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Angela Chick
Anne there is a lot of members on here that came from maryhill, you will get to know them really nice people biggrin.gif
Welcome to the board Annepat.It won't be long till you realize we're all a wee bit daft . It's all good fun . I'm in Scarborough .Canada .Before that Partick.
Betty I just finished the stairs ,and ah chased manky Frankie's weans so they should stay clean for you . Did you decide to come over the rainbow with us?.Cheers Jakka, tongue.gif
Noo Jakka you talk fur yersel, Annepat will soon realise that ah'm the sensible wan. laugh.gif Noo did Kaz leave ma shoes wi somebudy because we'll need them before we can go over the rainbow. Remember when ye've got tae click yer heels thegether three times and say ' There's no place like home ' There's no place like home' ' There's no place like home'. Cause if we canny dae that we might be stuck over the rainbow.
Melody,I think Kaz gave your shoes to Angela.Will we awe need tae wear red shoes or will you klick the heels for the rest of us . Did you vote if we're takin 'Kaz or not ?.He stole yer shoes and said they were plastic . Angela and I thought we cold make him handle awe the gear we'll need. Gled tae hear your comin' on the trip .Did you talk to Betty?I told her we were goin'but she didnae say if she was comin or no.
If you lassies huv goat oor Betty in the land of Oz please send her back...she's goat a "meet" tae go' shes supposed tae be lettin' us a' know whit day an' time at the Horseshoe

Oan the other haun, mibbe she's no feelin too well....embudy heard fae hur? mellow.gif
Thanks to Heather Annie and Catherine . I think my choice would be Mari's wedding. I will let you know what she decides. biggrin.gif By the way none of them are scottish ,they just think it would be a cool thing to do. Hope it goes down well.
Welcome to you ANNEPAT
Isobel, you will probably find that all the guests will be thrilled to hear the pipes especially if the piper is in Highland dress.

When my nephew got married he and his wife were flying out early the next morning to go on honeymoon. So they went straight from the reception to a hotel to stay over night, still in their wedding outfits. The next morning when checking out, the Manager was kidding them about the rumpus they caused when they arrived at the hotel the night before, because the groom was in full Highland dress and the bride still in her white dress. A lot of foreigner's who were staying in the hotel were all rushing over to see the man in the kilt. laugh.gif

Welcome Annepat, hope you enjoy the GG Boards.
Well ahv jist spent the last hoor cleanin up after the bloody raccoons.

First aff ah couldnae find ma 'green bin'..this is used fur compost {food scraps, paper towel etc} that the City pick up every week.
Ahv goat it strapped tae the wa', RACCOON PROOF tethers roon DOUBLE loaked.
Me an ma neighbour George fun it unner ma deck, upside doon, scratch marks aw ower it an they've actually goat in it WITHOOT OPENIN IT !!!!!
Pullt the stuff oot through a slit oan the lid so they did.

Ahm talkin tae George an then notice ma screen aw bent at ma dinin room windae....up we goes tae investigate an therrs the pile a sh... oan ma windaesill !
Bolks came rushin full force an guid ol George dealt wae it.

Ahv hud ma hose oan fur an hoor cleanin the deck an everythin that's oan it.
Ahv yased Comet wae a mop an ahv doused the windaesill wae Dettol, sittin in puddles so it if the wee bas comes back the night ah hope it burns the backside aff him!

Oh they're jist filthy messy sneaky yucks so they ur, gie me the heebies.
Therr...ah feel better gettin that aff ma chist laugh.gif
awe catherine am eating and reading your post and a get tae the sh-- noo a dont think aii finnish eatin a m gonny be sick
Angela Chick
oh catherine nae wonder you took the boak,

