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congratulations wee mags! when are the babies due
Ah near draaped ma coffee therr readin Marina's post 'when are the baby's due'....thoat you an Mike hud goat aw rrrrramantic again mags laugh.gif
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's fantastic news and you all must be thrilled to bits!
It's going to be busy busy in the Amato household this year, a lotta nappies tae chinje Mike, hope ye'v started practisin yer arm rotations guffawguffaw. xxxxxxx

Ahv been in bed the last two nights afore the weans wae this cold, the type that bubbles come oot the nose, ye blow an take yer heid aff at the same time.
Cannae stand the cauld so ah cannae.
Opened ma blinds an it's been snawin again annaw!
god catherine, you nearly gave me a heart attack there, i had to read it again just to make sure i hadnt put my foot in it lol, i had just woke up when i read it phewwwwww!
wee mags
Phewwwwww yirself Marina a nearly hid a heart attack maself when she said aboot me and Mike,a better no tell Mike or it will be up to the Emergengy room wae him ,well its My son and his wife they are dueMay and now my daughter and her hubby are due in Oct ,she,s no too happy{Iam going to have a baby near ma birthday and noo every one will give the wean and no me] biggrin.gif
Congratulations to you and your family Wee Mags. Two babies in five months, wow. You'll have to start doing overtime with the knitting needles. laugh.gif
well thats what happens lol, congratulations again and best of luck for the future mammies and daddies
wee mags
thanks for the congrats ladies.but I just have to tell you ,I called Catherine the day and had a wee chat with one of her wee buddies,we had a nice wee blether and I had to say "is your mom there" three times the I asked and three times A said noo she widdnae leave they weans on there ain!!!,then I said who are you "am Noah" was the reply well Noah where is Catherine?"Oh shes upstairs" then he says to one of the other kids am on the phone,
I tried not to laugh, could you please tell her that" Mags is on the phone" yes listen,then I hear this wee voice shouting out "aunty Catherine its the phone for you " Listen !!! "I told her " when I got aff the phone fae her a hid tae hiv a wee cuppa,and a wee laugh Weans wub.gif
That's the mental Noah fur ye Mags, wis in the kitchen wae his mum an the phone stoapped an ah thoat whoever it wis had hung up ...soon as he started shoutin we knew he'd been daen his operator laugh.gif

Went up tae bed early wae ma new book, fell asleep an noo here ah am at two in the mornin, at first ah thoat oh great, Friday an nae weans here...then remembert ahm in Jake's class this mornin!
Ah could kick ma door doon wae the thoat!
Ah'll away back up an see if ah kin nod off, gaunni dae ma Melody Mantra an see if ah kin will her back oan....nightnight or good mornin, you lot will be up shortly.
Here it's seven a cloak at hame, whit you lot still in yer beds fur? guffawguffaw
jist goat thru catching up and "wee mags" I am so happy for you thats fabulous news two weans this year bless you, you must be in seventh heaven. Heard from Marion she is still in Whitburn, joined the library so's she could use their pc's died laughing when she said that but she is having a great time, and no mention of when she will be back, "joaby boabby" must be gawn aff his heid, this hus tae be longest she's stayed, ok catcha youse awe later.
wee mags
haw betty is that you a see? did you get your computer yet?never mind, soon it will be Easter and yae cin hiv yer wee vodie or two depending on how yae feel ,sorry I missed yir phone call the other day,never mind I will call again,we have had snow for the past few days here,I have crocheted a wee matineen jacket ,mere tae dae ,noo the the wee yins hivin a baby rolleyes.gif
Hullowrerr china's
great news ma computer is saveable an at only a quarter o the price ah wis expectin tae pey, the guy thats soartin it took pity oan me an says "betty hen ah'll huv yi back oan line shortly (he's a pal o Paul's)so it wis worth ma while interruptin Paul at work eh. An welcome tae hugh fae Ireland And oor wee mags gonny be a granny again brilliant congratulations hen. Good joab am back tae indulgin in a wee drink (fell aff the wagon) biggrin.gif Still yasin jacqui's pc meantime but will be back full time shortly an catherine things 'll liven up then . See oor melody's still away jeez its like a death in the hoose if yir lookin in pal


