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Sorry sjmac and aw the rest o yis that cawd in , but ah thought ah telt yis a wis gawn away fur the weekend tae SALTCOATS might no be wan o the costas but jeez it wis a scorcher o a weekend, and ah hud a ball never laffed sae much in a long time. well guess where am gawn oan tuesday? "lunch wae teeny" she phoned me yesterday an we're meetin up at the st enoch underground fancy!!!!! Catherine will be back oan sunday wis talkin tae her anaw, noo ah huv tae go goin tae the forge at parkhead jist fur groceries(borin shoppin) . sjmac you caw in here as oafen as yi like but yiv goat tae take yir turn o the sterrs byeeeee rolleyes.gif
Hi Betty2, an heers me thinkin ye hid gawn aff we a yank tae the jiggin. Tell teeney tae remember the Ashit Pie supper fur me an the puddin supper fur ma wife Jean. How meny sterrs huv a goat tae cleen. huv yoo goat a posh tiled close,if ye hiv ahl bring the whitenin fur the sterrs. Anything fur a cup o tea an a roll an pink lint. Thats me, common as muck. Hope ye hiv a magic time wae Teeny.l biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Betty enjoy your time with teeny,I had a chat with her and her brother and she is looking forward to visiting you. I say to not have to much to drink but teeny has said she's drunk it dry already tongue.gif laugh.gif
Lookin forward to meeting another member of the GGBBam beginnin tae feel like an ambassador , but its haundy me bein here so when yis aw come hame fur a visit you'se ur stuck wae me rolleyes.gif huvin visitors the night so wont be on tae the morrakeep cheerful biggrin.gif
laugh.gif Not a chance teeny I've my own to do but I wouldn't mind a visit to see you. Betty has those stairs all clean and waiting for tuesday to come tea and cakes will be ready I'm sure of that! rolleyes.gif
Tea 'n;cakes? c'mon marg think we might huv summit a wee bitty stronger , wish yi could jine us , but then mibby anither time am always here "till death do us part" bit morbid that !

rolleyes.gif Teeny 12 noon at the underground
betty2 will be there sane'n'sound
a place tae eat we've yet tae decide
probably a pub lunch by the banks o the clyde
tea an scones urnae oan the agenda
but efternin lunch ? dont think it'll be a bender
but lookin furrit tae this wee meet
here in st enoch's aff fae argyle street rolleyes.gif
Betty I can think of not much more I'd like better to do but your invite you a wee drink (tea) will have to wait til spring !!!In the meantime I'll listen to Melody sing , come on Melody we need a wee song. biggrin.gif
Tea for two, and two for tea,
Me for you and you and for me alone dear,
Nobody near us
To see us or hear us
No friends or relations
On weekend vacations
La La La La

Well it's alright for some, some of us have got to work you know!
Have a nice time you two, Marg you and I will just have to sing away! Just wait till I retire, just wait!! laugh.gif

Oh the River Clyde, the wonderful Clyde
The thought of it thrills me and fills me with pride.
Sing up you lot in the cheap seats!
Hey Teeny, Am jist jellus cos yoor in Scotland eetin aw they luvly cakesn pies.hope ye enjoy a wee swally wi Betty2,an dont get oan the saus too much or ye'l get deported.Am postn this fae the oafis at 9.00 acloak Friday nite cos ma computer at hames broken doon. Hiv a smashin time in Glesga. cool.gif cool.gif
Hi from ,Cauld windy Adelaide,just popped in to say Hello.Must tell ye all ,had lunch with Margaret P last Tuesday,whit a lovely wummin,we found we had some mutual friends both In Adelaide and Glasgow.Tell you Betty2 & Melody ,you will love her when she comes home next year. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
annie laaurie
:rolleyes: HI Betty

