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Do you know who I thought that I could possibly bump into as well ' Heathcliff ', I was in his neck of the woods. Noo that would have been special eh? smile.gif Think ah'll get in touch wi him, anybudy seen him?
Aye...but who wid huv guessed that it wid be Hugh that wis werrin them laugh.gif
Still, auld hoity looked as if he'd worn a few high heels hisel in his day ..richyrich folks make up their ain rules sure they dae...ah waant tae be wan, ahd be dead good at it, so ah wid.

Seriously, ahm proud of ye, representin yer country like that..nae bother tae you hen. Ye'd get a piece at onybudy's door so ye wid.
Talkin' aboot Heathcliff, ah see Al's on, go and see how he got on wi' his pirate outfit. laugh.gif
Ye'll no balieve whit happent tae me....As ye no, weekend furniture movin wumman here, so the big wardrobe in oor rooms movin intae nana's the armoire in nana's rooms movin intae oor room.
Woman wae the wisdom here decides tae dae it hersel cos Geoffs ootside wae the neighbour makin a thing ah no ahm pinned tae the wa' wae the armoire, totally STUCK!!
So here is Max no in his room so ah shouts tae him go get help fur mum darlin, tell dad ahm stuck.
Wee man shoots doon the sterrs oana mission.
Noo it's beginnin tae dawn oan me efter five mins that Max tends tae furget a thing the second after ye'v telt him...but thing ah hears the front door openin doonsterrs an Maxi shouts we're comin mum, jist takin wur shoes aff.
Dis he no come in the room wae wee Rebecca fae doon the street aw smiles.
Ah said hi pet, then turnt tae Max an said wherrs dad? Oh he's no there he pipes back, so Rebecca's here tae help me. She's five laugh.gif
Geoff came back ten mins later an goat me oot.
Noo ahv missed Al annaw....cripes whit a day!!
laugh.gif Bet ye were that relieved tae see they two wee five year auld faces in tae help ye! Noo why does a situation like that wi you no surprise me?
Welcome back melody sounds like you had a great time , lucky you. Ah see oor carhetine 's hoose is as norm "pure chaos" am ah know she widnae huv it ony ither wey. Disappointit aboot the sussies tho mel, threw oot ma garters thinkin yi wid be a cert tae bring a wee bit o the oo lala intae ma life biggrin.gif mind yi ah'll fun a use fur the vodka (right atween ma nose an chin ) ha ha Had quite a busy weekend lot of family stuff going on at the mo. Today its rainin (again) so am jist gonny huv a relaxin day Got word in this mornin tae go fur a mammogram on the 29th. an am goin tae the GRI on the 25th tae get ma ears checked busy week comin up mind yi the gawn tae the GRI means ah get tae prowl in the toon nae sense gawn that distance an no dae a wee bit o window shoppin. Srill no a loat visitin in here mibby need tae renew thr air freshener..

still here in glesca
ohmy.gif am in the huff

still here yb glesca
Whits wrang wi ye hen? C'mon tell me......did ah forget tae get ye yer biscuits in? Or oh my God did ah forget tae dae the stairs again? It's that Catherine's fault Betty, she gets me blethering an a forget whit ah wiz daein'! Noo c'mon stoap that greetin' tell me whit's wrang wi ye!!
Did yi ever get the feelin yi wurnae wantit? ohmy.gif och am awright noo melody but am goin tae the bingo but ah've goat a laff fur yis nae time tae tell it the noo .Its aboot a wummin ah met ian the bus the day she waants tae be ma friend but the story ahint it is real funny watch this space

still here in glesca
Whit dae ye mean ye met her oan a bus an she wants tae be yer friend? Noo did she huv two arms and two legs an a heid? She never jist said tae ye 'Ah want tae be yer friend' did she?
Betty, noo take a deep breath and start at the beginnin', ye'll need tae stoap pickin' up waifs an strays hen. laugh.gif
annie laurie
Hello Betty,
I cannae wait till you get back from the Bingo, to hear the latest Sage, sounds Interesting,
But?????????????you have tae be careful who you speak to these days Betty,
If you have a big win, splurdge oot, and take taxi Hame O>K>
Guid Luck hope you win, , will cheer you up,
i don't get on as often as i would like betty, but you post is always the first one I look at HONEST< Ingine. tongue.gif
hi Betty, where have you been ?.Did you win big at the Bingo? is that why you haven't been posting ? I can just imagine you on a cruise ship .Wouldn't that be lovely?
ohmy.gif She widnae go withoot me........................wid she???..... Naw!!
Ahm comin annaw...WAIT FUR ME MELODEEEEEE!!!!