thats terrible a could nae be dain wae they racoons, a would want tae wring their necks for them laugh.gif
Oh sorry fur pittin ye's aff yer dinners guys , Geoff'll need tae dae somethin wae ma windae screen the night when he gets in.
Thing is once they've been a place an 'dumpydood' they tend tae come back tae the same territory.
Well the ghurka in here'll be waitin trust me, ma hose is sittin at ma back door an ah'll be blastin the hell oot them if ah catch them laugh.gif
Therr dead cheeky annaw, jist staun an stare at ye..nae fear tae them.
Feedin time here wae the troops...
Angela Chick
You go catherine and let they racoons have it right oan the dish wae your hose laugh.gif
Hi Catherine, ma heart goes out to you . They are cheeky buggers. I had them do the same with my compost bin one year . They pulled as much as they could out through the slots. Another time they upturned the box I recycle my cans in . I always wash out all the cans except pop ,before I put them out but they smelled something. When they came in the porch ,they had pulled the spleen off the porch door and bent the screen back . I had a couple of loaves of brerad out there because we had a couple of families of geese coming round a couple of times a day. Between the adults and all the babies there were 44in all. Well the racoons ate all the bread, crumbs everywhere but luckily no doo-doo's. I had to shampoo the carpet and wash everything down because I couldn't get rid of the stink of them . I had to disinfect the van after taking them away to dump them after we caught them .They look like little bandits but I couold murder them .My neighbor offered to shoot them for me but I didn't have the heart . They looked so pathetic in the cage after we caught them ,so we let them go ,a very long way off.
Are you comin' on the trip with us . ?
Ahm the same Jaaka, ah couldnae pull the trigger but ahd be awright if somebudy jist did it an didnae tell me..dis that make me an accomplice?
Thing wis ah wis up in bed readin ma book last night aboot twenty tae eleven an heard them screechin an fightin oot the front, ah didnae no at that point they wur probably fightin ower ma ain rubbish! laugh.gif

Wis ower at ma pals last night, y'no ma Mook that graduated...anyway he's fifteen an he'd a wee project for school.. he'd tae interview an Immigrant...{me} sittin wae ma splasha wine an the interview commenced.
Now afore ah start ah huv tae say that we so enjoy each others company, especially when it's jist us cos we're awfy special to one anither an really relish the moments together.

Whit a laugh, the two of us kept embellishin oan stories, started ridiculous scenarios aboot the why ah moved etc.
We couldnae move fur laughin an his mammy's shoutin in 'hoi you two it's a serious project' she wis killin hersel laughin annaw at the antics.
Well that started us again.

Ah'll gie ye an example of wherr we kept losin the plot....
How ye doin in Canada now Cag?
Fine Mook
You realise what fine stands for?
Naw whit?
Freaked oot, insecure, neurotic an would you say roughly that would sum you up?
That wis it....we couldnae move fur laughin.

Oh an then his mammy who's studyin Jungian theory noticed ah couldnae mind the 'insecure' for the I in 'fine' then she goes oan a tangent aboot how in her practise ah might huv an issue wae insecurity.....see the mare ah think of it the mare ah laugh..went fae wan joke tae the next.
Catherine I know whit yea mean about the killin'.I couldn't hurt a wee beast.
I can just imagine the laughterwith you and your young friend. Sometimes it's innocence like that that makes me laugh. My youngest grand-son (13) had a project to do about dancing through the ages . The wee soul,very seriously asked me if I could remember the minuet!!!!.Of course his Mammy had put him up to it and we all had a good laugh over that one . My neighbor's wee grandson just turned five and had borrowed my trowel to plant something . The next day he had a wee pail with plastic tools and was showing to my husband Al and he had a little trowel .Al said "The're really nice Alex" Alex piped up your Mother has got a bigger one than me .Me being the Mother .I never heard the end of that one .What if you contact the city about the raccoons ? I think they might come out and trap them and then take them away.It's always worth a try. Cheers Jakka.
This is me inbetween loads of laundry .Cleared all the beds etc.
HI everyone.

Catherine, I know how you feel about those little beggars! We bought the girl's one of those huge inflatable pools, you know the ones that 6-8 adults can fit into? Anyways, we were emptying it and Phil went outside and saw that the racoons had popped the outer ring! Probably having a little swim while they could get into it. My neighbour told me one night she heard noise and looked out her bedroom window and saw them playing on the girl's trampoline! She said she couldn't believe it! We haven't caught them ourselves though! But, they are obviously enjoying our backyard too!

And yes, the surprsie went off without a hitch! It was a great visit, but too short. We took Phil's Uncle to the ariport Saturday and by Sunday he was back in Glasgow. Everyone greetin' at the airport like a bunch of big bairns! And Phil laughing at everyone for doing it! Smacked him!