still here in glesca
Good fer you Betty!! I think Paul & his cronies would know he'd hev a lot o people on his back if he didnae get ye sorted oot!
Hi leen
This wis the scenario in ma hoose since that black day in february when the pc went doon. Efter aw ma phone calls tae ma sons and daughter they aw came fur the wake , then they fun oot ah wis aff the drink fur lent a family conference wis held, Owen ma oldest said "c/mon Paul cin big Jim no help oot here! there'll be nae puttin up wae her if she canny keep in touch wae her cronies. Ah'll see him replies Paul , cripes she's aff the booze anaw . S o efter a consultation wae the main man the verdict came in "no as bad as we thought! says big jimwill work oan it pronto, make it double pronto big jim says Owen cos ah hear she's fell aff the wagon (he's a teetotaller)The wummins lonely withoot her pals pipes in jacqui (think she wis feart ah wis gonny move in wae her biggrin.gif . So thats ma tale noo am waitin oan delivery.Noo catherine ah know you'll appreciate this story and ah hope it brightens you're day and onybody else thats interested

still here in glesca CHEERS
Aw my Goad Betty, soonds like ower here!
But wi me it's the cigs!
Andie wondered why I was being more a bitch than she was!
5 days went by & Erin had asked Andie why Grandma had to give up her cigs ?
Andie said to me, "Mum, give up chocolate" ! ( I never eat the stuff!)
Give up yer Corona & Guinness ! ( is she nuts ?)
OMG~! roll on Easter, I have no nails, the house is immaculate, I have told the lawn mower guy I don't need him anymore, I have more bleedin quiche's in the freezer than my lot would ever eat!
Who in the Hell invented Lent anyway ??
Wis National No Smoking day here on Thursday leaflets were sitting at work wi helpline numbers and things aboot the day oan it.

Thought!! ah'll huv a wee laugh and hand them oot to the heavy smokers " Here's something tae read oan yer break " ah say's

Bliddy wummin say's "gie's wan o' them".....she set it oan fire and lit her fag wi' ah gave up dishing them oot laugh.gif

Some folk jist won't be beat!!!
Good to see you back Betty. I had a good laugh reading your story about fixing the computer, reminded me of "The Broons". If that comic's still around your tale would make a good episode. We've all missed you and hope you get your own 'puter back soon. Wouldn't it be nice if Melody came back with you...the board just doesn't seem the same without her.

Hang in Lee, you're doing great. May Imake a suggestion? Try popping a dried apricot in your mouth and just keep nibbling on it, it does seem to ease the tension and it keeps your mouth moist, besides, it softens the impact when you grit your teeth.
Ahm a firm believer in kickin the door aff it's hinges masel boots , ahm no a lover a Apricots laugh.gif

Been in the furnace room aw day the day clearin oot junk, Geoffs got a mountain a paper tae shred once he's went through it aw...
The one thing that gets ma goat {well wan of them} is when there's tons a phone numbers/business cards/invoices etc that don't belong tae ye...cos ye cannae throw them oot cos as soon as ye do....Huv you seen ma blah blah blah, no whit ah mean????
Good joab ah fun a case a Tonic waater so tae hell wae it ahm makin a wee GnT... Anyone care to join me masel an I?
{Melody ah'll make ye a double if ye appear...moan}