Usual Friday mornin,workin in Jake's class....naturally wur beltin up the road late as usual.
We sweep intae school, ah throws Jake intae his class an belts roon tae get Max tae his.
That done, ahm walkin back through tae Jake's class, an realised ahv no got ma phone in ma haun,an ahv been tryin really hard tae remember tae bring it wherr ah go cos somebudy telt me that's whit adults dae...huv cell phones wae them y'no.

After checkin both classes, ah then nip up tae the office tae see if anyone's handed wan in..NAW.
Ah backtrack ower the fitba field, intae the car park tae see if it's been left in the motor..NAW.
It's also now been established by office staff that ahv parked ma car in STAFF parkin, so ah now huv tae remove it fae therr an find a spot oan the street that's no got any 'time limitation parkin'.

Done that whilst speakin the french very fluently unner the breath!

Goes back intae school an decides tae check Max's school bag wance mare cos ah jist hud a feelin ahd been haudin it goin in his class.
He's oot in the wee playgrun, beltin roon the wee speed track oan a three wheeler bike, wee face glowin.
After checkin the bag again, ah goes ower jist tae see if he's picked the phone up an its in his wee poaket.
Nope mum, ah didnae see it.....Okay darlin ah says, an pulls up his wee near noaked him oot cos therr's ma cell phone inside it.
Ah musta draaped it intae his hood when we wur openin a door somewherr.
Ye'v goat tae laugh somedays eh laugh.gif
annie laurie
I think you have to slow down, Lassie I was exhausted just reading your posting,now I know what keeps you nice and slim, laugh.gif
Shalom Catherine and a very Happy Passover to you.
I hope your Seder includes Miriam's Cup symbolizing the miracle of Miriam's well, which sustained the Isrealites in their hard long journey in the desert, and is a symbol of the importance of women in the world. Enjoy your Matzoh. Ah'm really jealous this time!

פסח שמח וסדר לכלכם אלוהים הולך עמך הידיד היקר שלי.
בעלת יום שמח!

Naebudy will know the difference, but that says something like,
Have a Happy Passover and Seder and God go with you my friend.

Don't burn yer totties, whitever ye dae! laugh.gif
laugh.gif Jist came oan here Melody an near spillt ma coffee laughin.

Thanks pal.....ahm jist headin oot tae buy the hunner pun bag, mashed totties fur 26 folks!!

Wur bringin the boys the night, should be interestin, but wee 'Teddy' Theadora's gonni be therr annaw an she's only two so ahm hopin it'll show ma boys up ina guid light y'no!

Knowin ma luck this'll be the night Elijha comes in fur dinner..which will make 27 ah'll be a tottie short! guffawguffawguffaw

Ah'll run the noo, busy day here an nae room furra wummin still in her jammies...will update shortly.
Shalom the noo yersel xxxxx
It's no fair,......... ah want tae go! ......ah want tae go! sad.gif
Ah'll jist sit here wi a cream cracker and kid on ah'm there.
Och camoan then hen, pit yer wellies oan cos it's stoatin here Melody.
Wis up at the shoap therr gettin the totties,three lights further up is the outlet stores so ah thoat why no an went therr furst.

Goat the boys new trainers, wis staunin tae pay an here wis therr no this lovely wee pink belt wae the sparkly buckle JIST WINKIN at me, when yer name's oan it whit kin ye do y'no!
Came oota that shoap an hud the brainwave ...jist across fae the shoe shoap is the claes since ahd nuthin tae go wae ma new belt...y'no?
So....wee slinkypinky jumper will come oot the night annaw, ta ra.

