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Oh dear, illness and mishaps

Hope you are feeling better Gemini.

The front tooth Catherine!!!!!!!!!!! just as well it's after Christmas or you know what we would all be singing. Lucky white heather right enough. Wait 'till you get the Dentist bill, then you will be greeting. sad.gif
mercy sakes catherine ahm wi Heather oan this wan gosh almighty ah hope yir feeling better, thanks catherine, marion and heather fur the sentiments, looks like catherine and I are starting the new year off right laugh.gif
Heather ah wis 300 dollars three weeks afore christmas therr at the dentist..withoot the Insurance it wis 600 odds! That wis fur masel an the boys cleanin an x'rays....ahm no even thinkin aboot the estimate fur this latest disaster.
When it happent this mornin ah desolved in tears oan ma bed fur aboot ten seconds, goat a grip an thoat wur talkin teeth here, no lives.
Marion thinks ah take it aw in ma stride, don't anyone let oan ahm beyond insanity the noo laugh.gif
Ah mean whit dae ye do eh?

Oh here jist minded an aw , wis helpin Jake in the washroom lunchtime therr an the blind ahd put up tae hide the 'once was there but no therr noo shower that's gettin replaced wance we fun money' fell doon..crash bang...ah jist looked up the wance an kept oan doin whit ah wis daen....cripes furgoat aboot that till now...that's two things an they come in three's...mibbe ahm gaunni win the lottery hey hey...
Here Ria...only TWO things happent tae you too....wur gaunni be lucky oan the third..wait an see pet..TRUST ME!! laugh.gif
Listen you two, don't believe all that tripe about walking under ladders is lucky, with your luck avoid them like the plague.

Remember that old adage: " look before you leap ". ohmy.gif
Listen you two, don't believe all that tripe about walking under ladders is lucky, with your luck avoid them like the plague.

Remember that old adage: " look before you leap ". ohmy.gif

Here, I hope your bad luck is not following me as I seem to have developed a stutter!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thoat ah wis huvin a wee de ja vu moment therr Heather laugh.gif
I'm sitting here listening to Radio Clyde," When music was music. "

They are playing 50s/60s music.

A few of my favourites have been on.

The theme music from " A Summer Place" and Elvis singing, " All shook up". Nearly got up and started jiving, but I no longer have the breath for it. sad.gif

