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Hello Darlin' Betty, ye can blether tae ye heart's content noo pal. Imagine yer poor computer, bet ye wur lost right enough. Noo yer up and runnin' Boots will be delighted to see you as well, huv you been at the swimmin? Mibbe at the shoaps ah'll bet! Great to see you anyhow ah missed you! smile.gif
Glad to see you back wae us melody Ah missed you then ah went off the board wae that dammed pc . Boots if you're out therr HELLO an tae aw ma china's its good tae be among freens once again biggrin.gif
still here in glesca
wee mags
welll I declare if it isnt miss melody herself,nice tae seeyae back in yir auld stomping grounds,I just got a phone call from Betty her monitor is bad so she has a lender from her sons pal ,its only a wee screen so she cannae see it too well ,but she should have her new wan soon [I hope] wink.gif
Here Mags, I was reading your baby news! Congratulations, you must be delighted all the best to you all. Exciting days for you and the yank. Well done. smile.gif
Is this no smashin? Here we ur way baith Melody an Betty back, it disnae get much better. It's bin enough tae gee ye a sair hert this last wee while jist readin the postins. Ocht, ah wid go oan the ither threed and sing ye a wee song, bit it wid undae everthin, bit in ma mind ah'm Barbra Streisand ur Maria Callas so I'm in there beltin it oot wi yese. (Mind you I have been rquested to confine myself to the basement when doing so by some folks that live in this house and just do not appreciate enthusiasm).
Catherine, I can surely picture it, we used to do the "Florida March Dash" for the one week, in the mini-van, pick me up at work late Thursday and keep going to Disney, we did stop usually in Kentucky for the evening (ha, ha, ha, make that about 4hrs) and then right on to Disney. Every cupboard in the house was turned outside in, did not matter how well I thought I had packed -the kids always did a "rummage" before leaving. We made Florida or bust signs and stuck them in the window, cooked by the side of the road (OK I-75) and had a ball. Once left a toy monkey in Florence, Kentucky and believe it or not the Holiday Inn kept it for us and we picked it up on the way home. I still get to cast that up to Brooke! What marvellous memories you will have---mind you, hen ah dae unerstaun it will be aboot 10 years afore it gets "nostalgic" insteed o - ah need a splash -who hid the Prince's Ain? (No not Camilla, Drambuie)
Melody, ah don't ken why bit you jist bein back, an Betty tae, jist lifts the spirits (ocht, away yese go ah didnae mean they spirits-but since you mention it a wee drap aw roon tae celebrate) Cheers GB
GB, Ah was laughin' at you saying that it takes about 10 years to become nostalgic, yer so right there! To hear you say no matter how organised you were it looked like a disaster before ye left, and I thought it was just me! laugh.gif Now when we look back we just see those wee beautiful people and think were they really ours, how did we cope? Well we did somehow and it was all worth it. Enjoy Catherine, it really does pass so quickly.
C'mon we'll have a wee sing song, who's got the spinny bottle?
Welcome back Betty, bet you were pleasantly surprised to see Melody. It's just great having you both back on board time for a chorus..."The more we are together, together, together, the more we are together, the happierwe'll be. Hope you'all joined in.
Did ye no hear me Boots? Together, together the happier we will be................. laugh.gif How ye doin'? What's yer weather like in Winnipeg?
Ah could hardly hear the singin' o'er the glasses tinkling... but it got louder towards theend. Weather wise, we've outdone ourselves in Winnipeg today. Forecast said a high of -1C and we actually got allthe way up to +1C...summer! mind you, the forecast is for snow tonight but I'm planning on sending that on down to Mags...ah know she just loves it. Right Mags? Whit's it like in Glesga?
Well Boots, it's a wee bit sunny and a wee bit dull with a wee bit rain and it could be high summer the morra! We jist wait a wee minute and see whit happens as ye know, never mind we never get bored here, it always comes as a surprise! laugh.gif
