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gosh a'mighty stay aff fur a couple o' days an' awe new things happening here, Katz gled tae see yoo posting again an' tetly an' sno'baws hope therr's sum left could fair dae wi a wee cuppa this rain is terrible if it keeps up ah'll need tae go oot an' buy a boat, so's hows evrywan daen an' whose hoose is getting painted Betty's or Catherine's sorry dont paint anymair but ahm awfy good at the clean-up dis anybody fancy a fish supper goes awfy good wi painting anaw
Hiya Gemini,

Think ah'll huv that fish supper tonight, going home shortly and it's raining here noo. So a fish n chips will do just nicely ta.

But ah'll pass oan the painting ta biggrin.gif
See oor Kaz was on, sure that's nice! Ye miss Kaz sure ye do, he's lovely. Where is everybody? It's awfy quiet..not a soul tae talk tae in here, ah'll jist talk tae masel. I was in town today, it was very busy along Argyle Street and in Buchanan Street. Here dae ye know they want money tae get intae that Art Exhibition in the Square, imagine! I never bothered. laugh.gif
The way things are going today Melody I'd think it Friday the 13th. I have not been around so no not where everyone is hiding. Hope you have a good weekend. unsure.gif
And you Marg! smile.gif
Chap, chap can I come in? Ah've jist been lukin at some o they other posts and I'm fair weary. I could dae wae a wee cuppa an a Paris bun, if there's ony goin? Ah promise ah'll bring the teabreed or cakes next time, just gimme an idea whit ye want. GB
Aw puck, me an aw Gallus....sneak in a wee nip therr an aw pet laugh.gif
We're huvin fish an chips the night, cannae wait but wish tae hell they hud the picklt onions same as hame.
Suns oan it's way an aw...heats acomin...ahm fed up wae ma serious heid oan...time fur a laugh
Can a come in tae, a could fair go a wee cuppa and an empire biscuit please; am that fed up the noo, ma man's still away and the sun is blazing outside for a change so am goin tae get ma backside aff the chair and go and have a wee swim. Ma pals are goin tae pick me up later for a game of 10 pin bowlin so watch yer widaes ye might get a ball through wan, aye even frae Kuala Lumpur. We're going for a BBQ efter so that will cheer me up I need a gid laugh coz some of these boards fair dae yer heed in. thanks fur yer wee message Catherine it was magic and let me know when ye need me with ma size 10 hen!! wink.gif
Never mind yer size tens therr Grace, jist throw us ower some of yer sunshine....pourin here, grey dreicht day..but at least it's no baltic biggrin.gif
Jist spoke wae oor Gerard on the phone therr, he's aff tae Spain the night fur a weeks golfin...jist whit ye waant tae hear when yer surrounded wae puddles.
Och well, ah'll away pit the kettle oan, wunner who's bringin in the flat sausage fur the brekkie...WHO MOVED THE BROON SAUCE????
See that Betty she's never in these days bet she's away shopping again! Wonder where she is? Ach she'll no be long. found the broon sauce at the back o the cupboard, how many rolls will I make.....Whit? Yeeze cannae aw get wan....gie a lassie a come it's always me tae make the tea! See if ah don't organise yeeze, yeeze are aw ower the place! Ah don't know how yeeze aw manage in foreign places oan yer ain laugh.gif
Archie Millar
Where's ma change???
A left some money in a jeely-jar oan the brace(the mantlepiece) an' there's nae change!! A'm no always as generous as this---leavin' money a' ower the place but, a thought some o' youse wimen wid but some mer snowballs ---but it looks like oor Betty hus been buyin' Bailleys insted
Ave brought in some mutton pies--there're still hot so, where's the sauce?? --it's gettin a right backle in here --nae bloody sauce an' nae booze in the press!!
Morning Archie and Melody seems no one is posting these days ..............Archie you best save that change for the 29th May you may need it pal................I'm making a lovely lasgne here for lunch better than mutton pies tongue.gif
Chinge....whits that Archie? Oh there's nae chinge, ah think the rest o them spent it oan sweeties Archie. Oh a hot pie! Ma favourite! Ah might huv tae reconsider your pay rise, whit did they pies cost ye? laugh.gif
Archie, it's no gaunni jump oot at ye...try an lift somethin oot the way first an ye'll see the broon sauce tongue.gif

