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You couldn't look more prouder if he was your own son! Nice picture...I liked his tie! Well done...two awards! That's great! sleep.gif
A lovely photograph Catherine, congratulations to the both of you, a job well done! Like yer suit!
A terrific picture Catherine.

It really warms the heart to see children who have to work really hard at their school work get an award. More especially in this case when he got two. A great confidence booster.
Good luck to him.
catherine smashing pic hen ditto oan the above comments, yer wan in a million.
Marion Dougan
Smashin pic. Catherine, you sure do look proud, CONGRATULATIONS biggrin.gif
Aww !! Catherine hen,whit a lovely story and pic,am sure you must be prood as punch.Typical of you though pet wink.gif
Thanks guys....Ahv been peekin in an oot the boards an no keepin up as much wae mum bein here, so ahv missed a few posts. glesses hen, total Armani's an worth the twelve bucks ah paid fur them laugh.gif
Melody, thanks pet, black linen oot Banana Republic, years auld but dis the trick oan short notice.

Gie ye's a laugh, so therr ahm staunin a minute past nine at the door like the band boax, ma boy's dad roars up, caur still runnin, he jumps oot an says five mins tae ah get chinjed Cag..{he'd been at the office} ah says aye fine hurryup...back oot he comes wae the same gear oan...ah says thoat ye said ye wur gettin chinjed yer no gaun in THAT!!...He bursts oot the laughin, says ah chinjed ma soaks, speed dialin in wan haun, chyngin gears in the ither an slick elbow move spins the wheel an back doon the toon we go tae the school, him barkin orders intae a phone an me tryin tae take the oos aff his shirt...auld sweatshirt oan wae t'shurt unnerneath hingin oot, joggin troosers, soaks an Jesus ye no whit...he wis the classiest guy therr!
Ahv seen the same guy in Armani, an ah mean REAL Armani, means nothin tae them, it's jist claes.
Ah think therrs somethin quite gallus aboot that dae you no?

Anyway, Jimmy hows it gaun pet in Darwin? How's yer wee tiny? Loved to read how you and Colleen are bondin away, cannae be easy weans aw ower the might a picked a wee ir country tae settle in..did ye no think a that? winkywink xxxx

betty, ye settled intae the swing again? How wis yer furst ladies' night oot oan Friday they missed ye, as Ria ahm sure is missin ye noo pet.
Jeez am still playin catch up huvnae settled doon tae normality yet, firstly tae isobel that was my second visit to the states was therr back in 1980, catherine lovely picter you're a braw lass (got you're card in the mail this morning lovely gesture but yi didnae need tae dae that. Noo tae you marion whit did yi pit in ma drink ah've done nowt but sleep since ah goat hame , must be aw the laffin we did (how's boab?lovely man oor marion's goat )great sense o humour (ah think rolleyes.gif )An hello tae you jimmyd wish you could huv been therr NUTTERS every wan xxxx
Marion Dougan
Betty sorry ye canny sleep, sad.gif a stoaped at the comp. afore a wis rready tae retire fur the night. Joaby is in Ga. be hame the morrow,
Night night hen, love ya,
JimmyD jist hud tae tell yi saw the video at wee mags an yi sure broat a tear tae mah een, wish yi wid huv bin wi us Jimmy but the video wis lovely wub.gif
Wherrs Melody ?????? missin yi pleeze post let me hear fae yi
yir forever friend betty2
Is the kettle on Betty? wub.gif
A glesca wummin aye hus her kettle oan tammy , well alamg wae everything else of course rolleyes.gif Still wunnerin wherr melody is . she canny be oan holiday the schools urnae shut yet
There'll be nae @rse left in this kettle if somebody disnae show face soon , ach am away oot its ladies night tonite rolleyes.gif
Marion Dougan
Hope you had a great night Betty. Melody where are you dear. Youv'e no been oan in days, the kitchen flerr needs scrubbed, a jist cleaned the bathroom, fun a bottle o voddie under the sink, that's Jimmy D planking it fae me an Betty, ya auld bugger. Come oan in, the kettle is biling, fresh strawberry tarts, oot o Crawfords the bakers biggrin.gif
Am oan ma wey in marion but never mind the kettle get the glesses oot an we'll get intae that boattle yi fun
Efter aw irs saturday night an am INMASEL
A wee voddy the noo wid go doon well
We'll sit an huv a guid auld blether
An reminice aboot the time we hud the gether
An melody ah hope you'll come in fur a chat
Cos therrs an empty cherr where you should be sat
As Melody is still running about Las Vegas with that fireman she ran off with I'll just have her seat.

I've had a hard weekend. We went to the Kings Theatre on Saturday to see South Pacific then on to an Italian restaurant for a meal.