I can't imagine the temperatures you have, ah'm freezin jist thinking aboot it! Tell me about Winnipeg, I love the Canadian place names. Makes me think of Prairies and James Fenimore Cooper, or was he American? That'll be in trouble again!!
wee mags
yer right boots I love the snow the same way I like the pouring,freezing rain,never mind acording to the calender its Spring I keep telling myself it is ,and I saw the first crocus the day ,also the temp was 53 degrees
Noo the daft weathernan is saying some of that stuff the morra,but am no listening tae him wink.gif
Well Melody, Winnipeg is a prairie city right in the centre of Canada. Our population is approximately 610 thousand people, a midsized city noted for long, cold winters, short, hot summers, year-round bright sunshine and, I hate to add, giant, economy-size mosquitos. We have a large Native-Canadian population, mostly Cree and Saulteaux and the name Winnipeg comes from one of the First Nation languages and roughly translates to Muddy Waters. We are a multicultural society and celebrate each summer with a two week festival we call Folklorama where all the different ethnic groups set up their own pavilions where they feature their own foods, dances songs and other folk arts from their country of origin. One buys a passport and travels from country to country to enjoy what's offered.We also have a very vibrant arts community, everything from professional opera, symphony, Ballet and several theatre companies to our Jazz, Fringe and Folk Festivals in summer. All in all, Winnipeg's a good place to live tho' your average Torontonian will say it's a good place to fly over. (Are you listening, Catherine?) Finally, our land is flat as a pancake so unless your view is blocked by buildings or trees, you can see right to the horizon.
annie laurie
A great discription of Winnipeg, could not have describe it any better myself,
I loved Winnipeg for the short time i lived there [14Months,] but could not take those long cold winters,
met many really nice people ,
and have a lot of happy memories also,
If I ever win the lottery I would love to come back for a visit,
Weather here in B>C> boots, has been so mild I think I am in California,
Cheers Catherine, how you daeing? nice to see you are still keeping the GG board alive, been pretty busy myself, but like to keep looking in from time to time, Hi Mags>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :D
Thank you Boots, it sounds just as I would imagine it to be, very romantic I think, fabulous places with all those cultures mixed together must be brilliant, loved the passport idea, thanks again I appreciate that.
We have a beautiful sunny morning here this morning you know the kind that makes you want to go out walking for the day.
Ah well, thanks for the lovely wee dream about Winnipeg, reality bites now! smile.gif
Hi ya wee Annie Laurie, nice to see you.
Mornin' Al, how ye doin? smile.gif Morning all!
Hi Annie L. haven't seen you on here for a while. Welcome back and try todrop in more often. Yes I'e already heard how lovely the weather is in B.C. I have several friends there - mostly former Winnipegers and it seems they all take great delight in phoning me round the beginning of February to tell me howthey're outside in t-shirts tending their gardens where the flowers are up and ready to bloom then they laugh as I grit my teeth. It's all in good humour though. Thanks for your comments re. my descriptionof the Peg, I was trying to be accurate. You would see a differenceif you came back now. We've changed a lot since the50's.
Mags, don't you wish you were in B.C. now? and by the way, you better believe that weatherman. Our new shipment is being unloaded right now and I promise to get itdown to you ASAP. Tell me Mags, just how do you pronounce OREGON ?
annie laurie
Hi Melody,
Nice to see you back again also, you are looking well, laugh.gif enoy your vacation, ?
Schools are on Spring break here, for 2 weeks, just came back myself from a trip to the Island weather was lovely also +18
Boots it not been that long no the 50's but I am sure there are lots of changes, Cheer everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
Yesterday was such a spanking clear and bright day, ah even got a wee bit dirt on ma hauns in the gerdin. Still tons of snow in many spots, bit a few green and earthy patches.