Oh an ah yased the chinje sittin oan the mantlepiece by the way, laddert ma tights an hud tae run doon tae the wee shoap an get some threed tae sew them {jist it the heel y'no}

Ahv hid the snawbaws unner the porridge in the toap right haun side of the cupboart aside the the swaaly's ahint the hoover in the press {mind ah telt ye that Archie, supplies huv tae be moved oan a regular basis incase jimmy an wee sammy come acroass them}
Hi Melody am here pal canny get oan this computer during school hols. Lee an his pals are dominating it. Well am startin tae get a bit excited aboot ma trip tae the USA a wee bit apprehensive aboot travellin on my own , but y/no me ah'll fun somebody tae natter tae oan the plane . Really lookin forward tae meettin up wae oor catherine again (god bless her cotton soacks) biggrin.gif and meetin the others who will be there, and ah must mention oor hostess wae the mostest " Wee Mags" six weeks come tuesday an am on my wayBut afore that ah've goat Margs meet oan the 29th may mibby you'll make that mel?????. Anywey is this hoose been kept clean'n'tidy an ah hope there wus nae wild parties in ma absence widnae like tae think ah hud missed oot there ha ha ha wink wink

luv yi aw betty2 fae the home shoresxxxxx
Are you watching the match Betty? Never mind ye'll be rid o they weans the morra! Ah'm in the middle of everything here, I'll pm ye later on. Betty, see if ah don't keep an eye on them they're absolutely wild in here when your no here! laugh.gif
Oh wid ye listen tae hail glorious St Melody laugh.gif ...
Don't balieve a wurd betty, she'd been puult up fae the back a that couch three times since Friday, blitzed..her an that Shamus! Ah tae fix her herr an a burds nest so it wis, thank God the factor didnae see her!
laugh.gif Some o the lies you tell urnae true Catherine, it wis only twice ye'd tae fix ma herr! Shamus and me were only havin'a wee
sing song tae wursels, honest Betty! See Betty knows ah'm a nice lassie!
Hus that shamus been rufflin yir herr Mel? ach well as long as its no yir feathers hen rolleyes.gif An ah know fine well you lot huv been partyin in ma absence the cleansing dept' workers huv been talkin aboot the double runs they hud tae dae cos o the the wey yis huv been stackin aw they empties intae the bin. Noo catherine yi know cos ah telt yi aboot the boattle bank doon ahint the supermarket, naebody listens tae me .We're the talk o the steamie.

luv yis aw tae bits betty2 fae the home shores
Like this aviator thing picked this wan cos like the mona lisa ah cin hide ma smiles biggrin.gif aye fancied masel a bit o a temptress an ah jist luv bein mysterious wink wink

betty fae the home shores
Here ah huff to apoligiz fur the mess ah left oan Friday, ah drapped in fur a wee sip, nip and a Paris bun, then did ah no remember ahd left a pot a totties oan, and ye ken whit they smell like whin the get burnt, ah left that fast, ah didnae even wash my cup (bit ah wiz drinkin it oot the saucer onywey) or the wee tumbler (empty no even a last drap left in it) and that wee plate we the Paris bun wey a big bite oot o it wiz me tae. Ahm fair affronted thit ah did that, ah'll dae the messages an run the hoover in stuff, jist gies a list-ah'll pick it up efter. Awfy sorry about lein yer nice wee hoose like a free cowp. Oh an dinna be flingin oot that wan sneaker and the pink fluffy mule, ah ran oot wae wan slipper oan an my shoe in ma haun. wisnae tae a goat hame ah noticed they wur fur the same fit. An that wiz jist wae the wan wee tumbler full. Ahm away the noo, bit ah'll make it up tae ye fur the mess. GB
Archie Millar
A didnae know a wis expected tae waash ma ain glessies! there's a hell'uva lot lying in the jawbox an' they smell o' bloody white wine an' Bailleys ---a think youse wimen huv been a party ower the week-end---fly buggers
an' a still cannae find the broon sauce!!!
Hullo tae yi GB huvnae hud the pleasure o welcomin yi afor noo but dont know how tae pit this but see that paris bun yi taen the bite oot o well that wis a worm cake wee mags brought in fur the wummin next doors dug Ehmm cin yi bring in some blue ribands oan yir next visit they're me favourite. Enjoy the comforts o this cosy wee hoose