Today being Father's day our son and his family came for dinner and I was left to wash a mountain of dishes.
Every now and then I think I should buy a dishwasher but then I think it's a waste of money for two people, then I have days like this.

I'll just have a wee voddy with you Betty and Marion, just for medicinal purposes mind, after all that wine you might find me still lying here in the morning. rolleyes.gif

I'll just have my morning coffee...still trying to wake up. Heather..nobody helped with the cleaning up and dishes! Jeesh!!?? Put your feet up, I'll get you a drink. Are there any of those strawberry tarts left? Ah well, ther's vodka botles laying about..better do a little tidying up while I'm here.
Sounds like you had a really nice weekend heather and melody it seems is prancin aboot in vegas wae a fireman lucky melody rolleyes.gif .Never knew ony firemen in fact therr wisnae mony men who could light ma fire Ach melody c/mon hame am missin yi pal this hoose isnae the same withoot yi
Cin a wuman no get a bit o peace wi a fireman withoot you lot huvin' a kerry oan! Noo ah've hud tae tell 'im tae wait till ah get back an a don't know if he'll wait ur no!! See if he's away when ah get back you lot have had it!! laugh.gif
Ah've dragged masel back an whit dae a get nuthin' no even a hello.....except fur Marion and Catherine......suppose ma pinny's aw washed and ironed ready....ur is it jist the auld wan again wi the holes in it! Hope yez heated up ma sannies in the ashes o the fire, cause ah've got the cauld here, oh woe is me! wacko.gif
Hullowrerr china, we're aw gled yir back an seein as yiv goat the cauld ah'll gie yi the day aff so grab a cherr an pit yir feet up . Hoi marion make melody a wee toady fur hur cauld , an ah'll jist (ahemm) check that hur fireman is awright , nae worries pal ah'll see he' waits fur yi rolleyes.gif
Aw thank goodness fur that Betty, a wee toady jist the thing! I've just been handed a cup of tea, that will suffice till bedtime and then ah'll have a wee toady for real! Yer the bestest pal ever! smile.gif
See what happens when you come from the warm climate of Las Vegas to cold Scotland, you catch a cold.

That poor fireman will be cold standing out there, maybe someone better go down and warm him up oops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Betty2 is away up the road with him. Now what is she up to?????????????????I wouldn't like to be her when Melody gets hold of her. wub.gif She said they were just going for another bottle of scotch for Melody to help her cold, they must think we were born yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if he'll light her fire??????????????????????
Yup Melody, I heard the Fireman singing,
"com'n Betty light my fire"
You have to watch your friends,
Hope your feeling better, we missed you
Aw you'se o little faith ah wis jist showin him a shoart cut tae the shoaps . Hey wair tae ah tell yis ah've goat a moose in ma shed (thats an outhouse to you wans o upper class) am terrified tae go near it , ma son hus pit doon poison an he says be careful ma . How stupit dis he think ah um dis he think am gonny taste an try . Ah telt him if it disnae say smirnoff oan the label therrs nae fear o me goin near it rolleyes.gif Melody yir fireman is as u left him
Oh betty, a moose loose aboot the hoose...Mind ma pal wis in the wilds hersel in a cabin, an the wee moose came oot at night. Mary wis in a back tae naturish mood an pit her haun oot tae pet the wee thing...the wee thing took a chunk oot her finger laugh.gif

Wan of thae days here, weather disnae know whit tae dae, wan minute sun next big clouds....ahm in a lump oan a log mood...
Oh mammy daddy Betty, no a moose, ah canny even type the word withoot cringin'. ....don't go near the shed till it's a goner!
I think personally ye need a fireman tae get it! laugh.gif
Good idea melody ehh yi widnae happen tae know wan that could help me oot biggrin.gif

yir pal in the eastend betty2
knock, knock...ah well nobody in...again! I think I will just put my feet up and have a little nap while i wait. Maybe I'll do the dusting first! smile.gif Maybe I'll wake up to some scones with tea!
Aye...Ahn mibbe ah'll win the lottery Tammy laugh.gif

End of school here the day, place like annichers midden awready..sun's shinin, they're whinin....jist anither day!!
Ahd the cheek tae go oot ma back deck therr an chinje the furniture aboot, ye should see inside!! Ahm givin it five minutes attention then tae hell wae it...Ah kin feel a pakora mood comin oan, who fancies ony? Ah'll be back in an hoor, ah'll pick up some "tea" an seem a bit weary ower therr...ahint the branston pickles, three shelves up..ahint the hoover {betty thinks she's goat a new plank, don't let oan ahv fun it}
Who waants tae come .n.swing oan the stars
An visit satutn venus an mars
Then go fur a walk oan the moon
They say its lovely in june
Or mibby go further intae space
Wherr no man has showed his face
We could be the first tae land therr
An boy wid we huv a terr
Oan every planet oot therr
A wee spaceman ur two we wid mibby see
An get them tae jine us oan the GG
Picture the scene aw us floatin aboot in space
Flittin aboot fae place tae place
But therrs nae shoaps oot therr so its no fur me
Cos am a shopaholic an a dreamer y/see

