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Betty noo remember ta pick up a few o ma favourite. You know the ones Empire biscuits. Hide them away Betty ,fur some o the others come in and eat them aw.Been in the States aw day , and am ready fur a wee rum , hope there's some coke left.
Hey guys ,dont should to loud ,but cin somebody tell me what is new on the board. Whats Martin been up to when he shut us doon. Remember how slow a am way this internet thing.
Mornin all ....
Family weekend here, three brothers aw aff tae the annual directors meetin tae discuss family/cottage business...whilst playin golf ah might add that ah grudge it ....y'no!
Goin back home the morra, ahv goat the cabin fever noo an need tae get hame afore a commit a murder ....y'no when yer laughs no comin oot right ony mare, therrs that hysteria sound tae it.

Still receivin emails guys but cannae send or reply unless through the board, which ahv jist got ontae so ah'll reply when ah get back doon the road okay.
How ye's aw doin? Isobel ah notice oan the left Martins added Scottish music programmes, plus updated whits goin on....don't know whit else.
Gie ye's a laugh....

Went in the ither day there tae do a quick washin in the laundromat....chattin away tae the owner an happens tae mention ahv the same t'shirt as the wan she'd oan....she looked at me kinda funny an says oh right....followed me oot an whispert Catherine ye didnae happen tae leave this here did ye cos somebudy did an husnae came back for it....ah answert if the label says Next size 8 it's guessed...she wis werrin ma bloody t'shurt!! laugh.gif
Whit a laugh Catherine.The question is did she take the shirt fay her back and gee it to you .As the old saying goes.Now am looking Catherine .Down the left side of ma page .Dont see any difference.Day you think ma page is the same as your's.MIBE Martim dida change mine .he he
Archie Millar
A hope youse hiv plenty o' booze in the hoose-?--it's ma birthday the morrow an' am comin' up fur a wee swallyso mind! plenty o' the golden stuff
wee sammy
Gosh Catherine just think if you left your knickers there ohmy.gif
Hoi trust me Sammy....ah widnae huv been sayin if therr a size 8 thur mine if ah did..those days are long gone laugh.gif

Isobel, if ahd been five minutes later she'd have been gone and ahd huv been nane the hopin she's waashed it by the time ah go back in tae get it...though ahm no too sure if ah waant it back noo...kinda gies me the heebiegeebies the mare ah think aboot it y'no!

Right moan you lot, Archie's Birthday perty the morra...Roll back the kerpet an get the sounds ready, ah kin feel a bitta disco comin oan...
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and we'll sell the golden stuff to Archie cheaper than the pub charges him, how about half price????????????????? laugh.gif

Catherine I think if it was me I would just let her have the t-shirt. I think she had a brass neck wearing it as she obviously knew it belonged to someone using the laundromat.
Ok Archie, got your seat aw ready fur you . Betty went doon to the city bakery ta order a nice wee cake. Dont think we'll be bothering about all the candles. Sure dont want to set the hoose on fire. He he . Aw the rest are gonna bring something . Gee a really think its gonna be a great wee party. biggrin.gif
Dar yis think Archie will show the day ah've goat a boattle o the Famous Grouse in , is that golden enough rolleyes.gif
melody you're in charge o the music , Isobel you cin be barmaid, an Norah an Archie gets the best cherrs. Hope he likes the cake its in the shape o the famous tinny ha ha cheers again Archie
still here ib glesca
Betty, the last I saw of Archie he was sitting at a bar with a wee goldie, so I think you will have to go and drag him out. rolleyes.gif
Right, ah'm no blowin' up aw these balloons masel, Betty get they steamers opened up before he comes in. Where's the candles? smile.gif Music !....... Will you still need me ....Will you still feed me ....When I'm 69!
Archie Millar
Well we'll hiv tae put it aff the night, a've got tae hiv a cholestrol test first thing in the morning so am no allowed tae eat or hiv a drink efter 6'oclock the night
Tell the doctor a bunch o Glaswegians made ye an offer ye could'ny refuse Archie, either that ur come back the morra laugh.gif an we'll huv another party! ......Talk aboot aw dressed up an nowhere tae go!.... That's the story o ma life!
Is that Archie no the giddy limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He tells Betty to arrange his birthday party then says he can't come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wub.gif Is he kidding or what, he better be. I don't have a breath left after Melody made me blow up a dozen balloons. A wee vodka or a nice glass of sweet sherry might restore my good humour, just for medicinal purposes of course.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archie Millar
Sorry aboot that people!, but a couldnae hiv a snifter efter 6'o clock last night---an' it wis ma birthday tae Never mind a'll hiv a few wee wans oot o' that bottle of Grouse you've got the night rolleyes.gif
did ah hear yous aw hid a party here and never told anybody.
Whit wis that Archie never turned up fer his ain Perty.
OMG the state oh the place, want a haun clearin up?
The hoose wis lookin awfy braw
Balloons'n'streamers fae wa tae wa
But the birthday boy hud an early night
Fur his appointment this mornin he hud tae look bright
Its no like Archie tae turn doon a swally
Especially in here wherr we're aw sae pally
So here's tae the man we aw luv sae dearly
And this I can state clearly
So good luck good health tae oor number yin
The party's no ower, its yet tae begin rolleyes.gif

betty2 stikk here in glesca
Archie, DEAR Archie, Ah'd luv tae say
Ye were here tae celebrate ye ain Birthday !
Twas ma wee Daughter's on the same date !
Unfortunately fer ME, I cuddna wait Till Monday !