fae the home shores betty2 rolleyes.gif
Everybody wants to do the CHA CHA CHA, sorry jist felt like that there laugh.gif How's everybody today?
Not to bad Melody...Much as I would like to drop by Bettys wee hoose fur tea and a pie,or a role,ah jist cannae,cause ah started the Atkins diet on Tuesday. Bloody bother,but listen, ah cannae huv a regular tea,jist decaf,and noe awe the time either,nae wee vodies or vino either. So since you awe seem to be either eatin,or drinkin there,well ah'll jist stay hame and stuff mae wee face wie bacon,eggs,and salad...Huv a nice day mad.gif
Rena dont you go making yirsel a stranger in here Diet ur no we still need yir delightful company Am ah gonny be seein u at wee mags in june hope so luv fae betty
I was just thinking how the likes of Betty and myself who live here in Glasgow and love the place kind of take it for granted really, the funny things people say, the way we love our own Glaswegian humour, the architecture that has totally spoiled us without us even realising it. It just struck me that as much as we can bring a laugh and some news of home to you who live abroad, just how much you bring to us in return. I think because you who live abroad talk of the place with lovely memories and happy thoughts of youth and childhood and family, it confirms to us here just how lucky we are, and I'd just like to say thank you all. Wonder if a'hm huvin' a whirly day ? Ah've went aw romantic there, sure ah huv!! laugh.gif Don't worry ah'll be back tae ma usual nippy self in a minute! Take Care all
That wis lovely Melody, same tae yersel hen.
Kinda whirly in here an aw the day...wan minute pourin ootside next sun's shinin....Done a bitta gardenin,{aw that chat fae Archie an Teeny put me in the mood} made mare mess than whit ah started wae!!
Oh well, nippin oot tae get milk here afore the next downpour...

