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Hey WeeBud,welcome love,I know you will get looked after here hen.See that sister o yours,she is a right wee holy terror, Only kiddin.She's the wan responsible for me coming on here,and I survived,so it can
't be bad.
Fearn, the onion in the sock,was to wallop you ower the heid,to make sure you went tae sleep. biggrin.gif
Hello WeeBud, A big Glesca welcome tae ra site. Watch rat Betty!
Sorry Ahm late but Welcome Joannie. Huv a rerr terr hen an' make sure Catherine buys ye yer dinner! enjoy your holiday!!!!!!!
Thaks again for a great welcome to the site -Ah feel right at hame.
Hey JimmyD, Ah wis jist wunnerin'how the hell ye get yur fit in the sock wi a bloody ingin in it?.....Huv ye seen oor Betty wae hur legs in the air in a coal bunker?
Archie, that was a rerr photie, an' ahm gled yer feelin' better son!
Hey Betty, Ahm oot o' vodka, but Ah'll post a wee poem fur ye---
Says I tae ma china "It's a rerr wee site"
It keeps me up a' bloody night,
Huntin' an' peckin', it's no that funny,
But that Betty gies Rabbie a run fur his money!

Hope ye like it hen!!!!!!! davyab44
Luved the poem davy44 ah must be the first wummin tae gie rabbie a run faur as ah heard the wimmin wur aw runnin efter HIM biggrin.gif

But me bein a wummin o class
Ah,m sure rabbie wid make a pass
Poetry in motion picture the scene
Me an rabbie in glesca green
Him wooin me wae a red red rose
An me sittin writin mair prose
A wee timrous coorin wummin thats me
At the sight o a moose ah wid surely flee
So haun in haun we wid wauner
Across the green jist fur a dauner
Oh rabbie dont walk too far
Cos in the distance ah could see the scotia bar
And in the bar we took oor place
Me an the chieftan o the puddin race
Welcome tae wee bud gled yiv jined us look furritt tae hearin mair fae yi rolleyes.gif
Betty, that was inspired writing, it's a gift!!!!!!!!!

Ah ken yer mair than Ah cin haunle,

Nae poet ,tae you cin haud a caunle,

If Rabbie hid met ye , he wid luv ye,

He'd pit nae ither lass above ye,

He'd chase ye , coort ye , wi' a' his mettle,

Wi' you , near Glesca Green, he'd settle,

But since he's gone an' were still here,

We'll jist hae tae haud his mem'ry dear.
Thanks for the pic Archie - good to have faces to go with names.

Hope you're on the mend!
QUOTE (jimmyd @ 8th Sep 2003, 01:02 AM)
Fearn, the onion in the sock,was to wallop you ower the heid,to make sure you went tae sleep. biggrin.gif

Ye didna need a thump on the heid wi ma Granda's dram - came straight from the distillery - wisna even bottled! rolleyes.gif
Gaun yersel Davyb.....yer in good company wae the prose wae oor betty....mibbe hae a wee cuppa later chinas roon the fire eh? Ony biscuits left in the tin betty or ye waantin me tae nip ower tae the wee shoap fur some?
Fearn.....wis jist readin through a few pages;Archies photo....looks kin be deceivin hen, relaxed???? ah kin only talk fur masel but ah wis burlin laugh.gif
Archie, hope yer feelin better pal, big hugs tae you an Norah.
hi ya weebud, what a lovely name! Lovely to meet you and welcome, the troops will keep you posted, and by the way is nobody carin' aboot me, I'm dying of the cold here! Anybody,....... a wee kind word...... a look...... a nod! Aw right then. I'll jist have a wee tody! A've no even got the strength tae sing a wee song tonight! sad.gif
AHaaaa Melody, did my Granda's cure no help ye? Ye jist didna tak enuf!