THis is my 2nd try, for some reason they are not coming through, come on everybody tell me what I am doing wrong here, as I would like to get in on the conversations, you have so much fun
Heres hoping I click the right one this time,
annie laaurie ,welcome to the GG board keep trying and you be an old hand at it before long sometimes things get a bit confusing to start with. happy.gif
Welcome Annie Laaurie, and welcome hame Catherine, how you doin'? Hope you had a good rest.
Aw cripes, pour me a strong wan Melody....Wis fightin in traffic fur three hoors therr....nae sweat....thu'll no try an scoot in in front a me again tongue.gif How ye's aw doin? Missed ye's an it's nice tae be back, jist got yer email therr marg pet, off tae read it..... ahv goat freedom till the morra, geoff stayed up wae the therrs a wee boattle a wine lookin awfy nervous ower therr laugh.gif
Good to have you back Catherine, we missed ye'. Nothing much happening, talked about chatroom romancing, sang a few wee songs, poor Kaz is never getting on these days. Miss him. It's s till a bit quiet at times!
Hi catherine biggrin.gif good tae huv yi back oan board missed yir posts, rolleyes.gif
rolleyes.gif well its seturday night an am INMASEL
a wee voddy by my side an its goin doon well
9'o'clock at night an am in ma goony
beginnin tae think am goin loony
this is a first fur me am sure
need tae see a doactor must need a cure
must be gettin auld this ah buleeve is a fact
need tae sit doon an soart oot ma act
surely fur me who's still in her prime
am no ready yet tae sink intae the sands o time
so tata the noo am goin fur a refill
an INMASEL ah remain still rolleyes.gif
ohmy.gif What are you having Betty I'll join you so made it a double,he he .Now wee catherine's back we can have a party, Melody break out a chorus and sing a song. smile.gif Kas and jessie are sure to come in.
Jisr huvin masel a vodka marg feelin a bit fed up the noo , telly's s**t started watchin Mrs Brown but no bein a Billy connelly fan gied it a body swerve tried phonin catherine but she aint available
So i dont know what to do with masel
seems like ah died an went tae hell
i'm so used tae partyin oan a seturday night
sittin here alone is jist pure s***e
i dont know what to do with ma time
so ah thoght ah wid gie yis a rhyme
chat room romances urnae ma scene
me ah'd rither chat tae a freen
melody it seems has gawn tae bed
an aw you'se ower there ur sittin doon tae be fed
so its ta ta fae me the noo
cos ah jist dont know what tae do rolleyes.gif
Betty you not alone on here so pull up your chair and say a wee verse I'm sure catherine will be along soon.Why are you in on a Saturday night then ?I've a cuupa tea so not as strong as yours. mad.gif
Jist hud a wee chat wae catherine , so am no sae fed up noo , a wee tonic that wummin marg am no oot cos last night ah went tae a charity dance fur yorkhill hospital , so fur the remainder of the weekend its couch, goony an telly. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Great Betty ,nice to see you getting in the wee chat he he likely more a long chatwith Catherine.Well no wonder you in on a Saturday night a charity dance did you dance the night away on the Friday then.Well tomorrow is Sunday we will all get together and have a wee party and christin this board now that everyone is back.What do you say everyone ?? dry.gif cool.gif Lets all meet and Have a party!!!!!!!!
A party ! fur that am always game
so oan the list yi cin put ma name
wae rings oan ma fingers an bells oan ma toes
lets kick up a storm an make a helluva noise
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Eh.......scuse long dis it take fur Advil tae kick in laugh.gif Mind ah wis tellin ye's aboot that wee nervous boattle a wine last night....well it's deid fae the feet up this mornin....GONE.....cannae mind a huvin company{weeconfusedface}.....funny that eh? laugh.gif

Gies a shout when the perty cummences
Don't be frettin cos ahll be there
Wae ma perty froak an ma herr a gleamin
Caw me Ginger, wherr the hells Asterr