Here keep an eye oan oor Rena when she pops in, ahm feart she slips doon a drain soon wae that Atkins diet stuff biggrin.gif
A'h think a'hm ok noo Catherine, thing is will a'h recognise Rena?
Oh ah'm that whirly the day!! laugh.gif Mind and no be long, ye might huv tae help me pull her up fae that drain!
Huv nae fear, ther's still too much aw me here....But havin a wee problem. Been 8 days, and everything ah put in mae mouth, disnae want tae leave me.hrmmmm. Ye get mae drift. Anyway spent the whole day yesterday trying everything under the sun,including a wasted $lO.OO at the drugstore for a bottle wie a long tube oan it,tae nae avail. Wis gettin frustrated,especially when Don said well next step,the outpatient dept at the hospital. One last shot,ah filled the "wasted bottle wie hot water and salt..BINGO...A start anyway. All this even though I was drinking 8 glasses of water and metamucil daily. I am not hungry,but I would love a nice plate aw Mince and tatties. ...wish me luck,talk later....Rena rolleyes.gif
Awfy happy fur ye Rena laugh.gif
Yer wummin here's jist off tae get the auld eyes tested...whit's the bettin ah'll be blun as a bat an didnae no it! {zip it you lot}
Melody always the thoughtful wan oan here but yir dead right aboot lovin this dear green city, an ah take great pleasure in keepin aw youse away fae hame up tae date wae whits goin oan in it , Also goat tae mention aw the lovely freens that ah've met oan here.
cheers fae glesca betty2
wee mags
hoi betty I jist stopped in for a min ,I see gemini got your room at the inn awe set ,noo a hiv tae get Mike awe set for awe you folk,Iam looking forward to it cool.gif
Hi mags suitcase doon fae the loft been shoppin fur wee bits,n,pieces , goat tae impress mike biggrin.gif ria goat us in fae the streets, wisnae lookin furrit tae sleepin oan a park bench ha ha 5 weeks an we finally meet face to face aw ah.m aw excitit
cheers fae glesca betty2
Herr's aw in place lipstick oan an ma new toap really looks good (thats tae say it slims me doon) its sunday night an am off tae rhe barn club feelin like dancin the night Wunner if onybody will ask me rolleyes.gif
May's gonny be a busy month fur visitors ma diary gettin awfy full but am luvin every bit o it,
In the month of may 2004
Visitors came a chappin at ma door
An here wance again in glesca toon
The GG freens aw sat doon
1st a wee swally at the horseshoe bar
Wherr we'll huv tae show archie the wey tae the bar
An Kaz is comin wae his pey in his poakit
So we're hopin fur sunshine cos we dont wannt soakit
But hail, rain or shine we'll no care
Fur we're meetin up tae huv a wee terr
So aw you'se that ur glesca based
Come tae the horseshoe an show yir face rolleyes.gif

fae me masel an the dug
Big Al cannae come cos he's chained tae the door tongue.gif
Whit aboot Davy, he'll'll encore
Ah cannae come, robbin Peter tae pay Paul
Nae surprise therr, but ahm stilla wee doll

The Horseshoe's preparin, the pies are aw therr
Waitin fur laughter, wee dance oan the flerr
Shamus might drive up, he's done it afore
Fit tae the pedal, oor pals laugh galore

Whit aboot Rabbie, mibbe this time
Gie him a shout, he'll be therr oan a dime
Whoever appears, yer guaranteed smiles
Anither meet happens furra night oan the tiles

Here whit aboot Martin, is he comin an aw
Ah'll haud the fort here, nae bother at aw
Take aw yer pictchurs an post them wae glee
We'll aw wait here wae wur glesses tae see
catherine 's gettin guid at the rhymin
always on the ball an wae guid timin
her face will be missed come the 29th may
but she hus tae rob peter fur therr's paul tae pay
but anither time and another place
i'm sure i'll see this well kent face
but therrs plenty merr o youse oot therr
who ur aw invited tae come fur the terr
mibby martin's presence will grace oor clan
cos ah think he's that kind o man
wae aw these meets an stories tae tell
fur the next few weeks am no gonny be INMASEL rolleyes.gif
Hello, just got a message from here today, first one? and I am supposed to be receiving email notifications! No excuse for not coming in!!!! Anyway I have been having some medical problems and am finally and hopefully getting them sorted out now........
You all that are going home have a great time! I am wishing it was me too! LOL
Melody I loved your post! I really enjoy news of Glasgow and you are all a riot!always makes me smile while reading the posts. If you all remember I have two new grandaughters due in early May and Late June....we are all excited about this.......Hope to get in to visit a lot more.....Maggie2
The attachement is baby Taylor still in the womb, it is amazing what they can do now with the new technology......
Maggie SO nice tae see ye back, hope ye get better soon too. As for Taylor....What a miracle...Good luck grannie wink.gif
Marion Dougan
Hi Maggie, great to see you back.
Hi maggie welcome back and that picture is totally awesome. An hello tae you anaw marion huvnae heard fae you in ages ah wis thinkin mibby boab hud grounded yi rolleyes.gif still nae chance o comin tae wee mags in june ah'll be therr