Oops meant tae say Kaz, that's ma kinda wummin yer workin wae, tra lala la la...x
Right where is she? A double did she say? Aye an ther's nae sign o her noo, singin's the game Drambuie's the name.......if it's no too much trouble ye understaun laugh.gif
Nae trouble attaw ma china, ahv been fightin that jimmy aff fur weeks noo cos he's been eyein yer boattle up laugh.gif
Jist in the door, hud the weans at the pictures an wish tae hell ahd left them therr! Jist gaunni run doon tae the wee shoap an get some Prozac...dis the wee shoap huv it?
March brekk here and it's gaunni be a lonnnnnggggg wan, ah kin feel it in ma bones. pals back....winkywinkwink an shake yowr booty oan down...
Hurry up you get the Prozac an ah'll get Neil Diamond heated up....well mibbe jist his CDs! laugh.gif Oh what a thought eh! Cheers up ma auld bones that !
{Wis gaunni say ah bet ye'd cheer up Neils auld bone annaw...better no incase betty flattens naw ah furgoat she fell aff the wagon so her sense a humours back so wur awright }
Cripes get the wummin Prozac roart the crowd... laugh.gif
We don't need Prozac, we jist need Neil Diamond, dae ye think ah cold still warm up his auld bones? Aye, ah'd have a go anyhow! laugh.gif
Meant 'could' no 'cold' !
It's worth a try hen, see if ye kin fun a perra tights wae nae ladders in them bit tacky pet.

Ahm thinkin whit ah'll pack fur ma Turks an Caicos trip the that ahm blawin but whit dae ye think a that , speashul or whit...
{Now tae the eye wae nae imagination, aw they'll see is us headin downtown an bookin intae the Delta Chelsea Inn fur two nights...but WE NO DIFFERENT RIGHT??? laugh.gif }

meant speshul....guffawguffaw wur aw excitit bletherin sure we are
I pop in to read this thread every once in a while
Nice to see you posting Melody!
Aye aw excitit, ah think Neil might go fur the wrinkly tights look ye know, ah mean he must get fed up wi aw they glamour girls dae ye no think?

Here whit wull ye be daein' really in that hotel? That's the thing!!
Ah kin see it aw noo, white dressin' goons, floatin' aboot the place ,here ah could jist dae wi that masel ye know....dream on Melody! laugh.gif
Hello Carmella, dae ye hear that wummin awya tae a posh hotel fur a couple o' nights, nae bother tae that yin!
Nice wee break a posh hotel does us all the world of good - have a nice time in there Catherine!
Hi Carmella...moan in an get yer gless fillt...
This is wherr the bubble's the KIDS SUITES laugh.gif No bad though, two rooms an a wee kitchen an livinroom wae aw the latest movies an games fur them...swimmin pool an wee fitness rooms fur them {cripes mind we went oot an played hide an seek}
Anyway, Kim ma neighbour an her two weans an me an the boys.

The plane {ma van} takes aff the morra lunchtime, wur gaun the scenic route across St Clair west, oan tae Spadina an doon University flight movie has yet tae be announced....check in at three sherp.
Survival of the fittest until Wednesday night, dad's come doon an mums take aff to Bistro 990 furra bitta people watchin anna few splashes wae dinner...then back tae the Turks an Caicos hotel where Karen is poppin in furra refreshment efter her night class...that's as far as we've goat...
Goin oot the door as soon as Geoff gets in fae work to pick up fanchydanchy wee appytizers, booze is in awready..tra la la la la..
Carmella, where's Betty? Bet she's found hersel a lifeguard dae ye think? Mibbe she'a away tae a posh hotel wi a lifeguard, must be a bit like a fireman only a bit damp! laugh.gif
Sounds good to me Catherine, ye'll have a great laugh. The weans will have a ball.
Well they do tell me that lifeguards are built nicely - just like they firemen - ooooooooooooooh I just saw two firemen, passing by my wee windae here!

Am away to tell them I've got a wee fire in my kitchen LoL!
Oh hurry up Carmella so huv ah!! laugh.gif
betty hud the big blaw up wae the computer Melody...smoke comin oot the socket material...Lee wis her fireman an he puult it oot the wa' laugh.gif
Hopefully she'll be back online within the next week or so..oh wait tae she sees yer back..PARTYPARTYPARTYYYY....
Here ye better haud oan tae Carmella's ankles therr, she's near dreepin oot the windae tryin tae get thon Firemans attention. Behave yersel Carmella, mon now, settle doon.
Kin ye imagine oor Betty's face when she saw smoke comin' oot the wa, bet she wis shoutin' at Lee tae dae sumthin!
Ach well ah canny be annoyed fur ever kin ah? Thanks for the welcome pals, ah'll try tae behave maseel, nae promises mind! laugh.gif
Widnae huv ye any ither way pet...oh ahv goat a song..dammit ah'll need tae pit the wellies oan ah kin feel a flood comin oan laugh.gif
Where fae? laugh.gif