She, appeared there & then on the Sabbath Day !
To put in an appearance, Come What May !!
She hollered & screamed, bellowed & cried
Till her Father & Me, felt we were being tried !

But, Here I am 33 years on !
I feel my life has just begun..
am beholding a LEO child,
In Days gone by she was OH SO WILD !!
But, now that maturity has obviousily set in
We are as one, like that of a twin !
Not Mother & Daughter , nor sisters or kin.
But, Soulmates that will see through each other thru thick & thin !!

Belated Birthday Greetings Archie !!
I hope your day was as happy & jolly as ours was here in Aus xxx
see me im thick, so the party is still to come, an me jist seein the streamers thinkin it was all by. kin i join yees? no hid a gid perty in ages .
cheers archie wink.gif
Jist wishin Archie a belated happy Birthday,and sayin hi to one and all. Hope your birthday was as joyful as you are yourself Archie. My regards to Nora......Rena wub.gif
Hi Leen, that was lovely, I know what you mean, it was scary back then but it all turns out in the end. How did your stay in hospital go, all well I hope, let me know.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
Hi Leen nice to see you back. Hope all went well for you while in hospital.
I just got my flight booked for my trip to Britain. Unfortunately I will only be in England this time. Jim's mother had a little relapse and as we can only get away for two weeks we feel it should be spent down in Devon. As they are unable to put us up , I have had one dreadful time getting something at this late notice. I had to end up taking a three bedroom flat. Our dates are not until the 5th of October and return on the 19th . Thats the only dates available for the flat. Its been a nightmare I can tell you . So to all my friends up in dear old Glasgow Betty Melody Heather and the rest of the gang. Sorry I wont be seeing you this time. I can hear you all saying oh thank god for that . No really i'm quite upset about the whole thing. Anyway next time for sure.
Isobel, at least yer settled to go back and that's a help eh.....Sometimes there's so many obstacles put in our way it's no easy to know whit the right thing is to do.
I hope you and Jim have a peaceful time with his mum, enjoy your moments together pet, I know how difficult a trip this will be for you all.
Happy Birthday Archie man,late !! but hey it's the thought right!
Isobel hope all is well with your Mum In Law.Nice place to be Devon. biggrin.gif
Isobel sorry we wont be seeing you this time around , but understandbly family comes first , but I'm sure there will be another time when we can meet

still here in glesca
Thanks guys. Not a trip we are really looking forward to . As its not till October I guess it will be winter woolies.Dont supose the flat will supply electric blanket. Oh well I can always visit Boots and get a wee hot water bottle. You know to go way ma other bottle, ha ha , something tells me we will need it .
Just checking round the wee hoose before ah go to bed and clock out for the last time.
To my special friends Betty, Catherine, Mags, Bunty, Marion, Ginny, Heather, August, Jimmy all know who you are, a huge thank you for everything. The fun and tears we've shared are far too numerous to mention. Never to be forgotten evenings spent with tears of joy, .. and sadness on occasion, times that are truly to be treasured.
You see I thought the best that you can give another person is of yourself, that's the way I live my life, I hope. Sometimes others don't value that, I can honestly say that in return I have received the best of other people. Except on very rare occasions.
To my darling Tommy, he was brilliant, most people probably would be unaware of the support and friendship that he afforded me behind the scenes. They only saw the laughs we had together on the boards, and got fed up with us on occasion.
He is a lovely man and I wish him well. I'll look in and keep in touch with my friends but won't be posting any more, I dare say it will come as a relief to some. Thank you all for the kind words but on this occasion they are not helping I'm afraid.
I won't tell a lie it's with a lot of sadness on my part.

Anyway keep the home fires burning and look after Betty for me.
Ahv jist found this ya sneaky get Melody...ya bandit ye knew ahd company this afternoon ...fae Edinburgh an aw!! biggrin.gif
Lovely sentiments pet, but hee haw naw...yer no gaun onywherr dae ye hear me??? Ye belong here, ye pay yer rent like everywan else an therrs nae outstandin bill, never has been.
Yer jist hurt the now, go in the morra an kick a few classroom doors, ah love kickin doors, dis wonders fur the soul so it dis...
Meet ye here in three days, be therr or be sqwerr...tongueootanwinkywink xxxxx
Catherine you're the best at makin the tea hen... laugh.gif
wee mags
here you your no goan anywhere ,whit wid we dae withoot yir wee sing song,yir wee giddy day,s,and above all yir very well put stuff yae know when yae try tae put us awe o the right track ,jist you take a couple of days aff ,get yir classes awe the gither and we will see you again.and a see yae couldnae forget yir famouse Tommy .whit a laugh we had wae you two and yir escapades,and that Catherine getting jealous off you ach well you jist hiv some time tae get this oot o yir systim ,I will be waitin for you my dear friend wub.gif [ and you also bring the best goodies]
Melody, why are you not going to post anymore? We are losing so many old friends on this board and we don't want to lose you as well.