Two ten pounders a totties, wee face mask tae make me aw glowy an a baga rolls later,ahm headin back tae the car...rains stoatin so ma hoods up an ah didnae see evilkaneevil ready tae turn, wae the result she'd tae brake fast fur me.
Ah felt terrible, nuthin worse when someone walks oot an yer no expectin it, so ahm aw apologetic...till she started tae take the face aff Korean.
Ah hudnae a clue whit she wis shoutin but ahm thinkin she wis swerrin like a trooper, frothin at the mooth so she wis.
She stormt aff screechin in the rain,an wae the only comeback ah could think of ah shouted AYE SAME TAE YERSEL laugh.gif
Well good fur you hen, that wiz tellin' hur in good Glesga style. Did she no realise that you hud a wee pink sparkly belt an face mask in her wee hot hauns. Imagine wastin' your time like that, ah mean you've goat totties tae peel an that wee face mask might take an hoor ur two tae reach the exact desired glowin' peach effect.
Some folk huv goat nae consideration at aw! Yer first mistake wiz goin' intae the other shoap first. Cheeky Korean wummin, she'll no know ye the next time don't worry, whit did ye say wiz in that face mask again? laugh.gif See deserves ye right fur havin' parties withoot me!
Here see that Ian Cameron's oan aboot sex in the dark on the other go in an tell me aboot it. A'hm too feart tae go in masel!
Right that's me jist in... you stay therr, shut yer eyes an haud yer ears pet, ah'll go check it oot. Mind, nae peekin laugh.gif
Oooooooooow........Welllllllllll......Best thing ah kin say hen is you an Hugh jist keep yasin yer blindfolds, an ask nae questions laugh.gif
{that Ian's a racy wee thing somedays eh...cripes....ah guess well therr ye see...y'no}
Thanks Catherine, ye know how that kind o thing brings me oot in the hives! laugh.gif
How's yer totties gettin' oan?
wee mags
a forgot tae sign oot this morning ,and when I just did I nearly died,there wus Catherine runnin all over the place I hope she remembered the totties ,knowing her ,shoes and clothes come before food ,and I bet she said they were awe bargains,by the way Happy Passover tto you and your family and to anyone of our friends on the board who celebrate it wink.gif
Hi ya Mags, nice to celebrate all the festivals with each other.
How you doing pal? smile.gif
wee mags
no bad melody ,I just read apost by scotslad telling us that all the streets we knew are being torn down,as they say here in yankee land "what a bummer"dae yae think she got the totties done ?dae yae think she was makin Potato pancakes ? thats a wee dish they make at Passover here I think? rolleyes.gif noo am no sure
Hi folks and Happy Passover Catherine and all. I don't think CofC is making potato latkes (pancakes) today Mags. The holiday you're thinking of is Chanukka (Festival of Lights) and then they're almost a must...except maybe with my husband who claims he doesn't like them but then eats them anyway.
I was sorry to read Scotslad's post about all the buildings in Maryhill being torn down and I understand how you feel. I also liked the way you expressed those feelings in your post, fair tugged at the heart strings.
wee mags
Hi ya boots dont you love those wee pancakes wae a wee bit apple sauce mmm rolleyes.gif
HAPPY PASSOVER to all, mmmmm potatoe pancakes and applesauce sooooooo good always have then when i make pork chops, catherine gonnae sell me sum o' yir energy hen ah cud be daen wi it.
I enjoy eating them too but I don't like making them or rather I should say, I don't like the aroma when they're cooking, I don't even want to be in the kitchen. Have either of you tried them with sour crem along with the apple sauce? Really tasty!
Is Ross's Dairy still in business. I'll be in Scotland the first two weeks of July with Suzyq and I would LOVE to buy some of their great scones. I'm looking forward to sharing our lovely country with my daughter. I hope the weather holds up. Weather down here in Georgia is predicable at that time of the year, but what can we expect in July? Any information from my pals on the Board will be greatly appreciated. wub.gif
Buntyq, I'll pray for some sunshine for you of course.
However expect everything and you won't be disappointed.
In July we can have lovely sunshine, no sunshine, rain hail or anything, be sure of one thing, it'll no what it does!! laugh.gif
Take Care
Been awfy hectic here , but first ah'll take op fae wherr ah left aff