Just think Elvis would have been 70 yrs old around about now.
Am ah bet he wid still be giratin biggrin.gif what a man He widnae be gien in tae the senior years. An ahm right up therr wae yi heather ROCK ON
Sittin here alone by the firelight
Listening for a footstep on the sterr
An lookin oot the windae at the moonlight
An wishin somebody wis occupyin the opposite cherr
But ah'll pretend that you're aw in here wae me
An ah cin picture melody makin tea
wee mags is hummin a catchy wee tune
An marion as usual is birlin roon an roon
Cargerine will soon arrive wae her mum
Aw the wey fae kirkintilloch she has come
Am gled she took the time tae visit ma hoose
Its in here Juan we aw hing loose
Boots is comin doon fae cauld winnipeg
So time fur me tae get up an shake a leg
The music's oan wan o ma favourits songs
Is.nt it great how we huv aw goat along
Hush noo a meenit therrs a foot oan the sterr
Ah wunner who it'll be tae occupy ma vacant cherr rolleyes.gif
still here in glesca
Marion Dougan
Meeeeeee Betty, am birlin an birlin waaaaatch meee yeah..... landed right oan the bloody flerr, right Betty stoap laughing, get the kettle oan, thats Mags comin up the sterr, ma erse is gonna be bruised the morra sad.gif
And Ah'll need a guid, strong hot toddy tae thaw me oot sae keep that kettle boilin'. huh.gif
BVetty, that was just beautiful mate!! Wish I could be sittin that opposite chair right now! ( What a bletherin we'd be havin!) wink.gif
Oh how ah wish a wis in the land o sand sea an sun
Faur away fae this weather an huvin masel some fun
Lyin oan the beach draped in a sarong
Y/see am no built fur wearin a thong
Ah need sunshine , its a tonic fur me
An wae a tan ah aye look ma best y/see
Sun sea and sangria
Flamenco dancers an a wee cha cha
This is whit goes oan in sunny spain
Whilst here in glesca aw it dis is rain
But ah still get ma dancin oan a sunday night
An be it hail, rain or snaw ma feet dae take flight
An doon at the barn club its no draped in a sarong
But knee high boots an a skirt 3/4 long
But fun fur me aye comes first
And its fur the good life ah thirst
So ta ta the noo an a fond farewell
An mibby this year ah'll no aye be INMASEL rolleyes.gif
wee mags
ach betty a couldnae find yae for a minute there ,but I jist wanted tae stop by for a cuppa,dae yea hiv any Penguin biscuits left fae the last time?
a couldnae get oot for the bliddy snaw here ,and wee Sammy& lisanne are in the same boat ,as far as the snow goes ,up in Boston they hiv snow up tae their elbows or if yir short like me up tae yir nose,and huberts been getting rain for a while but he seems tae be drying up noo Jimmyd is enjoying the summer and up in Canada where the brain surgeon lives its Cauld so make sure you hiv the fire on ahll be over soon wink.gif
Brain surgeon reportin fur duty...heid back tae front but ahm here!!
So far, stuck in snaw this mornin, pleasantly arggybarggy'd wae a teacher an WON!!....came home an cleant up...back an picked up five fur lunch, a sixth burst intae tears so he sqweezed in the front door an aw....lunch oot,lunch feenished, draaped three back up at school, an now huv three wild monkeys doon in the basement...waitin wae bated breath for the shout Puddins ready laugh.gif
Mags, ower ye come, fires oan pet...insanity reigns!
wee mags
awe right betty where did you go ur yae up at the Barn? me and the brain surgeon were gonnae drap in but if your no hame were jist gonnae make oor ain tea
awright ,dont worry we will clean up before we head off intae the night ta ta ,hey did you gemini by any chance? and where is Melody is she aff singing some where or having a whirrley day again ? rolleyes.gif
A lovely sunny mornin here , an no cauld . So methinks ah'll head fur the shoaps (jist fur a wee nosey aroon). Wondered wherr this hoose goat tae ah couldnae fun it, but ah dae know that atween you an the brain surgeon it wid surface. See therr are a few missin canny help therr??? but ah'll watch oot an see if melody,s buskin in argyle st biggrin.gif Catherine you're gettin like "the auld wummin that lived in a shoe) wae aw they weans
still here in glesca
Searched aw day fur melody but nae sign o oor singin buddy. went up sauchie doon buchie then alang argyle. but nae joy ao ah'll drap a line in her mailbox rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca
Still nae word fae Melody has anyone heard fae her ?Only amswer is her pc is down , its not like her not to answer pm's Am missin her ohmy.gif

still here in glesca
Okay betty..Tomtoms oot the morra, we'll smoke her oot ...nora batty tights comin oot the drawer as ah schpeak!! laugh.gif

Lets get this show oan the road again, we're aw slackin, masel included, so kick up the jacksy as oor Shamus shouts so endearinly, and lets get to it.