Weebud - Hello and Welcome smile.gif. Be warned, they're daft as brushes on this board!
Melody sorry to hear your not feeling well , bed rest is the best cure.Welcome weebud you've I fine wee sister here a pal to many nice to see you on and look forward to your posts.
Aw, poor Melody, ma hert's jist brekkin' fur ye!!!!!!
But you know, Marg's right; bed rest is the answer.
Jist think, aw' thae puir sowels wi' thur Sars an' a' that. Wuv goat a lot tae be thankful fur!
That said, I do hope you'll be on the mend soon. Ah doan't waant tae hear thit yuv bin oot at the jiggin ur onythin' like that, awright?
davyab44 laugh.gif
A better no mention it Davy, that Catherine'll gie me a row again for sniffin'. She's awfy bossy ye know! Davy I could jist aboot still make the jiggin' on a good day, in a good light, with the wind at ma back, and the sun in ma face!! laugh.gif But no the day!
A wee lullaby tae help you to to sleep Melody
Take me in your arms dear,
dream with me
cradled by your kisses,tenderely
While a choir of Angels.
from above
Sing our Melody of love.
Right you lot ,am jist trying to help a fellow board member, to get over the cauld.
Still think Garlic is best for you hen.odourless of course.
Jimmy, I've got anti-biotics from the doctor, still don't feel good at all. Your wee Lullaby worked wonders, best medicine ever, thank you. ( shut up you lot in the cheap seats!) Wee bit o romance never hurt anybody!.......... sure it didnae Jimmy! I think I might hang the garlic round ma neck jimmy.
Ach Melody love, you sound so fed up wi it aw.How about a wee Toady.Drambuie in hot water wi a wee squeeze o lemon.Rub yer chist wi it ,the left over lemon,no the Drambuie for Goads sake .
Jimmy you've done me a power a good the day! Thanks. lol
Hi everybody. Once again have been having trouble with my computer. This time everything just shut down. I think the last message I sent was to Jimmy. Spent two days with the technical folks via telephone,to no avail. They suggested I get in touch with the company I bought the computer from. Finally I had someone come in and only just 5 minutes ago he fixed the problem. Lets hope that is the last of it for a while. Seems my e-mails were going to the wrong people,as Marg was kind enough to let me know when she phoned,which she does on a regular basis, and I appreciate her wondering where I am,and what's up. Catherine your Mum arrived safe and sound. Give her a wee hug for me will you. Did she get the photos I sent? Would be nice to hear from her on the site. A warm welcome to all you new folks,you all seem to have settled in nicely. Jimmy,a lovely photo. Sorry to hear you were under the weather my friend,hope you are on the mend. Hello to Nora. Now I hope this goes through...Yours Rena unsure.gif
Hey Rena,I have no been under the weather love,under the table ,a couple of times after a bevy wi Catherine, yes!!!.Believe any fitter an a would be dangerous.It's oor poor wee Melody who has ,the sniffles an is sittin,there wi the fluffy slippers oan,Hughs Celtic socks on,Dressing goonie,wrapped roon her,heid doon ower,a steamin bowl of water,wi Vicks in it.Inhilation I think it is called,or is it annahilation??.An you know whit ,her feeling that way an all,she is still oan here cracking jokes.Noo a call that courage,deserving of a wee drap o the Cratur, when ah see her. wink.gif
G/mornin one'n'all fae glesca toon where the sun is shinin once again, rerr day fur a washin .Sorry tae hear yir no well melody ,take the good advice given on here and you'll soon be back oan yir feet. catherine hope your enjoyin your time wae yir mum (lucky you)wish ah could spend time wae mine

If a wish i could be granted today
Then from my heart i can truly say
To be with my mother for just a short time
I would love to spend with this mother of mine
This woman who taught me all that I know
Its now 20 years on since she had to go
Into town i'd take her to dine
This i know would make her eyes shine
The only meals she ever ate
Were the wans she made fur a family o eight
Then tae the picters we wid go
An hopin that time wid run slow
There is sae much ah'd love tae tell
This mammy o mine who ah cin still smell
And tae let yi know that tho noo in ma prime
Ah never stoaped loven you mammy o mine wub.gif
Hi Betty 2. That was a great wee poem I treasure the time I spend with my mum at the moment, I told you before she is 96 in a nursing home, but each time I go in I can feel I am losing her more and more, as she is forgetting more and more so your wee poem brought a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. you only get one mammy in this life, so all of you that still have one, treasure each day they are around.

Betty, I loved your wee poem. I feel the same way about my wee mammy. I don't go back to Glasgow any more now that she has gone. I used to go back home every year and visit her.
Catherine hope you and your mum have a brilliant holiday together. She certainly is getting great weather.
Marion Dougan
If I could have one single visit
And never have another
It would simply be to have one hour
And spend it with my Mother

I'd simply sit and hold your hand
And we'd have a cup of tea
No one else would be there
There'd just me you and me

We'd talk about the old times
We'd laugh and reminisce
And just before you left me
I'd give your cheeck a kiss