You enjoy yourself, that's what it's all about - or at least that's what it should be all about.
Thanks Carmella yer a star! smile.gif
Aw very good, ah'll jist sit here like a punna chopped never cried me a star Melody neer ye did... sawright though, ah'll no go oan...sno ma thing tae look fur attention, no me...naw...ahm cool... an aw happy yer playin again,tra la la la la xxxxx

Went oot the night tae buy a swimmin costume, back wae John Freida shampoo, perra sunglasses an two shurts each fur the boys, nae costume ...and wur no gaunni talk aboot it EVER again! Ah think they put ugly mirrors in thae shoaps wid ye agree? Ah mean ah no furra FACT ahv no goat tartan legs, nor are they shoart...ahm SVELT so am ur...illusion artists that's whit they ur , connin anither thing, how come nane of them huv baggy eyes? That's no normal so it's no laugh.gif
Hi Melody, so glad you're back, really missed you. Doan't pit the boatle away Catherine a'll jist hiv whit Melody's drinkin' mibee y'shid leave the boatles oot in case Carmella brings back they firemen...we widnae waant tae see them gae thirsty, wid we noo?
Hiya boots, is this no jist the best wee pick me up..Spring hus sprung an so hus oor Melody, what a lift eh biggrin.gif
Cudnae be better, well maybe a wee bit better if Betty jist hud her computer fixed and cud jine in. aw weel it'll be a real surprise fur her when she gets back. Yyouse wiz sorely missed, Melody! Tell me Catherine, whaur ye aff tae? Sounds prettyguid
Catherine, did ah never tell ye that ye wur a star, ah must huv!
Well yer a star! Hi ya Boots, lovely to see you, don't tell her but your a star as well! laugh.gif
Archie Millar
Welcome hame boss, we'll go oot fur a wee gargle as soon as ye send ma pey-packet doon biggrin.gif
Welcome back Melody. I don't post much but I read everyday and missed you. Now where is JimmyD have not seen him on.Have a good day everyone. rolleyes.gif
Melody yur back, is that no a smashin wey to start Spring. Awfy gled tae see ye hen. Whit, between you back, aw this mention o Neil Diamond (that man's voice should be banned for inciting--------ah'd better lea that wee bit blank) an Drambuie an aw. And did Camella bring they two fireman back? Whit a day, whit a day, this wan could go doon in history. It's rer to see you back,so it is.

Catherine, enjoy the Turks & C's, sounds smashing. Noo don't forget aw us yins will be glued to the TV news here, tae see whit yur up tae. An remember if yer gonny parachute aff the CN Tower, ye huf tae let us know so we kin run doon and haud oot the blanket tae catch ye.

Gallus they came doonsterrs this mornin wae FIVE backpacks fulla toys, therr wee bums are makin buttons they're that excitit ...every drawer in therr rooms puult oot, every stitch a claes hingin oot the drawers, an they've packed two perra swimmin shoarts each, somthin tells me it's gaunni be a very long mornin laugh.gif
Well that must be nicest welcome home that anyone ever had, even ma bestest ever worker Archie popped in to say hello. Thank you all, on a serious note I really appreciate it. Catherine the vision of all that stuff hingin' oot o drawers and toys and everything brought back memories, as long as you remember to keep spinnin' you'll be fine, or is it breathin'? Have a great time, enjoy it all it's the stuff that memories are made of......honest! smile.gif
Hi guess whit am op an runnin again IS THAT OOR MELODY BACK FAE HER BREKK WELCOME hen huv been missin masel fur the past few weeks the pc hud a breakdoon an ah suffered a mental breakdoon naebody tae talk tae it wis murder.. Well huv tae carch up oan aw the goss Thanks tae aw you'se that kept ma hame fire burnin durin ma technical absence luv yi aw

still here in glesca rolleyes.gif
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