Wis oan the bus last wednesday an this lady sits doon beside me , well we startit chattin aboot the weather an this an that then she mentions that she goes swimmin 3 mornin's a week so ah chime in an tell her ah go wance a week but ma pals huv loast the notion so ah jist go masel noo.Well that was it the ball wis rollin biggrin.gif " how no come wae us she says we go at 7.30 am " therrs a group o us noo yi huv tae take intae account that am no a mornin person so ah says "let me think aboot it"she then asks me whit else ah dae , So ah says bein oan ma own no much (jist a wee fib) well yi most come and join us at oor coffeee mornins , we are a group of women all of us on our own , in fact she went oan we are going to Dumfries on tuesday why dont you come , again ah says let me think aboot it. At this point ah've gied her ma phone no. (BIG MISTAKE) ah go oan tae tell her aboot ma nights at the barn club, oh she says dae yi know a woman called Cathie she lives just round the corner fae the barn. Aye says me she goes tae the swimmin oan a thursday night am quite pally wae her nice wee wummin. It wis then ah wished ah'd goat oan anither bus, thats me mans burd she says ,seems she's goin thru a very acriminious divorce they're fightin ower the hoose an everything else but the cat, ah'll gie yi a phone the morra night an go wae yi tae the swimmin. Sure as hell the phone goes Betty whit time will ah get yi well ah hud tae fake a sair heid (know how us wimmen are good at that) an say oh am awfy sorry but am no well, och she says next week ,ll be fineAh then goes on tae say maybe ah'll come to the coffee mornin where is it THE GOSPEL HALL ah rest ma case

still here in glesca
laugh.gif Aw NAE LUCK betty...ah cannae move fur laughin here. THAT hus tae go doon in the Priceless books!

Rushin aboot here, ah'll be back this afternoon...Oh ye'v gied me the laugh fur the day here.
Noo the latest chapter in this life o mine

This mornin ah hud tae go tae the GRI (Glesca royal infirmary) been huvin dizzy spells an trouble wae ma ears. Awfy nice doctor so he gies me a thorough examination , an yi know how they ask yi how's yir health? Well take intae consideration ah dont get the chance tae talk tae folk thru the day so ah telt him aw aboot ma eye problem alang wae aw ma aches an pains. He sends me fur a hearing test guess whit they measured me up fur hearin aids no WAN but TWO says therrs no much wrang wae me but am slightly hard of hearing and we me bein as blin as a bat My hearing should be 100 per cent. Sweet Jesus says me that means ah'll need tae chinge ma hairstyle. Efter that THE GOSPEL HALL sounds inviting rolleyes.gif

PS gawn fur a mammogram this friday god knows whit ah'll come back wae
Betty, you've jist gave me the best laugh ah've hud in a long time pal, ah could jist picture the scene you and the wummin oan the bus. laugh.gif That'll go doon in the history books wi Marion's night in cyber space. , oh ah canny move fur laughin' here.
The thing is it's got your name all over it that story, yer an absolute star pal.
wee mags
jist aff the phone tae betty I was laughing so hard at her escapades,she dis get intae them dissnt she? we were both laugh as she told me the tale,at first she wissnae gonae answer the phone [thought it wis the wumin]then when she did it was "who is this? the wee wumin yae met on the bus says I,you have tae get it furst haun its funnier than she was on the board ,like Catherien she made ma day besides the yank goin oot wae his buddies for dinner the night that means nae cooking the night ta ra biggrin.gif
Morning from a dull and rainy Glasgow town, hi ya Boots and Jimmyd, bet it's sunny weather wi you two! smile.gif
Holiday today May Day.
Goodmorning Melody, sorry you have clouds and rain. I don't know what Jimmy's got but you've lost your bet with me. Would you believe snow and temps down at -6C. And I don't think they're having any picnic weather down in southern Ontario either. What say you Catherine? mad.gif
Hi to one and all holiday monday here but nothing special going on biggrin.gif

still here in glesca
hi betty you are as good as a tonic. A good dose of your humour every day would cure the world of all it's troubles .When I'm feeling a wee bit down I only have to read your posts and all is well Jakka13
Merci mon ami (thats me showin aff noo) dont know aboot curing the world of its troubles jakka , but ah dae manage rae get intae situations . And may I add not by choice.