You're right Catherine..I ended up with an apple! Oh well..did you get the "tea"? LOL! I did my dusting and cleaned the stairs. I think I saw some chocolate hiding in back of one of the cupboards. Shhhhhh...we'll get it later when Betty's not looking!
This is a mad hoose in here the day (am talkin ma ain hoose here in glesca) if ah hud tae gie this hoose a name ah wid caw it "Swingin Doors" contemplatin takin the doot aff an hingin up a curtain. Ir aw startit at 9am this mornin Lee hud an interview fur an apprenticeship (plumber/gasfitter) happy tae say he sailed thru the exam an now has a second interview)lookin promisin. Hame by 12 noon and then it started the pals aw arrivin tae go fur therr hairdressin appointments, whits aw this aboot "The School Dance" Prom tae youse ower therr. So the after shaves were gettin tried the place wis smellin like a h***rs paradise an this is BOYS, thank god its no a g/daughter ah've goat in here Noo he's soakin in a bath whilst muggins (me) is layin oot the suit an shirt which hud tae get that wee last minute iron tae take the creases oot shoes aw polished an then ah cin sit doon . But believe me ah'll be oot ther wae the camera at 6pm takin photo's o these six hansome hunks as they leave in therr limo for the venue at the Bothwell Bridge Hotel. Cripes its chinged days fae ma school dance. Need tae go he's shoutin oan me must be anither wee joab needs daen. rolleyes.gif
am really aw chuffed and proud
Dae ye know that if ye'd never telt us ye wur chuffed and proud o that boy we'd never have known! laugh.gif Enjoy it all Betty, no one deserves it more than you, what a wonderful job you've done for Lee, he loves you to bits for it all Betty for a lifetime. God Bless. It makes me feel as though life really is worth living to see such goodness shine out of a person, that means you pal! I'm so proud of you, even if ye did steal ma fireman fur a wee minute or two.

Sounds like a lot of excitement at your house! Things certainly have changed...the boys seem to really go out of their way these days and spend almost as much time in getting ready as the girls do! The end result is nice though! It's good to see. We were in a suit shop the other day buying Phil a new suit and the boys were all in picking out their grad suits. They seemed as excited about how they would look as the girls buying their dresses. The Manageress said she can't wait for it all to be over! LOL! I bet your grandson is just as proud of you! He knows what you have done for him and continue to do. You should also be proud of yourself! Good for you! Take lots of photos! Then put your feet up and have a little drink and enjoy the quiet while you can! biggrin.gif
Marion Dougan
Awww Betty a know you are sooo proud of Lee. Yeah, changed days... a Limo. Cripes we were lucky tae git the bus ferr :rolleyes
Marion isn't that the truth! LOL!
Betty CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Ah cannae believe {bet you cannae either} that Lee's oan his way in life noo. Brilliant news about the apprenticeship, fingers an toes crossed for him. If aw it took were manners and personality he'd be runnin the company that's interviewin him.
As for the Graduatin ball.....ah wish ah wis younger ya bandit...ah kin smell his aftershave fae the outfit sounds tae die for...Oh Melody, if ye'd tae see him ye'd be furgettin the fireman hen laugh.gif