Catherine, enjoy having your Mum to visit.
I don't know who wrote this little poem. I just love it,
Oh God Betty and Marion, too much !! both wee verses just sum up how I feel at times.My greatest regret in life was that, I never got home in time to say goodbye. But hey she is here the noo lookin ower ma shooder.
Catherine ,jist haud her and hug her, cause Mammy's are special folk.God ah kin here auld Greta noo,"Stoap yer haverin there Jimmy ,an get oan wi it".
Bet auld Greta loved you jimmy! It shows through! Do you think that's true? I always think loves shows through people. I hope I'm right. .....I'm a bit better today, thank you for asking, well ye never, but we'll jist kid on ye did! I knew ye meant tae! Do ye think the medicine is having an effect on me?
It wis catherine talkin aboot her mum's visit that set me thinkin and as usual missin ma ain wee ma wub.gif
Right noo Melody,imagine you never saw that last post of mine.
I wonder how Melody is today,must E mail her and ask her.
Time travel is great int it.Ok, nice to hear you are feeling better love.Surely you did not go to work today?.Yes Melody you are spot on wi Greta,we had this special bond ,ye know whit I mean.I am serious,when I say she is behind me,have even heard her voice,clear as a bell.Spooky I know,My wee sister Edna will be postin here soon.I am sure she will tell you the same.Och don't get me started on that wonderful woman.Mad as a meat axe an funny as a fit. wink.gif
That was lovely Betty as always, where have you been? At the dancin' I'll bet as usual, or a wee visit to Argyle Street maybe shopping? Right dish the dirt! whit have ye been up tae?
She sounds brilliant Jimmy, no I wasn't fit for work jimmy, doggin' it! Ha Ha! Still nursing myself a bit, but medicine is working I think, never had the tody after all! Thought I might never wake up again, wi that an all the tablets and stuff!
Was looking at some pics of Glasgow today,was sure ah saw you walking doon Argyle St Melody,knew it was you ,cause you were buckled ower kerrying those big trendy boutique bags.Supposed tae be aff sick an aw. rolleyes.gif
I wish Jimmy, I get into trouble for doing things like that, bringin' home too many wee bags!! The wee ones are the dearest as well!Ha Ha! But ye can hide then in the bottom of the wardrobe!
Ahh !! hidin stuff in the bottom of the wardrobe eh!!,dashed clever of you Melody.Who would ever think of looking there ,especially thick Hubbies,who have already planked the new golf club there. huh.gif
Off to my beddies noo,hope Scotland get a result the night . Bye Pal !!
Well Betty hen yiv done it again,ah pop oan tae see whats goin on afore a phone you know who right tae yir hoose ah went you were talking aboot Catherine,s Mammy so backtracked to see what you were on aboot.
Oh aye even though I jist seen my Mammy you still brought the tears,and you too Marion so Ill dry my eyes and be glad I kin still talk to her.
Aye Right enough ,Ladykate tis a blessing ah'm sure.May she have a long life.
Marion Dougan
Hoi Jimmy,
Thought you were goin tae yer bed!!
huh.gif Jimmy, sorry for the mix up. Of course I was referring the question tae Archie,at least I got his wife's name right. Forgive me, I am a wee bit preoccupied these days. ..Rena
Jist catchin up here, beautiful poem betty....yours too Marion an yes ah do know ahm lucky an readin aw these wee words are a great reminder...

The flight wis late an she didnae wait
Tae whine the whole drive hame
Ma feet ur swelt, ah need a belt
A grouse tae keep me sane

Ah didnae think it'd be so hoat
Is this the normal here?
Ye'v came fur sixteen years noo mum
It's guid tae hear yer cheer!!!

Och no that ahm complainin mind
mum mentioned in the motor
As if ye wid wis ma reply
She thumped me wan , a stoater..

The case is emptied, she's oan a roll
Is settled fine an rerr
The only thing she disnae like
Is gaun up an doon the sterr...

Yes we are blessed who have our mums
Of that therr is no doubt
To hear them give therr magic phrase..
"If ye need me gies a shout!!" laugh.gif

Havin a great time guys!!
Catherine thats a lovey poem for your mum , enjoy her will you can . smile.gif
Noo yur bringin' a tear tae ma ee.....Unfortunately I lost my Mum when I was 12, but there's nothing you can do about that. I know she's in a better place!!!!!....For you who have your Mums.....treasure them' they're God's gift to families!!!!

Haw Melody, thaat's merr like it hen. ....yur soundin' merr chirpier wae each passin' that no sumthin' tae dae wi' hoarse racin'?.......mibbie yu'll gie us a wee sang ra nicht......Ah'll be checkin' fur a Melody/melodie!!!!!!did ye like thaat?

Hey guys you will be happy to know ,I have met a lady,I can truly look up to.Hiv a look wub.gif
Seven fit four an twinty stone,the sort of woman you say "Yes dear "to withoot any fuss. tongue.gif
Thanks for the pics Anne,noo hiv ye goat her address.
My Goad Jimmyd.......Whit cin Ah say????????????????

davyab44 rolleyes.gif
I'm feart tae look at your picture jimmy! I don't quite feel like singin' yet Davy maybe later on though!!
Hi Jimmy, glad you liked my photos of the big wummen, she'd eat you up and spit you out.

Anne Perth Aussieland biggrin.gif
Trust me Melody,it is not rude.Go on be a devil an hae a wee peek. biggrin.gif
Hey jimmyd, there's a lot tae cuddle up tae is there no. rolleyes.gif
Anne ,she is no ma type ,disnae hiv a walking frame Lol.Imagine lumbering her,hivin tae carry a ladder aboot wi ye so ye can get a kiss.Goin into the dancin an checking your ladder in wi your coat. tongue.gif
In the name of goodness, is she a big lassie, or is she a big lassie? My, but ye could fairly put the men in their place if ye were that size! Don't know if I'd like to be that size right enough, what is ye sneezed, you would empty the hoose!!!
Ah love the platform shoes,like she really needs them!!!!
Can you Imagine the ribbing the poor girl gets though.Have a female friend who is six ,one,and she has had a terrible life, can't get clothes that fit,shoes either. sad.gif
How is that cold going Melody,you still sittin hauf up the lum.Noo ah hope you are no coughin, an splutterin aw ower the keyboard, ye widnae want tae spread it roon the boards noo,wid ye.You just rug up and feel sorry for yourself,ye deserve,tae be spoiled at this time.Whit wis it we were told,'Rub yer chist wi condensed milk" ha ha ha !! rolleyes.gif
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