we'll off we went back home,....and all day I'm getting contractions,...

By 7:30 that night... Im back at the hospital again....and sure enough,... was dialated lots come 8:03am... yep.. in the morning he was born,....and that was actually my EDD.

I had a natural birth,...though at one stage,...they were going to prep me for a C' Julian was distress.....

Nah... get the salad spoons I said to the doctor and give me a hammer while your at it so I can knock myself out so I can sleep......why are you saying that said the doctor,.....oh its alright....Ive been watching Bill Cosby!!! ha ha ha......
Oh don't talk aboot it it brings back painful memories. laugh.gif
Angela Chick
aye melody exactly, a had a terrible time they induced me cos my blood pressure was sky high, a said never again and i didn't laugh.gif
annie laurie
I know, but we widnae part with th little Darlings, ?????????????(Sometimes):-)) wub.gif
Hope this hoose hus been kept up tae scratch durin ma absence , will be doin the white glove test sometime in the comin week rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca
Hi Betty,glad you had a great time at the meet. Tori and I went and did the stairs and the windows and we ran the hoover and dusted . Your wee hoose should be all in order and we canny wait till your back in and settled .Cheers jakka
Angela Chick
Betty are you of out this weekend or is it a quiet one
wee mags
jist stoppin in for a minute ,thanks for the call last night Betty ,Sarah went to the drs today and she will go to the hospital tomorrow night,and he will induce her,he feels like the baby is too large for her and it is all set it just doesnt want it to come out into the world biggrin.gif she is all set ,I wanted it to be born the day as I left Glasgow on the 17th of Oct 1958,I arrived in the States on the 18th,you know it doesnt seem that long,well the next time Iam on I hope its to let you all know the baby is here and all is well
wee mags
thats Sarah off to the hospital to be induced ,no a worry in her heid she was going to go to work this Morning,and Richard said you are not going !!! you have to rest just in case ?in case what sais the wee wise a$#@,I just hope all goes well tonight .I will let you all know as soon as I know wink.gif
wee mags
OOOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rolleyes.gif
ohmy.gif ...oh here we go......
Mags will phone ye when ah get in the night xxxx
well???? laugh.gif
Glad we're no haudin wur breath here Tammy......Oh hear you could gie us aw the kissa life if we fainted laugh.gif

{ah cannae spell resussitate an it's drivin me nuts dae ye spell it?}

Moan Sarah...wur aw waitin noo, winkywink, Mags sit doon an contain yersel hen....jist gie yer Marine a swift kick if yer fed up waitin.
wee mags
sorry Catherine a cannae hes in his bed ha ha ,waitin for the big phone call then we have to drive to the next town he dr practices there and the Marines no too happy rolleyes.gif about driving there in the middle of the night or maybe the mornin
resuscitate! It's ok Catherine I'll look after ya! wub.gif
keelie gal'
hi ya betty just buttin in here tae say a wee hellooo wink.gif
Catherine, have you and Mags talked yet? Any news? I'm dying to know. I can just imagine how Mags must feel waiting for news from the hospital.
Oh ye jist caught me boots before ah did the auld soft shoe shuffle up tae bed.

Spoke wae mags about hauf an hoor ago, everythins fine so far and they've no heard anythin other than Richard phoned around eight to say that wis Sarah aw hooked up tae machines and on the way at 2cm dilated.
Mags picked the phone up when it wis still oan the first ring.....ah think she's a wee bit nervy shall we say laugh.gif
So far so good though an movin in the right direction.
Ahm sure there'll be news when ah get up in the mornin.
night night pet xxx
Betty 2 Im just gone to give the stairs a righrt good scrub just like you tolded me to do as soon as I got in so am sweating my head off and the stairs ase gleaming do you want the staires whitewashed it will bring them up great ta ta for noo rolleyes.gif
Wee Mags, Sarah is certainly holding on to her baby.
I remember years ago some woman were given Castor Oil when they went past their EDD.