We want the photos mind betty, click away pet, click away.
wee mags
well Betty noo yae know whit a went through four times ,its like a mad hoose isnt it ,but yae widnae change it for the world ,and as for hivin a lassie thats the worst ,she gets awe upset and then in comes the man of the moment and away go awe the panicing ,enjoy it Betty and as Catheirne said
"Photies please" and best wishes to Lee a job well done!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif
Congratulations to Lee, and yersel Betty 2. You must be real proud of him. I see Graduation time, in Glasgow is just like it is here. Limos,Tuxedos,and beautiful ball gowns for the girls. Like Wee Mags, I had 4 who graduated,with 3 Graduation dances to prepare for. (twins). On each occasion,after the ceremony in which they received their diplomas, a big party was always held in our Garage, where they danced the night away,with us joining in now and then. I tell you, we had up to 75 kids, many of whom had been our home many times over the years for house parties,which I permitted them to have once they reached the age of l5. Nothing damaged,or destroyed. And around 6.OOam,most of them donned their graduation gowns and headed for MacDonalds for breakfast. Great memories,that I shall always treasure. And you will also Betty,so snap away,and share your future memories with us. Hope Lee gets that apprenticeship...Rena wink.gif
Well gang guess whit ! ah wisnae satisfied wae wavin them aff in therr limo ah pusuaded Jacqui (thats Lee's biological mammy) tae drive me tae the hotel (Bothwell's jist up the road fae me ) an therr ah joined aw the ither proud parents who hud the same idea as me . Well let me tell yis every wan a class act the girls were beautiful in therr dresses an the boys dashing , some in kilts others in tuxedo's and of course ma boy like others also in dress suits. The limo's came rollin in it wis like a night at the oscars. An melody guess whit ,the last to arrive were a group of girls who had hired a FIRE ENGINE an boy you should huv seen this fireman even ah wis droolin at the mooth rolleyes.gif . A great night was had by all and will see aboot gettin these photo's up hmmmmmmm
Brilliant betty!!!!
Cannae wait tae see the photo's
{Noo did Lee come in the same day he went oot?} laugh.gif
Sounds like it was a great night Betty. Did you stay for long?
I saw a crowd of boys leave from a neighbours house and they were all dressed to the nine's and had a stretch limo.
The school dances have become a big hit here and I think they call it their Prom just like the USA. I think it's great to see the boys and girls all dressed up so nice.

Hiring the fire engine seems to be quite popular. One of my neighbours hired it for her son' birthday party.
When I saw the fire engine outside her house I wondered what had happened, and then the children came out the house all excited with firemen helmets on and got in the fire engine and were all shouting and cheering as they drove away.

I hope you took a lot of pictures. Did you get one of the fireman????????????????? laugh.gif

Now Catherine don't be nosey, if Lee got a lumber do you expect him to kiss and tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noo c/mon catherine its the year 2004 no even ah come in the same day as ah go oot rolleyes.gif
After the ball was over and until the break of dawn
Thet aw went tae a disco and danced till the stars no longer shone
I hope therr wis no hearts broken and a good time was had by all
Cos this was therr grand finale and they aw had a ball

Dae ye know ah wiz sitting here happy as a lord because it's ma holidays and singing away to maself, and my daughter says to me. " Ye know how the room in the old person's home is booked already well I'm sendin for the taxi early" whit dae ye think o that!! mad.gif
That was a terrible thing for your daughter to say Melody, ordered a taxi indeed,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should have told her you prefer a fire engine. laugh.gif
Proms, Proms and more Proms, thank you Lord we are through with that stage in our lives, yes Mags the daughters are so panicy, the boys cool, calm and collected, Junior Proms, Senior Proms, boyfiends proms girlfriends proms, so many of them this happens when they all go to different schools, several years ago the public schools here in our town started a Graduation night, after graduation the, graduates go to an all night party at the local gym, they are bussed from the high school, about 10:00P.M. and return around 7:00 A.M. these young adults have a blast, they are chaperoned, the night is well planned out for them with a lot of activity, music dancing, food, the senior class has fund raisers all year to pay for this and it is quite popular, and growing every year, our son and his wife just attended their 10th year reunion, the topic for most of them that evening was about the fun they had graduation night, so it does have longlasting good memories for them, by the way Melody this son is a Fireman so he doesn't need to hire a Fire Engine, I have to tell David about this hiring out of Fire Engines, he's not gonna believe it, especially when they cost around $700,000.00


Martins Tartan Army
The fire engine is not hired out by the Fire Brigade. This fire engine was old stock that was sold off so a couple of guys had the bright idea to buy it and hire it out. It has become quite popular and is usually hired for childrens birthday parties.
That was the first time I heard it being hired out for a Prom dance, but no doubt it has been hired for other occasions.

So when the Station David is in gets new stock tell him to buy an old fire engine and he can have a sideline hiring it out. The children all love wearing the fireman hats so he'll have to get some of those. You can hire it out for the next meet.

You of course can do the books, and I'll be expecting a percentage of the profits for giving you the idea. Remember you heard it here first. laugh.gif
wee mags
August we have a pre graduation party here in Norwalk,its held in different places one year we had it in an old School, and I was a chaperon ,it was so much fun,the had all different rooms decorated with different themes ,one was 90210,and the one I sugested was Waynes World ,well you should have seen it and old sofa like the one on Saturday night live,and an old crochet blanket it was so great,we had dummies with mask,s like the two characters on the show it was a hit ,we took photos of the kids sitting with the dummies,and its such a saf thing that way you know where they are all the time the get pizza and sodas,sanwiches,all sorts of goodies and its all volunteer,and donations,I was supposed to be from ten till two but the other mom never showed up so I was there all nightfrom ten till five in the morning,and do you know there was no trouble and everyone had a good time even me biggrin.gif
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