So, for a couple of days we're back to just us, but will return to 5 extra in a day or so. It's a nice time. We're just wiating to hear what my Brother in-law and his grilfriend have for a baby. Should ba anytime today now. Then the shopping begins! HA!HA! I like shopping for the little clothes and shoes more than I like the babies! HA!HA! Maybe not quite true, but those tiny little clothes are so cute.

I did the dustin in here, now I better go get to my own's piled to the roof!

Betty hope you're feeling ok. wub.gif
Jaaka you've been up in the woods too long hen....the City will tell ye these bins are COMPLETELY Raccon proof, plus bein close tae a Ravine you may come across the odd raccoon here an therr but therrs nae problem in the City, NOT AT ALL!!
S'all in yer imagination .....ahd love for wan of thae councillors tae come roon here at night, jist wan night.... laugh.gif

You're laughin at the Minuet...ah remember aye askin ma mum 'did ye have this' or 'did ye have that' in the good old days mum....cripes she wis younger than ma ain age the noo !
Funny how weans jist think yer ancient sure it is.

Ye mentiont if ahm comin wherr yer gaun...Aye...wherr we gaun?
Angela Chick
Hi ladies,

Catherine a remember ma lauren saying to my mum 'granny was there schools in your days laugh.gif

that went down like a lead balloon with my mum she wis not amused at all ha ha

betty where are you hope your doing ok.
Hi Catherine,Kaz stole Melody's Pradas .We figured maybe he had clicked his heels and ended up in Kansas lookin for Dorothy,We awe decided to follow him and Melody said she would click her heels and we could awe go ore the rainbow. We wurnae gonny take Kaz because he said the Pradas were plastic ,but he sang We're waitin for all to come aboard and then we're off . We might try and find the Pandora and see if there's any pan drops left . Talk to Angela and let her know if your comin'
Hope to see you at this end of the rainbow ,God knows whit well find at the other .Hoping Wee Mags and Betty show up .We need a couple of sensible heeds .
annie laurie
Hi catherine,

Just thought I would mention to you, they say Racoon's can turn vicious so becareful don't get to close to them with your hose O>K> because they move very quickly also, and from what I remember the last time I saw one, they had claws, 2 ft long no kidding Catherine so be careful O>K>
Tori G
Hi there Betty2,....... where are you,..... hope your doing alright, looks like you hivnae been on for a wee while, rest up your gonna need your strength fur the horseshoe bar.......hope your back on soon.

Well guys.... those racoons sound really nastie,......blast them with the water,... go on Catherine ah need a laugh,...ha ha. I know we dont want to go out vigilantie style and get rid of them completely,..(dead),..never. A wonder if you put Pepper everywhere, wether that will chase them away,...we used to do that with Cats coming up the stairs to attack other cats and what not,..and if we caught site of them we'd be prepared with a bucket of water....Tammy that was so funny about your neighbour finding the racoons on the trampoline, i was in fits reading that,....shame you never got a photo,...that would have been so funny..........Angela that was classic what lauren said, isnt it funny when kids say the darndest things,...Catherine your neighbours boy sounds really with it and your not doing too bad your self, ha ha,...does he get it from you? ha ha.
Jeez Catherine, I thought you were talking about racoons at your cottage until I came to your last post...are you saying this is happening at your home in the city? in Toronto, the centre of the universe??? You definitely need to come on that trip with us, you can wear your new polka dot wellies.

Vi. G. I hope you're coming too. The weather on the other side of the rainbow is always good and if we find the Pandora, a sea cruise will really make you feel better.

Tammy we're hoping you'll be there too.

Annie L Have you decided what you're wearing on your feet? I think I'll just wear runners.

Angela and Jakka,, have many more signed up and have you heard from Betty yet. Do you think she may have already gone to the Horseshoe Bar to be there in time to meet Daveab? maybe you should hop over there and check Angela.