Today a bit frosty, but with lots of promise. Let me oot there, hid enuff o this winter!

Looking aroon the gerdin, the fist things poking their wee green hats oot are the lilies which will bloom in July (aye, orange wans, yella wans, rid wans, pink wans, white wans!)Strange when you think how delicate the blossoms look, but when ye actually examine them, they are tough.

Snow-on-the-mountain looking nane the worse fur 5 months of deep snow cover, rerring tae compete with the blue geraniums for awed attention! Anybiddy need some snow-on-the-mountain?

Deer hiv been checkin oot the tulip patches, but the tulips are smart enough to keep their heeds doon. Noo, even tho they are not showing any green yet, they will bloom late May, early June, if the deer don't eat their heed aff.

Lots of buds on all the shrubs and trees. Canny wait!

Great slabs of ice on the bay, big enough tae build a hoose. Nae wunner they bash aw the wharves tae bits. Pond still frozen solid, no be long tae the big bullfrogs are gruntin their lovesongs and doin the invisible frog thing on the greenery.

Cat's on the windae ledge,counting the birds flittin in and oot the big pine tree, gnashing her fangs! Canny believe it's the same cat who purred her undying love and gentleness at me ten minutes ago.
Rats, snow's on again. Big, wet, snow-dome snow, filling in all the bare spots. Waah! Did I really used to love this stuff?
Right your friendly neeborhood Bootlegger is back in town, so whit dae ye fancy fur the party .Gin, Voddie, name it ah hiv goat it.3 quid a boattle . Hi China's been a while but am back. biggrin.gif
An it's great tae see ye back Jimmyd, ma guess is "all of the above" for this lot's drink preference.

Ah think as long as it's wet and it isnae water then it's welcome.

Hoose hisnae chinged much ay!! smile.gif
Ok, Jimmy, cin ah hiv an Absolute wae a wee drip o dry vermouth an an anchovie olive? (Now don't knock it til you've tried it-it is goooood). Nice tae hiv sich guid company aroon.
Jimmy, a quid a bottle? Yer gettin' awfy dear, a mind when it wis only 50p fae you!! laugh.gif Hello Kaz pal, how ye doin'?
Dae ye know ah think we could have a great party noo, dae you?
Gie me a food message list an' ah'll get in the messages, I kin see it noo, square sausages, well fired rolls, empire biscuits, snowballs, fern cakes, caramel wafers, whit else? Hurry up the shoaps are shuttin', efter the party we could always go away for the weekend, ah wonder if anybody tidied up the hooses in Keyboard Lane?
Am I in time fur the pairty? Ah hope yi make the shoaps oan time Melody 'cause ah'm stairvin. Nice tae see yi back Jimmyd, yiv been lang time goan. Nice selection of refreshments yi huv therr, jist make mine Scotch n ginger ale thanks. Ah've never even heard o anchovie olives, GB but I luv olives so I'll watch out fur them, makes the olive a tad mer salty ah'd imagine.
Hi Kaz, pleased to meet you. We haven't seemed to cross paths very much so I'm glad to have this opportunity to get to know you. You too, Steakpie and by the way, I don't need any of your snow but if you could just brush it off, I'd luv yi tae send me the mountan.
wee mags
O re gone,thats how I pronounce it, but I dont live there so nae point in payin any attention to me.
Hi alloe longtime no see glad yer posting thats what keeps the board alive ,as for the board its awfae quiet !!!could it be that the mrs Canada and her crew are running amok in the hotel ,Iam sure they are having a good time,but the hotel isnae biggrin.gif
oops hiya jimmy ma bhoy !!! missed ya
Noo you have me slebberin here Melody ,thinking of all those goodies ye mention.I see you Wee Mags ,they tell me it's rainin gran weans doon your way.Och a bet your fair chuffed. Kaz great to see you again pal.
So lets get this party on the road,the bars aw set up.Who"s first for a song. tongue.gif
wee mags
me me jimmy am furst , "The snow is snowin ,the wind is blowin", and am no kiddin yae its bliddy snowing here again rolleyes.gif
Mags, I told you I'd make that delivery ASAP and see I kept my word. It'sstill coming down here too and I'm beginning to feel it'll never stop but I know it willeventually and I bet by May it will all be gone. . Make mine a double please Jimmy andMags and I will give you a resounding chorus of Jingle Bells. Well after my drink it's off to bed for me. It's 2.45AM here. I got caught up following links from the Troll Site just like steakpie did. Great site Jimmy, I feel I've learned a lot and i'll be going back. See what you started. Goodnigt fos andgoodmorning.
Yes Boots ,much learning on that site. Now,!! we are having the most freakish weather,rain like you would never imagine ,Gale force winds ,hey it feels like winter,I am actually feeling cold !!! at moment. Och well ,will make masel a wee ,toady,an maybe that will help me to sleep,and warm up.Noo thats ma excuse,fur a wee drink.Hey wheres oor Marion ??? ,can someone give her a wake up call ??
Ah'm jist hivin a mental slobber ower thae square sossijes. Ah'll jist hiv tae learn tae make them as ah canny get them here. I wunder if yer cholesterol goes up if ye jist think aboot eating square sossij? Make mine a rum and coke or a lager n lime. Kin at least imagine it's summer!
JimmyD. Isn't this supposed to be your summer? Hopefully, whatever the system is, it will pass over soon. Saay, you were a seaman, right Jimmy ? so shake a little salt on your tongue, face into the wind and pretend your back rolling around on the Atlantic. LOL Do you ever miss life at sea? My mother sailed with the Anchor Line and I think would have been happy if she never had to set foot on shore. I bet you have some good yarns you could tell Jimmy so how about pouring refills and then share some of your stories, OK?
Och Boots if only,I so long for those days ,as I am sure some others on here must do.I never really wanted to go ashore to work,but bowed to pressure.However that is in the past,we move on.Can say though when I go to the Lookout and watch those Ore ships and Tankers ,passing by,I sigh an say, if only !!!
Now as regards to our weather,we are officially in Autunm,which is usually very pleasant. For some strange reason it has rained cats and dogs for days ,and is cold. But thems the breaks ,right !!!. So what is your fancy re a drink,just made some Quantro,Drambuie,Ouzo.and Bourbon.Not really but with the essences near enough.
Jimmy, ah'll have a glass of 'near enough' Drambuie over ice please! laugh.gif
Good choice Melody and I'll have the same Jimmy but hold the ice please. Seems like everyone is having bad weather. You were having gale force winds recently too, were you not Melody? I'm trying to coax Jimmy into telling us some of his tales from his seagoing days but not having much luck so far.