xxxxxfae glesca an bettyxxxx
Maggie, how amazing and wonderful what a lovely face, it's incredible what is possible now, Im just staggered at the clarity of that little face, good luck and blessings on you all.
Oh it just makes you full of hope somehow! nice to see you maggie! smile.gif Hello everybody else!
Well Catherine I leave it up to those who wish to come to let us know I posted it here for anyone who wishes to show up.
Maggie nice to see you in here posting miss reading your wee post's on the ex- board.
Betty where are you away to , you say you'll not be here for a few weeks. smile.gif
Dis betty no jist mean for the next few weeks she'll no be in hersel...cos yous will aw be therr Marg? biggrin.gif
Whit day is it again ye zoom ower?

Ahm oot edgin ma back gerden the noo, came in fur a brekk an hopin it gies thae ugly worms time tae disappear....cripes worms gie me the bolk, ahm near passin oot here !!
Did ah mention it's baltic oot therr an aw..oh wherr art thou sun??? Ony in Australia naebudy waants?

Here ah wis jist pressin the button tae post here an heard the wee burdie ootside, sittin oan ma deck fence an ahm thinkin hallo wee burdie...durty bandit jist left a callin kerd an flew aff..
weel noo time is getting short fur that wee doo at wee Mags, and Andy says he'll be therr if it disnae interfere wi his g/son's b/day ah telt him if he shows up he cin bunk in wi betty'n'me wull that no be a laff well maybe ah'll let August bunk wi us an' he cin bunk in wi Tommy, hoose is aw ready and the bed is made betty, and wee mags ah goat yir list doon pat fur mah trip tae the scottish butchers is there onything else yi waant speak now or forever haud yir peace.

You better watch out,
you better not shout
get rid of that frown
cos "oor betty's" coming to town
of tae wee mags we will go
with August and Tommy in tow
the big yank we will meet
"here Gemini huv a seat
oh thank you lad thats just dandy
well whit dae know, here's big Andy
a swell time wil be had by all
ah huv tae mind and gie Bunty a call
August is bringing her homemade Irish Cream
Noo there's a lass tae huv fur a freen

Och ah canny think o' onything else laugh.gif
Marg am no gawn onywherr jist meant this is a busy time fur me wae this,n,that an a wee bit o the ither biggrin.gif are yi aw packed yet?weather no bad the day think its gonny be nice fur yir comin, an whits this aboot a surprise guest sounds tae me that somebody is rainin oan you're parade efter aw you're the star o the show.Hope yiv telt Roger aboot us aw
aw the wey fae glesca betty2
Last night whilst huvin a wee cuppa afore bedtime the phone goes MargaretP aw the wey fae adalaide wis that no nice o her well onyhow am meetin up wae her when ah get back fae the usa. So sittin here thinkin tae masel thats quite a few board members ah've hud the pleasure of meeting. Jist think its almost a year since that memorable day last july rolleyes.gif

am greetin noo betty2
What can I say Betty the meet is not just for me I'm no star o the show by any means. I'm just looking forward to friends on GG meeting and having a wee time together matters not who.I sent of your number to Margaret P as she asked but see from this last post she must have found it again. Margaret are you having a senior moment there?
I've not started the packing ...... it's still in the planing stages of what to take I canna fit in the kitchen sink my case is to small.
As for Roger all I will say is heaven help you when you meet him he'll drive you mad once he gets to know you until then he'll be quiet as a mouse. cool.gif
Whit's the matter wi everybody, no many laughs on the boards these days, no many laughs here either, a'hm away tae work as usual..... sad.gif a lot of topics are very interesting right enough. ( If a bit dry) Can we no summon up the fun it used to be again. C'mon the topics that were common to everybody were a good laugh!
Maybe it's jist me! Sunny day here, well at the minute anyhow.
Love to all. Take care.
Has anybody seen that Archie Millar, a'hm gonny huv tae buy him an alarm clock!! Tempus Fugit!! Is that how ye spell it!!
See when ye try tae be smart, ye always get caught, sure ye dae!
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