Melody, Do you have your red pradas back yet? I hope Kaz didn't stretch them out too much.
Thanks Boots, I wouldn't miss it. I'll wear my sparkly high heels..nice change from my uniform boots. We'll have the best footwear between us all. laugh.gif

Angela did you go find out how the party at the Horshoe Bar was going?
Angela Chick
Hi ladies,

tori a could not stop laughing either at tammy's story about the racoon's oan the trampoline laugh.gif

boots am gonna find oot wits happening at the horseshoe, hope your hands are a wee bit better,

tammy, davy said he sent betty an email but she hasn't got back to him yet, he said stuarty is arriving in glasgow 11 oct so the meet might be some time after that.
wee mags
Hi everyone sorry I have not been on but between knitting hats for oor Marion, and finishing off a crochet blanket for my Daughters baby,[waiting for it tae show up ], nae time for the computer I miss yae awe so a dae,I gave betty a calland wid yae believe it shes no feeling too good she has a drs appoinment for Five tonight she has lots of pains in her back ,cannot get relief no matter what she does ,I told her I would let you all know why she has not been on ,as for racoons they ur chheeky buggers we have them here the other night a heard a noise on the porch I looked oot the windae and there staring me in the face wis a racoon ,I screamed and the racoon took aff like a bolt of lightning rolleyes.gif
mags will you tell betty i said hi and hope she feels better soon x
betty if its no one thing it another a get fedup being no well either hope it is nothig serious betty2 and if you get medicine mind an take it we are all missin you may your god bless you wub.gif
Angela Chick
Hi ya betty,

sorry to hear you have a sore back, you take it easy and rest see you soon. wub.gif

mags we missed you.
Hi Bettty,so sorry to hear your back is hurting .Try and tale it easy .You know we're all missing you and we can't leave on our trip till you and Wee Mags feel up to it .Take it easy and just give one of a shout if you need anything ,Cheers Jakka
Well the engine of the good ship 'Rainbow' is turning over nicely but we canny leave withoot the wumman o the hoose kin we?
Whit we gauni dae? Betty dae ye want us tae jist carry ye oan board, oh whit ah'm a sayin' we'll need a good strong man fur that..... (preferably in a fireman's uniform).. me thinks. But wait ah've got tae check the Pradas, he did stretch them a wee bit but ah skelped him wi the daily record an he'll no dae that again.
See that's life wan minute yer Dorothy wi the red shoes the next yer at Glesga Cross wi Kaz an a poly bag wi stretched shoes an a daily record. Ah've no seen him since. laugh.gif
Ah jist spoke tae Kaz oan the batphone Melody...he's goat his apron oan an attendin tae betty's every whim...drinks, salmon sannies, wee cocktail sausages, banana boats an hunners a ither stuff!
Poor betty's no up fur the rockin oan the boat..says its easier if she jist lies flat oan her back {ahm no sayin a word but she cannae wipe the smile aff her face wae thae doacters oarders ....kaz is lookin a bit nervous but haudin his ain, haudin his ain laugh.gif }

So we've jist tae head fur the high seas an behave wursels...wherr we gaun again?

Mags ah could jist see you keekin oot the windae an you an the raccoon givin each ither the fright of yer lives!!
Whit's Sarah's dates again? Ah thoat it's the end of October?
Ah kin see oor Kaz wi the wee napkin ower the arm tray in hand, ah wee bit shaky,.... wi oor Betty in complete control of the situation. laugh.gif See that's her dream Kaz waitin' oan her hand and foot. Serves him right efter whit he did tae me Catherine.
Betty take care and listen to the Dr. this time!!!! Lie down, put your feet up and maybe use a nice hot water bottle or heating pad on your sore back to relax the muscles. Here's hoping your back to feeling your old self real soon. And posting here. Now, if you want we've got you a daybed..chaise lounge all set up, so you can put your feet up and a nice heating pad and fluffy pillows too. That way you can come into your wee hose and have tea and a visit with everyone here. We've kept it spotless waiting for you. wub.gif
Hi Betty, sorry to hear about your sore back. I found out from Lee. Take care of yourself and try to get better soon so you can make the trip. Bye now
wee mags
Catherine the baby is due Oct the tenth but her Dr says its taking its time .here is a photo of the two Sarahs ,it was taken at Sarahs Baby Shower
Hi Wee Mags ,what a pretty girl . You must be getting excited. There's nothing nicer than a new wee wean. My great-grand-daughter Delaney will be a year old Nov 11th. My youngest grand-son turned 13 today and two years ago today I lost my lovely sister .I've had a day of up and down emotions .I tried to cheer myself up washing the Willies as I mentioned in Marion's but'n'ben but I still felt sad.What are you hoping for or does it really matter ? We love them all regardless
wee mags
this will be our third ,first is Sarah ,then Alexadra,and the third is ?she just wants a healthy baby wub.gif
Oh noo therrs a healthy pregnant mammy mags, aw baby in the front anna kin feel Sarah's back pain fae here ..ah remember it well.
Smile for the camera now.... an aw yer thinkin is ye cannae balieve ye'v no burst yit! laugh.gif
Check the wee yin, cheek hingin an ye could still pit her oan a plate an eat her up wee darlin so she is.
It's the wee voice oan the phone...hello Ca tha rine ....that's exactly how she says it sure it is mags.