Was your ship a tanker or a freighter Jimmy? and was Glasgow your home port? When we came to Canada in '48,we sailed on an American freighter (The Amercan Forwarder). I got quite a shock when I first saw it. I was used to seeing my mother off on those large liners and the freighter looked like a toy boat by comparison nevertheless I enjoyed every minute of the voyage.
What were your ports of call? Did you have regular runs or did your trips vary? It seems I have a million questions and I do hope you don't mind but it is an interesting way of life ('tho I'm aware it also includes a lot of hard work). I can well understand you missing it.
Ah don't know Boots, he disnae usually take coaxin' tae tell a story, come oan Jimmy get yer King Neptune uniform oan, ye know we like a man in uniform, mind you Neptune never had much of a uniform, it'll no take ye too long tae get ready laugh.gif
I love the sea too Boots, what did you Mother do on board ship?
Tell us about her while we wait for King Neptune.
Wis it no leopard skin speedo's Neptune wore?...moan jimmy, you get yersel ready an we'll aw wait by the fire an watch ye come doon the sterrs laugh.gif
Off fur the weekend here, wis invited up overnight an the morra to some ski joint, and as ye no ahm so no a skier so forgive me fur no boundin oot the door, weans an Geoffs lookin forward tae it though so ma enthusiastic heids gaunni be puullt oot fae somewherr {ah think it's hidin guffawguffaw}
Awa fur a coffee here, perk me up an wake me up...huv a missed anythin?
Here mibbe yer mum an jimmy wur passin ships in the night Boots..woowoo...
Hi Catherine, nice to see you back. We've missed you the last few days. Betty's missing too, is she hanging out with you? Unless Jimmywas born at sea, I doubt very much those two "passed in the night".
Hi Melody, I see Jimmy isnae back yet Maybe having problems getting into his costume. My mother was a nurse/stewardness and sailed mostly Glasgow to New York, a three week round trip. Occasionally she would do cruises out of New York to places like Bermuda, Jamaica, Cuba and even India. She'd be gone then for six months at a time but would return laden with many exotic items from the countries she had visited and there would be gifts for everyone. Her ship, the Transylvania, was two days out of New York on its way home when war was declared. Blackout immediately went into effect for the remainder of the voyage and they zig-zagged their way home with a U boat in hot pursuit. They were just off the coast of Ireland when the Uboat torpedoed a small fishing vessel, apparently mistaking it for the Transylvania and the crew of the Transylvania picked up the survivors bringing them home to Glasgow. The war brought an end to passenger liners, ships were converted to troop carriers and the ships crews went on to new jobs.
Hi Boots, what an exciting life your Mother must have led, though it sounds as though it must have been quite scary as well.
Who looked after you when your Mother was at sea for those long periods? Tell us about the lovely gifts that she must have brought home and what it was like to see her arrive home, it must have been so exciting for you as a wee girl. I hope I don't sound too nosey, I just love to hear other folks memories especially childhood memories. Thank you Boots.
Hi Melody, You're right, my mom's life was exciting, her years at sea were just a small part of it and ones she thoroughly enjoyed. Mostly I would stay with my grandfather and aunt while she was away. We lived on the same street anyway so my daily routine was not altered too much. Homecoming gifts depended on where she had been, Maracas and castanets, from Cuba pehaps? raw coral as well as coral and turquoise jewelry, ornaments, shells and beads from various places. From India, beautifull china, brassware and silks and from New York, there were always new household gadgets, toys and clothes. Tis is how mom furnished our one room home and dressed me. Sadly, everything we owned was lost the second night of the Clydebank blitz.