thoght I would give this a mention
Remember back in dec. I helped a lady in canada looking for family members she had never met. Well on sunday night there was a call to my home (and sadly I was'nt home) but the message left is both she and her sister will be visiting glasgow in the very near future and has asked for me to meet with them also. Noo dis that no show yis the wonder of GG rolleyes.gif

Sure does betty, the last few months ahv been mare scatterbraint and cannae post the way ah want tae,jist circumstances of the moments shall we say laugh.gif but one thing ah never take for granted is this board.
Here's you gaunni meet folks that if it wisnae for this board an yersel it might no huv happent.
It's all about connections isn't wan dot leads to the ye hold that dot as part of yer life 'as is'. It becomes part of yer ain life story forever.

Ah wis oot the night wae Geoffs cousins ex wife, therrs a new wife noo...that ma ain pal Karen knows through that no wild? Sometimes ah jist feel aw cosmapolitan like...huvnae a clue wherr the hell the next dot will appear y'no.
Life is amazin sure it is.
Cripes whit next? guffawguffawguffaw
That's Life a wee dot here an a wee dash therr catherine, but speakin for masel ah luv meetin people (wunner whit ah wis in ma past life?) ohmy.gif Oaften think mibby ah wis a nun in an enclosed order an this is me makin up fur bein sae quiet fur sae long ha ha . Thats nice you keep up with the X members of the family. I come from a family who aw canny be the gither at wan time, but such is life. Lookin forward to our next meet (catherine)
still here in glesca
Joanne jist phoned therr betty...mums jist gettin oota Theatre but everythin went well, nae surprises an we kin aw vomit wae ralief noo ...this last week hus been awful, for ma pals here that dont know, mum got a new valve in her heart this mornin, 4 hour 'routine operation' which as we aw no therrs nuthin routine aboot it when yer mums gaun furrit.
Apologies tae Mags an Jimmy fur readin this here, ahv no been on at night lately.
Ah wis oan the phone tae her afore she went in, an she wis aw ajji an snapped if wan mare person tells me ahm gaunni be okay ahm gaunni punch them so DON'T YOU DARE!!
Ah said FINE!! WISNAE GAUNNI!.....jist promise me then if ye see a big light at the end of a tunnel ye'll NO GO NEAR IT!!
Gave her a guid laugh, two of us ended up laughin fur near twenty minutes..albeit yon nervous laugh y'no laugh.gif
Ahm awa oot for a walk.
Catherine, glad to hear your Mum has come through her operation safely.
We always try to re-assure anyone going through a serious operation but, I think we are really trying to re-assure ourselves, to hide our own fears.
Glad to hear the op. is over and you're mum's doin fine . She is a fine lady catherine's mum (well who else could have given us Ms canada biggrin.gif ) Its all uphill now catherine so TRY not too worry. Liked the story aboot the light at the end o the tunnel and I'm sure Juan appreciated it also . Yir a tonic Keep me posted

still here in glesca
So glad the operation is over for your Mum Catherine, you must have been so anxious for her. Get well soon Juan.
You take care of yourself Catherine you can breath a big sigh of relief now that that's over. God Bless.
Oh jo ah feel like throwin up, Joanne an Gerard are away in the noo to be with her, though she'll no know it. Cripes they're nurses an they're worse than bloody me, every time the phone goes am fawin ower stuff tae get it.
Funny how when ye'v only one parent left ye become weans again eh. I know ye know what ah mean pet.
Thanks Heather an betty,wish ah could jist sit doon an hae a wee cuppa with ye's aw the noo.
Ahm attackin the boys room, beds chinjed an crafts they 'cannae dae withoot' are gettin binnt while they're no here laugh.gif
Wee buggers willnae even notice they've a flerr they kin see in their room again.
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