I certainly did not need it, as my son was born on the 19th Nov. three days before he was due on the 22nd November.
On the 16th Nov. I was told by a Doctor in the Hospital I must have got my dates wrong, and the baby would not be born until nearer the end of November. wub.gif
Catherine, where are you? We're waiting for news. Now isn't that nice, Stuarty his Betty's sterrs done and some uv ra ithers hiv bin busy makin sure evryting insides shinin. Mibbee Tammy wid like tae bring her new wee grandchild ower sae wi cin aw see her. Congratulations Tammy. Wee Mags might wanny cum too at a later date...much later by the luks a tings. We better aw keep dustin.
Sorry boots...pit the post in Marions hoose laugh.gif ....No heard anythin since early this afternoon.
Mags wis jist headin over to the hospital as Sarah wis in the final stages. {around hauf one}
I'll keep ye posted as soon as ah hear anythin okay

Did ah miss somethin? Tammy's got a grandchild?
Good to have you back Stuarty , Tori and I did Betty's stairs last week but that Manky Franky's weans were all over the place so they must have messed them up . It was lovely to see your picture ,it's nice to put faces to names you chat with . Hope you had a great time ,did you whistle a happy tune?.It will be nice when Betty gets back in her hoose again . Don't work too hard cheers Jakka wink.gif
jakka13 am putting photos up on gallery the night still i will put one of me with my hair down as it is hiddious at the meet ok ps i realise it was a pm sent and not a e mail am daft sometimes naw awe the time realy laugh.gif
Tori G
Hi everybody, yep I have'nt been in here for a week or so...Looks like ahll huv tae clean up again for everyone seeing its the end of the week noo...

I'll get it all ready for you lot noo... wheres that jiff some really gruby finger marks everywhere...hmm thats me done...and while I'm at it.... I think we should all have our own keys cut seeing some wee cheeky...gruby weins canny get in here.... and spoil all.... our hard work..... eh Jakka....

anyhows......wheres Betty these days looks like her computer isnt set up yet,....and if your looking in Betty2,.....everyone is waiting fur ya.

Well like a said stuarty good to see you here again,....and cant wait for the other photos.

Hope everyone keeps smiling and laughing......catch you all later and have a great weekend.

Wur no allowed keys Tori, naebudy kin keep them furr mare than a walk tae the shoaps afore we've drraaped them somewherr laugh.gif

Mag's betty's waantin a photae of the wean fur the mantle piece pet....Marions givin it na na na poopoo cos she's goat wan awready.

Sick weans here, sick mammy, last night wis like musical beds in tae add insult tae injury ye take them tae the doctors an he tells ye it's jist the cauld!
Ah felt like shoutin GIE THEM SEDATIVES!!!!! ......GIE US AW SEDITIVES!!!!
{ah'll cauld him, walk a mile in ma shoes pal an ah'll gie ye cauld!}

Boots it wis Mags that wis the granny right? Cripes ah don't know who goat the biggest fright therr, us or Tammy. guffawguffaw.

Ah keep gettin bumped aff the board this week, anyone else? Think ah read you were havin problems too Stuarty.
Loved the photo's by the way, so glad ye's aw had a good time.

Anybudy seen ma pal Melody? Ahv no seen her on aw week...did she mention she wis aff for the October week somewherr?
betty2room his been a we bit empty lets have a welcome back to betty2s room a bought loads of mussels and whelks when a wis at the barras on sunday with ma wee bib brother a nd they have not changed a bit and got loads of bargains i collect dream catchers and indian sheilds wind chimes and a was like a wummin posessed bying everything ma brother could carry then sombody was givin it laldy in a pub it sounded fantastic was the pub duggins a cant remember but the voice i will never forget and so long way roond for a shortcut loch fyne mussel bar was fantastic and a fair few bob lighter it was hot mussels and came oot way a big mix bag and hot peas mince mash and cornbeef chips etc broth soup all on for tonight and betty a promise we will keep it clean oh and a plain loaf fur the ham broth lets eat ta we feel we cant eat anymore anybody can com sammy an the dug is he awol and ida and betty and annie and angela and all new members come lets hive a slap up eating party wub.gif
annie laurie
Sounds great Stuarty. i am drolling here thinking about it, and me on a Diet Too,Cheers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
annie diet the morra as the grubs imaginare no calorie couting tonight enjoy wub.gif
Stuarty, got your emails and pms . I could only see one picture in the gallery of Angela ,what lovely blue eyes she has . This feast at Betty's sounds great . I have had a week from hell . Still fighting the phone company . I think they thought they were dealing with a doddery old wumin. Well I marked the guys card today and told Him in no uncertain terms that I didn't have rocks for brains and I wasn't stupid and I was quite prepared to go to court and any more nonsense from them and I would be in touch with my lawyer.That shut them up . So it's Friday I'm going to pour myself a drink and a party at Betty's sounds great.Cheers jakka
jakka the foties will be back on when my boy does it that is why i get excited as im trying to do it my self and alwas learning if a get ma lung fixed a could start a open uni coarse as am only 48 so it is not to late for me to learn computer coarse or sumthing laugh.gif
Went to the theatre the other night and saw a play called ' Half Life' by Canadian writer and playwright John Mighton. It was absolutely excellent, very clever, the cast were a Canadian company called Necessary Angel Company. I wondered if any of you fine folks living in Canada were familiar with John Mighton's work. Carmella you'd be jealous went to the Corinthian for dinner.
Oh gaun yersel ya auld thee ayter devil ye laugh.gif The name rings a bell Melody, sadly the only theatrics gaun oan in ma life the noo is the wans in here wae the weans!
Wis up in bed masel last night at nine, lights oot instead a night oot.....wis supposed tae go fur dinner wae Donna an Karen but couldnae make it.
Did ah mention ahv the cauld masel? Ocht ah'll no go oan...naw really...ahm awright..ahm jist the mammy!