Who's turn fur the tea in the mornin?
wee mags
sorry ladies am slackin maself here,but I hope tae get back intae action again ,I was listenin to ma Rod stewart DVD and enjoyin every wee song ,when he came oot wa a shirt wae Celtic awe oor the back and I thought noo where is that Melody?
did the bhoys loose or has she just gone in to hybernation like the rest of us ? dry.gif
Ah'v done it AGAIN!!!!
Started paintin the kitchen...
wee mags
shake hauns wae Mike here biggrin.gif
you just said his fav word Painting ah cannae print the other words he says efter I ask him tae paint
Behr, Silver Tradition Mags....No keen oan it but ahv boat the gallon so nae choice laugh.gif Actually looks no bad, a bit cauld..ony ideas tae waarm it up?
Tell Mike ahm wan room ahead of him, wance ahm finished that is!
Chap, Chap, Kin ah come in? Ah'm desperate fur a cup a tea, an maybe a Penguin if there is ony, if no a'll get some the morra. Ah've no bin aroon fur a while, cuz I wiz in the Amazonian Rainforest, tae see ma wee lassie. Ocht , stop yer snickerin' a really wiz. An a huv the malaria pills (and side effects, makes you wonder why people would do drugs, wow, the reactions are weird.) And then there is the yella fever an the ticks, (you huv tae take yer ain pair o tweezers fur them) and the bot flies, that ye huv tae dig oot , jist lovely. A also hiv aboot 700 odd mosquito bites tae prove it. A huv mair stories than ye could shake a stick at, bit a should save them fur wan o the meets, you'll no believe whit we "auld folks" did. And afore this my idea o roughing it wiz a Holiday Inn!
Missed you all on the boards while we were away, it is amazing how just reading the boards and checking in makes it feel like family. G.B.
Catherine, when your finished will you come over and paint my kitchen as we just got it re-fitted last week.
Now we have to go and pick new wall tiles for below the wall cabinets, so you just have to do the ceiling and the walls above the cabinets and the door. Just a wee job Catherine, when can you manage it. I am good to the workers as I keep the tea and rolls coming. wink.gif

You should see our back garden, the old cabinets and worktops are all over the place. Goodness knows when the Cleansing Dept. will come and take them away, they said ten working days.
Ah'll be meetin ye in hell furst Heather laugh.gif

Gaun yersel Gallus, the Rainforest? Ye sure yer no meanin the Rainforest Cafe? Ahv been there an aw hen! guffawguffaw..Keep the memories for that meet, will be great to hear them.
Aye, right enuf, it might jist hae bin the Rainforest Cafe anit must hae bin the wan at Scarboro Town. cause ah jist had a wee hoat pie and peas wi chips.That wee But & Ben butchers at Ellesmere & McCowan sells rer stuff. Ma turn tae bring the snashters fur the tea, so gies a list, bit pit the kettle oan. Catherine take a wee break fae the paintin an sit doon an huv a wee tate tea, wi maybe a wee splash o"tonic" jist tae keep up your strength you know. The hoose is sparklin, seems like aw us party animals huv been behaving oorselves. G.B.
wee mags
here Gallusbissum me and Catherine were in the rainforest last Nov,
It was me her and Jake and his wee pal and they were so well behaved concidering we were in wae awe the monkeys and the thunder,wan wee lassie wissnae as brave as me and Catherine
wur,siting there and the rain pouring doon and the thunder clashing away aroon us unsure.gif i
Ahd say oor wee Rainforest wis still WAY SAFER than Gallus's mags eh!
Lovely memory...though still cannae get ower you scrapin yer name oan the table , then gettin up an dancin oan it...musta been the jungle music that goat tae ye laugh.gif
Here that's a great site ye sent me pet, ahv kept it doonsterrs and will delve right in when ahv got a minute, thankyou.

You're right Gallus, behavin party animals disnae sound's the word "behave" am no intae!
Wherr IS everyone???
wee mags
aye bit yae hiv tae admit ah wis pretty good wae they six inch heels jumpin oan the table biggrin.gif and Shakin ma booty ha ha
Hi guys,how you all doing.Things are starting to look up for me once again, i'm feeling much better. All my test results were negative,I have one more to get done. A full body scan .However cant get it done till I come back from my vacation. Sunday the 27th is the big day. Not looking forward to going right into the big dome. It was bad enough just sticking my head in. Oh well I'll try and pop in a bit more once I get back from Dominican. Take care you all. I have still enjoyed reading all the stuff even if I was unable to join in.Isobel cool.gif
Isobel that great news..fingers crossed the MRI will pass jist the same.
I had one last year and the thought was much worse than the actual procedure, I was very pleasantly surprised.
They told me there would be loud banging each time the machine took a picture,which is why you wear the head gear, but honestly it wis a lot quieter than in this hoose oan any given day. wink.gif
wee mags
I jist stopped by for a wee cuppa and where is that Betty,?she mist hiv went tae meet Melody doon the toon ,yae know whit they two ur like a shoppin here a wee shopping there
maybe they went tae Miss Cranstons for afternoon tea ?ach well am jist gonnae pit ma feet up and sit oan the big easychair by the fire wink.gif
ach aye wissnt that good news fae oor Isobel ? were awe rootin for yae !!!!!!!!!!
Right here mags whit dae yi make o oor melody????? Martin made ger a MEGA star an she b*****ed aff tae millport fur a week tae celebrate never mind we'll mibby get a postcaird