Jaaka what a mix of emotions for ye.
I always think it's a good thing to let the tears flow...when someone's brought ye so much joy in life they deserve our tears of sadness without them.
I would be lost without my sister too. God Bless ye the night pet.
Jakka I only have one sister ,I cant imagine how you must feel.You have every right to a few tears,and thats what your friends are here for to cheer you up when needed.Sound ;s like you have a wonderful family. Theres wee Mags going to get another grand wean. Oh you are so lucky . I cant wait for my turn to spoil any I might get.
We'll have to start a new baby string. We're still waiting patiently for our new little niece or nephew to be born. Mom's in labour as I type this. Everyone is so excited, it's been awhile since a baby has been around. smile.gif
Tori G
Awwe Betty2 oor darlin you look after yourself, make sure you do as the doctor tells you, snofare huvin a sore back as well, make your self comfortable and dont twist around too much. Get back on soon.

Tammy ah suppose by the time you read this you'll be an auntie again,.... you wont know wit to do with your self,... seeing there hisnae been a baby aroon for a while,... all i can say is... enjoy... Wee mags going to get another grandchild too, wow a few wee yins being born this year.

Jakka13 Happy birthday to your grandson, and your in the best place to talk about your sister whenever you want, like Catherine said let those tears flow,...and i believe your sister would like that too, and that she's there with you....Take care everyone....Hugs and kisses to you allxxxxxxxx
Aw Tammy the everyday miracle that's the best thing in the world, every good wish to you all Auntie. smile.gif
My 13 yr. old sent me an e-mail at work at 11:30...still no baby. huh.gif Glad it's not me!!! HA!HA!
Angela Chick
Mags sarah looks so radiant, good luck on the new baby when it comes wub.gif

jakka, i have only one sister as well, and like catherine said i would be lost without mine, so am thinking of you today and am certain your sister will be looking down on you and smiling to get you through the day.
Wee Mags, is that the baby shower you were telling Jessie & I about when we came to visit you?????.

Sarah looks definitely 'all front' so it's going to be a BOY.

A good date the 10th October, my birthday. laugh.gif
Heather I thought when you were all front it was a girl and all back (bum) it was a boy.
Baby girl born last night emergency c-section, both Mom and baby doing well. Proud new daddy. No first name yet....were sure it was a boy. HA!HA! I'm off to bed. wub.gif
Angela Chick
Congratulations auntie tammy biggrin.gif

Isobel i thought the same as heather all front meant a boy, a was all bum and hips and i had a girl, i could be wrong though.

betty hope you are doing ok
wee mags
Sarah keeps askin me what am I have Ma/ a wean a say ,but I thought she was having a boy myself , but who am i tae say ,I thought Sarah was a boy she kicked the hell oot o ma stomache and I was all set for Steven Andrew and oot came Sarah Marie ,whit a thrill efter three boys and awe they jokes about Mags and her three sons ,as a matter of fact she intends to call her baby if its a boy Andrew ,she said she has always liked that name ,she likes the name Fiona but her man says noooo way !!! cheeky bugger so he is rolleyes.gif
Tammy I forgot to say congrts to you and they new mom and dad
I was all front, and my friend said it would be a boy and she was correct. From the back you would never have known I was pregnant.

Mind you, it really is old wives tales. Like holding a threaded needle over the palm of the pregnant woman. Swinging back and forward is one sex, going round in a circle is the other. I can't remember which way means boy/girl.

Congratulations Aunt Tammy, mind and let us know what the baby's name is. wink.gif
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