Ah tucked intae Stuarty's spread last night, three hunnerweight a food later an thank God fur spandex!
See yer still fightin wae Bell Jakka, you go girl....jist gies a shout if ye need a hard hat, ahv hunners here at the ready!

Whit's everywan up tae the day?
Well ah suppose that puts ma wee attempt at a wee bit o culchur oot the windae. See, ye try tae raise the tone in here an whit dae ye get, the cauld!!! laugh.gif Pass it oan ( no the cauld, the play) in your part of the world Catherine an see if anybody that's ootside their hoose knows anything aboot him wid ye? Nae wonder ah take a drink!
annie laurie
Appreciate all that Good Information Melody,
I will watch the papers and let you know if I see his Name never heard of him myself,
We live in a small town {150.000 populations,} we do have a nice Theatre though
I love Live Theatre also,
Your new Boyfriend knows how to treat a Lady right???????????? laugh.gif
Annie one man men usually dae laugh.gif
annie laurie
Hiya Catherine
Just checking to see how you and your wee family are keeping to-day,
Never fails soon as school starts, then come all the caulds,
Take it easy on the week-end O>K> Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rolleyes.gif
annie laurie
Our posting popped up at the same time there laugh.gif you have lost me on that one please translate its still morning here not thinking to clearly O>K>
Hi all, I had to lie down when I read I was a granny! I thought..wait a wee minute..I better not be! The I had a glass of red wine to calm my nerves and befoer you know it I was asleep on teh couch here. The shock of news like that is enough to give you the gray hairs of a granny! I had to check in the mirror to be sure! A little tightness in my chest, but I think I'm ok now. HA!HA!

Where are you Betty? I've put the kettle on if anyone's needing a brew? And I've got some lovely chocolate biscuits to go with it.

I know how you feel..sort of Catherine..I've had a cold the past few days and it's no fun. I'm better at being the dr. than I am the patient. I don't like getting sick, it doesn't happen very often. I thought I was immune to everything since I'm always around sickies. Mind you..I don't have little boys to chase after, so maybe not quite the same. laugh.gif
Wow Stuarty, that was quite the spread and I'm stuffed. Thank you! Catherine luv, I'm really sorry you have a cold but please don't come to close and pass it on to me. Melody, the name John Mighton is vaguely familiar but I can't think from where. I don't recognise the name of the play at all. Anniel., I'll have another cuppa tea if you're pouring there...Thank you. Okay Tammy,, as you know, I'm the one who made you a granny and I've been trying to figure out who I meant. I even enlisted Catherine to help me but with the boys and her all hving colds, her problem was bigger than mine. I have however, figured it out. You went out of town to see your sister who just had a baby...I think? and I should have called you Auntie. I am very, very sorry. Now I think I'll get started on the dishes.
i have just popped in to clean up fae the food party no much left tae clean up still dont want mice noo dae we the kettles on noo wink.gif
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