still here in glesca
An melody if yir lookin in fae millport hurry hame am Teetotal fur lent an ah need support here,

still here in glesca
Oh...NAE PRESSHURRRR laugh.gif

still here in glesca
Archie Millar
Am not t-total, but a might as well be --Had eight teeth oot yesterday an' am feelin' sorry for maself they gave me a mouth-wash an' a cannae taste ma whiskey a've still got another seven tae come oot in a fortnight---A think a'll use the whiskey fur a mouth-wash huh.gif
My commiserations Archie.

Mind you using the whisky as a mouth wash is not a bad idea as alcohol is supposed to be good for cleaning out a wound. I think!!!!!!!!!!!! rolleyes.gif
Aw Archie poor you still yi dont need teeth tae swally biggrin.gif but ah'll bet yir still flashin that big smile o your's

still here in glesca
Popped oot tae watch the white knight hand glidin wae oor melody oan anither thread , came back tae find the @rse burnt oot the kettle, never mind melody 'll soart things oot when she finally gets here rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca
aww poor archie, i feel fer ye wink.gif I got 1 tooth oot jist afore xmas and wis terrible.Noo i got a gap has to be shut.
I'm gettin a *bridge* made next week, i hate the dentist, but it has to be done.Ruddy insurance will only pay for a removable bridge, although the other only costs 60 Euros more, so im payin the difference myself.
Where is everybody?
My sympathy Archie - I've been there and it ain't a picnic. Your own brand of mouthwash is a good idea but use it sparingly 'cause you have to spit it out. Just follow it with a good pain killer - same brand as your mouthwash and make sure it goes straight down the hatch. Cheers!
Hullo pals ,nice to be in here Betty ,away fae aw they bad boys {an lassies }Archie ma son ,you rinse with the swally ok. biggrin.gif
Jimmyd long time no see wherr yi been hidin yirsel? nice tae hiv yi visit ma wee hoose hope you're well wan thing for sure it's no as cauld wherr you are brrrrr
still here in glesca rolleyes.gif
Och Betty ,it is great here,mind you the rain is doon here at moment.good though, cause was great danger of bushfires again.Have a wee Voddie ready for the swally the noo ,are you game ?? biggrin.gif
Oh aYOOHOO...freezin North callin laugh.gif
Wee Maxi's off the day, wee temp an runnin aboot noo the medicine's kicked in wae his wee vest an knickers oan. Jake's came oot in sympathy so we took a vote an he's aff school this afternoon an aw.
Wur callin it a mental health day....He wis in a wee singin contest this mornin, Kiwanis Festival it's called, and aw the city schools compete.
His class came in second which wis the FURST downer..second wan came when he went tae the toilets an realised he couldnae get his wee troosers doon cos he'd a new belt oan , so by the time he goat in here the wee bladder wis at the he DIDNAE MAKE IT!!!
Devastation tae a seven year auld.
He's doonsterrs the noo wae a smile fae ear tae ear cos he's allowed aff this afternoon.
Ahm jist gaunni make a wee cuppa tea, who's waantin wan, orders in cos ahm no gettin up again wance ahv sat doon.
Melody did you pick up ony biscuits oan yer trails??

Oh sorry Archie, keep meanin tae say aboot yer teeth, how ye doin the day?
Aw here stuff the tea, Jimmy's here....go get us a wee splash while yer up wid ye don't look at betty cos her face is like fizz cos she's daen the church proud an no drinkin fur Lent.
God loves ye betty..cheers laugh.gif
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