Oh ah think ahm comin too awready.....God bless Advil!!
LOL leave it to you Catherine tongue.gif Advil takes no time at all to work at least for me but then I've no had a wee bottle of wine before I take it . laugh.gif Are we haveing a part or no??
Hoi Marg.......Ah left ma coffee up at the cottage, ah mean how bad is it gaunni get fur me this mornin laugh.gif ....Ahv goat the kettle oan fur anither cuppa tea, cripes teas fur wimps in the mornin, ah need the guid auld hard stuff....NESCAFE ya bass!! laugh.gif
Aye, ahll be up fur wan, ye gaun? Whit ye werrin? Did ye get ma pm by the way Marg an did ah dae the reply thingy right? Betty's aff at auld aunties the day, it's her birthday an oor betty's awa up tae spend the afternoon wae her, think she'll be back aroon five.
Yes got the pm no problem Catherine , we will just have a wee party later then time may be better for me anyway. cool.gif I guess am a whimp tea is my beverage none of the hard stuff for me laugh.gif
Jist hud a wee phonecall......mmmmmm....wunner who fae rolleyes.gif
We furgoat tae talk aboot the perty betty's no even peeked in yit, she's oot cruisin somewherr wae her perty bag an aw laugh.gif Melody's awa tae her bed.....cripes wur some's a holiday weekend here an a bugger aboot!!
Hullothere! It's a holiday here too. But it's quiet. Jist a typical Sunday in suburbia. Did you have a nice time at the cabin? When do your kids go back to school? They've already started back here.
George Muir
biggrin.gif Am aboot ! biggrin.gif
laugh.gif Right then George Muir.
It's jist you and me and the keyboards.
We can huv oor ain wee party. biggrin.gif
Cannae get intae the chat room's uphill aw the way the day fur me laugh.gif Yo Tumchie, how ye doin therr? We had a great time, thanks for askin....noo it's normalacy till Friday when ma mum appears fur a we go here we go here we go laugh.gif
George Muir
tongue.gif Hiya Tumchie and Catherine, enjoying the holiday are ye. When you're retired like me you never get any holidays sad.gif
Catherine my auld Macintosh froze up on me the day and I got kicked off the board, folk must think I'm awfy rude, I always leave withoot even a goodbye.
That will be great havin' yer mum fur a visit. Yer boys will enjoy her! My mother used to visit me once a year and my son has fond memories of her visits.
Betty2. You mentioned Yorkhill Hospital. Is that the Queen Mother Maternity Hospital? I used to work there, back in the late sixties.
Just wunnerin'. wink.gif
ohmy.gif Jings! Fur a moment there I wis thinin' ye were talking aboot yer Mackintosh raincoat freezin' up! laugh.gif
laugh.gif Good wan Tumchie....George, not at all, in fact ahv hud many a laugh when ye get bumped aff......Ah jist wait till somebudy says wherr did george go, an ah say well ah cannae believe ye said that tae him, ahd go an aw.....wurks every time, they're aw gaun whit? when? laugh.gif Seriously, everywan knows ye'v goat the furst computer ever made, so we aw know ye'v freezed up an we jist try an keep an eye oot fur ye comin back...nae worries an folks would never think that aboot you George.
Welcome George I was in the wee chat looking for you but you always leave as I come in mad.gif and tumchie is there and no answering , what am I to do ? ohmy.gif
Ahv the very sulushin Marg.....Moan ower here an tidy up ma kitchen hen afore the troops wade in laugh.gif
sad.gif Marg, I went intae the chat room but it seemed as if naebody wis there. Mebbe ah didnae wait lang enough? Or mebbe there's more than wan room? Och. unsure.gif
Well George an masel wur aw waitin fur ye's an no a bugger we jist talked aboot ye's tongue.gif
Aff tae bed here, troops are hame, hoose back tae normal, tornado style.....Oh hear jist heard Charles Bronson died oan the news therr, ah liked him sad.gif Cripes he wis eighty wan!! Didnae no that.
Night night, catch ye's the morra...
Hi Catherine,a wis waitn fur ye tae come back,as evrybudy wis talkin aboot ye,then ma net connection went doon an a missed yer av spent ages tryin tae see aw yer posts.av bin aff since Thursday.av got a lot tae catch up.Ma wife says av bin aff fur yeers.cheeky swine. wub.gif wub.gif
Betty2,Itl soon be time tae see the luvly Teeny,If ye bring hur back tae yoor hoose, fur Jeesis sake make sure sumdys cleened the sterrs, fur shees reely purnickity.make sure ye take sum photies tae post when ye get hame.If ye find the paris bun in St Enochs square,take it in tae The city bakeries an trade it in fur a coffee bun cos sumdy on the board waants wan.Hiv a great day the two o ye. rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
Well hallo therr sjmac, nice to meet ye and thank you for yer kind ye kin see this crews a bit dodgy but as ahm a bit dodgy masel we aw fit right in, ma bets yer a wee bit dodgy yersel laugh.gif
Geoffs jist hooked up some wireless? internet here, an ahv goat oan the Radio Clyde station....if ah shut ma eyes ah could be in ma mums kitchen, it's smashin but ahv nae sqerr sausage!! .. an George sent me the directions on how tae get a picture up....don't haud yer breath fur this wan guys, ah think George hus furgoat it's ME he's talkin tae, ah mind Rabbie sent me directions an aw an ah drove him nuts laugh.gif Anither wee day in the hoose begins, tra la la la la...
Catherine that man of yours treats you great , hooking you up to the radio Clyde sound like you've gone to heaven . smile.gif rolleyes.gif
Oh aye Marg...... rolleyes.gif ...He's jist great, lyin like a lump oan a log upsterrs watchin some sport laugh.gif ..Here ah think ahm gettin therr wae the picture thing oan the board, jist need tae make the photaes smaller an ahll be cookin wae gas, course ahv discovert ahv nae sunsets noo.....well ah huv but therrs nae sunset if ye get ma drift...Cripes ah'll away the noo afore ah confuse masel even further {greatbigguffawanzipityoulot}
What photos are you trying to show us Catherine wink.gif this heres a family site laugh.gif I've more pictures but I don't know if I can get it to work again it"s the problem of getting them where I can find them once I've scanned them.
Hoi Marg, ahm sittin here like a mad scientist, George sent me easy enuf directions, but it jist disnae waant tae happen for me.....nae surprise therr eh laugh.gif Think ahll take a brekk fae it an it fae me...Ever feel as if yer huvin a cyber argument wae somethin that's no quite therr?? laugh.gif
Me thinks you need new directions rolleyes.gif laugh.gif
Naw Marg, Jist got yer pm pet thanks, it's the size of ma pictures that stops it fae goin in, everythin else works.....course a then go an reduce the size of ma pictures, go back an it comes back the size afore a reduced roon an roon we go laugh.gif
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