Any sign of Jimmy yet, Melody and doyou have any idea when Betty's comig back?
Hi Boots, thank you for that. When we look back and realise how life was at that time, to see anything from far away places was a fantastic thing, nobody travelled much at all, down the coast was as far as most people got in a lifetime. What great chilldhood memories you must have, the stuff that lives are made of.
I suppose I'm talking to the converted however, have you read
' The Holy City'' by Meg Henderson, a must for you if you have not.
As for the two AWOLs I don't know, have had no word from them recently, bet they are away at the dancin', that's where they go when they leave me in masel! laugh.gif Take Care.
Hi Melody, I have read The Holy City, thanks to Catherine and Hubert who made me aware of it. Meg's protagonist and her family lived on 2nd. Avenue which was two streets below Crown Avenue where I lived. I was evacuated at the time of the blitz so didn't actually experience the horror but our wee family was very lucky, although we lost our homes, everyone survived.

I think we'll have to put out a "missing persons" bulletin if the AWOLS don't show up soon. Mind you, I think that Catherine is oot galivantin aroon trying to go doon ski hills in a paira high heels. Betty might be scootin aroon on her motor bike or she could be doon at the barn milkin the coos bit, fur the life o me, ah cannae think o whits happened tae Jimmy. Any ideas?
Oh ahm back AHM BACK laugh.gif
How ye's aw doin? Jimmy's hud problems wae his computer boots so ah'll look oot fur him the night an try an get an update.
Betty's still usin Jaqui's computer but ah think her new wans bein delivert shortly.
Mags usually cooks fur a million folk ower Easter but ah think she wis bein wined an dined this year..any mare than a Ceaser is dangerous fur her so fingers crossed she's no still unner a table somewherr.
How the hell dae ye spell Cesear? Ceasar, Casear..cripes y'no whit ah mean, they're aw lookin wrang!
Ahm jist aboot tae feed the five thoosant here...meatballs an spaghetti so feel free tae jine in...ah'll jist draap anither cup a waater intae the pot.
Melody you back at work the morra pet?
Hi Catherine, hope you had a good time ski-ing, did you try it.. the ski-ing a mean! Last week my husband goes outside to put out the garbage slips on the ice and breaks his leg!! well when he wis in the emerg they ask him what happened so he starts off by tellin the truth, then he decides this sounds awfi dull, so he says cin I chinge my story and say I fell ski-ing or snowboardin!! (he's never tried it!) the doctor says, you can say what you like all no tell!! and naebody sees your records!! and he never had a ceasar or however you say it!!
Didnae try it Toerag but ah looked SPECTACULAR daen the Apres if ah say so masel.
Boat these Jackie O sunglasses, thoat ah wis gorgeous an turnt tae the boys an Geoff. Geoff couldnae move fur laughin an Jake said Mum they're the same glasses Arthur werrs....y'no that weans programme an Arthurs the rabbit wae the big specs....Nae taste some folks, ah jist ignored them an they jist kept singin the theme tune when ah put them oan...buncha bandits!
It's been years since ah wis in Collingwood, the slopes are jist like Whistler noo wae the wee village an fancy shoaps, had a great time so we did.
Met up wae a few auld pals that Geoff used tae ski wae, hud some laugh so we did, Geoff felt as if he wis in a time warp wae some of them....they're still gettin up tae aw the same auld antics ten year later, buncha nutcases so they werr but it wis good fun.