Anne Perth Aussieland cool.gif
Marion Dougan
Melody, there is NO WAY you are leaving the Gg. We would be lost without you, come oan hen, jist take aff a couple o days, then come back. As for you and Tommy, a loved it, naw hen yer no gawn onywhere sad.gif
HEADLINE NEWS...THIS JIST IN.....Joiners from all over Glasgow have been ordert tae high tail it tae a prestigious Secondary School in the City....wuv no goat aw the facts yit said the heid honcho, but it seems therrs nae doors left in the schools seven hunner an eight nine classrooms....all have been demolished apart fae mysteriously peery heel marks seen splattert through splinters a wid.
When the heidmaster wis interviewed he said "nae comment" ither than ahd love tae no wherr the culprit boat thur shoes, ah like the look a yon heel marks laugh.gif
NO WAY is the resignation of my good friend melody acceptable, get yirsel back oan here Who'll make the tea , make us laff and is always therr to give support and help when needed. Why are therr people on here who cannot recognise a valued member
stay please stay melody
Well Melody I can only add my sentiments to the others.

When troubles call and your back's to the wall
There's a lot to be learned, that wall could fall

Once there was a silly old ram
Thought he's punch a hole in a dam
No one could make that ram scram
He kept punching that dam

'cause he had high hopes he had high hopes
He had high apple pie in the sky hopes

So anytime your feeling bad
'stead of feeling sad
Just remember that ram
Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam. wub.gif
Sorry for the interuption tae Corontation Street..wuv broat ye an update oan the doorless school in the toon....

According to shoe experts, the peery heel marks left oan splinters a wid whaur the doors used tae be kin only belang tae Red Prada's....which kin only be boat in Frasers in the toon said Prada's spokeperson.
When interviewed the explanation given wis...
" Well it jist goes tae show ye that ye get whit ye pay fur....tae make such delicate an prescise a penetration in the wid grain no brekk as much as a sliver a leather....we kin only staun by our product proudly.

When further asked if Prada orders had multiplied he said ..."it wis astoundin....sales huv went through the roof" ...but in keepin wae the Glesga humour, Prada man also said "obviously the roof cos therrs nae doors left tae go through" .... laugh.gif
Well ah say if yir gonny kick in a door then why no way prada shoes oan yir feet, bein a shopaholic masel ah no fine well frasers his them in stock in aw colours an sizes (go therr masel) Noo regardin the school doors , aw the weans ur overjoyed they're gettin an unoffishal hoaliday while repairs ur bein cerried oot, an tae crown it the jiners ur oan a go-slow Wherr else but in glesca could this happen rolleyes.gif

still here in glesca
Seems aw the weans betty huv stertit up singin camps an aw....Thur aw takin turns, wae 180 second intervals due tae severe beltin oot songs fae yesteryear like GG supporters oan wan of thur bender nights.....IT'S AMAZIN....{an so's this latest wee button ahv fun} laugh.gif
Melody you know what i think, but ye jist wouldnae listen tae me PLEASE dont go. Ye know theres always someone on every board like YKW but ye have so many friends here ye jist cannae go and leave us all, whits gonnae happen to oor wee singsong, sniff sniff and i jist started in there.
Melody, gonnae no dae that. wink.gif
Clever clogs catherine fun anither button noo she's makin headlines , Wunner if ah'll ever make the headlines Och am away tae jine the weans in a singsong
Open the door richard
open the door an let me in
open the door richard
hurry up afore ah kick it in rolleyes.gif


still here in glesca
ye widnae betty or wid ye? biggrin.gif
Marion Dougan

jist testin[FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=red]
whit ye testin marion`?
Good test therr Marion....yer daen great hen laugh.gif

Ye jist type oot the message, then run yer mouse back ower the words ye want tae be different....then up above the box ye'll see the 'font, size, oan each one the one ye waant an...boabs yer in your case bob's yer man hen.

Melody don't you read this.....ahm no tellin ye how tae dae it till ye come back oan tonguootanwinkywink
Marion Dougan
t testin
THANKS catherine
Marion Dougan
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Arial'>red </span></span>white n blue

a couldnae fun white tongue.gif

Gaun yersel Marion, cannae call ye Loobyloo noo pet cos wuv anither member joined wae that name ahv noticed.

Cripes this is the longest wuv sat in betty's withoot wur tea.... HOI HUMPITYDUMPITY....Get aff the wa' wur aw dyin fur a cuppa tea here...JUMP .....hen, moan hen...moan...
Hoi Mags go get yer blanket pet we yased at yer meet....ah kin feel a jump comin oan an we better catch her or she'll poisin the tea laugh.gif
Cripes how highs the wa'???...{puckinerms ur killin me here} laugh.gif
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