Nae luck fur hubby eh...poor sowel.
It's that easy done that brekkin the leg game sure it is?
Loved his chinje a story mind you, he shoulda goat an extra painkiller fur that wan, is he in a cast noo?
Rotten luck, jist make sure he disnae brekk his arm afore a pop in this summer oan the cottage route...he'll be pourin the drinks tell him, cast or nae cast! biggrin.gif
Well thankyou Catherine, guess we can hold on that bulletin. So hat's why wee Mags has bin sae quiet...sno easy tae blether when yur passed oot. Nae wonder yur spellin disnae luk's seizer,naw wait a meenit , tha's siezer or is itoch niver mind, cudnae she jist drink sumpin like vodka?

Thanks fur the invite bit ah ate jist afore ah came.
Catherine, am killin masel laughing at the Arthur sunglasses (what is it they say you always get the truth from a child)!! John's arm will be ok for pouring the drinks by the time you get here, but if he disnae stop sayin can you get me this can you get me that his other leg will be broken!! I was in the same day as he was, I was getting a cataract removed next thing the nurse says you have a visitor from the fracture clinic, the two of us got wheeled out in wheel chairs at the same time!!! The nurses were all killin themselves laughing, ah said this is no funny but they said you will have something to laugh about for years to come, he couldne see me getting anything past him!! whit a way tae da it!
Catherine did you find Jimmy yet? He's still no been aroon. There's nae sign o Betty either and noo Melody's disappeared. Am beginning towonder whit's goan oan. I've also been looing fur that new thread frum oor designated Rainforest Reporter an ah cannaqe fun it onywer. Dae ye think she's bashful or jist haudin oot fur a bigger paycheck? C'mon GB wur waitin. An the rest o youse missin wans hangin aroon oot thur, come oan in an hang oot in here.
Goodmorning Melody, I see yur hingin aroon doon the street, why don't youse drap in an bring Jakka wi yi. We cud hiv a nice wee blether.
Here...Gets intae the car this mornin, rushin as usual...Jake said mum look what I found....Turnt roon an he's haudin the remote control and ahm shovin ma seatbelt oan an hauf listenin...then ah looks doon an there's aw this mess fae the glove compartment...bloody car wis trashed! Course next thing oot ma mooth is DID YOU DAE THAT??? {mother of the year NOT laugh.gif } Naw he says.
Ma own fault, didnae lock it after gaun the messages last night ah wis that tired an couldnae be bothert CLICKIN MA KEY tae lock it.
Luckily ma phone wis in ma poaket cos ahd been talkin tae ma pal goin roon the shoap, otherwise it wid be gonski...they'd even tried pluggin in an auld phone we keep in the car for the weans tae play wae tae see if they could take it.
Ahd nae money an other than them searchin fur jist that, everythin seems tae be still there.
Gies ye the creeps thinkin someone's hingin aboot yer driveway when yer sleepin doesn't it.
It's a pretty bad experience Catherine, gives you the creeps, doesn't it? I'm glad they didn't steal anything or do severe damage to the car. We had ours stolen about five months ago. The doors were locked, the club was in place but they managed to take the ignition right out. The thieves drove one street over then tried to steal a truck whose owner caught them. They sped off in our van, the trucker pursued and eventually forced them off the road. It started about 6;00 AM and within thirty minutes it was over. We didn't even know it was gone til the police called. You're probably kicking yourself for not locking the door but that most likely saved you from having a smashed window.
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